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Summary: Robin is invited to an elite Christmass ball, which he's been dying to go to. But there's one drawback: he needs to bring a date... RavenxRobin please R&R!


Chapter 1

"No," Raven said, glaring at Robin.

"Please Raven?" Robin begged desperately.

"Absolutely not," Raven said stubbornly.

Robin had been invited to the annual Christmas ball held at Bruce Wayne's manor. It was a party for those of an elite social class, and anyone who was anybody was going to be there. It was an honor, that he, a mere teenager, had been invited. However, there was one bad thing about this arrangement.

He was required to bring a date.

This was not really much of a problem in itself, as any normal girl would die for the chance to go with him, but Robin wasn't planning to go with any normal girl.

He wanted to go with Raven.

They had become close during the past month, as the team worked on a way to destroy Slade permanently. She researched along side him, her sarcastic comments lightening the mood when he got too dismal. It may have been strange, but he wanted to go with the gothic girl.

He knew that she rarely socialized, so he explained that he was required to bring a date, secretly hoping that she would do it as a favor, but enjoy herself anyway.

When he told this to Raven, however, she was not sympathetic towards his plight.

"I don't do dances. Take Starfire if you need date to the stupid dance," Raven snapped, clearly annoyed, looking daggers up at him from the couch where she sat.

"It's a ball, Raven," Robin said exasperatedly. "And we've been over this before. Starfire just wouldn't fit in!"

"What makes you I would?" Raven shot back.

Truthfully, he just wanted to go to the dance with Raven, but he answered anyway, thinking up something at light speed.

"You can ballroom dance, you can eat normal foods, you understand the customs, you can engage in intelligent conversation, and you're not taller than I am," Robin responded, ticking the reasons off on his fingers.

Raven raised an eyebrow.

"How is my height an issue here?" she asked incredulously.

"Traditionally in ballroom dancing, the taller male leads, and the shorter female follows. Even if she could ballroom dance, Starfire's so much taller than me she'd have to lead, and we'd be a laughingstock!" Robin explained, intent on making her understanding his situation.

Raven rolled her eyes.

"C'mon Raven! I need a date to go to this thing! And I really want to go!" Robin begged. He saw her wavering with indecision.

"I asked you to go with me, Raven. I want to go to the ball with you," he said, watching her features soften for a moment at this statement.

"Okay," Raven relented. A flicker of emotion crossed her face, but it was gone before Robin could tell what it was. "When is this thing?" she asked, as he plopped down onto the couch across from her.

"In two days, on Christmas Eve," Robin said, checking his mental calendar.

"What am I supposed to wear? I'm guessing you're not going to want me to wear this," she said, gesturing at her leotard and cloak.

"She'll look great whatever she wears," Robin thought, glancing at the form-fitting leotard on her again. Aloud, he said, "Just wear something nice."

"This is nice," Raven said pointedly, referring to her uniform again.

Robin rolled his eyes. "Then dress up. This is a high-class shindig. I need to rent a tux for it, so you better look appropriate," he said, exasperated.

Raven smirked. "Yes, mom," she said.

Robin chuckled. "Okay, okay," he said, giving up. "I know you'll dress fine. I'm just nervous about this thing."

Raven laughed lightly. "You're nervous about this thing? I'm going to be in front of a ton of important people! What happens if I lose control of my emotions? I'm going to be a laughingstock!" she said monotonously. She looked down, trying not to show exactly how nervous she really was about this.

"Don't worry about it. There won't be any stressful scenarios, and I'm sure you'll be just fine," Robin said, picking up on her insecurity, and comforting her.

Raven looked up at him, a ghost of a grateful smile upon her lips. "Thanks," she said softly, looking up at him with those brilliant violet eyes.

Robin swallowed awkwardly, as a strange feeling settled around his heart. "No problem," he said, rubbing his neck, and getting up stiffly from the couch. "Be ready to go at seven, okay?"

"Okay," Raven responded, picking up a book lying on the coffee table.

Robin had reached the hallway entrance, when he heard a soft, "Robin?" come from the sofa he had just left.

"Yeah, Raven?" he asked, turning back to look at girl curled on the couch.

"Thanks for asking me," she said, blushing slightly, a light smile playing around her lips, before she returned to her book.

Robin smiled in response, and walked up the hallway to go to bed.

Her smile warmed him all night long.


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