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chapter 9 -SUPER HEROS ,SMURFS and cheese!...

'I'M HUNGRY' yelled Naraku suddenly, startling his companion.

"WELL HOW BOUT SOME CHEESE" responded miroku , jakotsu was looking around confused

When he suddenly jumped in the air, 'Oh No Bankatsou.' He turned on the other two with a menacing expression. 'I WAS NOT here, understood?" Not knowing what else to do the panty shopping men nodded.


right before he came face to face with a double edged sword. 'Monk, the cheese sticks are mine.'

miroku squealed as he saw

Bankatsou smiling manically down at him.

"God damnitt bankotsu , how many times have we told you , you do not own the god damned cheese sticks !" the random man from the cheese store yelled from a window

'Wait i found it this time,' and hour elapses as bankatsou tries to find proof he owns the cheese sticks by which time Naraku and Miroku have already gotten food.

"what have you found .."they both said bordley in unison

' ta da' yelled the nearly irate leader of the seven man army. In his hand he was holding the deed to the cheese shop and its content. Take that, evil sheep.'

"well you know who will be so excited about your recent find...jakotsu ...he was here just before you came went that way" naraku pointed to the direction which the gay dude left in

"and what evil sheep are you talking about " miroku asked eyebrow raised

'oh never mind. ' Bankatsou blushed, mumbling under his breath about evil sheep and jakatsou

about 3 minutes after bankotsu left inuyasha came in to town doing flips and singing "

'Oh lord here comes the 'wee little price ling' Naraku muttered.

"hey miroku what's up dog !" inuyasha asked arms crossed ,wearing a backwards hat , and around his neck hung some 'bling bling'

'umm alright there inuyasha, are you feeling ill."

"Im good dog, just up selling drugs to some chillun up at da hood at da end of town , wanna tell me why your hanging out with naraku , dont you know he shot me nine times dog?

'what the hell is shot?' naraku asked dumbly, miroku shrugged and mouthed 'I think all that ramen finally made him snap.' Inuyasha pounced on him.

'DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THE RAMEN. ' He stopped beating up Miroku and pulled out a ramen cup, stroking it softly. 'That's right my precious evil mean bustard monk wont say anything to you anymore. What that my dear... is it really... yes I'll go." He ran off

"wow that was ...interesting " naraku commented , amazed about what he had just witnessed

miroku just shrugged

'Ha for you maybe.'miroku spat rubbing his new black eye

"whatever you don't have to spaz at me ,god i just took you shopping and bought you knew panties " tears welled in narakus eyes

'pfft, so that makes it okay that because of you i have a wind tunnel in my hand that is slowly killing me i think not.'Miroku ended his rant dramatically by jumping to his feet and pointing at the main source of evil. a butterfly. 'Its all your fault you stupid winged thing."

the butterfly fluttered by unaware at the tragedy that would befall it in a couple seconds

Miroku unleashed the wind tunnel sucking the poor defenseless EVIL fluttering creature into and endless void of unhappiness

'you bastard that was a harmless butterfly.' naraku sobbed, grieving the death of the unknowing insect.

"I AM THE INCREDIBLE HULK .ARRRGGGHH" inuyasha yelled running back towards them , he picked up naraku's chair (with naraku on i t) and flung it/him into a building

before being picked up by a feather and flown away.

"WHAT THE HELL INUYASHA " miroku screamed as he ran over to were naraku lay crippled under a pile of rubble and cheese sticks (he was thrown into the cheese stick store)

'wow look at the pretty sparkles. there and there and there. Oh look Miroku its a smurf."

"WERE ..no wait , naraku ur seeing things !" miroku looked for the smurf , just in case there really was on e OH how he loved smurfs

and to his surprise there was one and it was biting his ankle.

"AH!" miroku kicked the creature into a wall killing it instantly "i thought smurfs were supposed to be nice"

it spoke in an unrecognizable language before lunging at his ankle again.

'Ah its back from the dead. KAGURA ITS NOT FUNNY.' Laughter rained down from the sky as the woman sat on the floating feather trying to stop inuyasha from falling off.

"you are evil u little smurf!" miroku said , the smurf laughed and said in a mighty squeaky voice "damn rights " , miroku shook his head kicked the damn thing again , it hit a spike which pierced his heart killing him instantly , this time for good

"I WILL SAVE YOU HEPLESS SMURF" sesshoumaru declared as he landed on the ground ...every one stared at him then over to the spike which the smurf pinned to dead ..."damnitt , never in time . never in time " sesshomaru hit his head with his hand and walked over to inuyasha and kagura who to landed on the ground "Sup bro ?" sesshomaru asked , "not to much chu?" , they knocked fists

"Just going around , saving smurfs , its my new day job" sesshomaru said ..he again looked over at the dead smurf which was now collecting flies "hmm maybe i should go back to killing innocent people , at least i was good at that " ..inuyasha nodded "word"

Sessy we've gone over this you can't kill people its not nice.' Sango chided poking him on the shoulder, gently.

"god damn it woman you don't control me , don't forget I can kill you at anytime " he threatened , then he pinched her arm randomly

"AH what was that for?"sango hissed "that will teach you to poke me in the middle of a conversation

'Sango there you are!' miroku yelled hugging her. 'Who the hell are you freak man?"

"I'm miroku , you know the perverted monk everyone loves "

' nope not ringing any prayer bells.' sango stated bordley. 'Sessy come on we have to go and help Rin with whatever the hell she was doing again.'

"how many timed to I have to tell you woman , its lord sesshomaru " he complained as he followed her

' millions of time dear, millions'

"then why do you insist on doing it!"

'because you quite cute when your angry'

"don't call me cute woman , I'm a evil demon lord i am not cute" sesshomaru fumed

"see there that adorable pout." sango giggled

"I AM SPIDER MAN ..ARRGGGHHH!" inuyasha yelled as he came up behind sango lifted her up and threw her into a bush

'don't TOUCH MY WOMAN! Evil demon lord Sesshoomaru yelled. 'For that I will punish you.'

sesshomaru stuck out his thumb "its time to meet your doom in ...THE ULTIMATE THUMB WAR!"...dun...dun...dun

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