Author's note: This was another challenge drabble requested of me at live journal, this time for Lucian/Sonja. It was in a meme where someone requested a drabble between 100-500 words, gave a title, one line of dialogue, and pairing/character. Requirements:

Title: Climbing Up the Walls

Dialogue: "Wherever you turn, I'll be there."

Pairing: Lucian/Sonja

This was written for my fellow author, Clez. Glad she liked it. Hopefully you guys will too. Please review.

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Climbing Up the Walls

Lucian clawed at the stone walls of Ordoghaz, trying to reach Sonja's balcony. He could not leap up and reach it, he could not climb up to it, it was too far away for some reason. It had never been so hard to get to before.

He backed away a few feet, calling out his beloved's name, but she did not come into view, nor did her gentle voice call out a reply.

"Wherever you turn, I'll be there," he suddenly heard from behind, and Lucian turned to find Sonja standing a few feet away from him. He walked over to her, pulling her into an warm embrace, possessive and protective.

"I was afraid I would never reach you, the balcony was so high, the walls were to hard to climb, and I could not make the jump," Lucian whispered in Sonja's ear as he held her.

Cool lips met his jaw in a chaste kiss as Sonja comforted him. "Hush, my love, you will always reach me in the end, we are forever one." She pulled back a little, smiling up at him, a hand brushing his hair back from his face.

"What if I cannot reach you?" Lucian asked, his voice tinged with guilt.

"You will reach me in the end. You have to climb walls and defeat obstacles. And you will. You will triumph. And you will reach me," she replied, hr voice soft and gentle and assuring, a promise of heaven.

Lucian closed his eyes, sighing softly as he kissed Sonja's forehead tenderly. His fingers moved to caress her pendant and the skin around it. He opened his eyes.

He was wearing the pendant. He was lying in his makeshift bed. He was far from Ordoghaz, safe in Romania. He was alone.

Clutching the pendant tightly, Lucian looked out his window, staring up at the cursed sun. "I will reach you one day, my love."