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Part 25: Loose ends and the tying of them

He should have expected as much from her. He should have seen it coming from a kilometer away. Still, he was surprised. Maybe he had planned for a slightly more welcoming exchange?

Sighing as he caught her falling body, the former lord managed to retrieve her fallen katana, now in its sheathed glory. As his assistant approached, he passed the weapon off to the lad, one of the more recent additions to the extended family.

"My lord, is it she?" the boy asked, the hope practically streaming off his body.


The young, blue clad miko in his arms shifted closer to the warmth of the former lord's chest. The two immortals watched in awe as she found a more comfortable position and sighed with contentment.

"What now, my lord?" the assistant asked without taking his eyes from the young woman.

"She returns home."

"I'll call the limo."

"No. That is not her home yet. I'll take her to the shrine. Call Rin and have her meet us there. But silence on all identities. I will explain everything when the time comes."

"Yes, my lord."

As the over enthusiastic assistant left, the former lord rearranged the rather inviting parcel in his arms and departed for the shrine.

Rin adjusted the pillows once more. Really, was it too much to ask that they buy the correct kind? Being a pseudo-grandmother for a rather large extended family for five centuries gave her a wee bit of specialty knowledge, especially in tapestries but especially in bedding. It may have seemed like a rather strange form of knowledge to possess, but then she was the head of the household and she had plenty of spare time.

Finally, content that she had done the best she could with the limited resources provided, the old woman sank back into the harsh desk chair to resume her vigil of the unconscious girl. The Almost Almighty Kagome slept on, unaware of her watcher, her present location in her slightly too feminine room, and exactly how close she had come to having a desperate taiyoukai shake her awake for a romantic encounter.

Upon arriving at the Higurashi homestead, she had immediately recognized the minor tell-tale signs of strain in her lord. She had always been skilled in reading the former lord but never had it been so important. The miko was a tender soul but had a rather vicious temper. The taiyoukai was hesitant to explain exactly what had occurred prior to her faint. Rin could only assume that he had fallen into old habits. To prevent any bloodshed or violence when the missing miko finally woke, she had ordered her lord out of the room. Suffice it to say, he was not happy.

Rin could only pity the poor young woman. She still remembered a time long ago, when Kagome was only a few short months younger, when she had repeatedly bandaged the miko's ankle. Now here she was, fending off a slightly antsy former taiyoukai from the very same young woman.

O, her lord loved the miko. There was no denying that. No male, human or youkai, waited 500 years for a woman if he did not love her. But still, the lord was unmistakably male and had needs that celibacy didn't cover. It was disturbing really. Though outwardly, he changed very little and rarely did more than would get him through each passing year, the former ward knew better. How many times had she stumbled across him reading the latest volumes of poetry? Of course, the instance where she found him reading a rather well illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra was scorched in her unforgiving memory. However, the more recent image of him pouring over the recent edition of Cosmo right before her supposed death in America was even more disorienting.

She sighed. She wasn't sure if the poor girl knew what she was getting herself involved in. Still, if she remembered correctly, and she always did, Kagome was the only one with a strong enough will to control the former taiyoukai.

Rin grinned maliciously. Maybe the family would finally get retribution for the stunt he pulled 450 years ago. A ten year feud had done nothing. There were still some members of the family that refused to speak directly to him. However, there was not much they could do now and after 10 years of verbal sparring, a truce had been called and conference gathered to decide what was next. And thus it was that the Immortal Rules came into existence. It was a rather detailed document, with more clauses than most governmental treatises. Odd though, since in the end, one who was given the choice to join the immortals had only to pass a short essay test and interview. Of course, Kagome was the exception to this rule. Of course.

Tired of the silence, the pseudo-grandmother moved to turn on the radio. She wasn't expecting it to be so loud and knew her charge was waking even before she lowered the volume to a suitable level.

"O kami, turn that horrible song off!" the miko groaned and Rin could only smirk as she shut off the radio. This was only getting better.

"What happened?" the miko mumbled even before she opened her eyes.

"You fainted, dear. You've had a long day."

At the unfamiliar voice, Kagome shook herself the rest of the way awake. Staring blatantly at the old woman, the miko tried to make sense of everything.

"Where's Sesshoumaru?"

"He had some business to take care of, and he wasn't helping you here at all. He was about ready to shake you awake, and I couldn't just let him. And I'm afraid he goes by the name of Kisho now."

"Oh," Kagome sighed. It was all too strange and a bit too much information to assimilate at once. Resuming her stare at the woman, she could swear there was something all too familiar about her.

"Who are you?" the miko finally asked in exasperation.

"O, no one of consequence. You'll find out everything soon enough. I believe I'll leave explanations to him. But not right now. If I hand you over to him now, you'll be out of reach for months. So, instead, once you are feeling up to it, we are going shopping."

Kagome only stared dumbly at her watcher. This was really, terribly too complicated. But then she remembered exactly who she was and what she'd been doing for the last three plus years. Comparatively, this was nothing. So instead of further contemplating the circumstances, she pushed it all back and leaped onto the one thing she did understand.


"How long have you known Ses..Kisho?" Kagome asked gingerly without removing her eyes from the beautiful dress in front of her. It wasn't quite a blue kimono...but it was beautiful none the less.

"O, you could say I've known him all my life," the older woman answered cryptically. The miko could only sigh before she pushed her confusion back and concentrated on the stunning attire in front of her. Her eyes caught the price tag and the cringe was inevitable, but then the woman had stated her budget was nonexistent, in that blissfully good way.

Turning her attention back to her companion, she caught the end half of mumbling.

"What?" she asked with dismay. "What's wrong with it?"

"Not nearly glamorous enough! The ceremony you'll be attending is at the height of style. You'll need to be in best form."

The young woman's eyes practically bugged out with that information. However, her companion failed to further elaborate and she was left guessing as to what event she could possibly be attending.

"So...has he changed any since the last time I saw him?" she fished instead.

"Not really. He's become more patient. You might say he became a scholar after you left. He's read almost all the books in existence."

Well, at least that seemed plausible. But still...was he the same being she had unwillingly fallen in love with? The white velour jogging suit wasn't a good indication.

"It's all superficial, really. The changes. He's the same, basically. He only had to adjust to the changes time, we all had to."

"But...we never really got along all that well. We're not very compatible. I mean, he' ass..."

"Kagome," the unknown Rin began in her best placating grandmother tone. "Five hundred years is a long time for one man to wait for a woman. But he did it without flinching. Do you know why?"

Kagome only shook her head.

"Because he loves you, silly. Even if he is an ass. But that's just who he is and you love it. Don't you worry about a thing. He's still the same pompous jerk you fell in love with, only now he has to live a fantasy. You'll understand soon enough."

That being said, the teary miko and grinning pseudo-grandma shared a hug before continuing in the search for the perfect dress.

Four hours, three autographs, one irrationally large sum of money, and one tailor session later, their search was successful.

Now they only had to find the perfect shoes.

Kagome didn't really understand any of what was going on. One minute she was practicing with her katana in front of an easily amazed audience and the next she was dressed in some of the most expensive clothing she'd ever seen, being flown first class to America so she could spend her first few hours reacquainting herself with her lost love at some sort of fashionable ceremony.

Pushing back the confusion, she tried to enjoy the in-flight movie. Alas, she couldn't lie to herself. It was only a matter of time before explanations were necessary or she'd simply explode into one large, messy, confused mass of former miko.

She was spared a tiny bit when she actually recognized the woman who picked her up at the airport.

"Well, it's been awhile, miko."

"Not that long, Kagura."

"Hmph. For you maybe."

They smiled warmly at each other. True, they'd never been the best of friends, but then sometimes mutual respect was even more valuable.

"Let me guess," Kagome began as they headed toward the baggage claim. "You're here to get me ready for this mysterious ceremony?"

"Of course. Who else could do it?"

"True. I just hope you can do something with my hair. It hasn't grown much since his last attack."

The women shared a companionable laugh, remembering the good ole days, back when things were much simpler. Kagura shook her head in pity at the poor unsuspecting miko. Things were only going to get more complicated before the evening was out. The entire family had been sworn to secrecy, on the situation, questionable identities, and the nature of the ceremony. Of course, the last order had come at Rin's request. If what the aged ward said was true, retribution would be theirs!

Perhaps it was time to test that theory? After seating themselves in the wind youkai's vehicle of choice – a rather wind resistant Hummer – the driver consciously turned on her cd changer, picking out her weapon of choice.

"Kami, it's here too! Can I not escape that horrible song?"

Kagura smirked with pleasure even as she changed discs. O, this was going to be really fun. She made it a note to invite all the family over to watch the proceedings. This was definitely going to be popcorn worthy.

Her dress was definitely going to be wrinkled, she noted. However, she decided then and there that she just didn't care. It was worth it. And it wasn't like anyone would notice. It was just some silly ceremony.

After a rather extended primping session with Kagura in an obscenely modern house, she had been led to a waiting limo which contained the apple of her eye. It had been 3 days since she had last seen him at all, and more than 3 months since she had spent any time with him. Thus it had come as no surprise that the first five minutes in each other's company was a strained and awkward silence.

Luckily they had gotten over that rather quickly and proceeded to make up for the lost time with a serious make out session. Despite her smudge proof lipstick, the former taiyoukai was already sporting several interesting smears that clashed merrily with his all white tux. Neither was about to complain.

The recently dubbed Kisho backed up enough to reach for two glasses. Yup, he'd had enough waiting. It was time to keep her forever before something could change her mind. Of course, there might be an argument later when she discovered what he'd done, but then he'd dealt with that before. Surely, nothing could be worse than the ten year feud. She'd understand, eventually.

"A toast," he stated, his formerly solid voice laced with an energy that hadn't been present before. "To finding you."

He smirked wickedly as she drained her glass, quite dehydrated from her recent activities. He could just let it be and spill his secret later, after the ceremony, but then, what fun would that be. At the very least, he had to somehow mention it.

"Immortality is nothing without you by my side."

To his credit, it took her a good few seconds before his words began to irk her.

"Immortality? I'm not immortal. You maybe, do remember that I'm human?"

His artfully hid his smirk even as he casually turned his attention toward the window. It wouldn't be long till they arrived at the show. It would be an interesting evening, that much was certain.

"The woman in Japan. Who was she?" she asked instead, her mind working feverishly to figure out the puzzle that was laid out before her. Already pieces were starting to fall into place.

"I'm surprised you do you not recognize her. Though I suppose she was but a child the last time you were acquainted."

That was enough. That was all the information she needed. Eyes widening in understanding, her gaze was torn between the empty glass in her trembling hand and the nonchalantly eager former taiyoukai whose lap she was currently in.


His widening smirk told her everything.

"And this?" she asked as she pressed the glass into his chest. His eyes met hers. The cool supremacy was in direct competition with the undying love and the battle made his eyes sparkle something fierce. It was crystal clear that taking her eternal life in his hands bothered him little.

So Rin was right. Despite his modern apparel, questionably fashionable hair, muted demonic traits (more than one of his experiments had proven successful), and new name, he was still the same arrogant Sesshoumaru-sama.

Without another word, she punched him squarely in the eye.

It had quite the opposite effect. Grinning predatorily, his arms closed around her, limiting her escape as he began to ravage her lips. Drawing back as well as she could, she slapped him.

He released her, more for sport than from weakness and she immediately scuttled to the other side of the limo.

"You were easier to handle with one arm," she noted dryly, even as her fury escalated to untested heights.

"Perhaps. But you will not always find two arms so unwelcoming."

She grimaced at the innuendo. It was possible that she could be deliciously and thoroughly pleased if she did not escape that damn limo soon. While that could be not such a bad idea, she was presently inclined to be angry.

Luckily for her, the slowing limo came to a stop and soon the door next to her opened and she was helped out before she had the chance to adjust her wrinkled attire.

Now Kagome wasn't entirely clueless. Despite her recent preoccupation with a missing demon lord, blue silk kimonos, and practicing with the strange little katana, she had occasionally been dragged away from the shrine for a day with her former friends, especially in the last two weeks or so since she became a local celebrity. Thus, she perhaps should have seen it coming that the 'glamorous ceremony' she was attending was none other than the VHTV Music Awards, a fact attested by the logo branding everything in sight that was visible even through the blinding camera flashes.

A hand on her stiff shoulder reminded her of her company even before the owner of said hand leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"Welcome to the spotlight."

Now some people might have enjoyed a sudden introduction to the red carpet. However, after a few weeks of dealing with her own limited popularity, Kagome was not in the ranks of those people. If anything she had come to loathe being noticed at all.

And she was definitely being noticed here. Strange that. Shouldn't the attention be directed at the nameless celebrities around her? In fact, wasn't that 2Hot, the band that performed that damn song that plagued her? GAH! Even her escort was obviously important. It made her wonder exactly what he had been doing in the last 500 years...

The surprise was instantly wiped from her face when the imposing former lord nudged her forward. Immediately, she remembered it was he who had put her in such an uncomfortable situation with the cameras recording her every wrinkle, blemish, and lack of stature, not to mention she was already angry at him for some reason that for the moment escaped her.

Turning to her beloved tormentor, she unleashed her fury, momentarily forgetting the audience that was recording her every word. After all, she did have practice ignoring large groups of interested people, so maybe those practice sessions with the local media were coming in handy after all.

"O, I think it's coming! Hey! Guys!"

"Wow, she is really pretty..."

"Well, duh! Did you think Uncle would wait this long for someone ugly?"

"I dunno. I still can't believe anyone would wanna spend forever with him."

"Knowing Uncle, he didn't give her much of a choice."

"You BASTARD!" she screamed, effectively bringing all attention to her, quite the feat to accomplish, but not like she noticed. She was presently too busy fuming over the cold supremacy reflected in her love's eyes. Really, just because he was apparently famous, unquestioningly powerful, and achingly handsome, did he have to be so pompous, especially to the girl he proclaimed to love?

"Why didn't you tell me!" she demanded.

"I assumed you would wish to spend eternity with me," was his cool response. It threw her for a second before she remembered the stunt he had pulled in the limo. Her anger increased exponentially. Well, if that's what he wanted to argue about, by all means, she wouldn't disappoint him.

The hidden fox trembled beneath his illusion, mirroring the old woman seated next to him on the sofa.

"Kagome is still scary," Shippou mumbled.

Rin merely nodded.

"You ASSUMED! Do you even REMEMBER who I AM!"

All media personnel took a wary step backwards. Even without understanding Japanese, they could spot righteous outrage. Of course, that didn't stop them from keeping their cameras rolling. No one wanted to miss this.

"I like that dress," mumbled Eri through a mouthful of Ramen, undercooked to perfection. It was a guilty habit that she had passed onto her unsuspecting friends, except for the absent Kagome.

"What are you talking about? It's so slutty!" Yuri exclaimed, scandalized.

However, before an all out fashion war could take place, their attention was drawn back to the TV.

"It looks like there is some commotion down at the far end of the red carpet, by arrivals. I think an argument is taking place..." the announcer stated as the camera attempted to hone in on its latest victims.

A collective breath was heard in the room.

"Is that..."

"No, it couldn't be..."

The camera zoomed in and focused on the arguing couple that seemed oblivious to the millions of spectators.


"You are truly an idiot, wench," the former taiyoukai stated coolly, still amused with the argument but attempting to hide it under annoyance. It was no use letting her know exactly how much he had missed her. She would find out soon enough.

"ME? ME AN IDIOT!" Stomping up to him precariously in three inch heels, she proceeded to slap the unsuspecting male yet again. She never heard the gasp from the crowd. "IF ANYONE IS AN IDIOT HERE, IT'S YOU! REALLY!"

The fuming miko stopped to take a deep calming breath before beginning her rant again, confident that at least part of what she was saying was getting through to her stubborn love if the odd flicker in his eyes was any indication. Still, he would not get away that easily.

"Is this the only way you can get a girl? Drug them into staying with you forever?" Her glare locked onto him and he unconsciously stiffened in response. "Well, maybe I don't want to do that."


"She didn't..."

"Oh, she did."

"Does she mean it?"

"Are you kidding? Of course not, stupid!"


"She's obviously in love with the bastard. There's no way she can turn him down forever."

"How can you tell?"

"Why else would she get that angry?"

Her words sunk into his overconfident heart and suddenly he was frightened. Now, the former youkai lord had lost control very few times throughout his extended life. In the past half century, that number had shockingly increased by two. First was the miko's ill timed departure from his world, resulting in his mass slaughter. Second was the day the miko was born.

However, faced with loosing the girl he had worked so long for due to his own hard-headedness, he was ready and willing to loose control again. After all, it would be a waste to wait five hundred years only to be rejected.

"Kagome," he began, blatantly using her name in her presence for the first time. The crowd around gasped before furiously writing in their notepads. Neither arguing party noticed. "Do not say such things."

"Why? Why shouldn't I?" she sobbed, her fury having reduced itself to angry tears that would have ruined her mascara had it not been blissfully waterproof.

"Because you do not mean it."

"And how would you know? Huh? If you wanted a girl you could just boss around forever, you've got the wrong one! And now I'm cursed with this! How could you?"

"I could because I couldn't afford to loose you, damn it! I could because I refuse to live another moment without you!"

Her teary eyes lifted to look into his and for the first time, she saw a man and not an arrogant lord.


"I love you, damn it, and I refuse to go another five hundred years without your annoying presence! No other will do!"

"Well, damn," rightly stated a silver haired hanyou, his eyes glued to the television.

"Why don't you ever say anything romantic like that?" scolded a stylishly dressed wind sorceress.

"Because you're a bitch?" he asked with a smile.

"Bastard," she mumbled with a grin.

Kagome was reduced to incoherent utterings. It was quite possibly the sweetest and most ridiculous thing anyone had ever said to her. And he meant every word of it. Of course, she knew better than to expect him to spout poetry. Had he, she would have run screaming, knowing for sure that it wasn't the same being she had foolishly fallen in love with.

Sesshoumaru, or more recently Kisho, had suddenly realized they had an audience for this personal moment, but considering his current profession, couldn't afford to be bothered by it. After all, the media fed off of discontent. If anything, this presented an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted.

"Can you speak English?" he asked the babbling miko who was still looking at him in loving shock.

"Yes," she answered unsurely, switching to the new language.

"Marry me," he half ordered, half pleaded.

"O, Kami!"
"About damn time!"

"She should say no."


"Well, it'd certainly show him!"

"It's been 450 years. How long are you going to keep this grudge?"

"I spent 50 years as a child. I think I should hold onto it until I get some retribution."

"What?" she asked, hope shining rather brilliantly in her eyes.

"Marry me, dammit!"

Now that was just too much like an order for her taste. Taking hold of her anger again, she crossed her arms and purposefully snubbed him, much to the delight of the media.

"Kagome!" the proud taiyoukai pleaded. "Marry me, please!"

And that one word was enough. Sure, they would probably always be at each other's throats, but there was simply nowhere else she'd rather be. Without warning, she ran and jumped into his arms, her legs swiftly wrapping his waist but not without a slight rip in her dress, the force of her unexpected attack pushing them back onto a recently arrived limo.

"Okay," she said, smiling brightly, before she forcefully kissed him

They were both too involved in their current activity to notice the applause of the crowd.

It was the highest rated awards ceremony of all time, and near the top for the most watched program ever. However, the causes of all this international attention were blissfully trapped in their own little world. Sitting in their assigned seats only two rows removed from the stage, the pair couldn't be happier, despite a ripped and wrinkled dress, lipstick smudges, and a blooming black eye. While they were the camera's favorite couple, no one caught any word of their odd discussion.

"You're bruising..." she stated in awe as she tenderly felt the skin around the former lord's eye, the darkening color all the more pronounced by his natural paleness.

"A side effect of Immortality. It takes so much effort to stop aging that the body takes longer to heal ordinary injuries."

"Oh," she mumbled. "So, wait, that means we can still die?"

"Yes. A few have been lost," he stated solemnly, accepting her fingers as they laced with his and still managing to appear nonchalant about the whole thing.

"Who is still around?"

"Rin, as you noticed. My half-brother and Kagura and their bratty children. The monk and exterminator and the majority of their family. They have had a few casualties – a son, three grandchildren, five great grandchildren, and a some others."


"He spends his time entertaining Rin."

"What about Kikyou?"

"She died before it was ready."


"She seemed pleased with the life she had. It had already been discussed that she would not accept the gift."

"Well, I guess I can understand that."

They were silent, still ignoring the ceremony and instead soaking up the comforting presence of each other.

"Why are we here anyways?"

"It seems I've been nominated."

"Really? For what?"



"You doubt me."

"Of course. You never could get your death threats beyond 'Die.'"


"I can't believe I actually missed your odd sounds." Lightly kissing him on his cheek, she took the time to see what award was being presented.

"When do you go?" she asked finally.



"Are you in such a hurry to get me alone?" he stated with well hidden seductiveness. After all this time, he still had it.

"Aren't you?" she responded, accepting his bait.

As it was, they were so involved in their game that they almost failed to realize his new name was being called as he won an award.

"And the winner for best album songwriting is...Kisho Takahashi for the internationally bridging 'Eternity'."

The winner stood, with all the inherent dominance that none could match, holding out his hand for his lady to take. Surprising both Kagome and the crowd, he did not hesitate to scoop the miko into his arms and take her onstage with him. Setting her down beside the podium, he rested a possessive arm around her waist before addressing the theatre crowded with beautiful people.

"I would like to thank you all for finding my writing sufficient. However, the real praise belongs to the woman who will be my wife, Kagome Higurashi."

While most women may have enjoyed the applause, Kagome only scowled at her future husband. At least she was in no present danger of him losing his pompous nature.

"Thank you everyone, especially 2Hot for accepting my lyrics."

Taking his award in one hand and his bride to be in the other, he ruthlessly kissed the still scowling miko, quickly replacing her anger with happy acceptance. When he pulled away, she was more than slightly flushed and he was smiling with contentment.

The audience gasped at the difference. Where before there had been an imposing and coldly beautiful man, there now stood a drop dead gorgeous Adonis. It was said that around the world, at least 15 females of various ages fainted.

Of course, his chosen bride was one of the first to recover from the shock, just in time to listen to the last minute or so of the song compilation of 'Kisho Takahashi's' award winning work. Hearing a very familiar, much hated song, she once again turned on her love.

"YOU wrote THAT!"

After a moment of stunned silence, every occupant of the room, every last one of them immortal, broke into uncontrollable laughter.

Kagura smirked merrily while her husband giggled relentlessly.

"I think... retribution... will be yours," the girl told her companion between bouts of hilarity.

The false twenty-something nodded gleefully.

"Ah, I am so glad we no longer receive Kagome's emotions," the aged former monk sighed happily.

"Me too," his wife returned. "I don't think we would have survived tonight."

They smiled with contentment as the watched an unlikely pair continue a rather ridiculous argument on a lavish stage.

They were married within the week. Despite the intense pacing of the preparations, it was a rather beautiful ceremony.

However, the miko was still out for vengeance for several acts of treachery at her husband's hands. Knowing instinctively where to hit him to make it hurt, she denied him the privileges of his marriage bed for 2 entire weeks. When she finally relented, no one saw her for a month. Thus it was no surprise that the pair's first child was born in no time.

While some, mainly the younger generations of the extended family, still could not understand the obvious attraction between miko and lord, those with more experience were willing to explain.

"It's all about equality," Sango explained as she removed chocolate chip cookies from the oven. "Of all the women in the world, only one could stand up to your Uncle and live."

The younger immortals nodded in amazement.

"I know you are thinking that it's completely implausible, and maybe it is. But that's just what Nature is. No one can help who they are meant for, who they love. All we can really hope for is that we'll find someone that can control us as much as we control them."

She sighed as her memories took her back to a time 500 years previously when she had laughed at Naraku in a disgusting dungeon after the evil hanyou insinuated a romantic connection between her loving friend and the vicious demon lord.

Ah, those were such simpler times.

But then, glancing at the television that was still fond of playing clips of the strange duo at the ceremony, and then turning her gaze to her family, she decided that perhaps the better times were now.

After all, old age was nothing if it meant a loving family and such an interesting relationship to watch.

Fin. (finally)

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