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Die, Taichi!! The Revived Enemies From Digital Hell!!

Highton View Terrance

The familiar setting... This was the exact area of the Odaiba district where the first digimon entered the human world. This is exactly where Tai and Kari witnessed the struggle between Parrotmon and Greymon. However, that was merely a memory and nobody would even remember that such an event occurred. Only the original eight can claim to have witnessed the event.

The night was young yet there was a downpour of rain. A man with a black trench coat came walking down the streets. The man's hair was long and jet-black. A cloth he had used to cover his mouth covered his pale face. Suddenly, he came to a stop as a figure came walking out of an alleyway.

"Who are you?" the man in the trench coat asked.

"Oikawa Yukio… No need to worry. I've only come for him…"

"What are you talking about?!"

Within a split second, the man named Oikawa gasped and fell to his knees. The mysterious figure merely smirked as he watched the man struggle and open his mouth. Slowly a glob emerged through out of his mouth and lands on the ground with a disgusting noise. The glob emitted a dark purple aura, which caught the figure's attention. A pair of hands emerged from out of the glob and reached out for the dark figure.

"Finally, you have managed to reawaken after a long sleep…"

The figure picks the glob from the ground and carried it off. He leaves Oikawa lying on the ground. The man had already entered a comatose state. With the mysterious individual carrying the glob, a pair of yellow eyes emitted a sinister glow. The figure stops and looks down at the glob. The 'thing' managed to utter its first words after many years of dormancy.

"…Kill Digi-Destined…"

"Don't worry, my friend. That's exactly what I have planned. Millenniumon. We have what we are looking for. The next phase of our plan is well underway."

Emerging from out of the shadows was none other than Cyberdramon. The partner to Ryo Akiyama steps forward and takes the glob.

"Excellent. I've already managed to infiltrate through Digital Limbo to inform Datamon. The Digi-Destined will be dealing with quite a crisis at their hand. This will bid us enough time to find the gateway through Digital Limbo to unleash the Synister armies out of the Dark Dimension."

"Yes and those Digi-Destined will have no chance to save mankind. The age of humans is near its end and we shall judge them one by one. Judgment day… How fitting for the upcoming apocalypse."

As soon as he finished his sentence, the mysterious young man walks off with Cyberdramon to hatch their sinister scheme. Meanwhile, a situation was well underway in Digital Limbo…

Digital Limbo

Digital Limbo was exactly how it was described. There wasn't anything pleasant about the dark environment. It had a sinister aura to it and was definitely not a place a pure-hearted soul would ever want to inhabit. On the walls were skinned bodies of the living that had tried to infiltrate the zone. Only a group of cruel-hearted individuals would ever commit such atrocities.

Despite being barren and quiet, one would figure that there would be villains inhabiting after being killed off by the Digi-Destined. There was one dark soul that was seen walking through the hallways of Digital Limbo. It was none other than Dr. Myuumon. Bebimon killed off the Tufflesurian scientist nearly a few months ago. He has made any friends during his stay and has done everything he could to escape. There would be no chance since he was already declared dead.

Just then, Dr. Myuumon came to a complete stop once he came across another sinister mastermind, Datamon. The sinister machine had rebuilt himself another body using the parts of his old Funkymon suit model. Datamon was responsible for the creation of the artificials and Virus. His own artificial creation, Jax, had killed him during a disputed argument over control of the operation to assassinate Taichi Kamiya.

"Hello there, Dr. Myuumon. I knew I'd find you here!"

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"I'm here to give you an offer."

"What kind of offer?"

"You are looking for a doorway out of Digital Limbo. Am I correct? You yearn for the day that the doorway would be open. Thus you can freely spring chaos and destruction on the human world."

"Yes, but what's it to you?"

"Together we can escape and leave this rat hole. I've already gathered a large massive group of villains who are anxious to invade the human world. Thanks to a human and a digimon possessed by Millenniumon, it's our only chance to escape. So what do you say?"

"Yes, anything to get out of this dump!"

"Excellent. Now I need your help. We need to quickly construct an artificial being with the capabilities of unlimited power. Something similar to Black War Greymon would do quite nicely. So, what do you say?"

"Help you? Ha! The offer is tempting but I decline. I've given up constructing life forms. After the Bebimon fiasco, I simply don't see the need to anymore."

"Lost your passion I see… Well, tell me this. Wouldn't you want to extract revenge on the one named Taichi Kamiya?"

Datamon's mention of the Digi-Destined leader immediately has gotten Dr. Myuumon's attention. The Tufflesurian scientist thought this over for a few moments until he finally gave in. Datamon extended his out in front of Dr. Myuumon. The two masterminds shook each other's hands to officially form an unholy alliance.

"I knew you'd see it my way, Dr. Myuumon."

"It'll be a pleasure to work with you. Let's get that artificial being constructed right away."

Odaiba. Kamiya Residence

The afternoon skies loomed over the city district of Odaiba. Life had finally become normal after the removal of Bebimon's essence. Every person went about his or her daily lives.

On the other hand, there were many that had put together dinner gatherings. Amongst those families were the Kamiyas.

Tai and Sora put together a big dinner gathering over in their apartment home. So far, they've managed to contact Mimi, Dimitri and Keke first. Followed by them were Takato, Rika and their digimon partners. Takuya and Zoe were also invited to the dinner gathering.

The dinner table consisted of club sandwiches, a plate of beefsteaks, mashed potatoes, and green beans… It was basically like a huge Thanksgiving feast even though it was not Thanksgiving. Fortunately, Tike and Kara didn't come or else they would have inhaled the entire table in order to satisfy their appetites.

Sora came walking in with a container filled with warm, buttery biscuits. Everyone's eyes were fixed onto the food.

"Wow, this looks so good, mom," Max said while drooling.

"So, what's this occasion?" Mimi asked. "It isn't even Thanksgiving…"

"No reason. Tai and I just decided we should throw together a big feast," Sora said. "After all, this is sort of a late birthday present for him."

"Yeah and it's sort of a celebration to commemorate his accomplishments," Agumon said.

"Knock it off, Agumon. What accomplishments? I'm just living a boring adult life," Tai said with a snicker.

"But we did save the earth from Bebimon! That we can be proud of! Max replied.

"Man. I just can't help but to stuff myself with these biscuits," Takato stated.

"Then eat already, goggle head. Nobody's stopping you."

"It's quite all right. I'm sorry for holding you guys up. You can eat at anytime…"

Just as the housewife was about to finish, the table guests had already begun to dig in. Guilmon and Agumon gathered enough biscuits to fill their bellies with. Zoe grabbed her a club sandwich and began to stuff it down.

"Whoa! You might want to slow it down, Zoe," Takuya said. "You'll choke if you keep this up."

"Mmf… Ummf… Grumf…"

"Ok, you might want to try saying that after you swallow your food," Rika replied. "Disgusting…"

With that said, Zoe swallowed the large portions of her club sandwich. She turns towards Takuya to reply to his statement.

"I can't help it if I get hungry. My stomach is literally a bottomless pit!"

"Hey, let's just be glad that Tike and Kara didn't come to raid the dinner," Tai said. "That would have been a disaster."

"Hey, look at this dad," Max said.

The boy took a plate consisting of a club sandwich and a piece of beefsteak. He grabs it and pours the whole cuisine down in his mouth. Keke turns away in sheer disgust over how much of a pig Max had made himself out to be.

"That's disgusting, Max!"

"Max! There's ladies at the table!" Sora snapped. "It's fine to show off with all guys, but show some respect please…"

"Yes, mother…"

"Heh. She told you," Tai teased the boy.

"Say, why didn't Matt come, Mimi?" Rika asked.

"Oh you know how dad is," Dimitri stated. "He always says that he has something to do."

"He's still obsessed in beating you, Tai. I try everything I can to persuade him," Mimi said.

"Aw, I wouldn't worry about him. He'll show up eventually. I know him like the back of my hand! Besides, I sure do owe him one more one on one match. I wonder how much stronger he's gotten over the months."

"He and Gabumon have been pretty much training like never before. I shudder to think what Omega X and Metalla X will do to this planet if they were clash," Biyomon said.

"I'd definitely watch just to see Tai and Matt get it on!" Takato said. "Man, wouldn't it be great if we faced you off, Tai?"

"Yeah! Don't forget me either!" Takuya calls out.

"Ok, guys. One at a time. You'll get your turns eventually," Tai chuckled.

"Strange. I thought TK and Kari would be here sooner," Sora said.

"Didn't they say they'd be here in twenty minutes?" Biyomon wondered.

"Well, they're really missing out on a good meal. If they don't come, then I'm getting myself second helpings. You up for a food race, Max?"

"You're on, dad!"

"First one to faint wins!"

"Ugh, here we go again," Rika muttered.

"They seem more like brothers rather than father and son," Renamon said.

"They are so alike in many ways," Mimi said. "And their manners are appalling. Keke. I don't want you to end up like them."

"Yes, mom."

"That goes for you too, Dimitri."


Suddenly, the front door bell rang as everyone turned towards the door. Max was the first to get up from the chair and walk over towards the door.

"Don't worry, guys. I'll get it," Max said. "That must be Uncle TK and Aunt Kari."

"Let's pray that they have Tike and Kara on leashes," Zoe said.

"No kidding! Hide the food!" Takuya exclaimed.

Max opens up the door, turns the knob and jumps back as the bodies of the twins fell onto him. The boy tried to shrug them off but Tike held onto Max with a tight grip. Kara managed to speak a few words through… as if she was giving Max a warning.


"What the heck happened to you two?!"

"…It was Artificial Jax," said Kara.

"Jax?! Wait, that name does sound familiar."

"What's going on, Max? Oh my lord! Kara! Tike!" Keke cried out. "What happened to them, Max?"

"I don't know but they did mention a guy named Jax."

"Artificial Jax?! Mom! Dimitri!"

As Keke called out to her family, they came running to the front door to check on the situation. Mimi gasped at the sight of the two unconscious children. Dimitri kneeled over to Tike and checked his pulse.

"Don't worry, guys. They're just in a comatose state. They'll come out of it."

"Hey! What's all the commotion about?" Tai asked.

"Look, Tai! Tike and Kara! What did this to them?"

"Did you just mention Jax?" Agumon asked.

"Yeah. That's what Tike and Kara told me," Max replied.

"So he's still out there?!" Tai growled. "I should have confronted him when I had the chance!"

"Who exactly is this Jax?" Zoe asked.

"He's Artificial Sonja's twin brother," replied Rika. "We never met him personally and I don't think I'd want to."

"Yeah. You Tamers weren't around then to actually meet him," Sora said.

"Don't forget us," Takuya scoffed. "We're curious to know."

"I find it strange that TK and Kari aren't with them," Sora stated. "I better go give them a call."

"I'm sure they'll get here. There's no need to call them," Tai replied.

"Hey, dad!"

"What's up, Max?"

"… You had better check this out! Look up there in the skies!"

With the boy pointing up towards the heavens, the group each had a shocked expression written across their faces. Tai found this quite puzzling. In the skies was a large dark hole widening its gap over not just Japan but over the entire planet.

"Um, guys. Care to explain to me what this is?!" Takato asked.

"Looks like a giant hole," Guilmon replied.

"How observant dinoboy," the redhead tomboy muttered.

Even as they were talking, the massive hole was slowly growing. The mere presence was giving off an eerie presence. The digimon even felt a dark aura of energy coming out of this hole. Guilmon's eyes went viral and his body trembled.


"There's a scary essence coming out of that hole, Takato. I don't like it."

"What do you make of it, Agumon?"

"I agree with Guilmon. There's an evil aura coming from it. I wonder if Artificial Jax has anything to do with this?"

"There's only one way to find out. We'll get our answers once the twins get out of their unconscious states," Tai replied.

The boys took another glance towards the skylines to get another look at the immense hole. Now there was a cloud emerging from out of the cloud with thunder striking across in the background. Was this simply a foreshadowing of the devastating effects to come? Yes, because this is the hole that has opened up from out of Digital Limbo.

Just then, Tai stopped in place as he picked up a telepathic message from the masked man, X.

"Tai! Can you hear me?! This is X and it's urgent!"

"X?! Oh, hey! How's everything been?"

"Just peachy… Shintomon and Lady Moinanea are still together. I think the lady is due for a kid."

"Is that right?! Wow, Lady Moinanea's going to be a mom!"

"She's what?! Oh my gosh! How wonderful!" Sora squealed in delight.

"No kidding?! That's awesome!" Zoe said.

"Look, Tai! We're not here to talk about Lady Moinanea. I have some urgent news concerning that big hole in the skies."

"Do tell. We're really concerned since our digimon can sense something dark about it."

"It's going to be sort of complicating for me to explain, but here goes. Somehow your real and Digital Limbo have become stuck together in a space-time rift!"

"Say what?!"

East Shinjuku District

The widening hole, now classified as the dimensional rift between the real world and digital limbo world, was visible over the Shinjuku skies. The crowds of citizens gathered around to gaze upon the sheer complexity of it. By now, they would be used to seeing unusual occurrences with digimon but this one puzzled even them. There hasn't been anything of this nature since the time the Digital World was visibly seen above the skies and when Hypnos tested out the Juggernaut.

Amongst the crowds was Dorothy Kaimodosu. Much like the digimon, she too was able to sense the evil ki emerging from the hole. She is capable of this feat since she merged with her no deceased partner, Avengemon.

"Avengemon. What do you make of this?"

"Not good, Dorothy. We must inform Taichi and the others."

"But they probably would have known this by now. The hole is widening over the entire planet."

"It would be safe to assume. Still, we must warn the others."


Just a distance from where Dorothy stood, A few other people were claiming that the end of the world was at hand.

"It's the end of the world! I tell ya!" a homeless bum screamed.

"Yeah, like we haven't been enar that road before," muttered a familiar voice.

Ken, Yolei, Davis, Sonja, their children and the digimon were looking above the heavens at the massive hole. Even the genius Ken couldn't make out to what was the result of this strange turn of events. It was beyond anything a scientific mind could comprehend.

"Um, Ken? Any idea what that hole is?"

"For once, I have no idea. It couldn't be a black hole. Otherwise, everything would be sucked in."

"What do you think could have caused this?" wondered Wormmon.

"My word. This has even the great Ken Ichijouji puzzled?" Hawkmon said. "That's a first if I do say so myself…"

"I'm no genius but I can tell that this isn't good news," Davis said.

"Ack! The Apocalypse is here!" Veemon panicked.

"What? Apocalypse? We can take care of a comic villain like him any day," scoffed Davis.

"That's not what he means, bonehead," Sonja said. "This is probably a foreshadowing of events to come."

Hypnos HQ

Even the technological crew of Hypnos were puzzled by this unnatural occurrence. This was nothing like the Juggernaut. In fact, anything a device is sent to calculate the proportions; it would freeze up and malfunction.

"Sir! Our devices aren't capable of getting near the hole," Riley said. "There has to be another way."

"There isn't," Yamaki stated. "This is isn't anything like the Juggernaut. It's not a vacuum…"

"It's more like a space-time rift," Izzy said.

"A space-time rift? What makes you think so?"

"According to an email from Gennai, this is coming from the Digital World. More specifically, it's coming from the depths of Digital Hell."

"Digital hell? Is that even possible?" Yamaki wondered.

"Anything is possible," Tentomon replied. "In fact, that's where the worst and most vile digimon inhabit after death… Oh no! That means they can freely pass through!"

"Yes and there isn't any way we can close it up. Yamaki. I don't think any of your gadgets will make any difference. You'll have to leave this up to us."

"I was afraid you were going to say that. All right, you two be careful out there," Yamaki approved.

"I'll go with you, Izzy!"

"Sorry, Talley, but we have to check this out on our way. I won't want to put you in harms way if what Tentomon said is true about the evil digimon passing through."

"Please? If I can come, maybe I can be of some assistance to figure a way to close the hole. Besides, I'd like to prove myself to Mr. Yamaki."


"You might as well bring her along, Izzy," Yamaki said. "You two have become quite a team since I hired you."

"Ok, Talley. Let's get going!"


Outskirts of Shinjuku

Away from the city itself, there was a lone figure standing on top of a mountainous hill. The figure is revealed to be a human male. He was wearing a light tan jacket with denim blue jeans, green socks and blue shoes with white laces. There was an orange bandana wrapped around his neck and long, black hair reaching down to his shoulders. His icy, blue eyes were fixed upon the city itself. His body was setting off a purely black aura of sinister energy, though it was not ki.

This was Artificial Jax, who was not seen since the War Games and D-Reaper's demise years ago. He stopped dead cold as a voice similar to his spoke through to him telepathically.

"Artificial Jax. You and I are one of the same. We are set apart by time and space. But soon, we will at last become one. Relax, our meeting shall soon commence."

Digital Limbo

Standing across from a viewing orb were three individuals. Two of which were Datamon and Dr. Myuumon. The third one turned out to be a replica of Black War Greymon only with organic implants. This model was created from the machine parts of Datamon's scrapped Funkymon suit and an organic convict, who was trailed for many murders. The masterminds were able to distort the former human's mind and converted it into an artificial intelligent brain that was obedient to their command.

The cyborg digimon was setting off the same sinister aura as Artificial Jax was giving off. He was the voice that was speaking through Jax himself.

"The gates of digital hell have opened. I shall bring forward a torment of evil onto this world. Now, Artificial Jax… Let us begin!"

As soon as he said that, the organic Black War Greymon lets out a loud cry and sends out an enormous portion of his dark energy. It was sent towards the widening hole through the doorways between Digital Limbo and the real world.

Back on Earth

At the same time, Artificial Jax sets off his own wave of dark energy and transferred it towards the widening hole. The two energy forces collided with one another, which resulted in a devastating side effect. That side effect was that the hole was growing bigger in proportion than it has ever did before.

Every human across the people were stunned once the hole widened and watched as radical lighting was striking down across the globe.

Elsewhere in Odaiba

The Takaishi couple, Takeru and Hikari, had just received a call from Tai about their children. But they were memorized by the widening hole in the skies. Their digimon partners felt the same evil ki, which Agumon and Guilmon had felt. Kari fell to her knees and covered her head.

"The darkness, TK! The darkness is overwhelming!"

"Take it easy, Kari! We'll get to the bottom of this! First, we have to get back to check on the kids!"

"You're right… Gatomon! We're leaving now!"

Shibuya Park

JP was beyond shocked since he has never seen such a hole that he was gazing upon. He looked around to find at least one of his Spirit warrior comrades.

"Oh man! This is bad! I wonder if Takuya and Zoe now about this in Odaiba!"

"Hey JP! Over here!" Tommy calls out.

"Tommy? Hey, squirt!"

"That hole is getting bigger! Do you know anything about it?"

"I wish I knew…"

"Kouichi and Kouji are waiting for us at the train station. We can hitch a train ride to Odaiba to meet with Takuya and Zoe."

"Good idea. Let's get going!"

North Odaiba District. Strip Center

There was a local robbery as the crowds of people were running in panic over the hole in the sky. A robber took advantage of the situation as he broke through the glass window to snatch away a small refrigerator. Just as the robber was about to get away, a fist was thrown across his face.

"Put that back, punk."

The robber gets up as he came head to head with a blonde-haired young man.

"You dumb ass! I'll make you regret that!"

"Regret this."

With one more fist jammed against the robber's face, the man was sent flying across and caused him to lose consciousness. Yamato "Matt" Ishida delivered the fist to the man's face. Matt puts his fist down and turns his attention to the expanding hole.

"Gabumon? Care to explain this to me?"

"This is completely new to me, Matt. I haven't seen anything like it."

"It can't be that Juggernaut program since it can only provide as a vacuum. This hole isn't sucking up anything."

"But it could be a portal to another world. Perhaps our world," Gabumon said.

"Or worse… Hell itself…"

Shinjuku Park

Even Calumon and Impmon were curious about the strange hole that was widening over the earth's skylines. The white butterball attempted to fly up to investigate but Impmon grabbed onto his left foot to drag him down.

"What's the big idea, Impmon? You're a big mean!"

"You wanna get struck by lighting then be my quest, butterball. Don't you feel that creepy feeling coming out from that hole?"

"Yeah, but I'm still curious to know a little more about it."

"Take it from me, kid. You don't want to get close to big holes."


"Psh, how should I know? I just learn from those movies about some 'Black Hole' thing."

"You need to stop watching so many movies…"

"Critics… How I love them."

Elsewhere in the park, Jeri sat from her a long nap against a tree to notice Leomon and Pikkan gazing towards the heavens. The teen was curious to know what her partners were looking at. As soon as she stepped forward, she stopped and gasped to watch the hole widening its overwhelming presence.

"Where did that hole come from, Pikkan?"

"We don't know but there's a good chance it's a result of a space-time rift."

"Though we don't know the source of it ourselves," said Leomon.

"Gee. I wonder who or what is responsible for this?"

Outskirts of Shinjuku

Meanwhile, Artificial Jax powered down from his energy transfer and snickered to himself.

"I can feel the power of the underworld surging through me! What overwhelming and sinister power! I love it! Earth is in for a shock for which it has never seen! Ha! Ha!"

Digital Limbo

Dr. Myuumon and Datamon were looking on through the underworld's viewing orb to witness an array of dark digimon soldiers entering any parts of the globe, America and Japan included. The Tufflesurian scientist nods with approval as he watched an army of Vilemon and Cultivarmon launching attacks on helpless people. The mad scientists couldn't help but be amused at the destruction ensuing.

"It seems the first part in our plan has turned out to be a success, Datamon," said Dr. Myuumon. "The powers resonating in the two artificials have perfectly fused these two worlds together"

"Then, we should have a toast, my friend."

Datamon pours himself and his partner-in-crime two glasses of red wine. The cyborg hands one over to Dr. Myuumon and gave each other a 'cheers'.

"I am grateful of you, Dr. Myuumon. If it were not for your theories on the permutation of machine parts, it would have been impossible to create these two halves of the one perfect artificial being. Ah, it's going to be glorious."

Datamon turns around to make eye contact with the Hell-Black War Greymon model.

"My dreams of replacing humans and digimon with true artificial intelligence have finally been realized."

"Artificial intelligence?"

"Of course… When our models have become one entity, their abilities and strength will far exceed that of Virus'. But, then…"

The cyborg looks back to the events that had led up to his demise. It was about a decade and a half ago when he had released Artificials Jax and Sonja from their chambers. He wanted to carry out his order to kill Taichi, but they had rebelled. Jax was the more rebellious of the two. He wanted nothing to do with Datamon's sinister schemes.


Datamon pushes the activation button on one capsule and watched as it opened up. Two hairs of hands came popping out which caught Datamon by surprise. Then, a young-looking boy sits up out of the capsule. He has long, black hair and a bandana around his forehead. He also had a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a vest over it. This was the Jax model.

Jax looked over towards Datamon and nodded.

"Hello, Datamon. How are you?"

"Good. So your still functional?"

"Yes. You're my creator. I've never let you down."


Datamon turned to face Sonja and Jax as he was about to give out orders to them.

"Now you two go out there and finish them off!"

But as soon as he said that, Jax came up from behind him and quickly snatched the remote control out of his hand. This caught Datamon by surprise as he turned to face him with an angry look across his face. His eyes were boiling over.

"Jax?! What in the hell are you doing?!"

"So this is the remote that you used to seal us away? Well how about I hold onto this for you? What? Is there something wrong, Datamon? Maybe we should go directly to a more different approach."

As soon as Jax said that, he crushed the remote control with one hand. Datamon could only look on with shock as Jax threw the smashed up remote control on the ground.

"What?! What have you done?! You dare defy me?! Damn you to hell!"

"Heh. I won't let you do that again to us, insubordinate."


Jax came up from behind and punched his fist right through his neck. Datamon could only look on as he saw Jax's hand sticking right through his throat. Datamon looked down to see red-oil dripping down from his large open wound. He began coughing and gagging. He could barely mutter a single word now that Jax has taken out his voice box as well.

Datamon turned to face Jax with his throat completely cut open and caved in. He only managed to speak a few words left as his voice box started to go out.

"How… dare… you?! Damn… you! You'll… never… send… me… to… the depths… of hell…"

"Oh but you see. I already have."

And with that being said, Jax jumped up and blasted away Datamon's body with one single shot. This caught the Digi-Destined by surprise to see one blast completely destroy the body of Datamon. All that was left after the blast was Datamon's head. It came rolling down towards the Digi-Destined. Davis looked down at it with sheer disgust.

"To… hell… with you… Jax… I shall… see you… there… soon… enough…"

"Ha. Cocky for a dead man," replied Sonja.

Jax grabs Datamon's head and crushed with his own hands in one split second. All that was left as pieces of Datamon's head parts and brain matter. Jax wiped off the blood and the brain gush off of his hands and turned to face Sonja.

End of flashback

Datamon still hasn't forgotten that very moment. Those painful memories still lingered in his mind.

"Now using your theories, the human emotions he experienced should all but gone."

"Ah, so… We have two artificial beings. Both have equal power and no human emotions to slow them down."

"That's right."

"But what happens when these two come together? I mean, they would have to be capable of some amazing feats. Yes?"

"It was the artificials' lack of completion that allowed one of them to slip through the earth. That action opened the gap, and now I have control over it. When we cross over into the human's world, bringing these two artificials to form one perfect artificial being, no one will dare have to defy me!"

As they carried about their conversation, an image of Artificial Jax and Hell-Black War Greymon merging together is shown. Once merged, a new being had taken their place. A pair of sinister, green glowing eyes penetrates through their thoughts. The combined artificial's appearance remained a mystery even to the mad scientists.

"And then I will order him to wipe out those to whoever stood their ground and opposed my machine reign! Ha! Ha!"

"But, before any of that you're going to do away with a certain Digi-Destined and his allies, right? We still have those Digi-Destined, Tamers and Legendary Warriors to deal with."

"Taichi will meet his demise. But simply killing him with a quick assault doesn't utilize the kind of vengeance I have planned. That pathetic human and his band of merry Digi-Destined will never know what hit them! Besides, I know of some old friends of his who would kill for the chance to have a word or two with him."

With that said, Datamon turns around to find two mysterious figures within the realm of darkness. One of which was a short being with an odd-shaped oval head, sinister crimson eyes and a long lizard-like tail. The other was a tall stature individual with insect-like wings; his face seemed human with a crown-like appendage rising up and split in the middle of his head. The two sinister beings snickered once they heard the mention of Taichi's namesake.

"I bet you two are really dying to see your old friend again," Datamon said. "Don't worry. You'll get your revenge soon enough. Ha! Ha!"

Odaiba. Kamiya Residence.

The twins were able to wake up from their short comatose states and found themselves in Sora's bed. Tike was the first to come around and came face to face with a worrisome Mimi.

"Huh? Aunt Mimi?"

"Oh, Tike! Thank goodness!"

"Where am I?"

"You're hanging at our joint," Max said. "Don't get up so fast. You and Kara were in unconscious states."

"No kidding. I wouldn't ever want to wake up for a hundred years," Tai replied.

"Hey, please do us a favor… Don't tell mom and dad about us getting beat up," Kara said.

Mimi replied to the twins' demand and gives them an assuring wink.

"You almost had us scared there!" Palmon exclaimed.

"Tell us. Did you two really get into a scuffle with Artificial Jax?" Sora asked.

"Yeah. We're really curious," said Keke.

"If you could only explain it in full detail," Takato said. "Rika and I don't exactly know that much about this guy."

"Nor do we," Takuya and Zoe butted in.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold it right there! Geez, give us a little room to breath here!" Tike said as he let out a deep sigh. "Ok, now where to begin… Oh yeah! Kara and I were just on our way over here. We kind of snuck out of our home to get here ahead of time. You know how our mom is when getting ready to come over. She has a wardrobe of clothes that she simply can't choose over!"

"Plus she takes forever," Kara scoffed. "We couldn't stand it anymore and took off."

"Boy, did we ever pay for it. As soon as we were passing through our hometown, a jackass came by and threw us off our course!"

"Whoa, watch it with the potty mouth," Mimi said. "Now continue…"

"We couldn't believe that we were punked out by some normal human!" Kaka said. "Or so we thought… We didn't know he was actually a bio-cyborg much like Davis' wife, Sonja."

"He gave us a warning…"


Artificial Jax launches an energy blast, which knocks away the twins effortlessly. Tike leaps in front of Kara to take the blast head on. However, the combined blast was strong enough to knock both twins down. Jax levitated over his new adversaries and points out towards the widening portal hole within the heavens.

"Do you see that, kiddies?"

"What the hell is that hole?!" Tike managed to spit out.

"Heh. You're looking at the portal gateway into Digital Hell."

"Digital hell… Is that even possible?" Kara wondered.

"Yes. Everyone of those who were killed by Taichi and his allies are going to come out of that hole to extract their revenge on Taichi."

"Uncle Tai?! What do you have against him?!" Tike asked.

"Just let him know about this! By the way, this message is from Artificial Jax in case he's wondering. Tell him that if he wishes stop the invasion, then he must come to Digital hell! We'll be waiting for that fool there!"

With that said, Artificial Jax takes off into the distance and left the twins to recover from their devastating wounds.

End of flashback

"And that's the whole story," Tike said.

"Wow, did you really have to go into full detail?" Keke said.

"Well no… Heh. Heh…"

"So he wants me to go to digital hell? Hmmm? What do you think, Agumon?"

"I say it's a trap but it's worth investigating!"

"I'll go with you, Tai," Takato said. "There's no telling what kind of trap they might spring on you."

"Sounds good. I'll probably need a partner in case things get out of hand."

"Can't you simply win by transcending into level four?" Max asked.

"We can't always rely on strength, Max," said Sora. "Sometimes, you need to use the ol' head. Right, Tai?"

"Hum? I guess so."

Suddenly, the front door came open as TK and Kari came running in with Patamon and Gatomon. The Takaishi couple came running into Sora and Tai's room to find the group gathered together. Kari scurries over to hug both of her children.

"Oh, you two had me scared!" Kari cried out. "Don't you ever go and pull a stunt like this again!"

"Aww, mom. We're sorry," Tike said.

"We promise not to ever do it again," replied Kara.

"Well, now that we've managed to reunite you with your parents… I think we should take our leave, Takato."


"Hey everyone! You might want to check out the television! There's something you really have to see!"

"What's up, Dimitri?" Max asked. "Is there something we should know?"

"Just come on over into the living room and see for yourself! It's beyond anything I've ever seen!"

As soon as Dimitri led the group out from the bedroom and into the living room, Dimitri points out towards the television. Everyone gasped in utter shock at what they were viewing on the television. Local newscasters were capturing actual live footage of what looked like an invasion of revived enemies of the Digi-Destined.

"Folks! This is a live footage of what looks like an army of monsters emerging out from the hole in the skies! This is no publicity stunt! Holy crap! Here they come! Hit the decks!"

The Digi-Destined gazed at the monitor as two full screen shots were displayed with many familiar faces. One shot had displayed Lady Myotismon, Metal Tyrannus, Puppetmon, Neo Devimon, Metal Etemon, and Piedmon. The other shot fully displayed Mutalior, Elfmon, Ice Ladydevimon, the eleven deceased Devas, Dark Magimon, the original Devimon, Shadramon and an army of Vilemon/Cultivarmon.

"Holy crap! Look at that army!" Takuya exclaimed. "So, um… Tai and Sora faced these guys before right?"

"Uh huh."

"It'd be a pleasure to get some action right about now," Zoe said while cracking her knuckles.

"You said it blondie," replied Rika. "Renamon?"

"I'm looking forward to hacking up some weeds."

There were now footage shots of more villains attacking many parts of the globe. In Mexico, Machinedramon and Venom Myotismon were seen destroying parts of Mexico City. In Sydney, Elfmon and Makuramon unleashed an array of energy blasts. Meanwhile, in France, Etemon and Myotimon's forces launched an attack.

"This is happening all over the world!" exclaimed Tike.

"It's awful," Mimi said. "So, are you guys going to get off your lazy butts and take action?"

"Of course," Tai said. "I think Takato and I will pay those jack offs in digital hell."

"But what if Virus and Burizalor happen to be resurrected as well?" Sora asked.

"Who knows how much stronger they might have gotten over the years?!" Biyomon stated.

"Oh, I'd like to try them out. I really want to see how much stronger those two buffoons have gotten," Tai said.

"Finally! I get to see them in the flesh!" Takato giggled like an excited schoolgirl.

"How can you two say that so casually?!" Rika snapped. "There's no telling if this is all a ruse to trap you."

"We'll know once we get there," Tai said. "Takato. Let's get going."

"Right behind ya."

Eastern Shinjuku District

Running across the streets were Izzy and Talley. The young man was carrying his ever famous laptop and scurries into an alleyway. He sets his laptop down and scans the entire area.

"This is crazy! Did you see all those monsters emerging from out of that wormhole?!"

"I did and I'm going to see if there is any direct passage into the wormhole. All right, so far there's a pinpoint through the center. The hole is now at about 45,000 inches in diameter."

"What?! That's not possible!"

"And it gets worse. The bigger the hole then the more invaders will pass through. Our digimon are going to have a hard time dealing with an army of our old enemies."

"But what about Tai and the others? Surely the fusion digimon can take care of the job."

"There's no doubt about that but the numbers of our enemies will be the bigger issue. Still, who would carelessly open a wormhole from out of digital hell? I'll have to contact Azulongmon and ask him about the situation."

"Izzy!" the buzzing cries of Tentomon echoed.

"Tentomon! What have you found?"

"Um, an army of green little men heading our way."

"Oh, how observant," Izzy muttered. "Oh! I've gotten a worldwide view of the planet. So far, Tokyo and the many surrounding districts are amongst the world's cities under attack."


As soon as Izzy turned around, he came face to face with a Cultivarmon. Tentomon reacted to his partner's cries and immediately struck the green alien digimon with an electrical shot. The shot barely even phased the critter since Tentomon's attack was much too weak.

"Tentomon! You forget that these little guys are ultimate-level and there's no telling how much stronger they've gotten. Time to digivolve!"

"Um, I don't think they're going to give us enough time for that Izzy," Tentomon said.

"What makes you say that?"

"He's right, Izzy. Take a look around us."

The genius took his eyes off of his laptop screen and scanned around their surroundings. They found a large group of Cultivarmon walking down through the alleyway screeching.

"Any bright ideas, Izzy?"

"None at the moment…"

Outside of the Kamiya Residence

Standing outside of the apartment complex were War Greymon and War Growlmon. Their respected partners hopped on their backs.

"You guys have a responsibility to carry out!" Tai calls out. "Kick some butt out there! The world will definitely need your help! I'm sure you'll get the job done fast."

"Tai! You better be careful! You too, Takato!" Sora exclaimed.

"Dad! Show then what you're made of!"

With an assuring nod, Tai gives a thumbs up to his son and motions over to Takato. The digimon pair takes off into the heavens towards the expanding hole. Their journey into digital hell was well udnerway and they would have to deal with some of their most sinister adversaries through the other side.

The remaining Digi-Destined and Tamers were left to take action against the opposing enemy threats closing in onto Odaiba.

"You heard him, guys! Let's kick some ass!" Takuya said. "Ready, Zoe?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

"EXECUTE!! Spirit Evolution!!"

The pair whipped out their D-Tectors and immediately transformed into their H-Spirit forms.



"Renamon! This is a job for Taomon!"

"That sounds pretty cliche, Rika, but agreed. Renamon shinka!!"

The bipedal vulpine evolves into a four-legged fox with nine tails.


After that, Kyuubimon digivolves straight into Taomon after a little boost from Rika's blue card slash.


Taking immediate action, TK merged with Patamon to ascend into War Angemon. On the other hand, Gatomon and Kari were fused together with the power of their D-3 to transform into Mystic Celesta.

"Great! All we need is Biyomon and Palmon to digivolve. Then, we can clean out the trash," Keke said. "Tike. Kara. How about we play around with some of the wimps?"

"I'm up for it!" Kara cheered.

"Just lead the way to those wimps. I could go for a little curb stomping," Tike said.

"Well then, I suggest we better not waste anymore time," Mystic Celesta. "Let's be sure to come out looking like winners!

"Pssh like we need it," snickered War Angemon. "Kids. Be careful."

As soon as everyone who had powered up, they took off into different sections of the city. Palmon and Biyomon digivolved into their champion forms to tag along with Sora and Mimi.

"Hey, at least we're reliving our childhood dreams, Meems," Sora said.

"Yay! March on ahead, Togemon!"

"Birdramon. I just hope we're not getting too old for this," muttered Togemon.

"Nah. We should do fine. We'll easily deal with the weaklings. TK and the others can deal with the big boys."

The time was officially set. The battle for earth was well underway. The Digi-Destined, Tamers and Legendary warriors united must defeat their old enemies sent through digital hell itself. Time was of an essence if they had any hopes of closing up the wormhole. Faith was also left to Tai and Takato as they embark into the interior of the wormhole itself.

East Odaiba District

Crowds of the Shinjuku residents were retreating as an army of Vilemon led by Skull Satan and Marine Devilin destroyed the surroundings. The villains cackled once they unleashed their destruction upon the masses.

"Oh boy! Does it feel good to be back?!" Skull Satan cackled.

"You said it! Now we'll exterminate these pests and proclaim this in the name of the Demon Corps!" said Marine Devilin.

"Now attack Vilemon! Spread out and kill every human you find!"

Chattering amongst themselves, the Vilemon hordes swarmed across the city in search of their prey. A little girl was seen falling down and left at a vulnerable position. A pair of Vilemon came swooping down with ferocity.

"Feast upon the human!! Ha! Ha!"

Just as the Vilemon hordes approached the girl, a figure came speed blitzing through the Vilemon and quickly deleting each one of them with ease. The figure picked the girl up and flew her over to her family.

Skull Satan and Marine Devilin were taken back by the warrior's speed. The figure revealed himself to be War Angemon.

"Whoa! Whoa! Who is that bloke?!" Skull Satan wondered in bewilderment.

"I don't know but he just screwed up our fun time. Let's make him!"


"You two don't know what you're getting yourselves into. How I used to be scared of you I have no idea…"

Once the Demon Corps pair launched themselves at War Angemon, the angelic warrior sidesteps them and cups his hands together.

"Oh crap! He sidestepped us, Marine Devilin!"

"I… I didn't even see him move!"

"Well, you were once the fastest warrior known in the Digital Universe at one point."

"Eat this! HOLY BEAM!!"

War Angemon unleashes a massive energy blast, which is sent hurtling towards the two Demon Corps members. However, the Demon Corps were spared once a fleet of Vilemon were caught in the blast and sacrificed in the process.

"Damn! Those little creeps are starting to annoy me!" War Angemon cursed.

"Ha! What did you think? You'd actually thought you would have done us in?!" Marine Devilin said. "All right, boys! We have him where we want him!"

With that said, Puppetmon and Metal Tyrannus emerged out from the ground behind War Angemon. The angelic warrior found himself surrounded by the four Demon Corps. Strangely, Piedmon was not with them at the moment.

"Great. Just what I needed… Nostalgic enemies who won't stay dead."

"We'll show you who's nostalgic!" the four Demon Corps exclaimed in unison.

"Please shoot me… Uh… I wonder how everyone is faring."

Sydney, Australia

Derek and Coleamon were in quite a tight situation. His team of veteran and young Australian Digi-Destined were not faring well against the dragon deva, Majiramon.

"Blasted! There's no way we can take this guy down! Where's Tai and the Digi-Destined when you need them?!"

Meanwhile, another threat managed to come right out of hiding to attack the unsuspecting civilians. It was the energy absorbing artificial, Elfmon.

"Another one?! Coleamon, these two are too much even for us to handle!"

"Ah! You're forgetting about me ol' chap," Makuramon calls out. "MAKA!"

"Ok, this is officially out of our league. I say we retreat, Coleamon."

"I'm not going down without a fight!"

"You can't win against them! You'll be wasting your own life if you fight them at your current state!"

"I'll just have to give it a try!"

"No, Coleamon!"

"Sorry, boys! But that won't be necessary!" a feminine voice calls out to them. "HOLY BEAM!!"

Mystic Celesta comes diving out from the heavens and unleashes a ferocious wave of energy, which catches Makuramon off guard and quickly incinerates him into data. The Australian crowds cheered away at the angel's attack.

"Yeah! One bloke down and another two to go!"

Elfmon and Majiramon prepared themselves to launch an all out assault on Mystic Celesta. Yet the female had other thoughts on her mind. She directs their attention towards the background behind them. Majiramon turned around to find Kaiser Greymon slicing him in half with his sword. The dragon's body is split in half and becomes an easy prey target for the Zeta-Hybrid. Kaiser Greymon puts his sword out in front of him and lets loose a massive fire blast.

"Dragon Fire Crossbow!!"

Within a matter of seconds, Kaiser Greymon wastes Majiramon with his finishing tactic. All that was left was Elfmon and without any allies left.

"Next!" Kaiser Greymon announced. "I could get used to these warm ups!"

"Screw this! I'm out of here!" Elfmon shrieked. "I didn't just get revived just to kick the bucket again!"

"Figuratively speaking, right?" Kazemon's voice whispers behind the artificial.

As Elfmon turns around, he is immediately met with a barrage of kicks to his face.

"Tempest Twist!!"

"Great job, Kazemon! I'll take it from here!" Mystic Celesta cried out.

The angelic warrior takes a dive down towards Elfmon and plows through the artificial. This resulted in Elfmon exploding and left as a pile of debris. The only thing left of the artificial was its head.

"Man, these guys are wussies!" Kaiser Greymon said.

"You're telling me! Kari, I can't believe these guys were once considered threats to your and your friends!"

"Well, times have changed. Come, we have some more cleaning up to do."

"Thanks again, Kari! I wish you and your brother well!" Derek calls out.

"You too, Derek. You and the Australian Digi-Destined will always remain in our hearts. You should have no problems with the Vilemon hordes. We'll leave it to you."

"We'll take care of them. You have other countries to save."

"All right, Takuya! Zoe! We're heading out!"

Mexico City

Rosa and Monochromon were running off into the distance while attempting to avoid the attacks unleashed by Machinedramon.

"Ai! Yai! This is not what I had in mind!"

"Why don't you contact Ken and Yolei?"

"Good idea, but now isn't the good time!"

"Hold still you pests!" Machinedramon hissed. "Giga Cannon!"

Once the monstrous cyborg unleashes a barrage of energy blasts through his cannons, Rosa leaps away and Monochromon protected his partner by taking the shots head on. Monochromon quickly losses power and de-digivolves back into Gotsumon.

"Oh no! Gotsumon!"

"Now you die! Giga-"

"Ice Barrier Beam!!"

Machinedramon turns around and is met with an ice beam, which engulfed his entire body and completely destroyed his armored body in the process. Rosa looks up to find Metalla X with his arms crossed.

"Yo! Gracias, Yamato!"

The fusion warrior simply nodded his head and flew off into the distance. He had easily dispatched Venon Myotismon earlier and saved Mexico from destruction.

"Oy. I wonder how Ken and Yolei are doing," Rosa said. "Oh, Ken… If only we could have been together."

"She's still obsessing over Ken. That girl will never grow up," Gotsumon muttered in thought.

East Shinjuku District

Max and Keke looked up towards the heavens to witness the wormhole widening its radius.

"Keke. I just hope dad and Takato make it out."

"Have faith in them, Max. I'm sure everything will turn out just right."

"Come back soon, dad."

Digital Limbo

Arriving at the central section of digital limbo, War Growlmon and War Greymon made their stop to investigate the area. They left their human partners to walk up towards a row of steps. They were simply astonished by the dark and depressing environment of digital limbo itself.

"Whoa. So this is digital limbo? I expected there to be fire and a bunch of red evils dancing around," Takato said.

"Kid. You've been watching too many horror movies. This is a much better perspective of limbo. Nice and quiet…"

"Well, yeah unless you're anxious of coming here."

"Not anytime soon."

"Welcome, boys!"

Tai and Takato stopped at their tracks as they looked up to find Datamon and Dr. Myuumon gazing down upon them. Both evil masterminds sported a sinister grin. Behind the scientists was none other than Hell-Black War Greymon.

"Hey, it's Dr. Myuumon and… who are those two?" Takato said.

"Takato. Allow me to introduce you to Datamon, the mastermind behind the artificials and Virus himself."

"It's really good to see you again, Taichi. Ah, I see you've brought your protégé. Takato Matsuda, I presume?"

"Yeah? What do you know about me? Anyway, it doesn't matter since we're taking you down!"

Datamon looked across to find War Greymon and War Growlmon phasing in front of their partners.

"So this is Guilmon's ultimate form: War Growlmon. He would have been the perfect test subject. In fact, he could have made a perfect artificial."

"Let's cut the crap and get to the damn chase," Tai snapped.

"Unfortunately we don't have time to be playing with you now," Datamon replied.

"Yes. We have more important matters to attend to back on Earth," replied Dr. Myuumon. "Now if you excuse us. We'll be off."

As soon as Dr. Myuumon finished his sentence, the two masterminds and Hell-Black War Greymon took off through the wormhole into the real world.

"Damn! They're getting away! War Greymon!"

"War Growlmon!"

With that said, the digimon picked their partners up and immediately took off towards the portal. However, the wormhole was immediately closed up and no longer available for use.

"Damn it! We're too late!" Tai cursed.

"Don't tell me we're going to be stuck in this smelly place?" War Growlmon said.

"I think that would be the case," implied War Greymon.

"Damn! This really sucks! I should have taken Sora's word of advice seriously!" Tai snapped.

"Don't blame yourself, Tai. I was duped, too. We were all duped."

"But what about the others? I just hope they can carry on without us," said Tai.

"I'm sure they can carry on without us. It's not as if that new artificial will pose any threat to them," said War Greymon.

"He's right. We need to just take it easy and contact X about this," War Growlmon said. "Maybe he knows a way out of here… I hope…"

"He's our only chance now…"

Shinjuku District

Everyone involved in their respected battles were stunned in silence as they witnessed the hole sealed up. Max took this to heart and fell to his knees.

"Oh no… So it was a trap…"


"No! Dad should have taken mom's warning seriously! How could he and Takato have been easily fooled?!"

"They wanted to take care of that Jax guy."

"But, don't you see?! He lured them in there. How can we even hope to get that hole opened up?!"

"Maybe we can be of some help," the voice of Izzy spoke up.


The children turned to see Izzy, Kabuterimon and Talley. They had escaped the fiasco with the Cultivarmon after Tentomon digivolved into Kabuterimon. He dealt with the alien digimon to allow Izzy and Talley time to escape.

"You might know a way to help my dad through?"

"Max. Take it from me. Never underestimate the mind of a technical genius."

"Make that two technical minds," replied Talley as she gave Izzy a wink.

"Thank you, Izzy. This will really benefit to our cause," Keke said.

"All I ask in return is your patience. Ok, Max?"

"Do whatever it takes, Izzy. I don't want dad and Takato trapped in there forever. Who knows what traps those creeps have set for them."

Digital Limbo

"Damn! I should have known we'd been duped! How could I have been so stupid?!" Tai ranted on.

"I can't believe them! They only dragged us in there and wanted a fight! Those liars! Wait until we get out of here!" Takato snapped.

"Datamon! Dr. Myuumon! You sent all of our resurrected enemies just to get us here! Curse you!" Tai cries out.

Just then, the digimon heard the echoes of footsteps from two opposite directions. Then a familiar haunting voice speaks out through the darkness of digital limbo. It sounded snake-like and sinister to the core.

"Oh I wouldn't say that, Taichi."

War Growlmon and War Greymon stood their ground to guard their partners once the sinister creature revealed himself. He was short in stature, has an odd oval-shaped baldhead, his skin was completely white and has a long lizard tail. There are dark blue patches on the top of his head, chest cavity, around the shoulders and on the knees. His eyes emitted a crimson glow, which gave off an eerie effect.

"Ugh! Burizalor!" Tai exclaimed.

"That's Burizalor, Tai? He doesn't like much of a threat to me."

"Oh no, Takato," War Growlmon said. "Don't be fooled. He has more power than you think. I can sense his scary power."

Then, another voice speaks out from within the darkness. This time it was deeper and had a more intimidating presence.

"We've never disappointed you before, Taichi. What makes you even think we'd start now?"

The group turns away from Burizalor to find a taller figure standing on a cliff. This individual was not only taller but had more power to wield. His skin hide was blue-green and on his back were a pair of black insect like wings. Underneath the wings was a tan-colored appendage with a needle at the end. His face was human-like in appearance yet there was purple streaks on the sides of his face and his eyes were pink with black irises. Over his head was a crown-like appendage rising up and split in the middle. His skins and forehead were black and his feet were yellow.

"And Virus?!"

"Whoa! He's Virus, Tai? Man, these guys look pretty tough!"

"Believe me, Takato. They are."

"We've been waiting a long time for this, Taichi," Burizalor said.

"Too long if I do say so myself," chuckled Virus.

"Well, I guess I put my own foot in my mouth, huh?" Tai said. "But don't underestimate us! My power has grown since the last time we've met!"

"And I'm his protégé, Takato Matsuda! I slain the D-Reaper and you two chumps are next!"

"Well, this ought to be amusing," Burizalor snickered. "But the rules have changed. You're playing under our rules down here in digital hell."

"So prepare yourselves, my friends!"

With that said, Virus and Burizalor leap off from the opposite ends of a canyon. The villains landed down to face off with the two respected leaders and their digimon partners. The fight was on…

Earth. Outskirts of Shinjuku

Looking on from beyond the city of Shinjuku was the mastermind pair and Hell-Black War Greymon. Datamon expressed great interest onto the city and grinned.

"Good. This phase is complete. Taichi and Takato are locked there permanently," Datamon said.

"If you feel the time is right, we can move straight into phase three," Dr. Myuumon suggested.

"Now! Engage the full force attack hell fighters!" Datamon calls out for every digital villain across the globe to hear.

Will Kari, TK, Max, Matt, the Tamers and the others be able to defend the Earth against this army of hell fighters with both Tai and Takato locked away? And will the teaming of Virus and Burizalor be too much strength for the beloved leaders to handle? Or will Crimson Mode and Level Four Fusion be enough to contest with these two revived villains? Has doomsday finally come for the earth? What about the mysterious human with Cyberdramon?

[Digimon Frontier second ending theme "an Endless Tale"]


Tai: Hi, everyone! It's me, Tai! Well it looks like Takato and myself are stuck down in digital hell. But what do you know? We're left to fight Burizalor and Virus. These are among the two of the digital universes' most powerful monsters. They've put us through hell before but wait till they see level four!

Takato: Finally! I get to show my stuff against these two!

Burizalor: Don't get too overconfident, Taichi. I've developed new techniques down during my long captivity in digital hell. How will your Level Four Fusion form handle a thousand mes?

Tai: Great, it's Agent Smith all over again!

Burizalor clones: The problem with me is that there's so many mes.

Virus: This leaves you with me, Takato. I hear you're the protégé of the Digi-Destined woman who killed me. Crimson Mode will do no good against my new enhanced body armor.

Takato: We'll see! Kari has told me everything about you there is to know!

Virus: Too bad you haven't dealt with me personally!

Mystic Celesta: Meanwhile, we're still on Earth taking care of all the hell soldiers! There's just too many of them!

Saber Veemon: Hey, guys! Need a hand?!

Artificial Jax: Must find Hell-Black War Greymon to complete the artificial fusion.

War Angemon: This isn't looking good for our side. We have the power advantage but their numbers keep on growing!

Ken: Hell hath no fury. What do you want, Jax?!

Artificial Jax: I've come to recruit my dear sister, Artificial Sonja, to join me on our conquest to destroy mankind.

Takuya: Next time on D-Frontier!

The Hell Fighters Swarm the Earth! The Resurrection of Virus and Burizalor!

Tai: We've beaten them once and we can do it again!


Kanius: Well, that was quite a ride for a first chapter! Our heroes have their hands full with an army of hell fighters unleashed on their home planet. Consider this short saga to be a gift for those of you who have stayed and continued reading through the Digimon Fusion series. I'm feeling that nostalgic feeling right now! Enjoy this while it lasts, because after this will be the final Fusion saga. All I can say is get ready for a rather dark-themed final saga. Until then, check back for any updates on this short series and peace out!