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Ultima X is Unleashed! Super Artificial Jax Meets His End!

Okinawa Island

The super artificial returned to reality and faced off with Saber Veemon.

"I wanted to give you a chance, Jax. But you've pushed the button! I'm going to kill you with my bare hands and I don't care if I end up killing himself to avenge their deaths. All I want is for you to die! ARGH!"

Saber Veemon puts his hands out and forms a pair of sabers in both of his hands. He brings himself forward and goes head on with Super Artificial Jax. The warrior strikes against Jax and slashes through his barrier. Dr. Myuumon looks on with utter disbelief. Even Omega X and Gallantmon were stunned beyond relief. Saber Veemon has managed to accomplish what the others had failed to do. He had succeeded in tearing through the super artificial's barrier.

"Now! I'm taking your ass down, Jax! You have met your maker!"

Saber Veemon proceeds to inflict more damage on his adversary as he slashed him with his sword. The artificial was forced to dodge every sword slash. The warrior maintained his attack on the artificial without any hesitation to stop.

"My artificial! What do you think you're doing! Quit playing around!"

"Man, somebody ought to shut that doc up!" Gallantmon snapped.

"Easy, Gallantmon. This is Saber Veemon's battle. It's best that we stay out of this one."

"But, why?"

"Davis is hurting inside and I could feel him out. He wants to avenge the death of Ken. He deserves this chance to prove himself worthy."

"I see…"

"Just like we gave you a chance to prove yourself when you wiped out the D-Reaper."

"You have a point…"

"Yeah. You get it. C'mon, Davis. It's all on you now."

The relentless assault by Saber Veemon continues as he slashed at the super artificial with his saber. The warrior takes his sword and channels his energy through it. He screams out while leaping forward and stabbed his sword through the super artificial's right shoulder. Rather than screaming in agony, Jax began to absorb the energy through the sword and increases his own power even further.

"You idiot! Don't you realize that my artificial is an energy absorbing model! Even your puny sword will be no match for him!"

Saber Veemon removed the sword from out of the artificial and sheathes it. The energy absorbing artificial's body increased in mass while gathering the energy through his body.

"Big mistake! You should have asked for your friends to help you," Jax said. "I think that would be the wise choice. That is, unless you wish to die quickly."

"I… I… will not… die! I will not die!"

"Easy for you to say, fool."

"Jax! I said that I'm not going die!"

With that said, Saber Veemon flies out towards the super artificial and brings his fists forward. He summons every ounce of his strength through the fists and flies past the super artificial. This even caught Dr. Myuumon by surprise.

"What in the digi-world was that!" Dr. Myuumon panicked. "He moved so fast that not even I could trace him! Where did he manage to gain such a power? Super Artificial Jax! Trace him out!"

Complying with the doctor's orders, the super artificial scans the entire area where the battle previously had taken place. He managed to pick up a high frequency from above the heavens. From there, he picks up onto Saber Veemon's whereabouts.

"I've found you."

Jax brings his hands towards the skies and fires away another dose of his 'Flash Bomber'. The rain of blasts shot forward and nearly covered the whole skies. As the array of blasts covered the skies, Saber Veemon dodged each shot with great agility. He was lucky to have not been caught by the super artificial's deadly shots.

"I'm not going to lose! I won't die! This one's for Ken!"

"Come out! Come out wherever you are, Davis!"

Just as the super artificial was about to fire another 'Flash Bomber', he felt an overwhelming force make its presence felt behind him. Jax turns around and is met with a right hand by Saber Veemon. The warrior brings himself forward and hammers away at the artificial's chest. Each fist made their mark. He only used physical force and did not rely on an energy-based assault.

"If I keep this up, then I can put severe damage on this bastard! If I rely too much on energy techniques, he's simply going to absorb them!"

"Yeah! Keep it up, Saber Veemon!" Gallantmon cheers on.

Omega X kept his eyes onto the battlefield and watched every single attack Saber Veemon was inflicting on the artificial. He had noticed something wrong with the situation. It didn't seem like the artificial was being dealt with plenty of damage, as he already should.

"I see! Jax is barely blocking out Saber Veemon's fists at the last millisecond. No wonder he's not taking any damage. I know Davis is in rage, but he can't let his own anger blind him. He's not being completely focused. If only I could intervene, but I want Davis to figure this out on his own."

Saber Veemon immediately took notice of his attacks not putting damage to his opponent. Omega X was right. The attacks were not making their mark on the super artificial. Jax had his hands out to block off each fists repeatedly.

"Damn… So you saw through to my attacks ahead of time, didn't you? I won't give up! I will not let you defeat me!"

"Ha! You still don't get it do you!" Dr. Myuumon cackled. "You fool. My artificial has an unlimited amount of energy. There's no way you can even hurt him. You might as well give up."

"No. I never give up… I maybe losing fatigue, but I'm not about to quit! I'm not going to quit on Sonja… I'm not going to quit on Ken! You two are going to die! I'll see to it!"

"Idle threats from a lower life form," the Tufflesurian scientist said. "Super Artificial Jax! It's time to finish this!"

"No! I have one last thing before I end this! Jax! If it comes down to me dying, then I'm taking you with me!"

"What's that fool on! Surely he can't mean sacrificing himself to avenge two worthless souls."

"They are NOT worthless! You two are finished and that's all I have to say! Jax! I'm going to blow your ass up!"

The super artificial was a bit taken back by the warrior's idle threats and felt his power increasing at an extraordinary rate. He was prepared to meet his possible end at the hands of Saber Veemon.

Hypnos HQ

The Hypnos team was watching a surveillance camera view from Okinawa Air Force base. They had watched the battle unfold with the super artificial. Max and Keke were on the edge of their seats to watch Saber Veemon go on the offensive.

"Go, Saber Veemon! You've got him all worked up now!" Max said.

"Uncle Tai and Takato are just standing there. Why aren't they helping him?" Max wondered.

"Probably so Davis can defeat that monster by himself," Izzy said. "That's my assumption at least…"

"This is way too mind boggling. Here I thought the D-Reaper battle was off the page, but this completely has taken to a new level," Riley stated.

"You're not kidding. It's a good thing that they're not fighting too close to the Air Force base," Talley said. "They're getting awfully close to it."

"I'm sure everything will be fine. The Air Force will know to avoid this kind of situation," Yamaki informed his team.

Suddenly, Izzy caught a glimpse of Kyoto through a monitor and gasped in shock.

"Everyone! Take a look at this! You're not going to believe this!"

"What is it, Izzy?" Yamaki asked.

"It's… It's Kyoto!"

"Oh my! It's practically underwater!" Tentomon said. "What could have caused this? I don't recall there being rain there."

"There wasn't supposed to be rain. Take a look at this! It's not just Kyoto but also other parts of the globe! London, San Francisco, Sydney and Rio De Janeiro are other cities flooded underwater!"

"Unbelievable! What could have caused this!" Talley wondered.

"My god! My family live Kyoto!" Riley said with sadness. "I just hope that they made it out of there."

"I'm sure they did," replied Yamaki.

"Why didn't you tell us any of this, Izzy?" Max asked. "We could have gotten to the bottom of this!'

"I wasn't aware since we were paying attention to the super artificial problem."

"This is terrible. There's no way that this could have been natural," said Keke. "What could have caused this?"

"We don't know, but I'm going to try to get to the bottom of it. I'm going to contact Gennai and X. You guys give me play by play on the fight."

"Will do, Izzy," Max said. "You e-mail them as soon as possible. We'll tell you everything that's happened with Saber Veemon."

"I just hope he takes care of that creep so we can focus on this problem," Talley said.

"I know. I just wish that we would have never faced this problem," Izzy said. "Now, time to send out those e-mails."

Okinawa Island

Super Artificial Jax forms another black sphere and fires it over towards Saber Veemon. Gallantmon calls out to warn him, but Omega X held him back. As the sphere came closer towards Saber Veemon, he managed to phase away. This caught Jax off guard for the moment until Saber Veemon latched himself onto the super artificial. He wrapped his arms around Jax and held him tightly in a vice grip.

"No! What are you doing! You don't intend to go through with this!" Jax exclaimed.

Dr. Myuumon looks on with concern on his face. He couldn't believe that Saber Veemon had managed to catch the super artificial completely off of his guard.

"So you still have that much power left do you?"

"Hey, Jax. Don't you realize that you're the idiot?" Saber Veemon said. "You raised the level of that sound and you couldn't pick up onto the vibrations of my movement."

"Yep. He's right," Omega X said.

"He is? So he knew what he was doing?" asked Gallantmon.

"You hit the nail on the head, kid."

"Now you can't attack me or shoot any energy blasts since I have you in this hold!" Saber Veemon. "Sucks to be you. Huh, Jax?"

"Yes, but you're forgetting something, Saber Veemon," said Dr. Myuumon. "You can't attack either in that position. You just screwed yourself over. Ah! No! Unless, you can't mean…"

"Unless I'm willing to die with him!" Saber Veemon announced his plan.

"Davis! No! You can't!" exclaimed Gallantmon. "You can't throw your own life away!"

"Takato! Stay back!"

"Why the hell should I? He's nuts if he thinks he can take his own life away!"

"Just wait this one out. Trust me."


"Davis might be foolish, but don't forget. Dorothy is there within him, too. I'm willing to bet she knows what she's doing."

"So, this is actually her plan?"

"Just watch…"

"You… You wouldn't dare would you!" Dr. Myuumon asked. "You're a bigger idiot than I thought!"

"Sure. Believe me. I'm no fan of dying. But, if that's the only way to stop you from hurting and killing anymore people, then I'll do it!"

Dr. Myuumon fell to his knees as he suddenly felt defeat looming in the horizon of his future. His ultimate artificial would now be done in just as Bebimon was defeated before.

"No! Let go of me! Do you hear me!" Jax screams out. "Have you gone insane!"

"Oh! What's the matter! You only want to play this damn game if you're winning, is that it!"





With that said, Saber Veemon's body started to set off a flash of white light. Energy from around the surroundings gathers as the two were drawn into a massive sphere of light. Omega X pushes Gallantmon to the side and ducks under. Dr. Myuumon cries out in horror at the sight of his creation being caught in the exploding mass of light. Nearly half of the entire island was quickly being engulfed by the exploding light mass.

Okinawa was not the only place within the world to feel the effects of the explosion. The force of the explosion caused tremors to erupt throughout parts of the eastern regions of the globe. This included all of Japan.

Everyone else in Shinjuku and Tokyo felt the overwhelming mass of power. Mystic Celesta looks out and gasps in horror.

"What is it, Kari!" War Angemon said.

"It's Davis… I think we just lost him. Damn it, no!"


As soon as the explosion calmed down, there was nothing left of the battlefield but a large crater in the middle of a devastated island. A newly made crater had formed to where the explosion was set off. Omega X crawls out from under the debris and turned to find Takato lying with Guilmon.

"Damn! You just got knocked out of your form already! Oh! And the others!"

The warrior scanned the area to find traces of the legendary warriors. He picked up on their energy signals and lets out a sigh of relief. He looks ahead to find Mega Veemon lying on the ground with Dorothy at his side.

"Oh! Thank god you two are all right! So, I guess we won?"

"Probably so," Mega Veemon muttered. "At least, we're alive… Finally, I've avenged Ken…"

Meanwhile, Dr. Myuumon emerges out from underneath a pile of debris on the outside of the crater. He looks ahead and gasped at the size of the crater. He couldn't find any traces of Super Artificial Jax.

"I can't believe it. All of my hard work to build that machine… went down the drain. Damn! It was all for nothing!"

The heroes' celebration was short-lived because a column of yellow light came shooting out from the ocean. Omega X looks up ahead to find the yellow light column rising out from the ocean's depths.

"No… It can't be…"

"I should have know this would happen," Mega Veemon chuckled. "That bastard… is still alive…"

"You're kidding me!" Omega X exclaimed. "That gamble was all for nothing!"


As soon as the light died off, Super Artificial Jax emerges out with his clothes battered and torn from the explosion. Dr. Myuumon laughs with delight at the sight of his artificial.

"Yes! You're alive! Ha! Ha!" the Tufflesurian scientist cheered. "Yes! That's the way! Incredible! That fool played his best card and you trumped him!"

"Yes, that was indeed pretty dangerous," Jax directs his attention to a fallen Mega Veemon. "If I had been a little later in raising my barrier, I would have been completely done in."

"Oh? Is that right?" asked Mega Veemon. "Then I've done something regrettable."

"Oh, Davis," Omega X muttered.

"I just wish we both could have died and be sent to limbo," Mega Veemon continues on.

"Well, I can make half of your wish come true," the artificial replied.

As soon as he said that, the super artificial puts his hands out and quickly forms his dark sphere. The fallen warriors look on with hopeless grins on their faces. They couldn't even move let alone implement another attack.

"Half, huh? I guess we're in no position to bargain," Omega X said.

"Tai? Was that even necessary?"

"No, but it eventually had to come down to this… Moving our bodies now is completely out of the question."

Super Artificial Jax prepared to launch the dark sphere at the fallen warriors. It grew larger at an extraordinary rate. Dr. Myuumon cackled at the sight of his enemies lying helpless.

"Oh no! Trust me, boys! I'm not going to miss my mark on this one! Davis! Taichi! It ends now!"

"Hold it right there, Jax!" a feminine voice calls out.

Everyone stopped to turn around to find the source of the voice. Super Artificial Jax maintained his dark sphere but looked up to find a raven-haired woman levitating down into the crater. Her clothes were torn and she was nearly half naked. Mega Veemon looks on with relief.

"Sonja! You made it!" Mega Veemon calls out.

"Damn… for an artificial, she's not bad looking," Omega X commented. "You're a lucky one, Davis…"

"That's my wife!"

Jax gasped at the sight of his older sister.

"Sister! What are you doing here! Get out of the way!"

The female snorted and lands down in front of the fallen warriors. She officially made her stance against her brother.

"Sonja! Please! Don't get yourself involved in this!" Mega Veemon begged. "I don't want you to get hurt! I nearly lost you!"

Sonja merely looks over her shoulder and gives her husband a smile.

"I think she knows what's she's doing, Davis," Omega X stated. "That's her brother. Besides, I'm sure she can talk him right out of it."

"I hope so…"

"Brother! How dare… How dare you do that to Ken! How dare you take the life of my husband's best friend! Our best friend!"

"So I was right," Omega X said. "Why did it have to be him of all people!"

"Because this guy is a filthy scumbag! He's no brother-in-law I want to have!"

"I can't even look at you and consider you my brother anymore!" Sonja snapped. "You sicken me! You're half of what you were before!"

"Oh! Oh, now my sister speaks out against her own brother!" Jax taunted his sibling. "I'm twice as strong now!"

"Strength is one thing, but character is another! The Jax I knew was not a cold-blooded murderer! You were modeled to terminate Taichi but you never gave pleasure in killing innocent lives. You overcame Datamon's programming! You were so strong-willed and independent! I… I even looked up to you! But, look at you now… If you wish to kill husband, my Taichi, and myself then go right ahead! You forget that I have an explosive in my body! Know what that means!"

This immediately brought to both warriors' attentions. Omega X remembered when he and the Digi-Destined had wished for the explosive devices to be removed from the artificials' bodies.

"Davis. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"You bet."

"That's right. Only Jax doesn't know any of this. We had asked Azulongmon to use his digicores to wish the explosive devices out of the artificials' bodies after Kari defeated Virus. When we told Sonja of this, she was relieved. Unfortunately, Jax doesn't know about this. Sonja is only playing a ruse to scare her brother."

"That's right, Tai. She's bluffing him," Mega Veemon whispered.

"C'mon, Jax! Go right ahead and blow us all up! We'll die together!"

"You tell him, girl! That's the spunky woman I grew to love!" Mega Veemon said in thought.

"What are you waiting for, you coward!" the female taunted the super artificial. "Are you too scared to die? If you're going to do it, then get it over with!"

With that said, Sonja rips off half of her blouse to reveal not just the spot where her explosive device was once planted but her right breast covered in a black bra.

"DAMN! Does she do that for you every night, Davis! Please, say yes!"

"You bet she does! Umm… Hey! Let's get serious here, Tai!"

"Heh. Sure, I couldn't resist…"

"You are a pervert, Tai. I'm going tell Sora about this."

"Please don't! I'll be good!"

Super Artificial Jax found himself in a tight struggle while holding out his dark sphere. It was either shoot out his blast or risk killing himself in the process.

"C'mon, baby bro. Do it! Why not? Destroy the only person who ever gave a damn about you!"

"I… I…"

"I don't even respect you anymore, dear brother. You can't even attack me. Weak-minded fool… I knew you were always a coward."


"You can't even make your own decisions! Some sick-twisted doctor has to make them for you!" Sonja bluntly stated. "What a poser you turned out to be!"

"Sonja. Take it easy. He's struggling inside," Omega X whispered. "If you continue on like this, then he will snap."

Just as Tai had assumed, Super Artificial Jax was indeed in an inner struggle between himself and Hell Fighter.

"What are you waiting for!" Dr. Myuumon cries out. "Can't you see that she's trying to manipulate you! That little bomb couldn't really cause that much serious damage! Don't be scared of something that can't hurt you!"

"I'm not scared of anything, Dr. Myuumon!"

"That's it! Now finish them off! Show those Digi-Destined fools who you really are! Destroy that artificial reject that you can't be manipulated or controlled!"

Suddenly, this caused Super Artificial Jax to turn around and directs his attack onto the Tufflesurian scientist.

"That's right, doctor! Nobody controls me!"

The super artificial sends out the attack directly towards Dr. Myuumon. The doctor screams out in horror as he was completely engulfed by the blast and incinerated in the process. In other words, Dr. Myuumon had now been completely OWNED by his ultimate artificial. As the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of Dr. Myuumon.

Super Artificial Jax directs his attention back on his older sibling and creates another dark sphere.

"Now! Let's see who the real coward is, sister!"

"Well, I have to give to you after all. You managed to see through that doctor. There just might be some hope, Jax," the female replied. "It's a shame it has to come down to us fighting."

Sonja puts her hands out and unleashes a fury of blasts towards the super artificial. Jax cancels out his dark sphere and quickly began to absorb the blasts into his body. He was gaining more power after each blast being absorbed. Unfortunately, she wasn't aware of her brother's newly developed defenses. Yet, she didn't really seem to care since she can continue firing away with an unlimited supply of energy.

"Babe! It's not working! He's absorbing your power! You can't beat him like this!" Mega Veemon calls out.

"I have to at least try! He killed Ken! Our best friend is dead, Davis! Yolei is suffering and I can't let Jax cause others to suffer!"

"But, your energy blasts are only making this bastard stronger!"

"I can't stop now! If I stop at the position I'm in, I'll die…"

"I know what's doing on," Omega X said.

"Do tell."

"You see what Jax is doing. He has to assume that pose in order to absorb energy."

"I get it! As he's absorbing her blasts, he's leaving himself wide open!"

"Wow, you're a fast one, but you get the picture. He's vulnerable! Now, Davis! I want you to attack head on!"

"What? Me?"

"Yes! Your wife is out there taking Jax with everything she has. She's doing this not just for Ken but also for you! Lend her a hand."

As soon as Mega Veemon turns his attention back onto the battlefield, he noticed Jax cackling with his barrier absorbing Sonja's blasts.

(Play Digimon Tamers Ultimate Evolution theme One Vision during current sequence)

"Sonja… You're doing this for me…? And for Ken? All right then! It's time to avenge our friend's death! This one's for you, Ken!"

Just as Mega Veemon was about to charge out into battle, his body began to illuminate a bright aura of light. Omega X stood back as the aura around Mega Veemon was growing brighter.

"What… What's happening? My power is suddenly growing?"

"It's your love for your wife, Davis. You and Sonja have a strong bond. But it's also your need to avenge Ken. Your love is overcoming your hatred, Davis," Omega X said. "So, how does it feel? You're set to undergo an evolution to the next level."

"The next level?"

"That's right. Now give him hell!"

"I will and I intend to!"

As Mega Veemon takes off into the battle, he started to undergo a transformation into his final evolution form. Sonja continued her assault on Super Artificial Jax.

"Yes! Give it everything you've got, Sonja!"

"JAX! YOU'RE THROUGH! Mega Veemon! Mode Change!"

The fused warrior underwent his transformation with everyone looking on. His body became encased in white armor similar to Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. His arms and legs became built for battle with claws scathed out. His face was covered in armor and encased with a visor over his eyes. An enormous sword blade materialized in front of the warrior. He takes it and unsheathes the sword to reveal a long-tipped blade. On his back was a pair of glider wings that were longer in wingspan than an albatross. The new Mega Veemon's form was streaking with streaks of lighting.

"Ultima X!"

Omega X and Sonja looked on with sheer amazement at the sight they were looking at. Ultima X flies out from his evolution shell and was quite a magnificent sight to behold. He came straight for the vulnerable super artificial. He takes his blade forward and spins himself into a tornado.


"What is this!" the super artificial exclaimed.


With that said, Ultima X spun himself with great velocity and speed. He quickly plows through Jax's barrier and rams himself right through Jax's chest. The artificial lets out a gasp as Ultima X reappears on the other side with his blade intact. He had created a gaping hole right in the middle of Jax's chest. Sonja stopped her assault and sighs happily.

"Davis… You're incredible…"

"ACK! My… My chest… You bastard…"

"I'm not through with you, Jax! Turn your ass around!"

The artificial turns around to face the newly evolved warrior and curses him out.


"Idiot! Haven't you figured it out yet! That will only make me stronger!"

"I don't think so! ULTIMA BLAST!"

Ultima X unleashes a powerful wave of energy, which was a much powerful version of Omega X's Terra Beam. The blast penetrates through Jax's chest and caused the hole to grow bigger. Ultima repeatedly shots the same attack through his enemy's chest. Jax screams out as his body disintegrated within the blasts.

"Yes… We did it… Davis… We've avenged Ken…"

(End theme)

Sonja collapses on the ground. However, Omega X was there to prevent her fall. The last traces of Jax's super artificial form was dissipating into dust. Ultima X came levitating down to sheath his blade.

"Your death has been avenged my friend."


Ultima X turns around and finds Sonja slowly walking towards him. She embraces the warrior tightly and cries onto his chest. For the first time ever, the once cold artificial woman was crying and displaying weakness to her husband like any other woman would.

"He's gone… He's really gone…"

"It's over, Sonja… We've won together…"

"I can't believe we killed my own brother…"

As the couple embraced tighter, Omega X looks around the mess created by the artificial and revives Takato.

"Hey, kid… We did it. We've won…"

"We did…? That's a relief…"

"You should have seen Davis. He was awesome out there."

Davis saved the day…? Man, who would have thought…?"

"I knew he could do it. Come on. Let's go. Takuya and the others need to be revived."


Outskirts of Tokyo

Metalla X looks out towards the heavens and felt Ultima X's power. Every other digimon could feel out the increase of strength that Davis underwent.

"Matt. Did you feel that?" War Angemon asked.

"I did. Now, Davis has become reached the pinnacles of greatness," replied Metalla X.

"Davis. I'm so proud of you," Mystic Celesta said. "Though, it did take you long enough."

"Davis. You did it my friend," Pikkan said.

"The threat is finally over," stated Cyberleomon.

"Now we can go home and celebrate!" Tike cheered.

"Not yet. We have to borrow the four digicores right away," said Mystic Celesta. "We have a world to fix and friends to restore. Ken is waiting for us to revive him."

"You're right. There can't be a celebration without him or Sonja," said War Angemon. "Let's get those digicores!"

Davis. Tai. Takato. You guys did it," Metalla X thought. "But, next time… I'm not going to miss out on the fun."

"Calumon? What's wrong?" Jeri asked. "You, guys! Something is wrong with Calumon."

"What is it?" Kara asked.

"He said that he was feeling a weird vibe coming from Odaiba."

"Odaiba! We have to get there right away," Mystic Celesta said. "If what he says is true, then there has to be something wrong."

"All right. Now that everyone has been revived, I say we take off and investigate the situation," Pikkan stated. "Calumon's definitely telling the truth. I'm feeling a wicked vibe from Tai's home city."

"And here I thought that super robot was the last thing we needed," Beelzebumon snorted. "Now this? Can't we catch a break?"

"No time to chit chat! Let's get going right away!" Metalla X announced.

Okinawa Island

Ultima X and Sonja were both looking out into the ocean as everyone else at the battle site were revived. Omega X walks over to the couple and listens to their conversation.

"Sonja… Please try to calm down, babe…"

"You don't understand, Davis… How could he do it? I'm his twin sister. Why would he kill our best friend?"

"That's because he wasn't really your brother," Omega X implied. "He was used by Datamon and Dr. Myuumon. He was the victim here. Those two creeps were controlled by their damn ambitions. Want to know something I found out? I think he was trying to help you?"

"Help… me…?"

"There was no need to start powering up out of frustration. All he had to do was keep absorbing your energy."

"What? So it was a mistake on my part?" Ultima X said.

"No, you had to do what you had to do, Davis. Don't blame yourself. You didn't commit a murder."

"So… That's what I sensed then!" Sonja blurted out. "He forced that creature into making a mistake that would have sealed his fate. He was showing us where he weakness was! Wasn't he?"

"I'd like to think so. He did have some control," said Omega X. "Otherwise, he would have never turned on Dr. Myuumon."


"There was definitely a struggle going on, and it's highly possible that your brother won."

"My brother won…?"

"Well, I'll be damned…"

"It's true."

"Thank you, Taichi. You don't know how much that means to me," Sonja said. "Davis… Isn't this wonderful!"

"Yeah. It sure is. It's possible Ken could have helped him in spirit."

"You're right."

Sonja looks out into the open sea and sheds a tear. An image of her brother crossed her mind.

"I bet Ken is very happy about your victory, you two," Omega X said. "I'm sure he's ready to be revived again! What do you think?"

"Now you're talking, Tai! I'm sure Azulongmon will be more than happy to let us borrow the digicores," said Ultima X. "What do you say, Sonja?"

"That would make Yolei happier. It would make us happy."

"Good. Now that we have everything covered. What do you say we get back home?"

"Hey, Tai! There's an urgent situation!" Takato calls out.

"What kind of situation? Don't tell me that there's still some escapees from limbo."

"Worse than that. Izzy just called me up and told me about cataclysmic worldwide disasters. Old volcanoes are starting to erupt. Earthquakes are reported across the planet."

"Yeah and there's worldwide flooding!" Aguimon continued on.

"It's got to be that interdimensional doorway they opened up," Dorothy said. "It must have upset the natural balance!"

"Not only that but there's a situation in Odaiba," said Kazemon. "More specifically… Highton View Terrance!"

"Highton View Terrance! That sure brings back a lot of memory," Omega X said.

"Max, Kari and everyone else is there. They've told me that the digicores are cracked!"

"Is that right, Takato! How did the digicores end up being cracked? Who brought them here? Well, guys. We'll just have to check this out for ourselves. Everyone grab onto me. I'll teleport us there right away."

As soon as he said that, the team placed their hands onto Omega X and he used his 'Time Warp' teleportation technique to transport them to Highton View Terrance.

Highton View Terrance

Just in the nick of time, Omega X and the team arrived at the site. He looks across the bridge where he and Kari got a glimpse of their first digimon many moons ago.

"Geez, this place still has that cryptic feeling," said Omega X.

"Tai! Over here!" Mystic Celesta calls out.

With everyone gathered around, the digicores were quickly cracking and emitting a black fog. Omega X looks on with worry and feels an evil ki emitting from the digicores.

"You guys! Get back! There's a sinister ki coming from these cores!"

"What, but these are Azulongmon's digicores! They've always been sued on our side," War Angemon said.

"He's right! I hate to admit it but someone is responsible for this!" Metalla X stated.

"But who could have done this!" Takato wondered.

"I'm the one responsible for this, fools…"

The team immediately turned their attention over towards the street to find Cyberdramon slowly approaching them. He held an unconscious Ryo in his grasp and drops him down.

"Cyberdramon! Ryo!" Rika calls out.

"There's something strange about Cyberdramon. I'm sensing a great evil in him," said Renamon.

"What is going on here!" Max cried out. "This is driving me nuts!"

"So, at last we meet again, Digi-Destined," Cyberdramon spoke in sinister voice. "You thought you'd never see me again?"

"What is he on?" Terriermon asked.

"Hey! Who are you! You're obviously not Cyberdramon! Identify yourself!" Omega X demanded.

"Sorry for my rude behavior… Allow me to reintroduce myself…"

"But we don't even know you!" exclaimed Sora.

"Mimi. I don't like the looks of this!" Palmon said with fright.

"I know. This is creeping me out."

Cyberdramon stepped forward and unleashes a dark force from out of his body. A thick black smoke forms over the fallen dragon digimon and takes the shape of a dragon-like creature with red glowing eyes. The creature was cackling a deep laughter while setting his sights on the fusion warriors. His form was actually shapeless with no distinct feature. He was merely a shadowy creature that has a ki filled with evil.

Suddenly, the digicores started to react towards the shadow creature and flew out around his body. One by one, the orbs started to become purely black.

"What the hell are you! What do you want with the digicores! More specifically, what do you want with us!" Omega X demanded.

"I am Millenniumon! I see you are the alternate versions of the same Digi-Destined I have kidnapped!"

"Millenniumon!" Mystic Celesta said. "The darkness… It's too overwhelming to bear!"

"Ah, yes. These are the precious digicores. I've managed to steal them away from that fool, Azulongmon. I've poisoned them with my evil essence. You won't have a chance to revive Ichijouji!"

"You bastard! Give us those digicores!" Ultima X exclaimed.

"I'm afraid I can't! With these four digicores, I'll split three of them to create seven monsters. I shall disperse my essence through each monster and have them help build a tunnel to open up the doorway to the Dark Dimension! The Synisters shall be unleashed to destroy this human infestation!"

"A tunnel! Synisters!" Omega X said. "Man, I'd thought we'd have everything under control! I've been totally off of my game…"

With everyone distracted by the ghostly sight of Millenniumon, the mysterious human looks on from on top of a roof with a grin.

"Finally, phase one has been complete. Those incompetent doctors and their artificial toy have done their job. At last, the judgment of all humans shall begin. Millenniumon. We shall set you and the Synisters free to finish this retched planet off."

As soon as he said that, the human walks off across the rooftop. His face his revealed to be mature and his hair is slicked back. He stops as he came across another sinister figure. This one had eyes that looked as if they were possessed by a demon. His hair was spiked up and he looked about thirteen years of age.

"Ah, Neo Saiba. It's good to see you. How's the tunnel coming along?"

"We still need time, Saitou. We need the perfect weapon to cut through the barrier."

"Time is not we have left. Millenniumon is set to transfer his essence through the digicores to create the seven monsters. They will help us through. Eventually, we'll find the one warrior with the power to break through the barrier into the Dark Dimension. Neo. Gather up the Alias 3. The time has come to proceed with phase two: the opening of the tunnel to the Dark Dimension."

Neo replies with a nod to the mysterious human now identified as Saitou.

With the super artificial defeated, our heroes come across a new threat like they've never see before. The shadowy creature, known as Millenniumon, has taken the four digicores and is bent on creating seven monsters. At the same time, a sinister figure revealed as Saitou has called forth another human named Neo Saiba. What do they and Millenniumon intend on doing to this tunnel? What are these Syinsters? Is the death of humanity on the horizon?

Digimon Frontier second ending theme "an Endless Tale"


Tai: Hi, everyone! It's me, Tai! As you all know, we're finally introduced to Millenniumon! He destroys the four digital cores and creates seven monsters out of them. He then sends them across the globe to spread the chaos.

Kari: now, Gosenzomon has also told us that a group of people is secretly trying to open a tunnel into the Dark Dimension to release Millenniumon's true form and an army of high-class digimon known as Synisters.

Takato: And here's the perk… The weakest of these high-class monsters make guys like Virus, Burizalor and Bebimon look like jokes.

Max: You've got to be kidding me!

Davis: Plus, we get a good glimpse at this Saitou guy and these Alias 3 guys.

Takuya: With these sinister humans and the seven monsters to take care, we're going to have to do everything we can from this tunnel from being opened up.

War Angemon: High-class monsters that are stronger than a guy like Virus? Geez, at least he gave us more warning than that! And that was only one of him.

Saitou: Let phase two finally commence, Neo Saiba.

Yolei: You surely don't want to miss out on the next chapter to the Digimon Fusion series!

The Real Enemy Revealed! The Opening to the Synister Dimension To be Opened!


Omega X: You don't want to kiss out on this! It's the final saga to the entire Digimon Fusion series!

Kanius: Yes! I've finally managed to get through the Super Artificial Saga! That would have to be the shortest saga I've ever written, but now I've established Davis as an equal to Tai! Now, our heroes deal with a great deal of new enemies, including some from the V-Manga series. No I won't be a adding guy like Arcademon and the such. You'll get more info on Saitou, Millenniumon, the seven monsters and the tunnel leading to the Dark Dimension. I start school this week. So consider this as a gift. K? Cool. I'm out! Peace!

(Update 4/28/05: Lyrics have been removed.)