"Alright Julian... if you want to know... the child of you and Eve Russell is... Chad Harris."

Fox Crane could felt his body go numb on the other side of the door... Chad? CHAD was his brother? Then the even more shocking aspect of what this meant hit him and he almost felt like his knees were going to give out... then... that meant Whitney... Whitney and Chad were...

His mind was racing too fast for him to pay any more attention to what his father and grandfather were saying and he moved away, sitting himself upon a sofa in the lobby outside Alistair's office.

It wasn't long after this that the door to Alistair's office opened, and out walked Julian, his face a mix of shock and worry. He headed straight for the door, so preoccupied he almost missed his son.

"Fox... did... did you hear?"

Fox glanced up, "Yeah... yeah I did."

Julian studied him for a second and then said, sternly, "Fox, I absolutely FORBID you to tell Whitney Russell this, do you hear? I'm going to discuss this with Eve, and we'll figure out what to do with this information. But you are not going to run off to her and inform that she's dating her brother, just to claw your way into her heart, do you understand me?"

Fox's shock melted for a moment at his indignation that Julian was trying to order him around. What exactly made him believe he had any sort of right to suddenly be his father, "You know as well as I do, that I don't need to do anything to 'claw my way' into her heart, as you so eloquently put it."

"And you, in turn, son, know as well as I do, that hearing the news that she's been sleeping with her brother the past two years will make her intensely vulnerable, something Crane men have been known to capitalize on. I know, I've done it."

"Just because we're related, doesn't mean we're the same, Pops," Fox said, he faltered slightly at the look of guilt this comment caused in his father's eyes, "Look, don't worry about it. Mum's the word."

Julian gave a small half-smile, "Thanks son."

"Well, your three nights in the hospital are up, Kay," Dr. Eve Russell said, as she entered the door into Kay Bennett's hospital room, "You're fit enough to go home."

Kay's stomach gave a terrible lurch, while in the hospital, distracted by the pain in her abdomen, she wasn't so focused on the terrible emptiness left by Miguel. What was there to go home too? She had lost the only man she ever loved, and had no chance of having any children with another man she might meet, as if there were any eligible young men looking for a nice barren wife to settle-down with. She took a deep sigh, at least she had Maria.

"Hey.... uh... Dr. Russell, are you going home now? Because I was going to spend the day with Simone and was wondering if maybe I could get a ride?"

Dr. Russell shifted kind of nervously, "Actually... my shift did just end but I'm actually... not... staying at home anymore."

It took a second for Kay to realize what she was talking about. She then remembered Simone telling her everything about her mother's past to her last night, in her despair over Miguel she had forgotten. She averted her eyes from Eve's, which seemed to be glistening with tears. Kay might have felt sorry for her, if she hadn't had her own problems.

"Well, no problem. I'll just call Simone's cell phone... bye, Dr. Russell."

"Bye Kay."

Eve watched Kay head out the lobby door, before turning away and running almost smack into Julian Crane, "Julian...what are you doing here?"

"Looking for you, actually... We need to talk."

"Of course, Julian, what is it?" She searched his eyes, "It's about our son, isn't it?"

"Please, Eve... is there a private place we could talk?"

Eve looked around for a moment, "I guess we could go to my office. Follow me."

Five minutes later they arrived. Eve quickly turned to lock the door, "Whitney's here visiting Theresa. Anything I can do to keep her from walking in on us one more time..."

Julian nodded, and began to pace around the room. He was far from in a hurry to give Eve the bad news.

"Julian... please... what is it? I've been waiting more than twenty-five years to know my son, I can't wait any longer."

"Eve, maybe you should sit down......."

"I'm fine. Just tell me."

Julian turned and turned towards Eve. Her face looked eager with anticipation, such hope he had not seen on her face for weeks, nay, months. It broke his heart do this to the woman he loved, but he knew she had the right to know their son, "Eve... our son... is Chad Harris."

Eve laughed nervously, "No... he can't be. We already checked that out remember? The DNA results proved he wasn't."

Julian's face was grave, "You don't think my father could switch a simple DNA test result?"

In the back of her mind Eve regretted turning down Julian's offer to sit down, as she felt her legs caving in. However, Julian seemed to notice this, and helped her to a chair, and sat down next to her himself. Eve felt as if she was going to cry, but wasn't able to, for a moment she just stared at her desk in front of her, muttering to herself how this just... couldn't be...

"Eve?" Julian said, hesitantly.

"And I thought Whitney couldn't hate me anymore than she already does... and this really is all my fault. If I hadn't been such a drug-addicted whore I would have been able to keep my son, and Whitney would've grown up knowing Chad as her big brother."

"Now don't say that," Julian said, "Chad is a black Crane, and that's just something my bigot of a father can't deal with... no matter how you had acted, if we had a son together, this would have been his fate... or worse. We're lucky Chad's alive, and healthy."

"LUCKY!?!?" Eve screeched, almost hysterical, "He's committed incest who KNOWS how many times?"

Julian didn't respond, he couldn't have had known what to say. Finally he did speak up, "I don't deny that this will absolutely rip Whitney and Chad apart... which is why I believe we should rate before this revelation comes out."

"The longer Whitney spends with Chad the more hurt she'll be... and I'm sick of hiding things, with my luck Liz'll find out about this too and tell everyone, and no one will believe I didn't know all along."

"The thing is though, I'm not sure how long the two of them will be spending together."

"What are you talking about, Julian? They're engaged!"

"Only because Whitney's been going through dealing with two people she cares about...and it's become apparent to me, that deep down it's my son, Fox, she loves. Not..." He took a deep breath, "Our son. If Whitney and Chad end on their own accord, and Whitney is with Fox... the blow will be significantly more cushioned."

Eve rested her head on his shoulder and took his hand, "God, I hope so."

After a moment Julian gave a small smile, "I hope you can take some small satisfaction in that fact that our son turned out to be a good, upstanding young man."

Eve sighed and clenched her eyes shut, blocking out the tears, "I wish I could."