Title: 'The Doctor Will See You Now'.
Part: 1/1
Author: 'A Gentleman Of Leisure'.
Summary: 'Whatever happened to the Buffybot'
Story Type: In canon Buffyverse/and 'others' crossover.
Rating overall: G.
Spoilers: Buffy S6 Ep2.
Distribution/Archiving: Ask first please.
Disclaimers: The usual - All characters are copyright Mutant Enemy, Fox, Joss, and/or the BBC, and I'm just borrowing them. I promise to put them back safely. Thank you.

'The Doctor Will See You Now' by A Gentleman Of Leisure.

After first Dawn, and then Spike had run off into the darkness, abandoning their stolen motorbike, nothing happened for a long while. There was only the smoke of Sunnydale burning, again, and distant screams, and the sound of the town being trashed by the Hellions. Time passed, slowly (as is usual when there's nothing much happening nearby).

At long last a strange, faint, repetitive, metallic grinding noise became audible, growing rapidly louder and louder until finally there was a very heavy thump, and it ceased. For a few moments there was silence again, and then eventually the slow, creaking sound of a door being opened very cautiously.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?" someone said. "The end of the world?"

"Oh, no. Not again", said a second voice.

The first voice approached, and stood looking down at the wreckage strewn across the roadway.

"Oh dear. I don't think this young lady looks at all well. In fact I think she's dead. She appears to have been torn in two".

"That is no lady, that's an android", said the second voice.

"Are you sure?" said the first voice, going down on one knee to have a closer look. "I admit the light's not very good out here".

"I think I ought to know, don't you? After all, if anyone can, I certainly ought to be able to tell a dead android from a human".

"True. Well, if that is what it is, I must say it's remarkably advanced. Just help me pick up all the pieces, will you please? I want to take it inside and examine it properly".

"Huh. Brain the size of a planet, and here I am, picking up bits of scrap metal", said the second voice sulkily. "And I've got this terrible pain..."

"Just get on with it, will you?" the first voice interrupted. "Really, I don't know why I brought you along - you never seem to do anything but complain, anyway".

At this point the Buffybot opened its eyes. Someone was leaning over and looking down at it - a tall human, with a wide-brimmed hat, wild-looking hair, and a long, colourful scarf. Behind him stood what looked like a robot from a nineteen fifties science fiction film, the sort that Xander sometimes enjoyed, when he got half a chance. And then beyond that was what appeared to be a large, free-standing blue wardrobe, with a flashing light on top, and the word POLICE painted on it in large friendly letters.

"Who are you? Where is Dawn? What happened to everyone?" asked the Buffybot slowly. "I am badly damaged and need Willow to repair me".

The man carefully scooped up the body of the Buffybot, and cradled it gently in his arms. He smiled, showing yards of hearty teeth the size of a horse's.

"Don't you worry yourself, young lady - you're going to be fine. Trust me, I'm a doctor".

The End.

Author's Note 1:

The 'others' noted in 'Story Type' are, of course Dr Who, and H2G2 (set between Fit the Sixth, and Fit the Seventh of the original radio series). I just didn't want to spoil the surprise. If there was any. AGOL.