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As the final remaining Death Eaters were being rounded up by the Order, Neville, and Melinda, Voldemort rounded on Harry.

"You really think you can win, don't you Potter."

"I know I can win, Tom."

Voldemort jumped at Harry, sword first. The blades connected with a loud metallic clang. Harry aimed for Voldemort's neck. He was blocked. Voldemort stabbed at Harry's heart, but the blade was diverted by Harry's sword. The sword's clashed together again and again. Minutes later they found themselves with the hilts locked together.

"You could still join me," Voldemort said. "Together we would be unstoppable."

"You seem to be losing confidence in your own power, Tom."

"Ha! That day will never come. I just think your magical abilities are going to waste on you petty morals."

Behind them, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Draco, Ginny, were beginning to wake up.

"Tom, you know I would never help you. You are a disgrace to magic."

"You can only achieve true power with the Dark Arts."

"You are wrong. The Dark Arts could not kill me, with my mother's protection."

"There is not power in love."

Voldemort pulled his wand with his spare hand and knocked Harry unconcious.

"Yes there is." Hermione stood with her wand pointed at Voldemort.


Voldemort dropped his wand and Draco's sword, and flew backwards a few feet. He dove for his wand, but Hermione stepped on it.

"Love saved Harry all those years ago."

Voldemort stood up.


He flew backwards again.

"Silly mud blood. You know that you cannot defeat me."

"I do know that, but I don't care."

Hermione revived Harry quickly and they both stood facing Voldemort.

"Expelliarmous." They both said at the same time.

Voldemort flew backwards into the wall. As he stood back up, he gestured at them with his hand. They were knocked back and Voldemort quickly grabbed both his wand and his sword.

Harry charged at him attacking him ferociously with his sword. Every attack was parried, as were all of Voldemort's. Hermione tried to disarm Voldemort, but missed twice. Voldemort kicked Harry in the chest, causing him to drop his wand, and then Voldemort pointed his wand at Hermione.


The green bolt of energy only traveled a few feet however, as Harry had thrown himself in the way of the curse, tossing the sword into the air.

Harry fell to the floor, and Hermione screamed, as Voldemort fired another killing curse. Hermione fell over, just as the sword arched down and connected with Voldemort's chest. Small bolts of electricity began to curl around his body. He dropped his wand and let out a scream. The six other teens, and the Order, who had captured the last Death Eater, walked over to the scene. Voldemort's body began to dissolve, starting with the tips of his fingers and toes, at the slow speed of about a centimeter a second. After about half of a minute, his skin dissolved and his screaming increased. The lighting forking off from his body made it to dangerous for anyone to go near where Hermione and Harry lay. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, the remaining parts of Voldemort disappeared, and The sword was left hovering in the air. A ghostly mist floated into the air, and the sword rattled to the floor.

Ginny ran up to Harry and Hermione and sobbed. Everyone else followed her.

Hermione's eyes opened. She sat up and looked from Harry's body to Ginny, with tears in her eyes. She leaned into Ginny's shoulder and began to cry freely.

"Why isn't she dead?" Ron asked.

Ginny moved the hair away from Hermione's forehead and gasped.

"Hermione…" she stuttered.

"What?" she sobbed.

"You… your…"

Hermione reached up to brush the hair away again, and felt it.

The scar.

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