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Kakashi's Angels by Takeshi-Chan

Chapter 1- Sakura feels guilty and happy...

It was all my fault...Naruto and Sasuke-kun wouldn't be in this situation if I didn't get so angry at Naruto. One simple bet ruined their lives...who know for how long...It was just one of those usual days while we waited for Kakashi-sensei to arrive...

I giggled at the girlish magazine I brought along with me since I knew Kakashi-sensei would be late, as always.

Naruto asked me, "What are you laughing about Sakura-chan? I wanna know!"

I was annoyed by Naruto's interference and didn't want Naruto to read the magazines which contained many girls' problems and solutions. It's not like Naruto was going to understand them anyways.

"None of your business anyways" I turned my head sideways and crossed my arms.

"Come on Sakura-chan! Tell me!!" Naruto pleaded as Sasuke looked at him with a face that looked like he was saying "Pathetic..."

"It's not like you understand the problems girls' have anyways...even if I told you, you would say that it is so troublesome and insult us, girls."

"It's not true! I know how it feels like to be a girl!" Naruto waved his arms in the air.

I scoffed at that answer and replied, "Fine...I will tell you one story and let's see if you do understand..."

I flipped the pages in the magazine and found the perfect story to tell him...one that he definitely wouldn't understand...

I cleared my throat and began reading from the page, "Dear Girls' Life Magazine, I want to know if you can tell me some fast methods to attract a guy's attention...I want to impress the guy with my thinness. I skipped lunch and breakfast and eat only dinner. I have little snacks along the day. I take lessons in etiquette, have manicures, pedicures, and buy many fashion clothes just to impress one man, but he still won't turn my direction! He acts all cold to me every time I see him! Please help me!!"

I looked up to Naruto after I finished reading. His face was baffled at what he heard and sat on the floor Indian style. He looked up at the sky and started thinking about the situation.

"Why does she have to be like that just for one man? There are other guys around the world too!" Naruto started scratching and ran his fingers through his hair.

"It might be because he's really special!" I answered and smiled at Naruto, thinking about Sasuke.

"Hmm...Maybe this girl is crazy?"

"No! Geez...I told you that you wouldn't understand!" I stood up and turned my back on Naruto.

"It's stupid really..." Sasuke murmured.

I caught his sentence and sighed.

He probably doesn't know who wrote it...there's no chance he would know anyways! He doesn't pay attention to me anyways...

I stared at the floor and started making circles on the soft dirt with my feet. I twiddled my fingers against each other and took quick glances at Sasuke once in awhile.

Naruto walked up to me and asked, "Why do girls act so weird?"

"Weird? What are you talking about? We're just like you!"

"I mean...when they're near guys or when they try to impress guys!"

"I knew you don't understand us, girls!!" My temper was burning hot at how dumb Naruto acted.

"I understand every part of it!! I just don't know why you guys have to act so ladylike!!"


"What do you mean by that!? I understand everything perfectly!"

"I bet you can't even survive a week being a girl!!" I yelled out, not thinking about the consequences.

"I can!! I bet you that I can! Sasuke, can you survive a week being a girl?!" Naruto turned around to Sasuke, who was leaning against a tree with his arms crossed.

"It's a piece of cake...I can beat you easily Naruto..." Sasuke smirked.

"What!? Tell you what Sakura! We'll take on your bet!!" Naruto yelled.

"We...?" Sasuke walked towards Naruto, "What do you mean by we...?" I could tell that Sasuke was hoping that Naruto didn't include him in this bet.

"I mean that you and I are going to be in this bet!! You said you could beat me and this was going to be a piece of cake! I want you to show me then!" Naruto grinned.

"There's no way I'm going to be in this bet..." Sasuke turned around and stopped as a gust of smoke appeared in front of him. The silver haired Jounin appeared and looked at them lazily.

"Sasuke...are you sure you're gonna back out from this bet?"

"Hmph...like I care what girls do..."

"Naruto...Sakura...forget about Sasuke...he's just a coward of this bet!" Kakashi chuckled.

"WHAT!? That's it! I'm back in the bet! No one calls me coward!" Sasuke clenched his fists.

"Sensei...How do you know what were talking about?" I asked the sharingan user.

"I was here all this time, but was interested in your conversation" I could tell that Kakashi was smiling behind the mask.

"Well then...shall we begin the bet?" I looked at Naruto.

"Of course! Sasuke can learn my Harem No Jutsu easily!" Naruto gave me the thumbs up.

"Harem no jutsu...?" Kakashi tilted his head sideways in confusion.

Sasuke activated his Sharingan and waited for Naruto to use his jutsu.

"HAREM NO JUTSU!!" Naruto turned into his girl form, but he still had his clothes on. Naruto's long blond hair was tied into two pigtails and gave Kakashi one of the cute looks.

"WOW! This technique is amazing...definitely amazing..." Kakashi held a tissue up to his face, covering the bottom half.

Sasuke sighed and performed the hand seals.

"Harem no Jutsu!" Sasuke yelled.

"...I didn't know Sasuke would look like that!! Amazing!" Kakashi eyes widened.

Sasuke had long black hair, a little below his shoulders and his figure was almost as if they were perfect.

I stared at Sasuke, surprised at how beautiful he could look even though he was a woman.

Kakashi patted Naruto and Sasuke on the back and said, "You two look like two angels sent from heaven!"

"Sasuke!! Good job!!!" I heard Naruto praise him.

"Shut...up...dobe..." Sasuke looked angry.

"I wonder how I look like..."Sasuke walked up to the riverbank and looked into the river where he could see his reflection.

"WHAT THE FU-" Sasuke took a step back and was surprised at the ladylike face looking back at him.

"I'm backing out! That's it!"

"Why?" Kakashi and Naruto wanted a good answer and didn't expect Sasuke to give them a good one.

"This is just all SO stupid!"

"Sakura-chan...he is just a coward!!" Naruto laughed and pointed at him.

Kakashi nodded and added, "Definitely...he's not a brave man...Tsk tsk..."

"ALRIGHT!! Damn you guys...I'm back in..."

An idea popped into my head, "Hey, you guys, you have to stay over at my house!"

"What?!" They both screamed at me.

"Well...you know that I have to make sure you guys don't change back to normal or you'll back out from the bet!" I smiled evilly at them.

"Fine..." Their head drooped.

"Then...today's training is canceled for a whole week. I want to see how you guys can handle the pressure of being a girl" Kakashi grinned.

We walked to my house...little did I know...that this bet would affect their lives very much...


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