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Kakashi's Angels by Takeshi-Chan

Chapter 5 – Commencement of Day 1

"Hey you two! I would like you guys to meet your sensei, Akari...Mitarashi Akari…" Kakashi held onto Akari's arm and dragged her softly in to meet his all "female" students. "I want you all three to be kind to her while she stays. Sakura, you won't mind her staying here do you? How many rooms do you have?"

Sakura put her index finger on her pink parted lips and stared at the pink ceiling, deep in thought. "Well, Kakashi-sensei, first of all there is three rooms. Will you be staying here, sensei? If you are, we can make arrangements. Naruto and Sasuke can share one room while umm…Akari-sensei and I share another, which leaves one room left for you!" Sakura smiled happily and placed her hands behind her back.

"No, thank you Sakura-chan. I believe that if I stay here, troubles will erupt," Kakashi took a glance at the Naruto and Sasuke and smiled, "so I believe I shall not cause any troubles, which may include these two here." He placed each hand on top of Naruto's and Sasuke's shoulder and looked down at their death glares with a happy face. "I'll leave everything to you two, Akari-chan, Sakura-chan. I will depart from here and wish you all a good night's sleep, for you'll need it for tomorrow's work," Kakashi grinned as he thought about what was going to happen tomorrow, "and Akari-chan, I'll pay you each week, if you don't mind it will be about…500 yen. Do you think that will be a good deal?" Kakashi put his hand in front of him as he wait for her answer.

"I think that will be alright," she smiled and shook his hand gracefully. Suddenly, Kakashi asked her if he could talk to her privately and she nodded her head. He took her to the living room and sat down on the armchair.

"Well, I have to tell you this first...they're not really tomboys…they are men. Hmm…how should I explain this to you? They are men, but they used this technique that turned themselves into women. It was because they made a bet that they could stay as women for a week and it happened so that they couldn't change back. I hope you really don't mind!" Kakashi sweated a bit and wiped it off with the back of his right hand.

"Umm…I guess not…Hmm, this is one weird job, but I guess its okay…" She smiled nervously and asked, "Is that all? I should be getting back to them."

"Yeah…I'm afraid you'll have more trouble with them than any other students you'd dealt with" Kakashi ran his fingers through his hair and looked at the floor.

"I'll try my best" She smiled and left the room, going to the kitchen. Kakashi followed after her with his hands in his pockets.

"I must thank you greatly for hiring me a job like this…I think. I do wish you a good night's sleep. Please excuse me for now. I must get ready for bed. But, before I head off in a bad manner, I want to know your names. I shall introduce myself again. I am Mitarashi Akari, Anko's cousin. I am currently 22 years old and I was born on June 5th. I certainly do wish I could know you all well and make myself a good acquaintance. Please treat me well."

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, 18 years old. These are my teammates, Haruno Sakura, and the stupidest person in Konoha, Uchiha "Dobe" Sasuke." Naruto grinned at the fuming Sasuke as he slammed his hand on the table in pure anger.

"I should be calling you a dobe, right NARUMI? It is after all your fault that we got into this mess in the first place DOBE!"

Naruto stood up from his seat, "What do you mean SASAKI!? You want to fight?!" As Naruto and Sasuke were about to punch each other, they receive a slap on the back of their heads.

"Bakas!" Sakura cracked her knuckles and scolded them once again. "As long as you're under my roof you shall act like ladies! I want these stupid quarrels to end!! This has been going on for a week and both of you wouldn't go out in public because of embarrassment! Let's just say that your punishment will be that you two will have to do as Kakashi says for the sake of Kakashi's Angels Inc!!"

Akari stared at them in complete disbelief and coughed loudly. "Ahem…Which room am I staying in? I would like to sleep right now, Haruno-san. I need my beauty sleep after all. I will begin my lessons tomorrow. Oh yes, I may need to inform you that tomorrow we will begin a schedule and your diet plan. Please sleep well tonight. We have a big day ahead of us."

"Please call me Sakura," Sakura smiled at how well mannered she was, "turn your left and the second door on your right will be your room. Please sleep well." Sakura gave a tight embrace to her new assistant and gave her a light peck on the cheek as a welcome gift.

She watched Akari ascend upstairs and noticed that she was murmuring to herself. She only caught a few words, which were: can't…believe…tomboys…hard…train… She giggled and knew exactly what she meant. It was probably going to be a harsh month for her.

"Now you girly boys, time for bed! Sleeping early is essential for your beauty. You two will have to share a room. Go to your right and head down the hall. I don't want to hear any arguments okay? Now up!!" Sakura pointed up the stairs with her left hand and her right hand was on her hip in a demanding way.

They left without a word with their shoulders slump and their heads dropped to their breast. "Psst…Sakura…" Kakashi whispered to Sakura when he saw the two leave out of sight.

"What is it Kakashi-sensei? Is there something wrong?" She turned around and looked at Kakashi in a questioning way.

"Would you do me a favor? Just a little favor please," Kakashi ran his fingers through his silvery hair, "would you please?"

"Of course, I would! Glad to help you anytime! Now what would you like me to do for you?" Sakura smiled nervously when she saw Kakashi's right hand motioned her to come closer. "This is what I need you to do for me tomorrow…and this…and after that…" Sakura giggled as Kakashi continued to tell her. "Got it?" Sakura gave him thumbs up. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow! Good night, Sakura-chan." He headed for the door and shut it silently.

Sakura pulled the cherry blossom colored drapes and stared outside the kitchen window as Kakashi left the driveway. Then she looked up at the bright moon in the clear sky and murmured, "Kaguri…Aranna…why did uncle send them for…could be because of…"


"Ramen… I can't believe you're buying me ramen, Kakashi-sensei…mhmm…" Naruto mumbled in his sleep, grabbed a pillow nearest to his right hand, and smacked Sasuke right in the face.

Sasuke stood up and rubbed his nose, "Oww!! You stupid son of a…son of a…dobe…I don't have time for this….Guhh…" He fell back down with his elbow landing on Naruto's nose and quickly went back to sleep, but he woke up Naruto.

"My nose hurts…you better…yawn…be happy…I'm not killing you…Sasuke-teme…Zzz…"

"WAKEY, WAKEY!!" Sakura yelled out cheerfully and switched on the lights. "It's better to start early than later! Up and at them! The early bird catches the worm!" She clapped her hands loudly and jumped on their bed as they tried to cover the light rays that entered their pupils all of a sudden.

"Damn it, Sakura! Turn off the lights! What do you think you're doing?!" Sasuke put a pillow in front of his face and mumbled.

"What time is it, Sakura-chan?" Naruto rubbed his eyes.

"4:35AM! Get up already! It's late already!" Sakura nudged below their ribs and tried to push them off the bed, so they can get an early start.

"4:35AM?! It's not late!!! It's freaking early! 3 more hours...wake us up in 3 hours…Zzz…" Sasuke drifted off to sleep, but was soon woken up again by Sakura's nudging.

"You guys have to get up now!! Please hurry!! We can't waste any time!!" Sakura shook them harshly, but they ignored her pleads.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! You better get up!! NOW!!" Akari slammed her right hand on the door and used her nails to make an intense screeching sound.

"Gahh!! Stop that noise!! It hurts!!" they clutched their ears to avoid the sound.

"You better get up or else I'll do something worse than this! NOW!!" She clenched her right hand into a fist and slammed it onto the door sideways.

"Hai…hai…" they groaned as Sakura took off their blanket to let them feel the cold air. They stood up from their bed and shivered as they touched the freezing tiled floor beneath their feet.

"First of all, I want you to brush your teeth and comb your hair! Shoo! Off you go now!!" Akari grabbed each one by their hand and rushed towards the bathroom. "Sakura-chan, here is their diet schedule I planned last night. Please make their breakfast." Sakura's eyes widened.

---3 minutes later---

"Okay, now remember that you have to brush your hair more than once to keep them untangled! Now…you seriously need a bath! You guys stink! Geez, I can smell you all the way here! To save time, you two have to shower together! Hurry now!! Go on! Well, what are you waiting for?" Akari looked at two pairs of eyes as they stared back speechless. "I don't know what's wrong, but we don't have a lot of time! GO!!"

"What do you mean 'together'?" Sasuke's left eyebrow rose as he asked her.

"Together as in jointly, as one, in somebody's company, you know!! Together!! Now off you go!! When I come back, you guys better be done! I'll smell your hair to make sure you didn't just wet it!!" She slammed the door and the hurried footsteps could be heard going down the stairs.

"You should take a bath first, Sasuke-teme…" Naruto sat down on the toilet and his head dropped to his breast, but remembered that he actually had "breasts."

"NO way! I won't fall for the same trick you did to me last time! You're not going to grab my breasts!" Sasuke pointed at Naruto accusingly with one hand and the other covered his breasts.

"What trick…?" Naruto looked at him baffled.

"What are you looking at dobe?!" Sasuke took a step backwards as if he was threatened.

"I don't know...but they're compelling me..." Naruto took a step forward.

"Compelling you..?! What the heck are you talking about?!" Sasuke backed up against the wall that was near the door.

Naruto walked forward and his face looked like he was under a magician's spell. All of a sudden, Naruto grabbed one of Sasuke's breasts.

"Oh, you meant that! That wasn't a trick!! It was just a coincidence!" Naruto chuckled nervously.

"Coincidence!? How is that a coincidence!? You're just a pervert that's all! You're turning into that old guy you always hang out with!"

Suddenly a loud voice came below them and they knew right away that it was Akari. "I don't hear any water running!! You have 15 minutes! Better hurry! You'll get nothing to eat all day and I'll exercise you until your muscles ache!"

"What are we going to do?! We can't shower in 7 and half minutes! Oh my god, oh my god! What are we going to do!?" Naruto ran around in circles.

Afterwards, there was a knock on the door and in came cherry hair. "Akari-sensei told me to supervise you two…you should hurry and shower…" Sakura looked at her twiddling fingers.

"We don't want to shower together! Won't anyone get that message!? We. Don't. Want. To. Shower. Together. Period." Sasuke crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

"Come on Sasuke! I don't think it's that bad!" Naruto whined.

"Well! I GUESS IT ISN'T BAD FOR YOU!" Sasuke snarled at Naruto.

"Fine! If you guys won't shower together, I'll take your clothes off myself!! Bunshin No Jutsu!!" Sakura duplicated herself into, at least, 10 clones. "You better listen or I'll strip you and force you to the tub!"

"Okay, okay!! We'll do it! We'll shower together!" Naruto gave up so easily that Sakura smiled.

"Naruto and Sasuke…somehow they seem to soften a bit…I wouldn't think that they would listen to me if they were men…especially Sasuke…" Sakura

" We? What do you mean we? I'm not going to shower with you! Never in my life will I do that!" Sasuke gritted his teeth really loud and turned away from Naruto.

"Well, let's just make a bet then! I have a coin here…I'll flip the coin. If its tails, we won't shower together, but if its heads, we have to shower together. Are you fine with that?" Naruto took out a coin and asked Sakura for a marker, which she went downstairs to get and quickly returned with. He marked one side "HEADS" and the other "TAILS."

"Fine. Flip the coin only once all right?" Sasuke grinned because he was absolutely sure that it would be tails.

"1, 2, 3…Haha!! I win!! It's heads!! Now let's shower!!" Naruto smirked and jumped up with one leg, then the other.

"WHAT!? Wait, that one was practice! Again!" Sasuke uncrossed his arms and looked at him puzzled.

"Fine! One more time! This is the last time! 1, 2, 3…Haha!! It's heads again! Let's go, Sasaki-chan!!" Naruto clapped his hands.

"Wait a minute! Let me see that coin!" Sasuke made a reach for it, but Naruto backed up and handed the coin to Sakura.

"Nope! I won and that's final! Sakura, you can keep the coin! Let's hurry, Sasaki-chan!" Naruto dragged Sasuke towards the tub.

Sakura looked at the coin Naruto gave her and smiled. "He pasted another coin…heh…so it'll always be heads! Great idea!"

Naruto and Sasuke took off their clothes hurriedly for they only had 13 minutes left. Meanwhile, Sakura turn on the faucet and checked the water temperature. "I'll wash your hair while you two wash your body. It'll be faster." Sakura took out conditioner and shampoo.

Sasuke and Naruto washed their body and Naruto was the first to finish. Sakura finished washing Sasuke's hair and was now washing Naruto's. Naruto sat there humming "Pop Goes the Weasel." Then he started staring at Sasuke's chest and hummed "Pop Goes the Weasel." At the end of the song, he poked one of Sasuke's breasts and said, "Pop goes the weasel!!"

"Stop that!! I'll pop goes the weasel your ass! See how you like it!!" Sasuke growled.

"Haha! Pop goes the weasel!" Naruto poked Sasuke's breast again.

"I'll kick your ass!! Stop it now!" Sasuke yelled out clamorous.

"Pop goes the weasel!" Naruto poked it again.

"Damn you! Pop goes the weasel!!" Sasuke punched Naruto in the face so hard that he fell back and hit the faucet, which made him faint.

"Naruto!! Are you okay!?" Sakura shook him as he floated unconscious.

"Just…umm…continue washing his hair and we'll take him down as if nothing happened!" Sasuke continued to wash his own body and seemed to be focused on it.

Sakura sighed and continued to wash him, which was very hard trying to keep Naruto still.

---After they finished bathing and Naruto woke up---

"Seriously Sakura-chan, what happened? I remember I was bathing and then whoosh! I don't remember anything after that but waking up." Naruto scratched his head in a dazed way.

"Nothing happened Naruto…don't worry about it. Just forget about it…it's not really important anyways" Sakura bit her lower lip.

"Fine! No one wants to tell me…fine!" Naruto crossed his arms.

"Just shut up dobe okay? I don't have all day to listen to you…" Sasuke scoffed.

"Well, now you're just a picking a figh-" Naruto was cut off by Akari when she said, "Time for breakfast!"

"Breakfast!? Wow! I'm starving! What is it? Ramen? Cup Ramen? Ichiraku Ramen? What is it?" Naruto had a fork and a spoon in each hand and pounded them on the table.

"Toast and an apple. Enjoy your breakfast!" Akari smiled as she put a small plate of toast and neatly sliced apple pieces in front of them.

"NANI!?" they stood up and yelled, "This isn't breakfast! What are you trying to do!? Starve us to death! Come on!! Can't you make something better than this!?"

"You guys have to go on a diet! I see some fat forming already! Now eat or you'll eat nothing all day!! Be glad I even made you breakfast! Eat!" Akari slammed her hands on the table.

Sasuke picked up the toast with his hands and Naruto did the same to his apple slice. A loud NO startled them when Akari slapped them on the back of their hands.

"You eat them with a fork and a knife! Look, you cut it like this into small pieces!!" Akari demonstrated to them how they should eat and cut.

"But that'll take forever to finish!!" Naruto made his tone sound like a baby.

"Just eat it like that!!" She slammed the fork and knife on the table.

"Okay, okay!! Chill woman!" Sasuke motioned his hands in a calming way.

"You never call me woman!! You call me Akari-sensei or Madam Akari, got it?!" She pulled on his ear.

"Okay, okay, Akari-SENSEI. OWW!! Can you let go now?!"

"You don't say 'ow' you say itte, okay!?"

"ITTE, Akari-SENSEI! Can you let go now?!"

"Repeat the entire sentence with the magic word!"

"I'm not going to repeat it again!"

Akari pulled harder on his ear.

"Okay, okay!! ITTE!! Akari-sensei, can you let go of me now PLEASE!?"

"Good. That was so much better."

Naruto covered his mouth to hide his laughter.

"Sensei," Sakura walked in with a pinkish envelope, "I found this envelope on the front desk. I think Kakashi-sensei left it here last night. It has the first job for Kakashi's Angels Inc. It's…"


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