Well, you guys wanted it...so here it is! The little unneeded wrap up of my series. And imagine my dismay when I read that JK said that Harry has no godmother. Hmm, made me feel a bit dumb, but its too late now. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little story. There isn't really much of a plot, it's just meant to be fun.

Remus Lupin sat down heavily at his small dining table, dropping his large assortment of papers in front of him with a relieved sigh. It wasn't as if ten rolls of parchment was a heavy load for the Lycan, it was just that it was an awkward way to carry them with one shoved under your chin, two under your armpits and the rest held unmercifully in your arms.

Remus rubbed his forehead for a moment, before looking at the floor. "Harry James Potter, get your body up here this instant!" he called, smiling.

There was silence for a moment, before a thud on the floor. Harry must have thrown something at the roof in defiance of his old professors command. "Shut up. I'm busy." Came the muffled voice.

Remus rolled his eyes and began organizing the parchment in front of him. "Doing what?"


Remus smiled and stamped his foot on the floor. "Fair enough. Just don't take too long." He called. He smiled at Harry's reply and began unrolling the papers. "His bloody party and I'm the one doing all the preparations. He muttered to himself. He began reading a slightly smaller paper, sniffing back his slight cold as he examined the list.

For a few minutes, Remus simply sat there in silence reading the papers with the occasional noise coming from beneath him. He broke his concentration away again and looked thoughtfully down at the floor. What's he doing down there? He wondered again.

Harry was over at his house every chance he got. He was still quite bound to his Aunt and Uncles house, but that did not make any difference in Remus's eyes.

"Coming up for air any time soon?" he called again, getting up to make himself some tea.

Remus smiled as the bang of a door opening filled his ears, along with footsteps nearing the kitchen. He turned around and grinned even wider as the handsome, young be-speckled boy with unruly black hair and green eyes stood in the doorway, a large box in his arms.

"Make me some too." He said, flopping down on the empty chair next to Remus's vacated one.

"I'm not your bloody maid." Remus laughed, but proceeded to fix the youth a mug of tea anyway.

Harry smiled and dove into the box at his feet. "Thanks for having me over again Remus. You don't understand how good it as to get out of that hellhole I currently live in." he said.

Remus smiled and carried two steaming mugs over with him. "Well, just a little while longer and then you can leave for good. Dumbledore assured me." He said.

Harry smiled in thanks as Remus pushed a mug over to him. "Smashing. And you really don't mind me moving in here?" he asked.

"Harry, would I mind? Do I seem the sort of person who minds?"

"No. Not really." Harry chuckled. "I promise I won't be here long. Just until I can sort myself out and get a proper place." He said. He plucked various things out of the dusty box, examined them for a moment and then placed them on the floor neatly next to his feet.

Remus watched him in interest as his former student studied some of Remus's old possessions from the past, wondering what had taken his fancy. As he continued to watch the young man across from him, he reminisced about how much he had changed.

Sitting there, only a few short days from his 18th birthday, he was so different from the 13 year old he once knew...and yet, so similar. His physical appearance wasn't the only thing that had changed, although his broad shoulders, morning unshaven stubble and deep voice were extremely different, it was his personality that seemed to have taken the biggest leap forward.

There was only one way to explain his personality; Sirius and James mushed together and reincarnated. Remus smiled at the irony of it all. Here he was, sitting in his kitchen with possibly the most famous boy in the world, and yet the brave, loyal and sometimes shy boy could think of nothing better to do than go through his old professor's belongings.

"Hey, what's this?"

Remus brought himself back to the present and eyed the thing Harry had pulled out of the box. "That's my yearbook. Last day of Hogwarts we went around snapping pictures of random people. We even managed to get one of Sirius pulling a prank on Snape. It's marked with big exclamation marks." He smiled.

Harry opened the old, peeling book excitedly and flipped casually through the pages. Sure enough, 4 pages in he found a large photo of Sirius with his wand out, making a jug of water float dangerously over Snape's head form behind.

Harry laughed and smiled warmly. "That's definitely a Kodak moment." He chuckled, turning the page.

As he continued, many pictures of his parents he had previously not seen before grabbed his attention immediately. One with his parents by the lake, holding hands and smiling warmly, another with them playing rough with each other, wrestling in the snow...even one of them possibly in 3rd or 4th year, screaming at each other with Sirius laughing on the sidelines.

"Mum really disliked Dad for ages, didn't she?" Harry asked, looking a bit put out.

Remus smiled and nodded, not looking up from his work. "But as you know, it was a happy ending. Er, that is, in terms of ending up together and having you and, er...' he stuttered.

Harry laughed and nodded. "Its alright. I got you." He said. He flipped through a few more pages, and did double takes on a few. "Hey, who's this? I've never seen her before." Harry said.

Remus leant over and looked at the photo he was displaying. It was one of Lily on Graduation day, hugging and playing with a blonde-haired girl and both of them wearing identical smiles. Remus smiled. "That's Allison."

"She's in nearly every photo with mum. Were they good friends?" Harry asked.

Remus hesitated, looking at Harry's expectant expression. "Allison was your mum's best friend. And she was...' he trailed off, looking at the table.

"What?" Harry urged, leaning forward and biting his lip in anticipation. "She was what?"

Remus cleared his throat. "Well, she is...your godmother." He said, almost inaudibly.

Remus was prepared for the reaction he was currently receiving. Harry simply sat there, staring at Remus in shock and amazement. That wont last long he mused. He's going to be right ticked off.

Harry shut his gaping mouth and frowned slightly. "Godmother?" he said, his voice hoarse. "I...have a godmother?"

Remus nodded slowly. "Mmm hmm." He replied simply.

Harry's face slowly slipped from amazement into slight irritation. He smiled bitterly and looked down at the photo in front of him. "Hmm. Nice of you to suddenly think of sharing this news with me." He snapped.

Remus winced slightly as he watched Harry try desperately not to ball his fists on the table. He sighed and scratched his head, already totally prepared for this reaction. "You're mad."

"I'm not mad." Harry said defiantly. "I'm annoyed." He seemed to be thinking things over, when suddenly he banged his hand on the table. "Dammit Remus, why did you tell me this sooner?" he asked.

Remus tried not to look away at the accusing look, blaring out of the young man's eyes. "There was never a right time to tell you."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "What tripe. There have been loads of times." He said.

"Yeah? Name one." Remus challenged, leaning forward.

Harry deflated a bit and blinked. "Well...er, there was that time when...or...Christmas!" he said, clicking his fingers. "You could have told me last Christmas!" he said.

"So, would that be before or after you were stressing about your NEWT's, had that tiff with Hermione about accommodation and got nearly decapitated by Fred and George's new toys for the shop?" Remus retorted flatly.

Harry sighed and frowned. "Well, what about the year before when I came and helped you settle stuff in here? What about then?" he asked, smirking smugly.

"Harry, as if I could have simply blurted out something like that to you at such a time. You were still extremely distressed about Sirius." Remus said tiredly.

Harry seemed defeated finally and let his smirk leave completely. He looked at Remus's regret and sighed. "Ok, I get you. Never a good time to bring it up. I understand." He said. He looked down at the photo again and laughed flatly. "S'pose it doesn't matter now anyway. She's probably dead as well, right?" he said, admiring the picture of his mother and Sirius, dancing stupidly together.

"Oh no. Actually, she's very much alive and living in London. That is, if she hasn't moved yet." Remus said casually, taking a sip of his drink.

Harry spluttered and looked at Remus once again in amazement. Remus bit back the urge to laugh as Harry's mouth resembled that of a fish, his eyes nearly about to pop out of their sockets and hit his glasses.

"She's...in London?" he asked. So close all this time? he thought.

Remus smiled, looked at his watch and sculled the rest of his tea. "Well, I guess some introductions are in order." He said, standing up.

Harry watched as Remus tapped him on the shoulder and went to the bench to retrieve his wand. "You...huh?" he asked, feeling dumb.

Remus laughed, grabbed the collar of Harry's shirt and pulled him out of his seat. "Well, do you want to meet her or not?" he asked.

Harry let out a laugh and followed Remus into the living room, right on his heels. "You mean, we're just going to show up? Just like that after god-knows how many years?" he asked.

Remus retrieved his cloak from the peg near the door and threw Harry's denim jacket to him. "I've got 3 more hours until I have to get you back to your Aunt and Uncle's Harry. Its going to take me that long to do everything I need to do, and I can't imagine you wanting to wait any longer than you need to. Now, put your coat on an apparate to this address when you're ready." He said.

Harry watched Remus write down an address on a piece of paper and hand it to Harry. He took it mutely into his shaking hands and ran a hand through his hair. "This is...I mean...Remus, I don't know what to say." He said.

Remus smiled. "You don't have to thank me Harry." He said.

"No, I meant I don't know what to say to her!" he said. He smirked at Remus, sharing his humor. "Imagine, a boy showing up on your doorstep after...what, 17 years? Yeah, kind of a mind-job isn't it?" he asked.

"Harry, once Allison gets over the initial shock of finally seeing you, you will find talking to her will be no problem at all." Remus said, fixing his cloak around him. "Now, I have to make a quick stop off somewhere, but I'll meet you there as soon as I can. You think you'll be alright on your own?" he asked.

Harry looked down at the address in his hand, crumpled slightly from Harry's nerves. "Yeah. Sure." He muttered.

Remus nodded, clapped Harry on the back and took a step away.

"Oh, before you go?" Harry asked, his head snapping up.


Harry hesitated. "What's Allison like?" he asked, smiling.

Remus returned his smile and pondered the best answer to that question. Finally, he smiled at Harry's bright face and sighed. "She's just like your mother." He said.

Harry had the urge to laugh at this. Bit useless telling me that he thought, but simply nodded in thanks and watched Remus disapparate from sight.

Harry let out a nervous breath as he eyed the address in his hand once more.

I have a godmother! Was she friends with Sirius? She must have been if she and mum were friends. Why hasn't anyone spoken of her before? Maybe Remus was right. There really has been no good time to bring this up.

Harry pulled his jacket on and drew his wand out of the hidden pocket within it. He smiled and locked the front door. "Well, here goes." He laughed.

The sound of another 'pop' echoed through the small flat, leaving no movement but a small photo of a blonde and a redhead hugging under the large oak tree of Hogwarts grounds.

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