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Chapter 12: Washrooms and A Piece of the Trident

"Where do you think we should head next, Piers?" Felix asked.

I consulted my sea charts. "Hmm… I've heard rumors about this place." I said, placing my finger on the chart.

Kraden took a good look at the place under my finger. "We've already been there, Piers," he said with resignation.

"Been where, Kraden?' Jenna asked.

"Remember the Shrine of the Sea God, Jenna?" Kraden asked.

"Yeah, there wasn't that much there to explore." Jenna said. "Why do you want to go there, Piers?"

"I've heard rumors there's a piece of a legendary weapon hidden in that shrine." I said. "I want to see if I can find it."

"A legendary weapon?" Sheba asked.

"What kind of weapon is it exactly?" Felix asked.

"I know what you're talking about, Piers!" Kraden exclaimed. "The legendary Trident of Ankohl!"

"The what?" Felix, Jenna and Sheba asked.

I opened my mouth to explain, but Kraden beat me to it. "It was a weapon the ancient Ankohl tribe entrusted to the Lemurians during the Lost Age." he said. "It had been passed down through the centuries, but eventually, it was broken into three pieces during an ancient war, which were eventually scattered across the Eastern Sea. Right, Piers?"

"Yes, that's correct." I said, impressed at Kraden's wide breadth of knowledge. "King Hydros, the ruler of Lemuria, asked me to search for it because he said it would make my journeys on the Eastern Sea little easier."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Felix asked, grabbing the tiller excitedly. "Let's get going!"

"Watch it, Felix!" I said, a little firmer than I had intended. "You've got to handle the tiller delicately. If you don't, the ship might veer off course."

"Well then, can you show us how to sail, Piers?" Sheba asked.

"Certainly, Sheba." I said, taking the tiller from Felix.

I demonstrated to each of them all how to handle the ship, and then I let them have a turn at the tiller, as a test of what they had learned. Felix was the one who learned the fastest; he handled the tiller as if he were a natural at skimming the waves. Jenna did just as well as Felix, but I felt there was a slight chance of her accidentally igniting the wheel so, she was better off not sailing it.

Sheba started struggling with the wheel the moment she put her hands on it. Suffice it to say, she just couldn't handle it. I ultimately decided she'd be better off being the navigator. Kraden was so excited to be helming the ship that we nearly collided with a bunch of rocks had it not been for the sharp turn he made at the last second. After that, I ultimately decided that Felix and I would be the primary ones sailing the ship.

Felix took the tiller and with Sheba navigating, we set off for the Shrine. However, before we shoved off, I showed each of them the cabins where they would be sleeping in, and then we truly set off. Kraden went to his cabin, examining his sample of the Mad Plant, the Tomegathericon, and the pair of golden boots we "received" from those thieves. Jenna headed to her cabin to rest, while I headed to my cabin to do the same.

I laid down in my bed and closed my eyes. Not long afterwards, visions of Jenna started dancing in my head. I had not forgotten that sensation when we kissed that night. I wanted to feel it again, now more than ever. But, one nagging thought bothered me: what would Felix do if he found out? He seemed like the type of person who was nearly overprotective of his sister.

Suddenly, my eyes snapped open to the sound of knocking on my door. "Piers?" Jenna's voice said behind the door.

I quickly got up and opened the door. "Yes, Jenna?" I asked.

"I have a question." Jenna asked.

"Fire away." I said, not realizing the pun.

"Actually, it's better if I show you." Jenna said, smiling.

She led to her cabin and showed me the washroom in her cabin. "What's this?" Jenna asked, pointing to the washroom.

"Oh, this?" I said. "It's called a washroom."

"You clean up in here?" Jenna asked.

"Yeah." I said. "I'll point out the things in here for you, if you'd like."

"Please do." Jenna said.

"Well, first this is called a shower." I said, pointing to it. "You take off your clothes, get in, turn this faucet here and water comes out from the spout to wash your body."

"Take off your clothes!" Jenna said incredulously.

"Er, yeah." I said, blushing slightly. "Otherwise your clothes would get wet. Plus, depending on which direction the faucet is, the water can be either hot or cold."

"Um, and this?" Jenna said, pointing to another object.

"That's a sink." I said. "You wash your hands in it, which is highly recommended before and after meals in Lemuria."

"Ah." Jenna said. "And this thing?"

"It's called a 'toothbrush'." I said. "It's a special instrument used to keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh."

"And that?" Jenna asked, pointing to the toilet.

"That's the toilet." I said. "You deposit your, ahem, waste in here, flip the handle, and the water pressure flushes it down into an obscure part of the ship."

"How often do you have to clean that part of the ship out?" Jenna asked.

"On average, every six months or so." I said.

"Ewww…" Jenna said, revulsion evident in her tone and on her face.

"Yeah, it grosses me out, too." I agreed. "I try not to think about it though."

"Well, thanks Piers." Jenna said, a smile back on her face. "If you don't mind, I'm going to try out that shower."

"Go ahead." I said. "If you need anything else, I'll be in my cabin."

"Right. See you later." Jenna said, kissing me on the cheek.

"See you." I said, kissing her in return.

As I exited Jenna's cabin, I ran into Kraden. "Oh, there you are, Piers!" he said excitedly. "I found the most fascinating room in my cabin! Come quick!"

Sounds like Kraden has found his washroom. I thought with a sigh.. I may as well show him, just as I showed Jenna. "Lead the way, Kraden." I said aloud.

My hunch was right: Kraden had discovered the washroom in his cabin. I proceeded to explain it to him like I did to Jenna minutes earlier. "See you later, Kraden." I said, exiting the cabin.

"Thanks, Piers!" Kraden said, excited at the prospect of having yet another thing to study.

Suddenly, I ran into Sheba and Felix. "Hey, I thought you guys were handling the ship." I said.

"We dropped anchor." Sheba explained. "Plus, it's lunchtime."

"Already?" I asked.

"Yeah." Felix said. "But first, would you mind explaining the strange room in our cabins?"

I sighed deeply. "Follow me." I said. "I just finished explaining it Kraden…"

After yet another couple of washroom explanations, I led Felix and the others to the kitchen. I prepared a few sandwiches, and we sat down to eat. I was surprised that the meal passed in total silence. I glanced Jenna as we ate. She didn't look back. After lunch, Sheba and Felix headed back to the deck, while Kraden, Jenna and I headed back to our respective cabins.

I felt totally exhausted. I guess my fatigue has finally caught up with me. I thought as I opened the door to my cabin. I walked in, shut the door, literally collapsed onto the bed and fell into a troubled sleep. Poseidon had appeared in my mind's eye. Not only was I fighting him, but also Felix and the others. It was a very fierce battle. Felix was the first to fall, leaving Jenna, Sheba, and myself.

After a while, Sheba succumbed to defeat, leaving Jenna and I to deal with that monstrosity. Jenna flung her fiercest fire Psynergy at it, until she too was defeated. I fought with my sword and Water Psynergy as best as I could, even though I knew it was a futile effort. Poseidon steadied his trident, poised and ready to finish me off. Suddenly, I heard Jenna's voice in my head. She was begging me to wake up.

My eyes snapped to find Jenna standing over me, concern showing on her face. I jumped back in surprise. "It's okay, Piers." Jenna said, trying to calm me down "It's just me. It's okay. Calm down."

After I took a moment to calm down, Jenna sat down at the foot of my bed. "Are you all right, Piers?" she asked, continuing to look concerned.

"I just had a bad dream, Jenna." I sad. "Nothing too serious."

"Are you sure?" Jenna asked. "When I cane in, you were violently tossing and tuning on your bed."

"Alright, you got me." I said, sighing deeply. ."Do you know about Poseidon, the King of the Sea?"

"Kraden told us about him during one of our many Alchemy lessons back in Vale." Jenna said. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, in recent years, he has become a horrible monster." I explained. "His reawakening caused the tidal wave which washed me onto the East Indra Shore in the first place."

"We were washed onto Indra by the tidal wave as well!" Jenna said, surprised. "Only, we were washed onto the northern coast. We thought the earthquake from lighting Venus Lighthouse's beacon had caused the tidal wave. Did your nightmare involve Poseidon?"

"Yes," I said with a nod. "I had dreamt that all of us were fighting him, and one by one, each of us succumbed to defeat."

"That's horrible!" Jenna exclaimed.

"Tell me about it." I said grimly. "Poseidon was preparing to finish me off when I woke up."

"Well, at least it wasn't real, Piers." Jenna said. "That's something to be thankful for, isn't it?'

"Yeah, I guess you're right about that, Jenna." I said with a smile. "If you don't mind my asking, why were coming to see me?"

"Oh, Felix wanted me to come get you because we've arrived at the shore near the Shrine of the Sea God." Jenna explained.

"All right, let's go." I said, getting up and grabbing my sword.

Both Jenna and I quickly headed to the deck to find Felix, Sheba, and Kraden waiting for us. "I'm sorry," I said. "it took Jenna a while to wake me up. I'm a really deep sleeper."

"Don't worry about it," Felix said, patting me on the shoulder. "Any rest in better than no rest at all."

"Quite right, Felix ." Kraden agreed. "Shall we?"

I activated the guard system on the boat so no one would steal it, and then I lead the way to Daila, a town near the Shrine. "Piers, are you sure you're going to the right plaice?" Sheba asked.

"I'm certain, Sheba." I said, firmly than I had intended. "Why?"

"This is a town." Sheba replied matter-of-factly. "You said you wanted to go to the Shrine."

"I know, but I neglected to mention, that there was a jewel hidden in this town that allows one to access the deepest section of the Shrine."

"You mean, the Sea God's Tear?" Kraden asked.

"That's correct, Kraden," I said. "I must confess, I don't know where we should start looking, considering it's such a small town."

"If it were me, I'd look in the town's Sanctum." Felix said. "They usually have important stuff in there."

"Excellent idea, Felix!" Kraden said excitedly.

We quickly headed to Sanctum. But, not too quickly, as we did not want to raise any unnecessary suspicions. The Great Healer in the Sanctum greeted us with open arms, saying, "Welcome, travelers! What aid do you seek from me today?"

"We are not looking for aid, sir." I said.

"How unusual." the Healer said. "What are you looking for?"

"We are looking a jewel, called the Sea God's Tear" I said.

"The Sea God's Tear?" the Healer asked, surprised. "Why do you want it?"

"I wish to reforge the Trident of Ankohl." I said. "I've heard that one of the pieces sleeps within the Shrine of the Sea God. But, one needs the Tear enter the innermost part of the Shrine to get it."

There was a long silence before either of us spoke again. I could tell that the Great Healer was thinking long and hard about all I had said. "Very well." the Healer said, breaking the silence. "It's over there, on the altar."

I approached the altar, and pocketed the jewel. "Thank you, sir." I said to the Healer.

"You're welcome, young man." the Healer said. "I wish all of you a safe journey. Please, keep the Tear safe!"

"I will," I said, patting my pocket. "Thanks again!"

"Well, that was simple." Jenna remarked once we had left the Sanctum.

"Yes, but the hard part will be getting to the innermost part of the Shrine." I said.

Felix led us through the Shrine, up to the point where -according to Kraden- they had reached last time. "Are you sure we can go further, Piers?" Felix asked. "The only way I can see that could lead us further is that opening." -he pointed an opening on a small cliff- "But, I don't know how we could reach it."

It was then that I noticed little puddles of water on the ground near the cliff. "Don't worry, Felix," I said confidently. "I'll attend to it"

Despite everyone's bewilderment, I crouched down near the puddles, put my hands over them, and muttered "Frost."

Just like when I froze the water beneath Shin, the puddles rose up and formed pillars of ice. "Remarkable!" Kraden remarked.

Jenna and Sheba rolled their eyes. "Kraden, we saw that Psynergy when Piers was still imprisoned in Madra." Jenna said.

"Yeah, remember?" Sheba asked.

"Oh right, yes of course." Kraden said sheepishly.

I climbed the ladder and hopped across the ice pillars, reaching the cliff that Felix pointed out a few seconds ago. "Shall we?" I asked, smiling.

"Are you sure it's safe?" Sheba asked, eyeing the ice pillars.

"Don't worry, Sheba." I said. "I used my power to pack the water molecules tighter than nature can, making the pillars sturdier."

":Ah, um… okay." she said.

I could tell Sheba was a little more confused than she let on, but I chose not to say anything. Everyone crossed the ice pillars and we went through the opening. We found ourselves in a room filled with water, except for an altar in the middle of the room that looked like the one in Daila's Sanctum.

"Let's head for that altar." I said.

"It looks like we're going to have to swim across, Piers." Kraden said.

"Are you serious, Kraden?" Sheba asked. "I've never been good at swimming."

"Don't worry Sheba." Felix said. "I'll carry you."

"Thank you, Felix." Sheba said, beaming.

We waded into the water, which was surprisingly warm. Sheba climbed onto Felix's back, and we swam across. When we reached the altar, I took an head count. Someone was missing. "Where's Kraden?" I asked.

As if in reply, I heard sputtering and coughing. I saw that Kraden was still in the water, and it was evident that swimming wasn't one of his strengths. "Felix, grab that rope." I said, pointing to some rope I had seen lying on the ground seconds earlier.

Felix grabbed it and tied a knot while I dove into the water and swam out to Kraden. He had gone under the water when I reached him. I dove under and quickly grabbed him. I rose above the water with him. I swam forward a few feet and I signaled Felix to throw the rope, which he did.

Felix, Jenna and Sheba pulled us back towards the altar. Then, I pulled Kraden up onto the ground. I quickly checked his pulse and breathing. "Is Kraden okay?" Sheba asked.

"Everything appears to be fine." I said, nodding. "He'll regain consciousness in a minute or two."

"Thank the elements…" Felix muttered.

I shifted my attention to the altar. "What do we do at this altar, Piers?" Sheba asked.

"Maybe we could try putting the Sea God's Tear on he altar and seeing what happens." Jenna suggested.

"There's only one way to find out, Jenna." I said, taking the Sea God's Tear out of my pocket, and placing on the altar.

The ground shook as the water level rose up, moving the altar towards a huge opening in the ceiling. The movement woke up Kraden. "Wuzzgoinon?" he asked, quickly sitting up.

"I beg your pardon?" I asked.

"What is going on?" Kraden asked again, a little slower. "Sorry…"

"Piers placed the Sea God's Tear on that altar," Sheba said. "As a result, the water is rising up, carrying us to that opening in the ceiling."

"Oh, fascinating!" Kraden said.

Jenna rolled her eyes. "Some things never change," she muttered. "even if you do come close to drowning.."

I chuckled as I helped Kraden to his feet. "Are you okay, Kraden?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you, Piers," he said. " I owe you my life."

"Don't mention it." I said. "It's the least I could do."

As we were speaking the altar continued to rise and soon passed through the opening. It soon came to a stop. "I guess this is our stop." I remarked, taking the Sea God's Tear off the altar and placing it back in my pocket.

I noticed there was nothing in the room where we had arrived, save for a ladder leading further up. "I guess we'll have to climb the ladder." Felix said.

"Yeah, I guess so," I agreed. "Come on."

I climbed up the ladder. When I reached the top, I felt the wind blowing all around me, and I saw the ocean spread out as far as I could see. Felix emerged through the small opening that I had come through, followed by Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden. "Where are we?" Kraden asked.

"We're on the roof of the Shrine." I said.

"Whoa!" Jenna exclaimed, gazing out to see. "What a gorgeous view!"

"Yeah, it is." Sheba agreed. "You can see the lights from Mercury and Venus Lighthouse quite well from up here."

I wasn't listening. An old wooden chest with light shining through the cracks in its lid had caught my attention. "Hey, guys." I said kneeling down beside the chest. "Come take a look at this."

Everyone came over and looked at it. "What's causing that light?" Jenna asked.

"It could be a trident piece." Kraden suggested.

"Let's see." I said, slowly opening the lid.

The bright light shined brightly, nearly blinding us. I reached into the chest and pulled out the right prong of a trident. The light faded away, and I heard a voice in my head. Well done, warrior of Lemuria. it said. You have found a piece of the Trident of Ankohl. You will need all three pieces if you hope to defeat Poseidon and return to Lemuria.

"You mean, the Trident is the key to defeating Poseidon?" I asked aloud. "How is that possible?"

Poseidon has a powerful force field that repels all Psynergy. the voice explained. You must use the Trident to destroy this force field.

"Where is the next piece?" I asked.

"Who are you talking to, Piers?" Jenna asked, looking around in confusion.

"Shhhhh…" Felix whispered tersely.

It rests in a mysterious tower somewhere in the frozen wasteland of Tundaria. the voice said. However, you lack the power to obtain it. Travel to the Apojii Islands and pass the trials of Aqua Rock.

"Understood.' I said, nodding.

Good luck, warrior of Lemuria. the voice said.Then, it disappeared, leaving me holding the right prong. Except for the whistling of the wind, there was absolute silence.

"Are you alright, Piers?" Felix asked, breaking the silence after a few minutes.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said. "I'm sorry if I seemed to act unusual. I heard a voice in my head after I grabbed the prong."

"Really?" Kraden said excitedly. "What did it say?"

"It told me the trident's the key to defeating Poseidon." I said. "It also told me the location of the next piece of the Trident."

"That's great!' Sheba said.

"There's one small problem." I said.

"What's that?" Jenna asked

"The voice told me that I lacked the power to obtain it." I said. "It told me to travel to the Apojii Islands and pass the trials of Aqua Rock first."

"Well, let's going!" Kraden said.

"Why don't we rest in Daila's inn first?" I suggested.

"Good idea, Piers." Felix said. "I would feel better after a little rest."

"Me too." Jenna agreed.

"Okay, let me use my Retreat Psynergy." Felix said. "Everyone hang on."

We all grabbed onto Felix as he muttered "Retreat."

That familiar tingling sensation passed over my body again. Then, we reappeared at the Shrine's entrance. We then headed outside, and towards Daila's inn to rest up for our next adventure.

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