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Chapter 17—My Not So Happy Ending

Lily and James's house was repaired and sold, after all their stuff was gone or given to friends. Teresa and Remus wanted to keep Harry but Dumbledore said no.

"Lily died to protect him and there is that love and protection in his blood. However, when he is with magical families, he will be in danger. He needs to live with muggles, Lily's sister, Petunia." Dumbledore explained.

"But, sir, do you know how Petunia is? She will be horrified!" Teresa told him.

"I know, Ms. Lupin, and I hate to do it. But Harry needs to be safe until he can go to Hogwarts." Dumbledore told them. They sadly understood. It would be awful to not see Harry for 10 or 11 years. They let the Professor take Harry away. Teresa sighed, in defeat and followed Remus home. They both didn't feel like apparating. They found Sirius and Katie sleeping on the couch, faces sad and tear stained. They couldn't blame them and felt the same. All of them had lost two best friends, unexpectedly, in one night.


Katie sniffed as she picked up Jacob. He was starting to learn to crawl and Lily would've been so happy because she loved the twins, along with Susan. She gave Jacob a kiss and cuddled him into her. Shelley was fast asleep in the crib across the room, hugging her favorite pink teddy bear. Katie missed Harry, and wondered how Petunia and Vernon were taking care of him. She placed Jacob back in the crib once he fell back asleep. She joined everyone else in the living room. The doorbell rang, startling all of them. Sirius answered it and his second cousin (Tonks' mom but I'm too lazy to look up her name...sorry) stepped inside.

"All four of you are needed at the Ministry, there's a Death Eater attack. You're some of the best Auror's so we need you. I offered to watch the babies." She explained. They all nodded and got up.

"Thank you." Katie said, before apparating nervously. It was a mess when they got there. Spells flying, people running, a ton of Death Eaters and Aurors. A spell was fired at Sirius so he was engaged into a battle. The same for Remus.

"Well, well, well." Said a voice they knew too well.

"Sarah?" Teresa said.

"No surprise Teresa, it's Sarah, always was going to be a Death Eater. We knew that!" Katie snapped.

"I heard about Lily, it's a shame." Sarah said, but not sounding 'shameful' at all.

"Oh shut up." Teresa told her. Sarah disarmed her before Teresa could shield the spell. Sarah pointed her want at Katie and muttered something that they couldn't hear. Katie shouted a shielding spell but for some reason it didn't work. The spell knocked Katie to the ground and unconscious. Teresa managed to get her wand back using Katie's and Sarah ran off before Teresa could hex her. Sirius came over as soon as he could and knelt next to Katie.

"Is she okay?" He asked worriedly to Teresa. Teresa shrugged sadly. Sirius brushed hair out of Katie's face. He didn't want to leave her but he had to fight. Without James and Lily, two of the strongest and best Auror's, they all needed to fight harder. Sarah snuck up behind Teresa and hit her with the same curse, making her fall next to Katie, on her side. Sarah laughed and went to find someone else to battle. Remus rushed up to the unconscious girls and checked on them.

"Sirius, they need medical care, now!" He said. They both picked up the girls and apparated to St. Mungos. A Healer rushed them into rooms and began shoving potions down their throats. She quickly healed Remus's bleeding elbow before turning back to Katie and Teresa. She kicked Sirius and Remus out of the room for half an hour.

"Go home, they need rest and are on the last threads of life. We'll contact you if anything happens." The Healer told them. They grudgingly went back to the apartment.

"They better be okay, Moony. I can't go through all this terrible stuff again." Sirius said. His second cousin came out holding Susan.

"How did it all go?" She asked worriedly.

"Teresa and Katie are unconscious at St. Mungos." Sirius said simply but sadly. She sighed.

"That's awful." She said, shaking her head. "I better go. I hope they're okay. We need good Aurors like you."

"Thanks for watching the kids." Remus said before she left.


Sirius and Remus followed the Healer into a private room.

"I'm sorry." Was the first thing the Healer said. Both guys groaned. They knew it was coming.

"There might be a chance, however." That got their attention. "But it's in America. They need to be sent there, for a chance to live. The chances are slim, but you never know." Sirius and Remus nodded sadly. At least they weren't dead, they couldn't bear another death, but as of now, technically they were gone.

"Thank you, ma'am." Remus said. Sirius was rubbing his temples. Everything was turning out against him lately.

"I just can't win, can I?" He said out loud, but quietly.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Black. This is the only thing we can do." Sirius nodded in response. They weren't allowed to see Katie and Teresa so they just went home to the kids.

"What should we do Moony? I can't keep Shelley and Jacob if Katie is, you know…" Sirius trailed off.

"Same here, but what if they are alive?" Remus said reasonably.

"I know! But Moony I can't do this. We can't raise three kids without our wives and what if they never come back, or they come back in 5 years or something?" Sirius half yelled, frustrated.

"You're right." Remus told him sadly.

"Adoption?" Sirius threw out and Remus nodded, while looking at adorable little Susan.


It was Jacob, Shelley, and Susan's last day. Sirius and Remus were bringing them to Dumbledore's office at Hogwarts, where a family would pick them up later. They felt terrible, but knew they had to do it, as much as they loved the kids. They apparated carefully, since they had the babies with them and landed in Dumbledore's office.

"Hello, Sirius, Remus." Dumbledore said. They muttered quiet 'hellos' in response.

"Ah, Jacob and Shelley. They have your hair and eyes, Sirius, but Katie's face. They're adorable. And Susan, Teresa's pretty hair but Remus's eyes, how beautiful." Dumbledore surveyed.

"Thanks" Remus and Sirius said. They hated saying good bye to their kids.

"I promise, they are in excellent hands." Dumbledore assured them. They believed him and nodded.

"Thank you, sir." Remus spoke up. He gave Susan a kiss on the cheek. Remus picked up Jacob and gave him a kiss and then the same for Shelley. They both looked sadly at them before shaking hands with Dumbledore and saying good-bye, thank you and all that. With one last meaningful look at the babies, they apparated back home. Sirius landed on the couch with a small thud and sighed. Life was being so cruel lately.

"I agree, Padfoot." Remus said, as if knowing what Sirius was thinking about. At the exact same time they sighed again.

"Well, I feel like sleeping, there's nothing else to do." Sirius said, sounding terribly sad.

"Me too." Remus replied. "Hey, Padfoot?"

Sirius looked up. "Yeah?"

"It'll turn out okay."

"I hope."

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