Desert winds blow strong

'Neeth the bright Egyptian moon

Now enters our king

Violet, gold and ebon

Flutter in the midnight wind

Tendrils toss freely

He arrives brilliant

The one true king stands valiant

Against Egypt's foe

Sharp eyes undaunted,

Sandals set firm in the sands

He's going nowhere

Before him stands sin

Tall, arrogant, blasphemous

Smirk across his face

He glares with venom

At the one true king seething

With depraved hatred

His single purpose

Force Egypt down to her knees

'Neeth his feet, dark reign

Once a holy man

Now commits supreme treason

He's betrayed us all.

These dark thought in mind

Blasphemer smiles with horrid

Joy in wicked lust

A plague on the land

Harbinger of chaos

Brings death on swift wings

And our king stands proud

Unwavering against him

Bold, strong, and steadfast

He's a bit afraid

To not would be foolhardy

But not the foe he fears

He sees what's to come

Should he fail, come the chaos

Come the Shadow Realm

Tears of innocents

Never to be dried by Ra

Shivering in shadows

That must not happen

He knows this, and knows it well

Failure's no option

He'll stand tall and proud.

In the midst of the Shadow Realm

Pharaoh's light shines through

Blasphemer laughs loud

Our king's battle cry rings strong

The duel begins.