The Bond

The roar of the wind filled the place where he lay. It filled his ears, shuttered his eyes, and lifted him. He felt himself being carried faster and faster. There was no time, no sound, no life. He thought of himself as a minute speck of dust swirling high in the breeze, being blown nowhere and everywhere. 'Is that what I have become?' he thought. 'Will I never see my family again?'

The thought filled his mind. Family. Family. Family.

He began to fall, not like a plunging stone, but like a lazy feather drifting through the air.

He came to rest in a warm envelope of something that felt right, that cradled him from head to toe.


"Ada" Elladan called softly.

As Elrond turned, Elladan motioned to where Estel lay. He was curling up on his side, even as they watched, then he gave a little yawn and with a satisfied look went to sleep.

Elrond smiled and he and Elladan looked at each other in relief. It was the first time in the five days since the plant had been killed that Aragorn had moved.


White light, white light. It was everywhere. The spirit gave a little laugh and zipped through the air. It soared like a bird going as high as it could and then falling down to the emerald green below it. It floated on the winds and drifted on the current. Joy is what it felt, joy at being alive. How peaceful it was to be surrounded by light, to be part of it.

The little spirit explored the world marvelling at the beauty in every rock and every blade of grass. It spoke to the waters of the streams and listened to the insects chatter. It teased the tiny fish as they hunted for food and lazily floated on fallen leaves that swirled in the water.

Then one day out of nowhere came the sound. It was harsh and loud. It rose and fell. It spoke of anguish and misery. Surely no creature could suffer so. The little spirit followed the sound. It took him to a place he had never been before. He might have become distracted by the faded beauty of it had not the harsh sound come again.

He drifted up into a cool place.

"No, ada please." Aragorn was on his knees, face awash with tears holding his father around the knees. "He is not dead, he is not dead."

Elrond gently disengaged his son's hands and knelt in front of him. Aragorn immediately wrapped his hands around Elrond's neck; his sobs were loud and full of grief. Elrond held him, rubbing his back as he used to when Aragorn was a small boy.

"It has been fourteen days Aragorn he is not going to awaken." Elrond said.

"But you said it was just a matter of time, you promised." hiccupped Aragorn.

Elrond sighed, he remembered saying that because at the time he truly believed that Legolas' spirit would find its way back just like Aragorn's had. And Aragorn had been like a newly wakened child, easily upset and easily comforted.

He pulled back slightly from his human son. He looked at the tear filled eyes that had not as yet regained their true focus. It took time for the soul to remember the body especially when it had been separated for so long.

The thought made him think of Legolas. He turned to where the golden haired prince lay like a marble statue on the bed.

"Just one more day ada please." Aragorn begged.

Elrond gently smoothed Aragorn's hair and gave him a crooked smile, "Very well Estel one more day."


For a long time the little spirit simply stared down at the body that had been his. It was dying, this body, he could see the signs of it, but he felt no sorrow, he felt no kinship with it. Instead he was fascinated with the dark haired man who sat next to the body talking to it, holding its hand stroking its head. He liked this creature, it was full of light and he could see it. It burned with an intensity that was breathtaking. He moved in front of him for a better view. The man's face was wet, its eyes reddish and swollen. The spirit looked into its eyes.

"Lada! Look look!" called Estel excitedly.

He was pointing to an empty spot in front of him.

Elladan was puzzled. "What is it Estel I see nothing."

"Legolas, he is right here." Aragorn said his eyes shining.

Elladan rose from his window seat and came over to his brother. "There is no one there, little one."

Aragorn looked at Legolas, who he could plainly see then back at Elladan. He scowled.

The spirit listened as the elf and the adan argued back and forth. Finally the man turned to him and tried to take his hand.

Aragorn gave a cry of dismay as his hand passed straight through his friend's. He looked into the spirit's eyes in horrible surprise.

Elladan tried to comfort him when he began to cry. "It's all right Estel, everything will get better. It is all right."

But Aragorn would not be comforted.

It was much later when the night had come and the elves had been and gone and the human was asleep that the spirit once again approached the body. He hovered over it puzzled. He looked over at the sleeping man. The man felt sorrow over this body, inconsolable he kept crying for Legolas. This thing had been Legolas. He had once been this thing. The man did not want this body to die. The spirit felt torn, he wanted nothing more than to leave this place and soar free.

Aragorn gave a heartbroken sob as he turned fitfully in his sleep.

With a sigh the spirit let itself melt into the flesh.


A horrible, pain filled scream ripped through the night, as the golden haired elf awakened.


The tips of his toes and fingers burned like they were on fire as blood rushed into full the places that needed them. His head pounded with every heart beat as his body quickened with life. Every inch of his skin prickled. His legs spasmed, full of pins and needles as energy flowed back into them. Everything hurt, everything hurt. He arched off the bed screaming in pain.

"I have you Legolas, I have you." The words were whispered to him as Aragorn woken from sleep, caught his hurting body gently.

Legolas heard the running footsteps of elves and the stentorian voice of Elrond.


The morning dawned bright and clear. There were white clouds in the sky. The trees waved their branches in the light wind. The stream chuckled over the irregular rocks as it wended its way across the lands of Imladris. The stream passed by two creatures who were lying lazily on its bank, one was chewing a piece of grass and one was idly twirling a leaf in one hand.

"So what was it like?" Aragorn asked glancing at his friend's profile.

Legolas had taken a long time to recover his strength and even though he wouldn't admit it, Aragorn knew the long walk to their favourite spot had tired him out.

"What was what like?" Legolas responded still twirling the leaf.

"Being dead."

"I was not dead adan."

"You looked pretty dead to me."

"How would you know, Elrohir says you had the mind of a five year old."

Aragorn made a face, though he could not refute it.

Legolas laughed and then he said wistfully, "It was incredible."

Aragorn looked at him closely watching the way a slight sadness passed over his face. "You regret coming back." It was a statement.

Legolas turned his head and caught Aragorn's gaze. Legolas could see the vulnerability in him.

"No Aragorn I do not regret it." Legolas said lying a little, but it was worth it to see the immediate response in Aragorn's eyes. "Besides," he continued "think about how unexciting my life would be without you for company."

Aragorn grabbed a handful of grass and flung it at him.

A slight scattering of raindrops fell and the two companions looked up to the sky to see that rain clouds had drifted over head. The rain got heavier and both of them lay relaxed in the grass.

"Should we seek shelter?" Legolas asked after a while.

Aragorn sniffed and put his hands beneath his head, "No," he said "I rather like the rain."


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