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A/N: Takes place when the boys are about 16.

Only One

Kyle Brovlofski sat up in his bed listening to his parents yell at each other. He knew eventually they would get a divorce, but that was the least of his worries. Kyle's life had been a living hell ever since he turned 16. He didn't even know who he was anymore. When he looked in the mirror, all he saw was a dirty, little, gay Jew. It seemed like none of his friends cared anymore. Kyle and Stan had been drifting farther apart. Kyle decided to take a walk down to Starks Pond to clear his mind. Anything to escape from his house.

When Kyle got there he was surprised to see Stan standing there looking at his feet. Stan looked up and gave a weak smile.

"Hey Kyle," Stan said calmly, walking over to his friend. "Hey'" the redhead replied.

"Dude, what's wrong?," Stan asked, noticing that Kyle looked like he hadn't eaten much or slept much in a long time.

"Nothing." Kyle sighed. "It's just that, I feel like my whole life is falling apart." Stan put his arm around Kyle pulling him close. Kyle then felt a warm feeling in his stomach and a tightening in his pants. Kyle blushed.

"It'll be ok, dude."

Kyle gave a weak smile. "It feels good talking to you again." Stan smiled back and checked his watch. "I gotta go, it's getting late, see you later."

"Kay, bye," Kyle called to Stan as the blue-eyed teen walked away.

As Kyle walked home, he couldn't stop thinking about Stan. That night he couldn't help but stare at Stan's picture, admiring him. He wondered if there really was someone that could make his life worth living. But, Stan was straight, so as Kyle picked up the gun, he knew what he had to do, and tomorrow was the day to do it.

(Stan's House)

Meanwhile, Stan was in his bed moaning, "Mmmm, Kyle, oh yeah!" Stan woke up and felt a wet spot. "Dude, this is fucked up, I just had a wet dream about Kyle.... and I enjoyed it."

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