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"It's official, after all their fighting, my parents finally got divorced." Kyle sighed, spreading himself out on Stan's bed.

"That sucks, I'm really sorry babe."

"Yeah...my dad moved out one day ago and took Ike with him. I don't know where they went."

Stan sat down on the edge of the bed. Kyle moved slightly, resting his head on Stan's lap. "And my mom is all depressed and has been up in her room for days," Kyle said as Stan ran his fingers through the others hair. There was a long silence before either of them spoke.

"I think your mom finally got what she deserved," Stan said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, she put us through all this crap, and now she's miserable."

"I guess you right," Kyle said. "Do you want to start packing now?"


The next day they would be moving to Denver. Stan and Kyle had put their money together and found an apartment.

"You're absolutely sure you want to do this?" Stan asked, searching for certain things.

"I'm sure, but I don't think my mom will be cool with it."

"Don't worry about it," Stan said. The ebony haired boy walked over to his boyfriend, wrapping his arms around Kyle, kissing him.

"It'll be alright," Stan whispered into Kyle's ear. The two held each other, relishing in each others warmth.

"I hope so Stan, I really do."

That night, Stan was fast asleep, with Kyle in his arms. The redhead was tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

"Stan," he whispered. "Stan, wake up." Kyle was shaking his boyfriend. Stan groaned, opening his eyes to see Kyle's distressed face.

"What's wrong baby?"

"I can't sleep, and when I do I keep seeing Cartman in my dreams. Its like he's haunting me."


"He is just, there, and its freaking me out," Kyle explained. Stan kissed Kyle's forehead, squeezing him against his body for comfort.

"Um, Stan, do you think we could...leave tonight?" Kyle asked.

"You really want to?"

"Yeah... I want to get out of here as soon as possible...really."

"Ok, lets go." Stan threw off the blankets and started getting dressed. Kyle did the same. They quietly made their way downstairs.

"Shit!" Stan whispered.


"Shelly's got the damn car."

"Oh, and I don't have a car either...but we could call Kenny, he has one."

"Okay." Stan dialed Kenny's number.

"Hello?" Kenny said.

"Hey Kenny, it's Stan."

"Stan? What the hell do you want?" Kenny mumbled.

"Well, um, we kinda need you to drive us to Denver," Stan said.

"What? Dude, its 2 in the morning!"

"I know, but please Kenny?" Stan begged. Kenny sighed. "Fine, but you guys owe me for this."

"Cool thanks dude." Stan hung up.

"So he can do it?"

"Yeah. Kyle, I can't believe its finally happening." The redhead smiled, taking Stan in his arms. The two kissed passionately. They continued to make out until they heard Kenny honk the horn from outside.

They jumped in Kenny's car. Pip was with him.

"Good evening, gentlemen," Pip greeted them.

"Kenny, what's he doing here?" Kyle asked.

"Oh, um, we are...kinda...together now," Kenny said blushing.

"Wow," Kyle said, unsure of how to respond because to him, Pip was the last guy he expected Kenny to be with.

"So we're going to Denver right?" Kenny asked, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, but go to the cemetery first," Kyle said.

"Why?" Kenny and Stan said simultaneously.

"I have to do something real quick."

Kenny pulled up to the cemetery. All four boys followed Kyle. Stan was firmly grasping his boyfriend's hand. The redhead walked up to Cartman's grave. They all just stood there.

"Um, Kyle, why are we here?" Stan asked.

"Well, I have to say goodbye, I can't just leave like this."

"Oh." Kyle took a deep breath, kneeling down, placing his hand on Cartman's grave.

"I'm sorry, Cartman, sorry I ever hurt you... and I just wanted to say good bye..." Kyle's voice trailed off.

"Can we go now?" Stan asked impatiently.

"Yeah, let's go."

"So you're going to Denver?" Kenny said once they got in the car.

"Yeah," Stan said.

"Alright," Kenny sighed. "This is going to be one long ass ride."

Halfway there, Stan curled up against Kyle and fell asleep. Kyle looked down at his boyfriend and smiled warmly. Kyle knew that after all they had gone through, this was all going to be worth it. Sure he was a little scared, but he had Stan with him. He looked down at Stan again, who woke up, feeling the car come to a stop.

"We're here," Kenny announced. Stan and Kyle gathered their things and got out of the car.

"So I guess this is goodbye...we'll miss you dude," Kyle said to Kenny. The blonde looked up and smiled.

"Good luck you guys."

"Hey um Kenny, could you give this to my mom," Kyle said, handing him a folded piece of paper.

"Yeah I will." Stan turned to Pip.

"Take good care of Kenny," Stan said. Pip smiled shyly. "I will."

After they all said their goodbyes, Kenny and Pip drove away.

"Do you think we'll ever see them again?"

"Probably," Stan said. Kyle just flung his arms around his boyfriend pulling him close. They kiss. Kyle felt so happy, something he hadn't felt in a long time. He and Stan were meant to be. Stan would always be his only one.

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