Ph34r!! Evolution story by me!!!

I do NOT own the characters, if I do, may Evolutia help us all!!!!!!!

Des plot (better known as the Prologue):

It was late at night, possibly close to midnight. Then a bright flash of light streaked overhead. It flew across the sky and seemed to head to the north horizon where it disappeared behind a mountain. Silence, then...

There was a rumbling noise, then an explosion. It was heard all over Pannam Town. Several people woke up suddenly when the rumbling was heard, then when the explosion occurred, jumped out of bed and ran for the doors.

Looking outside, to the west of the town, smoke was seen rising from behind some mountains. More explosions, not as loud as the first, were heard. Eventually, silence prevailed but they could smell burning wood.

Looks like something big might happen....or not. Find out in Chapter 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apologizes for a short, short, short, short prologue but maybe more on Chapter 1!!! MAYBE!!!!

Preview for Chapter 1:

"OMG!! What is this!?"