It was a sunny, spring day as the ten sisters walked down to the lake. They were dectuplets, all with the same initials, and first name. Maria Xoaquina, Maria Xitlalli, Maria Xaviera, Maria Xacinta, Maria Ximena, Maria Xiomara, Maria Xochilt, Maria Xosefina, Maria Xulia, Maria Xamila. They had just finished mourning their father, Rigoberto Altamira, so today they were for the first time in a year, wearing bright colors. They were not, however, happy. They were very thoughtful as they walked. They were deep in the jungle. They liked it here, where there were no people, only their friends, and the animals. Their dogs, cats, rabbits, and even some of the wild animals trailing behind them.

Their mother was in a coma, in which she had been for six months. They could communicate with their mother, even though their other sisters couldn't. There was something extraordinary about these girls. They were gifted, and everyone in the entire hacienda of Piedras Grandes, and the village of San Pedro knew it. They respected them for it. That was how they communicated with their mother, Francisca. Even though Francisca couldn't speak, they communicated with their thoughts. That was also why they liked the jungle so much, because they were in touch with nature.

They were identical. With long, straight red hair that reached down to their ankles that they always wore in braids. The wore long, colorful skirts that rustled with every move, and lacy white blouses, low about the bust. Since they were outside, they also wore wide-brimmed hats crowned with flowers and ribbons and tied below their chins, to protect their face, neck, and bossoms from the sun.

Their cat, Sissy, a beautiful cat, whose silver-gray fur looked as if it were silver, and her giant, orb-like yellow eyes were very wise indeed, also possessed all these gifts. Just like they did with their mother, they also communicated with Sissy and the other animals. Sissy was also different from the other cats.

"We must find him, Sissy," said Ma.Xacinta."He will make mother very happy. You heard how she begged us to find him. That even though she can't se him, she would like to hear his voice, to know what he is like. But how do we start looking for him? She asked us to do whatever we must to keep him safe and happy."

"Yes, I know it will make her very happy." answered Sissy, who rode on Ma.Xitlalli's shoulders. "That is why we must go all the way to the lake, so that we can think, and find some answers. If we concentrate, tonight, we shall see the place to where we must travel to find him. We will also see his face."

They reached the lake. It was a very beautiful scene. The water was crystal clear, you could see the moss growing on the rocks below. The girls and Sissy stepped into the water. They dissolved into it while the other animals watched. They asked the earth to help them. Then they suddenly disappeared and in an instant were back at the house.

It was dinner by now, and Alfonsina, their oldest sister, and Maria Eugenia, who was their parents' goddaughter, accompanied them, as their two other sisters, Monica and Aimee were already married. Alfonsina was about twenty-five years old, but she was not married. She didn't care to get married, she said. She had long, golden-brown hair that reached to the floor and trailed at least one meter behind her. She wore most of it loose, with only six small braids in the front and tied in the back. Unlike most girls, she usually wore her riding habit instead of skirts, and she wore boots, instead of walking barefooted. Ma.Eugenia was the dectuplets' age, seventeen, and had lost her mother when she was very young. No one knew anything about her father. Her mother had always told her that he had abandoned her.

"We know what we must do to find him." said Ma.Xitlali. "We have to go to the other side."

"What would he be doing on the other side?" asked Ma.Eugenia.

"Where in the other side?" asked Alfonsina, anxiously.

"Would you believe just where Arthur lives? In the exact same city? Not the place, because he lives somewhere else, and he needs help. He doesn't live like us. People must think he's a criminal. We have to go over as soon as possible and help him, mother said that we must do everything to keep him happy. He is not happy." She answered.

"How are you going to get there?"

"We'll have to call Arthur. He'll help us. And I think I know where we could stay. All we to do is ask him to contact someone Sissy said would help us. Of course, he won't be knowing he's helping us."

A week after that. The dectuplets were in a car with their younger cousin, Arthur, who was eleven years old. Arthur may have been young, but he was very smart. He knew all about computers, but he wasn't a nerd. He always wore blue jeans, sneakers, a blue shirt, and a baseball cap. He had great hair, but he never liked to take the time to brush it. That was why he always wore his hat.

"So how is this supposed to work out exactly?" He asked, looking up from his gameboy.

"It's simple. All we have to do is pretend we want to join those X-Men, and they'll obviously fall for it. We have watched a lot of telenovelas, you know, they have to come in handy sometime. Then, we'll just start finding out everything we can about him." Answered Ma. Xoaquina.

"So, you're brother is supposed to be with them?"

"No, but Sissy said it would be better if we stayed with these people, because it would be more comfortable, and we could probably find more than one person. You just don't say anything. We'll talk, and don't look at people in a funny way, like you're looking for someone." She sighed. "We'll have to go to school, too." She added in a gloomy voice.

"What for? You guys were home educated. You don't need to go to school. Besides, you'd just make fools of yourselves, if you're planning to go dressed like that. These people dress differently, you know. They'll laugh at you.?"

Finally, they arrived at the Xavier Institute. Everyone welcomed them, and a lady named Ororo showed them to the rooms where they would be staying.

"Well, we're finally here," said Ma.Xiomara, as she opened the carrier for Sissy to step out. "So, what do we do know?"

"Yes, we're finally here," said Sissy. "Now, you will have to wait until tomorrow. I shall go with you, but disguised, of course. I don't think they would let me inside. Oh, and by the way, I was observing that girl in the pink sweater. You should make friends with her. I have the feeling that she could be most...useful. And now, before you do anything else, I have to use the litter box, and I'm hungry, it doesn't look like there will be many mice, crickets or lizards around here, so I'll just have chicken hearts and livers Fancy Feast tonight."