Author's Note: Italics=thoughts.

Bright blue lightning streaked across the midnight sky. The tall, towering skyscrapers seemed to quiver at the roll of thunder that followed. A black convertible filled with four burglars wearing black sweatshirts, black masks, and black hats whizzed past the red light.

"All right!" screamed the man behind the wheel.

"We got it!" yelled the other man as he pulled out a large diamond out of a burlap bag.

"Not only that, but we got past the cops!" screamed another man, who was sitting behind them.

"We should go celebrate!" shouted the man sitting next to him, "What do you say Johnny?" The man behind the wheel nodded. He stopped several blocks away from his favorite bar. The robbers opened the doors of their car and chatted excitedly.

"Man, you should have seen the looks on their faces!" cried the man who had been sitting next to Johnny.

"Yeah, Charlie!" screamed Tom-who was holding the bag. They high-fived each other. Stevie rolled his eyes. As they strolled toward Johnny's favorite café, a woman passed by them. She was wearing a pink blouse and a black skirt that touched her knees. Her blonde hair was tied into a French bun, and her blue eyes gave a subtle contrast to her long, dark lashes. She wore an expensive looking diamond necklace on her neck, and she was carrying a light blue purse. Johnny sneered underneath his mask.

"Boys, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" asked Johnny. They all snickered and pulled out their weapons. Under the cover of the night, they slowly walked toward the woman.

Johnny walked behind her and placed the knife close to her throat. The blonde gasped. He leaned forward as his comrades came from three sides of her. Stevie, Charlie, and Tom all had bats in their hands. They lunged at the girl with their bats raised, but the girl elbowed Johnny hard in his chest. Johnny grabbed his ribs and stumbled back a little. Stevie charged at her with his bat raised, but she dodged it easily. Charlie and Tom fired their revolvers at her, but missed. Johnny looked up to see her running into the closest alleyway.

"Get her!" screamed an angry Johnny as all four of them ran into the same alleyway.

"Where'd that bitch go?!" screamed Tom as they searched the small alleyway for her. Suddenly, they heard a scream. All of them whirled around to see Charlie's limp body lying on the ground. Standing behind him, there was a tall, lean figure. Blue lightning streaked the sky again, and the remaining burglars saw the light illuminate the figure of a woman, who was standing behind Charlie's sprawled body. She was wearing a leather costume with white high-heeled boots and white gloves. The top of her costume dipped into a low V, and it was trimmed around the edges with white fur. She had long, white hair that flowed to her waist. An exotic black mask covered the area around her hard, blue eyes. She stepped out of the shadows and walked towards them.

Stevie and Tom backed away. Johnny laughed.

"Uh-Johnny, I don't think it's such a good-"said Tom.

"What? Are you guys afraid of this costumed lady?"

Stevie stared at him with wide eyes. "She did-"

"Charlie was always weak. Besides, if we could escape from the cops, how hard can this freak be?" Johnny laughed again. Suddenly, in one quick movement, the black figure leaped high into the air with her fist pulled back. Before Johnny could utter another word, her fist made contact with his skull. The impact caused Johnny to fall in one heap. When she landed onto the ground beside him, she heard footsteps running in the opposite direction. She looked up and saw the other two burglars trying to escape.

She narrowed her eyes. 'I don't think so.' She pushed her legs onto the sidewalk and flipped into the air again. The burglars skidded to a stop as they saw the black figure kneel in front of them and stand. They saw her blood red lips curl into an evil smile. "Miss me boys?"

"Run!" screamed Stevie. Both ran their separate ways. 'Men,' thought the woman. She leaped into the air and landed in front of Stevie. In desperation, he tried to punch her, but the woman had quick reflexes and blocked every one of them. When he threw his fourth punch, the woman's hand reached out and wrapped around his fist.

"AHHHH!" screamed Stevie as he stood there-feeling every bone getting crushed. He tried to pull away, but the woman's firm grip wouldn't let him. Then, before he even realized what happened, she kicked his stomach. Stevie staggered back in fear. He looked up and saw the woman as she pulled her fist back again, and he saw it blur toward his face. In several seconds, the woman was standing on top of another man's body.

'Can't-can't-' thought Tom as sweat poured into his eyes-blurring his vision as panic seared throughout his body. He stopped as he saw that his way was blocked by a brick wall. 'Dead end, he thought. He turned around, and his green eyes turned large and round as-to his horror-he saw her standing in front of him. He backed away as she kept walking forward. His back hit the wall, and his arms held onto the brick wall behind him-holding onto it for dear life.

"Who are you?" he whispered.

"Your worst nightmare," she said as she pulled out a black, metal device. Lightning flashed again, and a scream pierced through the air as the steel hook made contact with the man's neck. She stood back as the man fell to the floor. As the man hit the ground with a loud 'thud,' she bent down beside the man's outstretched left hand and pulled the burlap bag out of the man's hand. She peered inside to see the diamond flash back at her.

'Bingo,' she thought as she slung the bag over her shoulder. She turned around, and she coolly walked away as the rain began to fall around her.