Forward Rewind

The Anti-Coma Challenge (A Cordy/Doyle Throwback)

After Cordelia appears to Angel in season five, she disappears from her hospital bed. Oddly enough, two children are found in her room: a little boy named Doyle and a little girl who refuses to tell the nurses her name. Cordelia, during her coma, was with Doyle in the spirit world, and brought him back with her. Since there were two of them, instead of just Cordy, they reverted back to their smaller, younger selves to accomodate the Universe's balance.

Doyle calling Cordy princess.
Cordy kissing Doyle and giving his visions back.
Doyle kissing Cordy and giving the visions back AGAIN.
Cordy demanding a tiara.
Doyle trying to drink alcohol.
A root beer float.

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:::::Chapter One::::: :::::Erased and Re-placed:::::

(As noted in challenge, takes place after Cordy visits Angel in "Your Welcome". Right after, to be exact)

"When did she die? Did she, um. She never did wake up? I see."

As the dial tone sounded, Rita sighed. She hated this part of the job ; breaking a young man's heart. She checked her watch and scribbled a Time of Death onto the form on her clipboard. Making sure she had everything the coroner would need, she reread the paper labeled 'Chase, Cordelia Lynn ; Deceased'.

::The Spirit Realm::

"Should it take this long? It shouldn't. Should it?" Doyle panicked aloud, to no one but himself. He knew it was a bad idea, this "Spirit Body Projection".

He remembered the procedure as Cordelia had explained it to him.

"The P.T.B have this all planned out. I air quote wake up, happy reunion, yadda yadda, pass on this one shot vision deal to Broody, the 'beeeeep', flatline. Good bye Spirit coma, hello Earth pity party."

But it was the part about the "Spirit Coma" that bothered Doyle. Since she couldn't easily be in both Realms at once, Spirit Cordelia had to be comatose for the duration of her visit. But as promise, he held onto her motionless hand, anchoring her spirit body to this realm as well.

Little did he know, as Cordy's essence was split in two, it battled to stay in the Spirit Realm and the Living Realm. A battle it was about to lose.

As he struggled to stay awake, the Irish man duly noted that it was times like this he missed whiskey. And as he let his head fall, now fully asleep, he dropped Cordelia's hand for an instant, only to be awaken by an ear piercing scream.

When Doyle opened his eyes, her quickly picked Cordy's hand back up. He looked closely at her immoble body, and wondered if he had only dreampt the scream.

Suddenly, he felt a burning sensation at their joined fingers. Looking down, he noticed through increasing pain that he and the love of his life were seemingly being erased, piece by piece, from The Spirit Realm.


The death report Rita had written up seemed spotless. As she stood back to the late young woman's "deathbed", the nurse reached over to flip off the toggle switch of the vitals machine. But as her fingertips brushed the switched, Rita heard the faintest noise.

"Beep beep beep beep beep.."

Visibly shocked, the nightshift worker watched with amazement and confusion as the flatline on the hear monitor picked itself up, falling into a steady peaks and valleys pattern. 'It can't be possible.' she told herself out loud. Turning around and pulling back the privacy curtain surrounding the body of her paitent, she gasped.

The body was gone. And in its place, a small girl and boy pair, hand in hand.

Picking up the phone at the bedside, she hit 'redial' and put the reciever up to her ear.

"Mr. Angel?"

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