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:::::Forward Rewind:::::Chapter Seven:::::Blue Lady:::::

"Enough bubbles yet?" Angel asked, pouring Mr.Bubbles into the already suds filled bath of two certain four year olds.

"No," Cordelia grinned, flashing Angel her perfect little teeth. "but because you are Angel, His Royal Salty Goodlyness, I won't have you delapticated." The vampire just looked at the brunette, confused at almost everything she just said.

"You know!" Cordy's curly topped fellow tub occupant urged, before sliding his pointer finger across his neck in an 'off with his head' motion.

"Oh." Angel said simply, trying to keep a straight face. Both children he was carefully watching over were covered from head to toe in dirt, soap, and water, making them look like twin mud creatures. "So." He said a few moments later after washing Cordelia's hair (Allen insisted that real men don't wash their hair). "Explain to me again how you managed, Allen Doyle, to knock over not one, but all three of Fred's potted plants in one fell swoop..."


"Angelcake?" Lorne called, walking towards the bathroom in Angel's Suite. When he got there, the green demon fought hard to supress laughter. His moody boss was covered from chin to nose in what could only be described as a foam santa beard, the only facial feature that was still recognizable was Angel's trademark brooding brow, in full form.

"Studly, huh?" Cordelia smiled at what must have been her handiwork.

"Lorne!" Angel gasped, standing up and attempting to explain himself. "He got some on my nose...then she finished it, and I wanted to wash it off...but..kids in the bathtub, too many things for Allen to 't leave them alone." He looked at Lorne pleadingly with a look that said 'WATCH THEM!' and ran to the other side of the long bathroom to wash his face. As he did so, Lorne watched the children closely. He could see that, even as they sat silently staring at each other, the two were plotting. When their glances broke apart, Cordelia looked up at Lorne from under full dark lashes.

"Lorne...will you sing me a song?" She asked, batting said lashes.

"Anything for you, Cordyla." Lorne smiled warily, but closed his eyes and sang the first song that came to him. The soulful demon continued singing until a loud plop and pitter patter of suction-y wet feet brought him back. Looking around quickly, he threw a glance at the doorway just in time to catch a sudsy Allen flying out of the room in all of his naked glory.

"Angel, doll? You may want to go catch the four year old foamy fury that we call Allen."

As moments later, a blur of black he recognized to be Angel flew by, Lorne turned back towards a guilty grinning Cordelia. But before he could even find the words to scold her with, the tiny girl broke out into a verse of "The Toast Song", and he couldn't help but read her aura. Doing so, he was hit with a huge feeling of forboding along with a big heaping of purpose and reason. And although he didn't know what it was, Lorne decided in that moment that Cordelia was brought back on some kind of mission.


"...And then Allen called Angel 'Muddy Hell Toast'!" A still dripping Cordy smiled almost 15 minutes later, sitting on the counter in Fred's lab and re-telling the story of Allen Doyle and The Great Escape. But her smile faded as she finished her tale "So no more Babysitter Spike for us."

Winnifred Burkle tried very hard to keep a solem face at the pouty, drippy Cordelia, and instead decided to change the topic. "So, my clean little queen, what is the first order of business when I get off work. Today, Fred is at your service." When Fred paused, she noticed the little girl perk up at this.


"Really?" Fred said, grinning at Cordy. She wasn't the only little girl with a big appetite.

"Yes, Freddie. Mac n' cheese for the Queen Princess and her Lady Freddie."

"Yum. Are you sure you want Macaroni and cheese? Cause I make a mean taco."

The brunette four year old pondered this. "Okay, we will have tacos. But not mean tacos, pretty tacos. Pretty not mean mac n' cheese tacos! And root beer floats." While Knox, who was working alongside Fred, thought that that was the least appetizing meal ever, Fred thought it sounded quite wonderful. Which she was about to tell the little girl, but never got a chance to. Because at that moment, Cordelia let out a shattering scream and fell to the floor, convulsing as split second images flooded her brain.

-Shiny box-Pretty stones-Fred touching it-Coughing-Kissing- Wes-Fred singing-Bleeding-Coughing-Crying-Plane-Tree-Cave-Spike-Hole-Coffin-Wes-Book-Crying-Pain-Blue Lady-

When Fred was finally able to wake up Cordelia, the little girl was screaming different things to her with a hoarse throat.With soothing noises and gentle hand Fred finally succeeded in calming her down. She then tried to get the little girl to explain the vision, which sent her back into hysterics.

"Freddie-shiny boxy coffin-pretty stones-don't touch the pretty stones-stop the Blue Lady from hurting us" Sobs were now coming from the little girl, whose voice seemed so weak from screaming.

"-don't die, Freddie."


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