Such is my prize

Disclaimer: I only own the shoddy title of this piece. Sadly...

An angsty vignette (because I like them), involving the real Sheik (yes, the ever-talked of Sheik created by writers of fanFICTION), and his feelings for the Hero of Time. Very short considering my normal standards, but I liked it so much I decided it deserved a little more attention.

I have had this longing...for so long...ever since...I first saw him.

Surely, surely this couldn't be he? The hero, nothing more than a slight, slender creature...? Suited perhaps to the subtle steps of a street performer, or to hum the lilting melodies of bards. Not to fight off multitudes of demons with a sword that seemed too large for his willowy frame. And yet, it was him - he was the Hero of Time. Descending the steps as a vision of loveliness I never thought I would see again, after Ganondorf had veiled the land with his darkness. But here he was - our one, precious ray of hope; the one thing that could be our salvation.

But he was my downfall. My secret desire, my lust, my passion. My prize, if you will. Each time he triumphed again, I rejoiced, and each time he was hurt, I cursed the Goddesses themselves for letting it be so. Each time I saw him, even my Sheikah ways could not make me blind to his graceful poise, his beauty...and his childish naivety. He let me hold him once...and oh, how I savour that memory.

He had faltered, some time shortly after the Fire Temple, already carrying three of the six Sages' medallions, but still weak. Helpless as a kitten, he stumbled about the crater, and collapsed on the very Tri-Force symbol I had greeted him from. His fairy was unable to help him, and merely sat, her wings folded and her cheeks wet with tears. I broke my own code and Impa's orders all in one fell swoop, for I went to assist him.

I held a red potion to his lips (which he drank thankfully), and watched in fascination as his golden skin moved upon his throat, sending the magic substance down. The blood that stained his tunic vanished, leaving him the semblence of perfection once more. He sighed, softly, oh so very softly, and opened his eyes - azure blue, the same colour of the waters of lake Hylia, before it had been drained.

Deep sorrow lay there. Pain and heartache the likes of which I had never encountered before. What could I do, with those eyes pinning me down? I was paralysed, trapped within them. He smiled a dazed smile, and suddenly, instead of that cold, detached agony, his eyes were as merry as a high-noon sky in spring. His teeth dazzled in the flashing fires of the crater, and he mouthed a gratified 'thank you'. And then his eyes closed again. Ensured that all was well, I got up, and swept away again, fearing what might happen if I stayed there too long. What would I do, if I stayed any longer? Would I have been able to control myself?

I honestly do not know.

I am a shadow, a watcher. I do not live, I merely assist others in their lives instead. Such is the way of a Sheikah. Even more so for the forgotten shadow-walker. I gave my all to keep him alive...and then she returned, and shattered my very existence in two.

It is my fault for growing too attached to him, I know.

At least I may live in the knowledge that only I have seen his pain and heartache... And I am the only one who has made him smile so broadly, as for him to be rid of all of that pain completely. Such is my prize.

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