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Liz ran through her high school. She slid down the hall into her Biology class and placed her butt in her seat as the bell rang.

"I have never seen someone run as fast as you just did, Miss Van." her Biology teacher, Mr. Myers said not looking up from his roll sheet.

"But I wasn't late." Liz replied as she brushed a piece of her dark brown wavy hair out of her hazel eyes. It went about an inch below her shoulders, which was a nice length. She wore a black trench coat that went to her ankles with black boots, black jeans and a black sleeveless shirt with a V-neck. She wore a silver cross around her neck for luck and had on two rings. One was pewter with a dragon insignia and the second was pewter with a dark blue stone on it. Her earrings were silver and dangled down. They were crosses. Usually, she would have on a torn up black hat but the school dress code didn't allow hats.

"True, just watch your step from now on." Mr. Myers said.

"Yes, sir. I will." Liz replied nodding.

"How can you run so fast?" a boy next to her named Logan asked.

"Practice, lots of practice." Liz said smiling remembering her adventure. That was six months ago to the day.

"Alright, now open your books to page two thirty-five." Mr. Myers said. And so third hour began. Liz glanced out the window at the falling snow and couldn't help but think about what her friends were doing.

Bri was bored stiff in her Spanish class with Ali next to her.

"Now, the first word for today is batalla." Mr. Kanter, the teacher said. "It means battle, like a fight or something you see in a movie."

"Like between vampires and werewolves." a girl named Brook said.

"You don't know the half of it." Bri mumbled. Ali and Bri looked at each other and smiled.

"Would you like to share something with us, Bri?" Mr. Kanter asked.

"Yes, Ali and I were thrown back in time and we helped Van Helsing defeat Dracula again." Bri said smiling sounding sarcastic, but wasn't. The class burst out laughing.

"You are such a blond." Brook told her.

Bri did have dark blond hair that was almost light brown. It was cut short and she had crystal blue eyes. Bri had on a black shirt that said 'Your lips keep moving but all I hear is blah, blah, blah…' She had on black boots with jeans. She had on a black chord necklace that had a small charm with a yen and yang symbol, heart and peace sign attached to each other. She wore a silver cross ring on her right hand.

Ali had flaming bright red hair. It was cut to her shoulders and she added black stripes to it recently. Her eyes were bright green. She wore a dark green t-shirt with a black jacket and black cargo pants. She wore a ring on each finger and had on three necklaces. One necklace had a cross on it, the second had a garnet stone, and the final had a piece of quartz on it.

Soon enough, the bell rang and our heroines were on to fourth hour. It was choir, which they all had together.

"Hey!" Liz said as she ran up to her friends. She had a black leather backpack that went a crossed her chest and rested on her hip at her side. Her locker was in the basement so she couldn't get to it. Liz had to carry her books all day.

"Hey, back broken yet?" Bri asked.

"Close." Liz said setting it down in the choir room. They heard laughing off to the side and saw a boy picking on the new girl in school. The boy had on a muscle shirt and pants. His head was almost shaved. He was laughing his head off.

"Hey, pick on someone your own size, Eric!" Liz said. Eric was a senior and this was his third year as one. Eric looked at Liz.

"What did you say to me freshman?" Eric asked.

"Pick on someone your own size. Do I have to spell it out for you?" Liz said glaring at him. Bri and Ali looked at each other and only said one word.

"Lycan." (A/N: The girls are underworld fans as well. Lycan means werewolf.)

Eric picked Liz up by the neck and pinned her against the wall. Eric tightened his grip to where Liz couldn't breathe. The class was captivated by what was going on, or to scared to help.

"Let her go!" Ali said. Bri and Ali jumped forward and started to pound on Eric. He threw them off .

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" the stupid boys chanted around them. The teacher, Mr. Johnson rounded the corner.

"Eric, drop Liz." Mr. Johnson said trying to calm him.

Liz placed her feet against the wall and pushed off. Eric tumbled to the ground as Liz summer saluted and then ended in a squat. She smiled back at him. The smile was mostly evil and it looked like she would sprout fangs at any minuet.

"Okay, that's just plain scary." Ali said looking at Liz.

Eric got up and Mr. Johnson tried to hold him back. Liz quickly ran behind Eric and placed her fingers on his pressure point on the back of his neck. She pressed down and Eric was instantly unconscious. Everyone looked at her open mouthed.

"What did you do?" Brook asked.

"Pressure point." Liz replied rubbing the back of her neck.

"How did you learn about that?" Brook asked again.

"Yes, how?" Bri asked. Even she didn't know that Liz knew about that.

"Experience." Liz said barely above a whisper. There was a glaze over her eyes that said she was remembering something. Dracula had done the same thing to her in order to kidnap her. Liz shuddered slightly and returned to reality.

"Now there is no doubt Eric will be expelled." Mr. Johnson said as he drug him out of the room.

"Define 'experience'." Ali whispered to Liz.

"It's how Dracula got a hold of me." Liz whispered back to her, anger growing at the vampire's memory. Her right hand began to glow white. Liz quickly hit it under her coat.

"Still haven't gotten a hold of the angel thing, have we Van Helsing?" Bri told her smirking.

"Shut up." Liz told her through gritted teeth at the mention of her original last name.

"Well, you get to go see him this weekend. I still think we shouldn't have to come back to the future every week and go back every weekend." Ali said.

"Someone might hear you." Liz hissed at her.

"Werewolf." Bri said under her breath.

"Vampire." Liz retorted.


"Don't make me say it." Liz glared at her.

"A-n-g-e-l. Angel." Bri said smirking at her.

"Marishka!" Liz shouted at her.

"Take that back!!" Bri shouted.

"Only, if you stop calling me angel."

"LYCAN!!!" Bri shouted pointing at her.

Liz smiled and bowed.

"You're to kind." Liz replied.

"Gosh Liz, you are turning mean." Ali said.

"Just because you're an angel doesn't mean you have to be good." Liz said. "Kidding guys, you both know what the real me is like."

"Thank goodness we do." Ali muttered.

Liz watched a boy with long white-blond hair slowly exit the room. Most of the school knew him as Dev. He was the school hunk. He could get any girl he wanted, that is except Liz, Bri and Ali. Frankly, Liz didn't like the feel of him. She had learned to trust her gut feelings after her adventure with Dracula.

"Where is he going?" Liz thought to herself.

A girl with curly brown hair and brown eyes entered the room with a black haired, brown-eyed girl at her side. A girl with long, light brown hair and green eyes rushed in.

"What happened?" the green eyed girl asked.

"We had a little incident Sara." Bri replied.

"What incident?" the curly haired girl asked.

"Liz just kicked some but." Ali said smiling.

"Liz!! Oh my gosh!!" the girl said.

"Well Tracy, it was crush or be crushed." Liz replied.

"Courtney, I can't believe she did that." Tracy said turning to the black haired girl.

"What did you do to him?" Courtney asked.

"Pressure point. Quick and painless." Liz replied. Sara shuddered.

"At least there wasn't any blood shed."

Later that day, Bri and Ali were over at Liz's house watching Underworld: extended edition for the millionth time.

"What do you guys think Van Helsing would do if he got a hold of Kraven?" Ali asked.

"After we torture him?" Bri said.

"Kraven is a vampire, therefore, evil. Van Helsing would fill him so full of lead, Superman wouldn't be able to see through him. Then, I'd stake him." Liz said happily.

"What about Michael?" Ali asked.

"Who cares, he's fine." Bri said and began to purr.

"Oh, yeah." Liz agreed. "Plus, we don't have to worry about that. We don't have to worry about vampire gangs, not in this day and age anyway."

Dev walked through the darkened alleyways of New York. He kept his head low as the slight breeze played with his ponytail. Dev kept his dark eyes focused on the ground as he walked. He came to a run down dock and walked up to a building that looked like it was falling down. He knocked three times, waited a moment and then knocked again. The door opened slightly.


"Immortalis." Dev replied.

The door opened and Dev stepped inside.

"Anything interesting happen at school?" a boy with dark hair asked him.

"That girl I told you about, Liz, and her two friends took down that guy, Eric." Dev said.

"I thought you said she looked weak." the boy asked.

"Apparently, I was mistaken." Dev replied. "Nathan, what's the word on the meeting? What have they decided?"

"No word." Nathan said and went off thinking again. "From what you tell me, this Liz girl could be a potential threat to us."

"That is if the Order gets to her first." Dev said.

"Maybe they already have. Any clues that tell you she already knows that vampires exist?" Nathan asked.

"No. She just likes the movies Underworld and Van Helsing a lot." Dev said.

"How do you know that?" Nathan asked him.

"She's always quoting it and her friends are always calling her 'lycan,' that or 'angel'." Dev replied

"So, she doesn't know that we exist? That's good." Nathan said.

"However, she could still pose as a threat when she gets older." Dev said. "The Order will probably recruit her."

"Not if we recruit her first." Nathan said. Dev smiled and his fangs grew.

"I want to turn her."

"I'll go run it by the members." Nathan said smiling. Nathan ran off, disappearing behind a door. Half an hour later, Nathan returned.

"What did they say?" Dev asked.

"When would you like to leave? Now, or later?" Nathan said smiling.

Liz woke up the next day and ran for the school bus. She was late, again. When she got to school, she didn't get to see Ali and Bri because her bus was late. First hour, Liz was bombarded with wads of paper from the back of classroom. It lasted all hour till Liz caught one and threw it back. The teacher didn't see anything. Second hour, Liz was almost late to Biology again. When third hour finally came, Liz laid down on the floor in exhaustion.

Bri and Ali bent over her.

"Guys, I fell and don't bother trying to pick me up." Liz said.

"Oh, come on. It can't be any worse than bats for brains." Bri said trying to help with her spirit.

"I'm just having a bad day." Liz said glancing out at the cloud-covered sky. It was snowing again.

"At least you aren't doing anything dangerous today." Ali said as she and Bri pulled Liz to her feet.

"It could always be worse." Bri pointed out.

"Yeah, you're right." Liz said as she caught Dev looking at her. He quickly looked away.

"Guys know who Dev is dating this week?" Liz asked.

"No one. Why?" Ali asked.

"He was just looking at me weird." Liz said and then shuddered.

"Eww." Ali said.

"Gross." Bri replied.

"Yeah, all of the above." Liz said as she pulled her coat closely around her.

Later that night, Liz had taken a shower and had on her usual jewelry and black boots. She had on a black shirt with loose, sheer, long sleeves along with black pants. She had put her black leather gloves in the pocket of her trench coat, which hung on the coat rack along with her hat. Her trench coat was loaded with weapons since she was about to go back in time. Who knows? The Order might have a mission for her by now. However, there seemed to be fewer missions since Dracula was killed.

Liz had just finished pulling her bangs back to keep then out of her face when the doorbell rang. She walked out of her room, slid down the banister to get it. Dev was standing there when she opened the door.

"Uh, hi." Liz said.

"Hi. Do you want to go for a walk?" he asked acting slightly bashful. Liz was taken back. She never expected this. She didn't know what to say.

"Uh, okay. I'll get my coat." she said. Liz grabbed her coat and stuffed her hat into one of the inside pockets. She put it one and grabbed her house key. Liz stepped outside into the snow and locked the door to her house. She placed the key in her pocket and looked up at Dev.

"Alright." he said smiling as the two began to walk along the side of the snow-covered street.

"I saw what you did you Eric yesterday." Dev started.

"I think everyone did." Liz said feeling the situation was a bit awkward.

As they passed a house, a widow was open and beautiful music flowed out onto the street.

"Care to dance?" Dev asked. Once again, Liz was shocked and completely speechless. Dev gently slipped his left hand in her right as he placed his right hand around her waist. He began to gently lead her in the dance.

Something wasn't right, and Liz could feel it. She pushed it down for the time being. Suddenly, Dev leaned in and gently kissed her. Liz was shocked. Not from the kiss, but Dev was ice cold.

Liz quickly pulled away and stumbled back away from him.

"What are you? No human can be that cold." Liz demanded.

"I am human, just like you." Dev replied.

"Wrong answer." Liz said getting ready to pull out her tojo blades.

"I am human." Dev said again. Now Liz knew what he was, she could feel him in her mind. She pushed him back out.

"Obviously, you don't know my last name." Liz said with a spark in her eyes.

"It's Van." Dev replied confused.

"Van Helsing." Liz said as she flicked her wrists out. Her tojo blades slid into her hands and she flicked them on.

Dev's face drained of all color and his fangs grew.

"I didn't know Van Helsing had a child. I wonder what Dracula would say?" Dev said.

"Kind of hard to since he's dead." Liz said and jumped into the air. As she came down, her foot collided with Dev's face. He was knocked to the ground and Liz ran like hell. She flicked off her tojo blades and slid them back up in her coat as she ran. Liz pulled out her hat and placed it on her head. Bri's house came in sight and Liz ran up to the door. She pounded on it and shouted.

"Bri let me in!!! I have a vampire problem at the moment!!!!" Liz shouted. Bri flung open the door.


Liz fell past the threshold and slammed the door behind her.

"Dev's a vampire." Liz said. "He just tried to turn me."

"What's going on?" Ali asked walking into the room.

"Dev is a vampire. I was almost bat chow!" Liz said almost freaking out.

"Let's get to Van Helsing." Ali said.

"No problem." Liz said raising her pewter ring with the blue stone above her head. A blue light enveloped them and they vanished.

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