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Chapter Nine

The next night, Liz walked to the pier alone. The night was cold and her collar of her coat was turned up against the cold. She had her iPod with her. 'Thoughtless' by Evanescence blared through her ears.

All, all my hate cannot be bound
I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming
So you can try to tear me down
Beat me to the ground
I will see you screaming

Liz turned off the iPod and stuck it in her pocket as the sound of her boots clonked on the wooden planks of the pier. She stared out at the water, arms crossed and hat lowered over her face.

"I surprised you came." came Dracula's voice from behind her.

"You and me both." Liz replied keeping her gaze out to the water.

"I am also surprised you came alone." he added.

"According to whom?" Liz asked turning to him. "You of all people should know it's good to have allies in unexpected places."

"Quite true, but on to business. I know you want Gabriel and Anna returned to you. What are you will to sacrifice for them?" Dracula asked.

"What do you want for them?" Liz asked.

"I want my children." Dracula said.

"I can't give you that so that isn't gonna happen. Option two?"

"A daughter."

"Once again, isn't gonna happen. Option three?" Liz replied.


Suddenly, Dev and Verona appeared and grabbed Liz who began to scream. Ali, Bri and Rachel jumped off of a nearby boat and Carl and Chase rushed out from behind some cargo.

"Leave her alone." Ali told Dracula.

"Why should I?"

"Because we said so." Bri said.

"Don't forget, the werewolves will be very upset if you don't." Rachel said smirking at him.

"Werewolf huh?" Dracula smirked.

"Times have changed bat brain. You can't control them anymore." Liz said.

"Really?" Dracula said.

All of a sudden, a werewolf jumped out of nowhere and tacked Bri off to the side.

"Lycan!" Liz shouted.

Ali tried to get to Bri was knocked back by Mike. He lifted Ali into the air and bit down into her neck.

"No!" Liz shouted anger growing. She threw the two vampires off her and whipped out her gun. She aimed and fired at the werewolf. She hit it dead on and wolf died then and there. Mike laughed at Ali's lifeless body and dropped her in the ocean. Liz threw off her coat and hat then dived into the water.

She got to Ali and grabbed her around the waist. Liz pulled her up and began to swim toward the dock. When she got there, Rachel took Ali and pulled her up while Liz pushed herself up on the dock.

"What's the damage?" Liz asked seeing the vampires were gone.

"They took Carl and injured Chase. I don't think he'll make it Liz." Rachel told her. Liz looked over at Chase. He was lying on his back breathing hard. Next thing she knew, Liz heard sirens and the flash of red and blue lights. It was the police.

"What are you doing here?" the cop asked. "What happened?"

"Pirates." Liz replied. "We just got off the boat when they ambushed us and stole our cargo."

"Chase needs to get to the hospital." Rachel told the officer.

"So do Ali and Bri." Liz said.

"So do you." Rachel said nodding toward the girl's bloody shoulder from where Verona held it to hard.

"It's just a scratch. I'll be fine." Liz told her putting on her coat and grabbing her hat.

Bri, Ali and Chase were taken to hospital. Liz felt terrible. They were hurt and it was all her fault. She just had to come to the pier. She doesn't even know where her parents are. Then, just before she got in the ambulance with the others, Liz saw something on the pier. It was a piece of paper. Liz picked it up and stuffed it in her pocket before she got in the ambulance.

Later that night, when she and Rachel were sitting at her friends' sides', Liz took the piece of paper out again. There was some writing with a drawing of a castle on it.

"Where did you get that?" Rachel asked.

"On the pier. I think Dracula dropped it." Liz said examining it. "It's in Spanish. It says 'Castle Oscuridad is most recognized for it's frightening look and is thought to be haunted. It is abandoned and no one dares go near it because they are frightened of the monsters inside it.' Sounds like a place Dracula would pick."

Just then, Chase stirred. Liz quickly shoved the paper in her pocket and ran to her side. He began to glow softly.

"Liz, what is it?" Rachel asked.

"It's Chase. He's glowing. Don't you see it?" Liz asked turning to Rachel. The werewolf shook her head.

Liz looked back at Chase and then his heart monitor. It was slowing. Chase was dying. Slowly, the moment came that Liz dreaded. The beeping of the heart monitor turned into a single high-pitched sound. Chase's light went out. He was dead.

Liz lowered her head so Rachel wouldn't see the tears well up in her eyes. Chase was gone and she had now begun to see Ali's light. Liz knew that it meant she was going to die. She was as good as dead. And Bri was falling fast. It was all because of her.

No. argued a voice. They wanted to come. It's not your fault. It's Dracula's.

Dracula. Because of him Liz had lost everyone she held dear. She and Rachel were the only survivors. Her family was gone. He took them. Now she understood what it meant to be a monster hunter. It meant being alone. But this wasn't her choice. The only reason she was a monster hunter was Dracula. This was all because of him.

Face expressionless, another sound reached Liz's ears. Another high-pitched sound that matched Chase's. Only now it was Ali.

The girl couldn't take it anymore. Liz bolted out of the room and ran. Eventually, she found herself on the hospital roof, looking out over the city. First Anna, Van Helsing and Carl. Then Chase and Ali. All of them gone.

The emotion bottled up inside Liz finally exploded and she broke down crying. Hot tears ran down her face and she began to shake with anger. Soon, she had cried all the tears out and was left gazing over the city singing quietly to herself.

I've been looking in the mirror for so long

That I've come to believe my soul's on the other side

All the little pieces falling, shatter

Shards of me to sharp to put back together

To small to matter

But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces

If I try to touch her

And I bleed

I bleed

And I breathe

I breathe no more

"Why can't he just leave me alone?" Liz thought aloud to herself. "At least leave my friends alone. They never did anything to him."

Liz looked out over the streets of New York. The lights glimmered and She could understand why some people say the city glitters. For her, all the glitter is getting dark, just like the rest of her life. She knows now that she probably won't see the age of twenty. Well, not her current occupation being what it was. But she wasn't going to let despair and darkness overcome her. She'll bounce back. She always does. But she knew things would never be the same.

A breeze and something grabbing her by the waist interrupted her thoughts. Liz immediately began to struggle.

"Quit squirming you little urchin." came Marishka's voice from behind her. Liz struggled harder and her strength began to grow. Dracula appeared in front of her and Liz began kicking.

"Stop struggling or your beloved parents will not live to see you again." he said.

Liz stopped struggling from shock at what Dracula was implying.

"Yes, they are alive. My dear, you are to come with me. I intend to keep you with me as my child." Dracula said. "Look into my eyes, young one."

Liz looked down at the ground. Dracula lifted her chin to make her look at him but Liz shut her eyes. She began to struggle again and Dracula pulled away. Aleera and Verona each grabbed one of Liz's shoulders and forced her to her knees. Marishka held her head in place and brushed away the hair from her neck.

"Thank you my brides." Dracula said. "Now I shall finally have a child."

Dracula bent down as his fangs grew in size. Liz shut her eyes as she waited for the end.

"Leave her alone!" came a female voice. Liz felt Verona and Aleera pulled away. Liz saw it was Bri and Rachel.

"Bri!" Liz shouted and felt happier than she had in a long time. She was moving incredibly fast, till Dracula caught her by the throat.

"Drop her now." Liz said anger boiling over at the memory of what Dracula had already caused her. Her hands were then surrounded by a white light and her eyes began to glow. Liz flung her hand at Dracula and a ball of light flew at him and hit him in the back. He screamed, dropping Bri over the side of the building.

"Bri!" came another voice. Suddenly a flash of black jumped over the side of the building. Marishka tried to follow them but Liz pulled out a stake. It began to glow the same white light her hands did and she shoved the stake in the bride's heart. Marishka screamed and fell to the ground.

"Marishka!" Aleera roared. The brides changed into their bat forms as well as Dracula and flew away wailing.

"Liz, are you alright?" Rachel said running over to her.

"Yeah. What about Bri? Who was that person who jumped over the side?" Liz asked.

"Liz, listen to me. Bri could've survived the fall." Rachel told her.

"How? We are on top of a tall building in New York! We are like twenty stories up!" Liz said.

"Think about it a second." Rachel told her.

The information sunk in and Liz flipped out.

"She's a werewolf!! But she wasn't bitten!!"

"The werewolf scratched her with it's teeth. She's only partly a lycan." Rachel told her.

"Someone talking about me?"

Liz and Rachel looked over to see that Bri was standing in the doorway to the roof.

"Bri, you're a werewolf! But your alive!!" Liz said running over and hugged her. It was a short hug, since Bri wasn't fond of hugging.

"Just don't tell Van Helsing about me." Bri said.

"Or me."

Liz looked behind Bri and couldn't believe her eyes. Then she realized what it meant. Liz backed away as the figure emerged from the shadows. It was Ali.

"You died!" were the first words out of Liz's mouth.

"Sort of." Ali replied.

"You're a vampire."

"Well, yes and no." Ali replied. "Since Mike though he drained me dry, he didn't blood me so, that only makes me half."

"Now we have a half vampire, a half angel, a half werewolf and a full werewolf." Bri said.

"Now we know Dracula can't beat us." Ali said.

Liz was still in shock but understood things, almost. Ali was still Ali only undead and had a soul unlike the other vampires. Bri was half werewolf but still Bri none the less. They were still Bri and Ali, only improved versions. As all this sunk in, Liz sat down.

"Oh gosh." she said.

"By the way Angel, what was all that white light stuff?" Ali asked.

"And you look like your old self now instead of your hair darker and everything." Bri said.

She was right. Liz's hair was back to it's original dark brown instead of black brown and it went back to being a little over shoulder length.

"It must be the angel part of her." Rachel said.

Liz looked down at her hands as if they held the answer.

"Rachel, get your dad. We are leaving for Spain." Liz told her.

"Why Spain?" Bri asked. Liz only had one answer.

"To kick some vampire butt!"

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