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Some Lorne/Angel, Just cuz…

No particular season.

My muses decided to wake me up to write this, it may not be award winning, but there is simply not enough Lorne/Angel fic! : ( This is for all the peeps that read and review, love you all!

Angel walked into Caritas, and took a seat at a random table. He listened as a troll sang on the stage. He was actually pretty good; although being a big, orange and purple troll probably didn't help him get many auditions.

Lorne read the troll and strolled casually over to Angel. "Hey there Angel-cakes! What brings you here?" asked the demon. Angel stood up and hugged Lorne close. "I was hoping to run into someone," he said, kissing Lorne's neck.

"Oh? And did you find them?" asked Lorne, as he wrapped his arms around Angel's waist, bringing them even closer. Angel kissed his lips. "Oh yeah" he said, as they kissed yet again.

"I've missed you" Lorne said, looking into Angel's eyes. Seeing himself reflected in a chocolaty hue. "I've missed you too…" Angel said, smirking. "Let's say I get Ramón to cover the rest of the night?" Lorne asked. "I like the sound of that" Angel said, biting his neck. "Now, now Muffin, let me call Ramón, then we can get reacquainted." Lorne laughed. "OK," Angel pouted.

Lorne detangled himself, and walked over to the bar area. He talked to Ramón, the bartender, who seemed to laugh, and roll his eyes. "Thanks babe, you're a sweetie-pie!" Lorne said and walked back over to Angel. "Now, where were we?" asked Lorne.

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