Silent Voice

By Hikari Tsuki Chi

Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin.

Summary: Companion piece to Silent Watcher and Silent Witness. Kenshin's view on the fight from inside his mind.

Note: Here it is…

Silent Voice

That's all I am

For what can I be

Now that I'm in my mind?

I could feel it slipping

Tiny cracks in my shield of control

Weakened from the fight with Jin-e

Shattering completely in this battle-heat

The Miburo called

And Battousai answered

How could he not?

His is the ice-cold blood of war

Resisting, fighting

Yet failing

Falling into the blackness of my mind

Control lost, shield shattered like glass

A Silent Voice

Watching the battle

Searching for a crack


For me to fight from

Oh Kaoru-dono…

I hate to see her tears staining the floor

Far too much like HER blood

Staining the snow red

The fighting ends

Words exchanged

Finally, I can take control

Push HIM back into the mental void

A Silent Voice No Longer


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