Can Somebody Help Her?

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Author's Note: Alright, I know it really sucks, but it's only the result of my damn internet dying on me. Evil little bugger, that Internet. And of course, it's also a result of my insanity. One can never forget that.

Chapter One

Davis walked into the city morgue early Wednesday morning, the twentieth of May to be more exact. May 20, 2004. He sighed, thanking his lucky stars that it had been a very slow week, especially given that he was in New York City.

"D?" Tru Davies called from inside. "Is that you?" her curious voice asked as it echoed throughout the vast emptiness of the morgue.

"Yes, it's me," he announced as he walked inside, plunking the mail down on the small table in his office. "With a bunch of mail, probably mainly junk," he added with a roll of his eyes.

Tru smiled as she walked over to join her boss. "Read the junk mail, D," she said with a smile as she plunked herself down at his desk chair. "It builds character."

"Now you sound like my father," Davis informed his co-worker as he motioned for her to get out of his seat, which she dutifully did.

"One of us should," Tru pointed out as she walked back over toward the corpse dummy lying out on the table in the middle of the main portion of the morgue. "Come on Chad, let's see why you died."

Davis peeked his head out from his office as he looked over at Tru, wondering what in heavens name she was actually doing in there with the corpse dummy. A slight smile crossed his face as he tiptoed across the room until he was standing behind the corpse. He fought the urge to chuckle as he grabbed the dummy's hand.

"Davis, what are you doing?" Tru asked without looking up.

Davis shrugged as he placed the dummy's hand on Tru's arm, then croaking out, "Help Me," in a low voice.

"Again, Davis, what are you doing?" Tru asked as she suddenly began laughing at the stupidity contained within the moment. It was amusing to her.

Davis shrugged. "Honestly, I have no idea."

"Then check that mail while I lock up Chad here," Tru commanded as she rolled her eyes and began folding the dummy up.

A few moments later, after the dummy had been successfully put back into the closet, Davis jumped up from his desk and ran over to Tru, one piece of paper held tightly in his hands. "We're going on a trip," he announced, his voice filled with excitement before a puzzled expression covered his face as he looked at the letter again.

"What?" Tru asked as she turned around, her light brown hair swinging as quickly as her head.

Davis nodded as he reread the letter in front of him. "There's this mission people are putting together out in California. They need some morgue people there to help find bodies, if there are any."

"But why us, D?" Tru asked in utter confusion. "We're from New York City...Don't these people watch N.Y.P.D. Blue?"

Davis raised an eyebrow at his co-worker. "Beg pardon?" he asked.

Tru sighed, dismissing her comment with a wave of her hand. "So, where is this place exactly?" she asked. "I mean, I know California, but that's a pretty big state."

Davis nodded. "That it is," he agreed as he began rechecking the letter. "Oh, right, duh," he mumbled before answering Tru's question. "Sunnydale."

"Isn't that the town that blew up like a year ago?" Tru asked.

Davis nodded. "The one and only. Well, it's free airfare, so I'm going to call the guy who's arranging all this," he said, waving the paper in his face as he disappeared into the office.

"Who's going to watch this place though?" Tru asked as she looked around the vast morgue.

"Someone will," Davis assured her. "And you can bring Harrison, I guess," he offered. "Just in case."

Tru gave her boss a curious glance, but then shrugged as she whipped out her cell phone and began calling her brother up. "Harry, it's Tru. Pack some clothes and money, we're going out to California on businessÉYes, I know you don't have a job, but Davis told me to bring youÉAlright, see you in a few," she said as she hung up.

Tru awoke with a yawn as the plane began landing into Los Angeles International Airport. "Huh?" she asked as she looked around the plane, briefly forgetting that she was not at home and she was on a plane for a business trip.

"Rise and shine," Harrison whispered from the window seat next to her.

Tru groaned as she dimly recalled getting onto the plane. Yes, she noted. She had gotten onto the plane and she had the childlike fight with her younger brother over which one of them would get that window seat. Harrison ultimately won, since Tru realized she would be spending most of the trip sleeping. "We there?" she asked with another yawn.

From his seat in front of the two Davies siblings, Davis answered the question. "The airport, yes, but Sunnydale's another hour in a taxi."

Tru nodded slightly. "I can do that," she said as the plane hit the Los Angeles ground. Momentarily, people began standing up and exiting the plane.

"Ah, Davis," someone greeted as they walked out of the airport a half hour later. "Nice to see you. And who did you bring?"

Davis smiled. "My co-worker Tru Davies and her brother Harrison," Davis introduced as he gestured at each of the Davis siblings as he said their name. "You two, this is Dan Keat, the leader of this expedition to Sunnydale."

"So why exactly are we waiting a year until after it collapsed to start looking for bodies?" Tru asked curiously as she looked over at Dan.

The tall man smiled down as the four of them began walking out towards a parked taxi. "Climb in," he said. "I'll explain on the way."

And explain he did, but the ninety-minute drive was not enough to cover the details of the mission. What Tru gathered from it was that they had to first wait to see that the town would not collapse from under them before heading in. And they were doubting on finding many bodies, since a majority of the small town's population had left before the collapse, but there were always those few who insisted on staying.

"And here it is," Dan announced as he stopped the taxi in front of a large crater that at one point was Sunnydale. "Whenever you're ready," he added. "Half an hour before sunset is when we stop, to allow enough time to get back to the hotels in Los Angeles. Made these reservations at a great one, the Hyperion. You'll love it."

Tru nodded as she hopped out of the taxi and began carefully climbing into the Sunnydale-shaped pit, Harrison following right behind her. "What exactly are we looking for?" he asked as the two of them began walking carefully along the ruins of old buildings.

Tru shrugged. "I'm not sure. Guess we won't know until we find it."

"Hey," one of the workers called up as he approached the Davises on a golf cart. "Hop on. You're going over to where the high school used to be," he said.

Tru looked at Harrison and shrugged before hopping on. Her brother instantly did the same and before long the two of them were getting off at the high school. "Why are we here?" Tru asked. "'Cause from what I've read, this place closed down in April of last year."

The worker nodded. "Yes, but we've already found some bodies here. Mostly young girls, probably just sneaking off to do drugs or something else illegal."

Tru shrugged as she began walking through the ruins of the school. For the most part, it seemed to be lifeless. Only some old books lying around, although they had been burned so she could no tell exactly what kind of books they were. Tru stumbled on something from beneath the rubble and soon found herself being helped up by Harrison.

"You ok?" her brother asked as the two of them knelt down and began moving things from where Tru had tripped.

Tru nodded as she pulled a sword out, the object she had tripped on. "Curiouser and curiouser," she noted as she continued moving things aside, uncovering a head of blond wavy hair. "We got a body!" she yelled to whoever could hear her as she began pulling the body up all the way.

"Ouch," Harrison noted as he helped Tru finish pulling up the body. "What a horrible way to die," he noted. The body belonged to a female, dressed in a pink top and jeans, but they were so horribly stained with her blood which came from a large and deep wound running diagonally down her torso.

"I'll say," Tru said as she tried to see if there was anything in the girl's pockets that could have told them who she was. She smiled, finding something in her pocket. The piece if paper was partly covered in blood, but Tru started to read the top. "A shot out to my brother Tucker, who gave me the inspiration to summon demons, to Warren, the man who truly had it all-"

"Tru, that's not going to have any impact on who she is."

"Well, she has a brother named Tucker. It's a start," Tru said as she placed the paper back in the girl's pocket. At that moment, the girl's hand shot out at her, grabbing on to the lower portion of her right arm. "Help me!"