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Summary: To live by the law is to deny the love sprung destined to fail between the beautiful princess and not-so-humble warrior. For the sake of all that is Inuyasha, the character's names will stay the same though the roles have changed. This is a KagxInu fic, and Kikyou will not be appearing, but there will be other conflicts, don't worry.

Author: SailorCreative [she is the one named sailor creative]

""this means talking, ' ' this means thoughts

To Live by Love

- - - - - - - - - - -

Scroll 1

Sunlight filtered through the bamboo trees, kissing her delicate moon-colored face gently, caressing every strand of ebony hair falling from the twin buns atop her head. Her delicate fingers ran through the flowers, carefully hand-picking each blossoming plant she desired. The scent filled her senses, her blue-gray orbs fluttered open as a melody that drove the gods insane with jealousy rang out into the morning air. Hanging from her neck was a round, pink jewel known as the 'Shikon no Tama'.

The maiden looked up, the wind gently brushing against and pulled at her raven-haired locks. "What ever could it be?" she wondered aloud, her voice sweeter than sugar. Hunched over the flowers, she tugged at her lavender-colored robe as the forest shook.

An unforgiving howl stabbed the still air, sending a shiver running down her spine.

"A demon?!"

The fair woman reached for a pair of arrows, preparing herself for battle. 'I shall not be taken by a foul demon.' With her arrow pulled she waited, searching the forest for any movement.

Her heart banged against her chest and her palms started to sweat, beads of frustration apparent on her forehead. "Show yourself!" she called out, not daring to show any hint of fear.

As if on cue, the demon indeed showed itself, the hideous creature bounding towards her. It had taken the form of a wild boar, though much bigger in stature with long curving tusks tainted red. Her arrow flew, striking the demon in the shoulder but it didn't even flinch. She reached for another, shooting at it perilously as it drew nearer.

Her body wracked with fear, hitting it only three more times as it came within inches of her. She held her hands out in front of her, in a last final effort to save her. A flash of red worked its way in front of her and she squeezed her eyes shut, thinking herself to be dead. 'It must be the end.'

The demon screamed in agony as it was cut down, crimson ribbons flying from its entity. In its final efforts it dug its tusks into the slayer, bringing a yelp as it sighed its last breath, sagging into lifelessness.

The girl blinked hard before she focused on her savior, noting rich silvery color of his hair. "You saved me... Thank You." The warrior sheathed his blade and turned to meet her gaze, she gasped.

"You're... You're a demon!" she squeaked, her hands coming up to her mouth and then pointed at the ears protruding his head.

"Half," he retorted, glaring down at her with his luminous golden eyes. Suddenly he groaned, clutching his stomach. "You're wounded!"

"Yeah..." he grunted, "Seems so." His mouth formed a scowl, her scent surrounding him completely.

"Let me help you, I'll take you to my village." She walked to him and tried to give him support and he shoved her away.

"No! I refuse!" He eyed the Shikon no Tama hanging loosely around her fragile neck. He could wrap his hands to wring the life out of her, or simply snap it and the jewel would be his.

'No, that would be far too easy, not worth stealing at all. It would be futile to save someone and kill them, even in this case.' No, he would make a name for himself if he strung her along first, giving her a false sense of security. He looked over her, then again undressing her with his eyes as she stood before him.

'No doubt she came from a well-off family, he would be powerful and wealthy, and maybe even get some land if he could go as far as making her his. As soon as he got what he wanted, he would have no use for her.' Calculating all of this in his mind her mouth opened and he returned his attention to what she said.

"I insist, I must pay you back for your services. I am in your debt." The girl bowed low, her hair tumbling over her shoulders and touching the ground. She rose slightly, pleading with her eyes.

"Alright then," he said gruffly, he took his sheathed sword and started to hobble towards her. She took his other arm and strung it across her back and over her right shoulder, supporting his other side.

"I am Kagome, and you are?" she turned her gaze to his.

He paused for a moment, wondering if she would suspect any of his interior motives. "Inuyasha. My name's Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha..." she repeated, "It suits."

This was a lot of fun to write. =) I hope you like all of the descriptions; this fiction will have a lot. (I write a little differently for each situation if you didn't notice) Anyways, I've been playing with this idea since my first inuxkag fic 'some things are meant to be' and thought it'd be worth writing because of all the reviews I got, I can only get better, right? I'm always open to suggestions, and I won't put up the next until I get at least three reviews for the first.

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