Okay, to answer one reader's question this is NOT going to be a slash fic. Not that I don't write them it's just this was my first baby. This fic just has a rather overprotective Wyatt with some father issues.

Chapter twelve

Chris and Leo orbed back to the manor and Chris practically sprinted to his brother, "Wyatt!" he cried happily.

Wyatt turned around and grinned at his fourteen-year0old brother, "What's up?"

"It was so awesome, we went to a lake and Kit was there and he-"

"Wait, who's Kit?" Paige asked.

Chris paused, "He said he was the…culmination of my new powers…a demi-god Wyatt! My new power is so cool!"

"Do you want to go show me?" Wyatt asked, wrapping an arm around Chris' shoulder.

Chris looked up at his Aunt Paige, "Is that okay Aunt Paige?"

Paige nodded, "As long as you two are home for dinner?"

"We will be!" Chris grinned broadly as the two brothers disappeared in a swirl of blue orbs.

When they left Paige leveled her eyes at her brother in law, "Leo what's going on here?"

"I'm spending time with my youngest son Paige. Since when is that a crime?"

"Leo, you and I both know that what Wyatt said to you at the cemetery stuck, and I know you miss Piper…We all do. But spending all this time with Chris…building his hopes up-it's not fair to leave us to pick up the pieces."

"What are you saying Paige?"

"You need to make a choice. The Elders, or your sons."

"Paige that's impossible."

The boys had just orbed back in after a slight rain disaster on Chris' part and soaking wet stood just outside the door.

Drenched, the two boys stepped inside unnoticed, "I would have thought it was an easy choice dad."

Paige and Leo turned to see the eldest Halliwell children standing in the doorway. Unshed tears pooling in emerald green orbs and anger and barely contained rage simmering behind crystal blue.