Chapter 15: A New Beginning

Nine days later, many things had returned to normal within Titans Tower, but no one would ever forget what had gone on. Raven and Beast Boy had gone on their first date, a double date with Robin and Starfire, to the movies, four days after the incident. They were all very happy, but a sense of loss and hurt still clouded their minds everyday since then. Now, nine days later, they gathered at Cyborg's grave, and said their final good byes to their friend.

"I'll miss you Cy," B.B. said, and tear dripping from his eye.

"You were a great friend, Cy," Robin said, "I'll miss you. I just..." he trailed off as tears slipped out from under his mask.

"I miss you, my human friend," Starfire said sadly, and walked to comfort Robin.

"Cyborg, I may not have shown it, but, I will miss you as well," Raven said, even a small tear escaping from her left eye.

Raven wiped her face, and walked over to beast Boy. They hugged each other, and walked over to the other Titans. Suddenly, all their communicators went off.

"See you, Cy," Robin said, looking back one last time, with the other, then wiping his face, he said, "Titans...Go!"


Down in the torturous bowels of Hell, Freddy Krueger lay chained against a wall. Pain continuously shot through his muscles, as every few minutes, a new torture would be inflicted upon him.

"Someone, somewhere will fear me again!" Freddy yelled, "It will only be a matter of time. I'll be back, and get my revenge on all of them, once and for all."

With that, Freddy let out a loud laugh that could be heard all throughout Hell, before a strange Demon floated to him, and lowered him into a burning lava pit, for another round of torture. Freddy knew one day he would be feared again and come back, but as the lava hit him, he realized he might have plenty of time to find a way out, because he would be there for quite along time.