Unrelenquished Dreams (title subject to change)

AN: Well folks, I now have a better idea of what the bloody hell is going on. Takes place right after AoD occurs. Lara and Kurtis are still in Prague, and they hear of odd attacks occurring around the Chech-German border. Seeing some of the victims and relating them to a familiar accomplice, they head out, not too sure what they'll find (ah hah! Ima gonna keep you in suspence...hee hee hee evil grin...okay that was way too corny...just...read on then x.x;;)

Chapter One: Foreboding

Numbness. Numbness and the dark were her only forms of company. The smell of cold, deep stone encased her nostrils. She had been waiting here, although, she knew not how she even got to this place, or why. It didn't even seem like a place...perhaps a void. She panicked, then told herself to calm, but her body would not accept it. She felt something smooth quickly brush past her shin, which further accelerated her heart .She jauntily stood up, gasping for the air to relax her fear-taught body. She flailed in the dark, succeeding letting her hand come across a grimy surface. She somewhat calmed, getting her bearings slightly. She let her back rest against the wall. A chill of freezing darkness perpetuated along her spine as she reached her hand forward. An echoed voice glanced off the wall, and perhaps more that lay ahead of her.

She let hear hand bush up against the length of the wall, letting it be her guide through out this...place, wherever it was. She was slightly comforted when she reached out to touch the opposing wall to her left. Another echoing scream ricocheted off her ears, which soon receded into the recesses of the, now identified, hallway. She soon felt the walls beginning to thin, getting closer and closer together. Pain wrenched through her head. She felt forward and kicked herself for not noticing the presence of the sudden drop in the low ceiling. She crouched down and pressed forward. The voice was the only thing that managed to keep her steadily going, even though the ceiling of the hallway was slowly receding. Panic filled her again, when she soon noticed that she had to squeeze through the passage until she could no further. She paused and took a breath and pushed herself even further, feeling her ribs squeeze at the stone obstructions above and below her. She kept on breathing as best she could, even though she was about to scream. The uncomfortable feeling of claustrophobia had already settled in and hyperventilation was soon to follow.

She couldn't move further anymore. She had finally reached the worst point that she could. She was trapped between the monolithically long perpendicular stone walls, in the darkness, in the cold as the voice now had stopped. She managed to let out a strangulated cry as she flailed for something, anything to get her out of this place. She felt forward in the blanketed deep and felt the ceiling incline sharply. She calmed again, inhaled deeply and pushed forward feeling her ribs squeeze her organs. She pushed through into a larger part of the hallway that let her fully stand, as she lost the recognition of the familiar walls. She took in a breath as she felt nervousness overtake her. Where could she go? The volume of the echo increased in deadening volume, which broke the constant static filling her ears

A light unraveled the deepening gloom in the form of a being. The being was exceedingly bright that it nearly had a violet-blue tinge to it. It flowed slowly, as if submerged fully in some icy body of water. Waves of energy whispered from it, as if one had breathed upon a windowpane. It kept moving toward her, and the light overtook her, as she slowly began to close her eyes, and let one hand shield them. As she closed her eyes, an image smouldered its way into her head, so much so, she physically felt pain. She wasn't so sure what it was, but it seemed to be red lace on a wall; red that was not really cloth, however.

She began to slowly back up at the brightness of the being that drew ever near. She felt chills embrace her body. Cold. Goddamn it was so cold. Her breath hung out in the air, the smoked away. The volume of the echo increased in deadening volume, which broke the constant static filling her ears. She put her foot out from behind her and felt nothing there, although she didn't manage to realize it. She fell, then grabbed for the ledge that she was once on. She tried to pull herself back up but the darkness swallowed her up as she let go and fell, further and further into the imaginary, nightmarish maws of some ancient beast. Was she really falling? She didn't know anymore as she...

Lara fell out of her bed with a thud. She still wasn't too sure if she was still entangled in the webs of her dream or not. She wasn't able to see properly still and screamed for the dark to end. Hysteria clamped onto her brain as she backed up against the bed and ragged breaths racked through her body. She grabbed for a side of the bed and pulled herself up, her hands slick with perspiration. Heat consumed her body as she let out another cry, this time of helplessness, as she fell to the floor, terrified.

She heard a door open, as she quickly pulled herself up and close to the bed, eyes wide with trepidation. Her retinas squeezed tightly trying to adjust to the light. A figure stood at the threshold of the light, wearing black sleep-pants and a black t-shirt. His dark umber hair was ruffled with sleep, and he stood, filled with wonderment at the woman curled up by the bed, paralyzed. He quickly made his way to her, "Hey, Lara. You alright?" Lara recognized the American voice and, without thinking, threw herself on him, holding onto him for dear life, as it were. Kurtis blinked slightly, never having seen the woman, who had killed the infamous Eckhardt who murdered his father, in such a state as this before. He let his arms encircle her softly, not quite knowing what to do "Bad dream?" Was all he could really manage.

Lara nodded, then seemed to regain her senses and pulled away, standing up then faltering a bit, watching the comforting light fade to the familiar dark. Kurtis slowly stood up and watched her careening to the floor. He caught her, and, grunting slightly, placed her on the bed. "Must've been a bad dream". He went to turn on some lights then looked back at her sweat soaked form in the bed once more. Her long, dark hair sporadically splayed out against the pillows, and her face placid. He sat on the edge of the bed, and held her moist hand in the both of his. He closed his eyes for a moment, reaching into her mind, soon withdrawing with a gasp at the emotions that she was experiencing. His face was that of confusion. Kurtis shook his head and went to get some water, questions soon ruminating in his mind to ask Lara if she had any idea what it was all about.

Before he could do much of anything, he heard a scream perpetuate from outside. Kurtis sighed "Oh Great...now what? Another Boaz?" Kurtis stopped and felt the eerie twinge of memories pick at him, remembering when he pulled himself into the dark place where Boaz was held before. 'I certainly hope not' He thought before tossing a glance to the incapacitated Lara on the bed. The Demon hunter grabbed one of the pistols that lay on the dressers and headed out into the hallway.