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Chapter Seven: Bitter Words

Lara gritted her teeth against the increased change of temperature. Never had she been so happy to see those green walls again. Yet the feeling of relief was soon replaced with one of suspicion as her eyes began to size up the woman in front of them, who apparently was leading them back to their now derelict room. The feeling of suspicion was deepened by a slight sense of guilt as she was forcing herself not to look at Kurtis. She knew that he wouldn't be extremely happy with her, but she digressed as her eyes now began to watch the ferverant movements of the denizens of this place.

They passed through the pockmarked doorway of their once inviting room; glass constantly crunched under their feet, bits of mattress fluffed up from the bed, the television's placid face was dashed with a few bullet holes, and the table and chair was overturned. Lara grimaced at the condition of her denim jacket, brushed it off after scowling at a large burn mark in the left sleeve. She pulled it on and briefly glanced at Kurtis, who already had a heavier shirt over his short sleeved one. The woman stood in the middle of the room, staring at the floor momentarily before looking at the both of them "I apologize that we came a bit late." Lara blinked as she checked the overturned chair for glass, righting it, and sitting down " Came a bit late? Whom were you sent by?"

The woman blinked perplexedly at Lara "Didn't Marcus tell you?–" Kurtis and Lara exchanged confused glances, yet briefly as Lara felt her cheeks burn and her insides drop at the mere remembrance of what had occurred between them only moments before, then looked back to the woman. "-- We are members of the Brotherhood of Saturn. He knew that the Neo-Nazi fuher would arrive soon in order to claim what they think is rightfully theirs." She paused after letting her subtly acrid gaze wander over to Kurtis "Your father's journal." Kurtis raised his eyebrows and leaned back against the wall, arms folded across his chest, looking away "Well, of course...". Lara straightened at a sudden connection that she had made "'re Anna Kyrmofsky."

The woman, now known as Anna, inclined her head her hair slightly rippling at the openings from the broken glass "Yes...I am". A brief silence ensued as Anna and Kurtis stared back at each other. Lara looked at them and soon felt a strange tension emerge. Her face clouded as Kurtis slowly stood to gaze out at the nearly rust colored sky. He tiredly leaned on the frame of the window, his left arm bracing his weight as he rested his head against his forearm, "Why did it have to be you, Anna?" Anna sat rigidly on the ransacked bed, letting the floor absorb her gaze. "Because...Marcus told me–" Lara almost felt as if she wasn't here, like she was watching some Drama on the television. "Marcus told you what, Anna?" Kurtis said irritably as he turned sharply, his eyes blazing. "Why the hell are you here?" Anna stood, her gaze as intense and her jaw set, yet she was still looking at the floor. "It's not what you think. I know you're upset because I was the last person to talk to your father and you still think that he viewed me as more of his child than you. But it's not true–"

"Yes it is, and you know it goddammit!" Lara let a sigh escape her lips as she could not stand the scathing looks that they casually threw across the room "Listen. I know we're having a rather bumpy drive down memory lane, but we don't have time to waste with this." That was the first time that Anna looked at Lara with eager ferocity "We don't have time to waste with this? When did you come in, Englisher!" Kurtis strode away letting a hand rake through his hair "No, Anna. Lara's right. We're wasting time here. The Fuher could be doing...anything right now, so we're just going to have to work together." The last part was almost said as if he was reassuring himself.

Lara felt her insides squirm at his sudden turning, quickly catching a thin red line across his face where a passing bullet had grazed him, and even more so when she caught his eyes as well. She stealthily brought her gaze to the floor. "So...Ms. Kyrmofsky, why exactly were they after the journal? I do suppose that it holds many so-called secrets, but, in means of content..." She trailed off, seeing the vaguely Russian woman beginning to concoct an answer within her head. "Well...the obvious has stated itself: diagrams and such in order to find the sanctum of the Nephelium, among other things." Lara disliked the sudden arrogance in her voice. Working with someone like her could possibly be difficult, yet, she seemed a valuable asset. Anna continued "However, we have never looked at its content, and have yet to discover more secrets about it." her gaze then drifted over to Kurtis, who looked absolutely drained of all energy possible.

New crunches of glass emanated from the doorway as the three turned their heads to meet a comrade of Anna's. "Excuse me." she said briefly, before exiting their small ring and began to rapidly speak to her counterpart in Russian. She looked back to Kurtis, and they both shared a knowing glance. Even though Lara seemed somewhat eager to take on this new mission, she knew that it was not going to be very easy. For once, she missed home and the three men that had helped her with about any situation possible. They both knew that they just wanted a break. She was slightly surprised when the Demon hunter moved from the doorframe. She sensed some unrest in him, "Lara...about earlier --"

"Don't worry about it,'s over and in the past." Kurtis clenched his jaw, and as she walked away, she could have sworn that he muttered women under his breath. She raised her eyebrows in the form of a shrug as she brushed the glass of a seat carefully before sitting down. Memories of her father flooded her and she clenched back the tears. Kurtis owed her an appology, other than that he was getting her into more than she had originally bargained for. She had saved him on more than one occasion, and to take her for granted like that perturbed her more than anything else. Her insides squirmed uncomfortably, yet somewhat pleasingly at the thought of their kiss, and how it all had happened so suddenly. She wanted to talk about it, but now wasn't the right time, with a neo-fuher following them and all, as well as psychotic angels that would destroy the whole world in the wake of their passing.

Anna eventually finished her conversation with her counterpart and turned back. She looked back at the Demon hunter, and, as Lara noticed, that there was something strange in her gaze, almost like a guilty regret that was coursing through her head, even though she didn't look like the kind of person that was capable of such emotions. " don't have to be like this. Can we at least be good friends, like we used to?". The Demon hunter eventually flopped down onto the mattress, renting his hands across his face. "Alright...what's our next course of action..."

Lara turned back to Anna, who looked either if she was going to hit him or just cry. At any rate, she was obviously upset at the simple fact that she had been ignored. She let her gaze return to the floor "We had planned that we would take you back to headquarters, get you cleaned up, and then Marcus would brief you." Lara knew that this would probably not be the best idea, but she interrupted anyway. "Brief us on what, per say?" Anna's cold glance made Lara's anger rage a bit more than it should have, yet she remained calm. " Marcus' orders are strictly--"

"-- I'm only curious as to what he wants us to do. We should be informed, I think. And this Marcus character seems a rather shady person, I can't fully understand why he could be perfectly honest with us." The only sound that swept the room were the far off sweeping of cars, sirens, and the heaviness of snow in the air. Anna closed her eyes "Perhaps you should have more respect for us, Ms. Croft. We don't tell out immediate actions to outsiders such as your self. You should at least maintain patience if you wish to be accepted by the Brotherhood of Saturn. If you want honesty, I shall give you it .All that I know about you is that you are an arrogant treasure-hunter that does what she pleases, and lacks reverence for anything that she does. I don't believe in heros one bit, Ms. Croft, so, please don't expect any extra bonuses from us." Lara was at least wise enough to hold her tongue as she stared at the carpet rife with pockmark, however, Kurtis didn't seem so. "That's enough! Both of you!" Both women looked a bit surprised at him, as he suddenly stood, a hand to his head. "I can't stand anymore of this fighting. It's ridiculous! The only way we can get through this is if we are able to work together." Anna looked a bit pleadingly at the Demon hunter "Kurtis, I was only trying to--"

"No. Stop. I don't want to hear anymore of this, Anna, especially from you." Lara took note that both of his eyes were like two pale October moons bearing deep into Anna. The Russian sighed, her throat easily giving away a sadness, not really knowing what to do. "Very well then...follow me".

And the three of them went out.

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