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Harry and the Prince

Chapter One - A game of Candy Land gone terribly wrong

This is a story –a story involving a young man by the name of Harry Potter— lonely Harry is orphaned at the age of two, due to his lovely young mother and daring father who took a holiday to the deep Amazon in research for their jobs with the Order of the Phoenix, a group who was well known for preserving creatures integrity and old customs of Wizards, however something strange happened in that forest and the adventurous parents were never heard from again leaving young Harry to be raised in the slight remote countryside of the kingdom, in the care of his godfather Sirius Black. The duo never went out and about much and the closest family nearby was the a red-headed bunch with the last name Weasley. Much like a child himself, Sirius filled his godson's life with laughter and fun times yet there was never talk on serious issues leaving Harry without a place to feel completely secure.

When young Harry turned 11 off he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as all good children who are born Wizards ought to do, where he met friends for life, and experienced a treat so rare- so life changing - the actual act of falling in love. A place where few can enter, either due to fear or just having not known the feelings until they are slapped into your face all of a sudden. Here with his two best friends and an amazing love, youthful vibrant Harry found his place where he belonged.

However, like all fairy tales nothing can ever happen with out hardship, and only after a few months Harry's love disappeared from his life; leaving Harry with a shattered heart and a tendency to never want to let anyone past his walls. To afraid to love again.

~Years Later~

Two young men strolled down a snowy road outside of Hogsmeade village, one with jet black hair and vibrant green eyes that could only help but follow the other; a tanned sandy blond haired blue eyed boy.

"Harry, whats this place?" The blue eyed boy asked stopping in front of a shop, peering into the window seeing spools of wool in varying colours, shades and patterns.

"I think it's a yarn shop," Harry said coming behind the other boy, wrapping his arms around the waist and nuzzling his nose into the crook of his neck, causing the first boy to blush and squirm.

"Let's go inside, I wanna know what I can do with that stuff," The blond said peering around, as if he was afraid someone would see, his quizzical peering about completely oblivious to the enamored brunette.

"Do with 'that stuff'?" Harry repeated with a chuckle. "I believe it is for making hats, scarf, mittens- you know things to wear when it's cold outside to keep warm,"

"Let's make one!" the blond said turning around to face Harry.

"You want to knit something?" Harry asked with a questioning smile and amusement in his eyes. "You who was having trouble re-rolling parchment and had trouble earlier putting your telescope back together after astronomy?"

"The great-evil-parchment-incident is not my fault, that scroll was out to get me!" the young man cried indignantly "and I have no idea what telescope you speak of" the yarn looking even more fascinating than before. "But! Yes, if witches do it all the time why can't we go forth and show these pieces of fabric who's boss? " The blond asked with an endearing smile whilst looking about the surroundings quickly with glances to his left and right, Harry to amused by his boyfriend to notice, "Let's go inside," declared with the blond with the tone of a pirate about to go on a perilous quest, with a laughing dark haired boy in tow, the blonde and the brunette entered the shop.

Harry Potter awoke from a fuzzy dream, a dream that was a reminder of a time long ago taking the memories that were to resurface and shoving them back to the dark recesses of his mind. Where they belonged. Shaking the last reminders of him.Squinting his eyes slowly, letting in the afternoon sun Harry groped around for his watch from the night stand, not yet ready to take in all the sunlight quite yet and the time as 3:30. Despite being an abnormal time for one to start the day Harry acted as if this was not a big deal. After all, running a childrens art and theater camp took a lot of a guy and any chance at sleep was welcome with open arms.

So he began with the same morning routine he had perfected, sitting on the side of the mattress his worn comforter sprawled next to him, cold bare feet touching the soft carpet. Harry sat there for a minute, his back to the window, feeling the afternoon sun's merry warmth as he saw the light dance in front of him except where his own shadow lay before him, leaving the world of dream land and into the land of the reality.

He stood, yawning, as he walked over to his bathroom. After closing the door he looked in the mirror and saw the same reflection that had looked back at him for so many years. A young man with jet black hair, olive skin and bright emerald eyes, dull with the look of mourning and tiredness. Although others had said they looked as though they had always held sadness about them. Harry personally thought these people crazy and that they should have to ballroom dance with a gnome for thinking such things. After all he wasn't sad, well, at least not anymore. Trying to not let his mind wander back to the memories that were trying to surface due to this mornings dream he shook his head, the dark hair moving about, with some hope that this action would remove the unwanted thoughts and then started to brush his teeth.

After giving his teeth a good cleaning, he stripped off the plain white t- shirt and boxers he always wore to bed. Walking over to the shower, he turned on the water and stepped in, letting the warm water soothe him. He was just Harry Potter, no one special, just a young wizard with a normal life starting a normal day.

He got dressed and walked over to his best friends' new place that was just a few blocks down, since he found no point in apparating the small distance. He arrived at the plain light yellow house and walked inside, nearly tripping over the "Jesus was a Hufflepuff" sign they had put out on the lawn for laughs.

"Hey Ron, hey Hermione," Harry said as he walked into the living room and sat down at a table with his best friend Ron Weasley.

"Okay, Harry, Hermione and I were having a debate," Ron started talking as soon as his best friend sat, and he'd apparently been waiting all day to bring this up due to the charts on the table and the way the red head could just not sit still in his seat, "about the color we should paint the walls. I think we should have it orange and we could bewitch it so the Chudley Cannons zoom around the walls!" Ron said with excitement. "BUT Hermione wants to paint them light blue!" he finished in a dull voice.

"I don't want the Chudley Cannons zooming around my living room!" A voice called from the kitchen. Hermione Granger (Harry's other best friend) joined the two boys at the table with a plate full of different scones and other goodies. Harry gave a small chuckle as he grabbed a biscuit, some things never changed. Hermione and Ron were engaged even though many had disagreed with their decision since they were only 18 and 19. The coupld listened to what their parents had to say with respect but ultimately decided they were ready for this step and had just completed the moving all the boxes into the house a couple of days ago.

"Well, I personally like blue, but I don't live here, so why ask me?" Harry asked the couple.

"HA! He agrees with me!" Hermione said triumphantly as she ran out of the room.

"Thanks a lot," Ron said, almost sulking

"What's going on?" Harry asked, feeling stupid.

"Well, you see, Hermione and I made a bet that we would play whatever game the winner of the bet wanted, and your choice just made Hermione win."

"What's so…" Harry didn't have time to finish his sentence as Hermione came back in the room carrying a rectangular cardboard box.

"Since I won, we are going to play Candy Land! YAY!" Hermione said in delight.

"Is she off her nutter?" Harry whispered to Ron.

"Dunno, mate."

"I'm not crazy, I just like my childhood and missed it. Now you guys may not know much about it because it is rare for muggle borns to know they are witches nowadays," This was true. When a witch or wizard was born from muggle parents, the king sent out his Inter-species relation agent to go speak with their parents about the childs future. They explained how the child should attend certain primary schools to learn about the culture of the magical world. Many parents were afraid to see their children go to these and it was also expensive. Hermione was lucky her parents had been supported, and had the means to fund her extra education.

Hermione tore off the top of the box. She quickly went over the rules with the two boys as she set up the game. Harry and Ron were amazed that the pieces didn't move. Hermione shook her head with a smile and a muttered "wizards"

"Why don't we make this a bit more interesting?" Hermione asked with a sly grin.

"Sure. What do we have to lose?" Ron replied with an eager smile.

"I dunno, mate" Harry said with a repressed grin " remember the last time Hermione made something 'interesting' and you had to go to that one thing wearing only ducky- intertube,"

"Hey, I worked that inter-tube all up and down Diagon Alley," Ron's reply was full of confidence minus the slightest pink tinge appearing on his ears.

"Well, how about this time the loser has to turn into the opposite gender of themselves and pick someone up at a bar," she said with a devious grin. At first the two boys objected, but then Hermione pointed out people would not be able to recognize them seeing as how they wouldn't exactly look like themselves and they agreed to the deal. What was the worst thing that could happen? (Besides, Hermione was acting strangely and they were getting a bit scared.)

After many hours of vicious Candy Land, including trips to the Snow Queen and then back to Mr. Plum, Harry was the last person to the finish.

"Hermione, how am I supposed to turn into the opposite gender of myself?" Harry asked, half curious and half dreading the answer.

"Well, you see I have already have some.."

"some what?" Harry cute her off.

"Some of this Polyjuice like potion, but not exactly poly juice, its construed so that all I have to do is alter your DNA by making the hair follicle bigger and re-arranging some cells to change your DNA completely. It's actually quite simple," she said, sounding like it was the easiest thing in the world.

"Where do you come up with this stuff?" Ron asked. Hermione shrugged and said something about free time.

"So, "Hermione looked at Harry, "pick a letter: A, B, C, or D?"

"Errr.. B?"

"OK, pick a number between 0 and 7."

"Um, 5."

"Okay, that's all the information I need," Hermione said as she picked a couple of hairs out of Harry's head and ran away to a basement, giggling mischievously all the way.

"Hey, Ron, is it okay if I'm afraid?" Harry asked his friend

"You're not alone," Ron replied

Meanwhile in the castle of the King and Queen of Wizarding Britian, the young prince was getting into the classic debate of marrying for love versus an arranged marriage.

"Mom, please explain to Dad that I just can't have an arranged marriage!" an angry Draco Malfoy yelled at his mother whilst pacing in front of the small throne she calmly sat upon.

"Draco, you are the prince of Wizarding Britain; an arranged marriage will make sure you have a proper wife," Narcissa Malfoy stated in soft yet authoritative manner.

"Screw that, I want the person I marry to actually care for me! Is that so much to ask for?"

"Draco, language"

Before the prince could reply to his mother in walked the king.

"Draco, I have a proposal."

Draco whipped his head around to face the new voice in the room. "What is your 'proposal,' father?" he asked with some annoyance.

"Since you have an obsession with marrying for love, I will give you until your birthday to find the person who you will take as your spouse."

"But my birthday is only in 4 weeks!" cried an astounded Prince. "Four weeks is a preposterous little amount of time in which to find a spouse!"

"If you wish to marry for love, then you should be able to find it in that amount of time," smirked Lucius and with a nod he left the chamber leaving somewhat but now determined Prince and a wife praying for five o'clock in the afternoon.

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