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Harry and the Prince

Chapter 17-The Resolution

Harry hadn't punched many people in his life. In fact the only time (other than the obvious moment that was in front of him). Was when he had first met Ron when he was six.. Ron had called him a 'doody head' and well he took it rather personally so he punched him. But, than Sirius pulled him aside and told him that violence wasn't the answer and made him apologize to Ron. Though the suppressed grin on Sirius' face displayed more of a 'You can take him Harry'. Unfortunately Molly Weasley was watching and if it wasn't for her being there maybe him and Ron would never have been friends.

However the punch Harry had just given to Draco felt justified.

"You know that's the second time you have knocked me down to the ground tonight," Draco said brushing the dirt off him.

That's when the whole situation came crashing down on Harry. This whole time Craig was Draco. Draco and Craig were one in the same. It was no wonder the prince had gotten his attention. They both had that aristocratic pride about them with a twinge of arrogance. Though if you got to know them both there was the gentleness that few could say they had the privilege of receiving.

So again he dated the same guy who again rejected him but came back. This was getting too confusing. Things needed to be put in order. Now.

"Let me get this straight," Harry began slowly and Draco could tell the wheels were still turning up there. "you went to Hogwarts under a glamour charm I'm guessing, so you could have a taste of what a normal life was like right?

"Right," Draco answered shortly feeling he really shouldn't push his luck at the moment.

"So that's the reason your father didn't approve of Hogwarts," Harry said half thinking aloud as he recalled the conversation he had had with 'Craig' about two weeks ago.


"Why now? Why after all this time did you start trying to get married. I mean I have seen the papers and usually if the Prince is involved it makes headlines sooner or later. Why now?" Harry asked again.

"My dad said it was time that I got married and what the king says goes. But, the reason I never did try looking for anyone, well Harry that was you." Draco said with all honesty as he looked into Harry's eyes. "When we broke up,"

Harry's eyes narrowed.

"Alright, when I dumped you or never contacted you, whatever you wish to call it. You have to understand that when I was going to Hogwarts I only expected to fool around with a couple of girls." Draco's speech started to hurry and his words were running into each other into a fast paced ramble. "I didn't expect to fall in love, especially not with a man that took me by surprise I had no idea until that kiss-" He was cut off.

"What did you say?"

"That the kiss when I said that I just wanted to know,"

"No before that,"

"That I didn't expect to.." and than Draco's eyes opened wide as he realized what he had just said. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath "The thing is you as a girl, the only reason I noticed you was because of your hair and eyes, and than at the ball after that kiss I open my eyes and it was you, my Harry. I was so confused and hurt. It didn't make sense so I pushed you away. It was too much, my brain seemed to have trouble processing it. I realized I had to talk you just once more at least, to try and explain the craziness between us. It was the stupidest decision in my life. Maybe, someday you can forgive me." Draco said as he started to walk back into the building and the only way was past Harry. As he was about to pass Harry he looked intently at the ground, afraid of what Harry's eyes would convey. He stopped and they were standing shoulder to shoulder facing opposite directions. Draco put his hand on Harry's shoulder and took a deep breath.

"I love you Harry. I always have," Who knew how much strength it took to say those words. Draco's heart was pulsing a million times a second as heat went throughout his body. He let go of Harry's shoulder and continued to walk towards the building.

"Why you arrogant prick!" Draco turned and saw Harry's eyes flashing and an angry looking Harry coming straight towards him. Fast, and he looked furious. "You think you can just say that to someone! Like it doesn't mean anything?! Like it's some kind of joke" and soon Harry was inches away from his face."

"I'm sorry, Harry "Draco said slowly cowering back bit, unintentionally, of course. "I didn't mean it as a –,"

The next thing Draco knew there were strong hands on his shoulders pulling him close and Harry's lips descended onto his.

Draco eyes opened wide in shock. Harry was kissing him passionately and suddenly hands were in Draco's hair pulling him closer. Harry's mouth was just how he remembered, lips slightly chapped and there was a taste of chocolate. Probably something he picked up off of the buffet table. He didn't know how he deserved this but decided not to question it as he put his arms around Harry.

The kiss slowed down a bit and Harry's arms went to the back of Draco's neck, while Draco's hands slipped around Harry's waist.

Harry was the one to break the kiss. He rubbed his forehead against Draco's. Than looked Draco directly in the eye, Draco couldn't help but notice the fear that lay in Harry's eyes.

"Harry..?" Draco asked tentatively.

"Did you mean it?" Harry asked in almost a whisper. As if he was afraid his voice would choose to betray him now.

"Yes," Draco answered quickly.

"Why didn't you look me in the eye than?" He was so afraid this was all a dream.

"I was scared you would…" Draco paused searching for the right word "reject me," he finished lamely; and once again avoiding eye contact with Harry.

"Draco, look at me," Harry said softly as he removed his right hand from the back of Draco's neck and used two of his fingers to bring up Draco's chin, bringing them eye to eye. It was than that Draco knew what he had to do.

"Come here," Draco said letting go of Harry and took hold of Harry's left hand as he led him to a nearby bench.. He sat down and pulled Harry down with him, never letting go of their now intertwined fingers.

"What's this all about Draco?" Harry said eyeing him wearily.

"I know, I have hurt you. But, Harry we have had to much of the good times for us to not continue seeing each other." Draco said looking into Harry's eyes the whole time, while his thumb gently caressed the top of Harry's hand. "Remember how much fun we've had over the years. Hell forget years even the last few weeks. Going to museums, eating out the ice skating, your amazing way to put up with me when I keep asking questions when all your trying to do is explain a muggle fairy tale to me?" Harry smiled a bit at that.

"Well you are very inquisitive,"

"It's one of my many wonderful qualities." Draco said with a dazzling smile causing Harry to let out a small chuckle. "However, I don't think I could ever be amazing as you. Starting a whole business looking after children that requires a lot of patience. Harry, I love you. I have loved you for the last four years," Draco said gaining confidence. "I know this to be true. However, I can not see you anymore as my boyfriend. I don't want to ever call you that again."

"What?" Harry said with the most hurt and confused expression on his face. He tried pulling his hand away but Draco held on tight.

"I love you Harry and I believe you are my soul mate," Than Draco slid off the bench, for a second Harry thought he was going to fall but than he put one knee down and looked at Harry squeezed his hand and smiled. Harry was officially the most confused he had ever been in his whole life.

"This wasn't the way I had originally planned this, when we tell people will have to change where we were, that is if there is a we,"

"What in the hell are you going on about Draco?"

"Harry James Potter, son of James and Lily Potter, will you marry me?" Draco said now letting go of Harry's hand and pulling out a gold ring that had a diamond placed in between two emeralds.

Harry no doubt was in a state of shock. He'd gone from being loved to the thought that he was going to get dumped to a proposal in the matter of ten minutes.

"Uhh.. Harry some kind of an answer would be nice," Draco said a bit uneasy.

"Well… Of course I will you idiot!" Harry said tearing up a bit as Draco slid the ring on Harry's ring finger.

"Good," Draco said and slid his hand behind Harry's neck so their lips could meet. Than Harry broke the kiss.


"What is it?" Draco asked worried

"I love you too," Harry said with a bit of a blush. Draco than muttered something about sentimental fools and than pulled Harry down for another kiss.

"Harry?" a young voice broke out though the garden.

Than a more adult female voice followed "Well! It was about time!"

Harry and Draco pulled apart and stood up looking on the incomers. Who, in Draco's opinion, just spoiled a wonderful moment. It was the child who played the prince in the play and Hermione she had a habit of showing up randomly.

"Hey guys what happening?" Harry asked with a slight blush on his face, and a demeanor that nothing special was happening.

"Michael wanted to ask you a question- "

"I can see that your busy though," Michael replied hastily.

"Smart kid," Draco grumbled

"Who is he?" Michael asked Hermione and Harry. "He looks familiar,"

"Err, Michael what was your question?" Harry said trying to change the subject he wanted to tell Sirius and his friends first.

"Well uh, it was kinda private, but maybe he might be able to help too," Michael said gesturing to Draco.

"How could Draco help?" Hermione asked.

"Well see I don't know how to reject girls, should I tell her that I'm gay or that I'm taken, I just don't want to hurt her feelings," Michael said hastily.

"It's Lucy isn't it?"


"Just say you have someone else, unless you are rather close with her than you could tell her why," Hermione suggested.

"See how she takes it first, and than let her know it might actually help no matter the reaction. Girls love having gay friends, for some reason, never got that," Harry said

"Yeah," Hermione and Draco agreed.

"Ok thanks for your help and Oh MERLIN!" Michael nearly shouted and than covered his mouth.

"What's wrong Michael?" Harry asked stepping towards Michael with a worried look on his face.

"Harry…"He let out in a shaky whisper "do you know who that is? Michael said pointing back at Draco.

"Ahh well..," Harry began.

"That's the Prince!"

"Yes, I know,"

"Hey I won't be talked about like that when I'm standing right here," Draco said indignantly with a pout on his face.

"Well you see Michael," Harry said as he pushed the hair out of his eyes as he tried to think of the right words when-

Hermione let out a gasp. "Oh. my. GOD!! Harry what's that on your finger?" She said pointing to the object in question.

"Huh?" Harry said as he realized that he had been pushing his hair out of his eyes with his left hand.

"That Hermione would be the Malfoy engagement ring that has been in my family for hundreds of years." Draco said hugging Harry from behind and resting his chin on Harry's shoulder, which worked out rather well seeing as he was about five inches taller than Harry.

"You mean .." Hermione than let out a loud girlish squeal and than hugged both of them, which looked kind of odd, considering Harry and Draco's current arrangement. Hermione pulled away with tears in her eyes.

"Hermione, you okay?" Harry asked.

"Your both just so stupid!" she said wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Err.. Thanks?" Harry said.

"Hey I'm still here!" Michael said alerting them to his presence once again.

"Hey Michael would you mind not telling anyone see I want to tell my godfather so I just don't want to let it get out but it shouldn't probably stay a secret that long right, Draco?"

"Well, the people are going to find out there will be a royal wedding," Draco stated pointing out the obvious. "But Sirius already knows anyway,"

"What?! How in the world does Sirius know?"

"I had to ask his permission," Draco said simply.

"Well of course," Hermione said nodding her head in agreement. "You have to ask the most recent guardians permission in order to make it an official engagement."

"Really?" Harry asked dubiously.

"Yeah, Ron had to ask my dad's permission before asking me. How could you now know that Harry?"

"Sirius never really went over that kind of stuff," Harry shrugged.

"Anyway, can we go back inside I am starting to get hungry," Draco complained.

The group laughed. They all were heading to the door when Harry stopped.

"Hey, Draco just a thought but maybe you should change back into 'Craig' " Harry said using air quotes.

"Yes, that might be a good idea," Draco stole a quick kiss and mumbled something and than appeared to be Craig again.

"Hey… Harry didn't you say Craig was your ex- boyfriends name?" Michael asked obviously confused.

"It's a long story," Harry sighed "Maybe one day I'll write a book about it,"

"All right," Michael said with a smile "I'll hold you to that Harry,"

They entered into the building and Michael ran off to find his friends.

"You know," Draco said "That kids not half bad,"

"Most of them aren't,"

"That's good that you think that," Draco said with a devious smile, whilst wiggling his eyebrows.


"Harry, you really are too naïve sometimes," Hermione said patting his shoulder.


Hermione and Draco looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"I don't get it. C'mon you guys tell me!"

"Draco are you sure your soul mates though?" Hermione asked when she composed herself a bit.

"Positive," Draco said with an evil grin " that specific ring is charmed not to work unless the happy couple to be are soul mates. One of my great grandparent's didn't want to marry the evil bastard her parents set her up with so she charmed the ring so now it won't work unless the two are soul mates. Naturally the family found out when it didn't work on one of the arranged marriages. So there's a replica made, but I went with this because my mother and father are going to insist on –hello Severus," Draco said seeing the new face walk up to them.

"Your father has sent me an urgent owl saying the engagement ring was missing and also wishes to know where you had gone off as if I would have any idea where you were but someone must have told him I was in London again so,"

"Alright Severus I get it were going," Draco said grabbing onto Harry's hand.

"So you finally grew a pair," Severus said with an amused smirk on his face.

"Severus!" Draco said with a blush on his face.

"I'm happy for you both," Severus said eyeing the couple. "Now you know how your father gets when he has to wait,"

"Here you loud and clear," With that Draco and Harry disappeared with a pop.

"How do you think that's going to go over?" Hermione asked looking at Snape.

"I am so glad I am not within hearing distance of the castle,"

"What's going on? What's Snape doing here?" asked a new voice.

"Hey Ron," Hermione said walking over to her fiancé.

"Where's Harry?"

"Oh you have missed so much but I'll have Harry fill you in later. Lets go,"

"What did I miss? Aww 'Mioneeeee" Snape looked on amused as Granger dragged Weasley away. Probably off somewhere to shag like bunnies.

"I really need to stop watching Muggle soap operas," Severus said to himself and walked over to the buffet table.

"You really need to let me know when you are going to do that next time," Harry said once he and Draco arrived at whatever their destination was.

"Sorry, but you have to be royal family to apparate this far inside the castle. However the ring will let you in, as long as your with me." Draco said than murmured a spell and he was Draco once again. And not a moment too soon because soon because there was soon knocking on the door.

"Master Draco sir?" A house elf appeared in the room.

"Yes, Wizzy?"

"Master Lucius, wishes for your presence in the tea parlor in five minutes,"

"Tell him I will be there than with a guest,"

"Yes, sir," The house elf bowed and than disappeared.

"That was the most eloquent house elf I have ever heard," Harry said in awe.

"Well my mother hated the way they used to speak so she made them all take grammar lessons. It was amusing for a while," Draco said with a grin. "Well were both in neat enough attire to be seen by my parents, so lets head on over," Draco said and began to walk out of the room when a hand grabbed his wrist.

"Not so fast. I'm still getting used to being your fiancé and don't you think," Draco cut Harry off with a kiss.

"If you are nervous don't worry once we show them the ring it will all be okay, I promise" Draco said holding Harry close.


"And we'll put the ring under a concealment charm, so we can bring it out at the opportune moment,"



"Ready as I'll ever be," Harry said with a sigh.

"Right these are how introductions are going to go…,"

The two arrived to tea and Narcissa and Lucius were already there sitting in luxurious looking chairs.

"Hello mother," Draco said going over and kissing his mother on the cheek. "Father," he said with a bow. "I am pleased to introduce Mister Harry Potter. Mister Potter my mother Queen Narcissa and father King Lucius."

"I am very honored to meet you both," Harry said with a bow. He than kissed the hand Nariccsa' held out and shook hands with Lucius. He hoped to merlin he was doing this correctly.

"You may be seated," Lucius said to the two of them.

Harry had never really been this close to the royals before and he had to admit they were even more handsome in person with Narcissa's radiating beauty and Lucius air that demanded respect they were indeed and ominous pair. Only these two could create the person he loved.

"Now Potter, is your father James Potter?"

"Yes he is. But he and my mother were sadly in an accident when I was around two."

"Than you have been raised by whom,"

My god father Sirius Black,"

"Oh Sirius he was always so much fun at the boring parties when we were younger!" Narcissa said with a smile. "How is Sirius?"

"Oh he's fine I haven't seen him since Christmas, things have been busy, but he's maybe planning on going into teaching in the next couple of years," Harry said taken a bit back. He hadn't known that Narcissa knew Sirius, and was confounded to know how.

"Sirius was always one of my favorite cousins unfortunately we lost touch after I had Draco here,"

"Well a baby can do that,"

"Babies and children are a blessing are they not?" She asked Harry with what he felt was a secret agenda,"

"Mister Potter works with children mother,"

"Oh, how interesting how do you enjoy that Mister Potter?"

"It's tough work at times but I enjoy it,"

Narcissa eyed him coolly for a second. "I approve in your choice of friendship here Draco he seems to be a wise young man," she said with a light smile, sat back and sipped at some tea.

Harry noticed that this seemed to be a great relief off of Draco's mind. He had told Harry on his was here if he could win his mother over than his father would not be as hard,"

"I'm glad to hear you say that mother because-,"

"I have had enough!" Lucius interrupted.

"What ever is the matter Lucius?" Narcissa asked her husband calmly.

"The true engagement ring is gone Narcissa and Draco told us he would announce who is wife to be was. Well Draco, who is it. I hope to god she is at least of nobility," Lucuius said massaging his temples.

"I do apologize for my husbands decorum, Mister Potter, it seems are family matters are causing him so much anguish he has forgotten his manners,"

"It is quite alright, Queen Narcissa,"

Draco than cleared his throat. "Mother, father's our burst is quite all right for the situation and I will soon introduce you to the one I have chosen to wed. I have already received permission so the magical bindings on the arrangement are secure. So do not try and mess with them.

Father, my chosen one is of noble blood," Draco said turning now to his father.

"Oh, son I knew you wouldn't embarrass me by marrying someone who was common," Lucius seemed to be extremely relieved.

"However, it's a he, not a she." Draco said slowly.

"Well darling, I didn't expect it to be a girl darling you have had too good of hygiene and fashion sense for you to be interested in girls," Narcissa said with a wave of her hand and than took a sip of her tea eyeing Draco over the brim of the cup and than to Harry. Draco decided his mother was more deceptive than he gave her credit for.

"So you gave him the ring correct?" Lucius asked

"Yes, father,"

"And it didn't fly off or make him break out in hives,"

"No father, well why don't you ask him yourself,"

"Yes bring him by Draco,"

"Well that was easy he's here already," Draco said. He took the concealment charm off Harry's ring and Harry showed the ring to his future in-laws with a hopeful smile.

"Harry dear come with me," Narcissa said standing up and everyman in the room followed suit.

"Mother…," Draco said with a slight whine.

"Draco as much as I love my cousin Sirius he doesn't really follow our culture and if Harry is going to be your husband he must learn. Now give your fiancé a kiss on his hand while I go off and educate him how to take care of the future king,"

Draco bowed and gave Harry a kiss to the hand.


Narcissa trained the Harry on how to run a household. How to deal with house elves, creating invitations, what were appropriate gifts for certain occasions. They had Sirius over for tea one day and went over how he should behave at the wedding and at other royal events. Before Harry knew it four months had passed it was one week until the wedding. Hermione and Ron had been married two weeks ago and were coming home from their honeymoon two days before Harry and Draco's. Harry still owned the school, but now he was only able to teach one class a week what with Royal Training Draco called it. Draco had been so busy running the country with his father they only had time for breakfast and dinner lately.

Today he was only having lessons until lunch so he and Draco could finally have some quality time together. Today Narcissa was going over table manners as he and Draco would have to go to numerous dinner parties with other countries. Harry was glad today was just review.

"Now it is important to know the order of place settings in case the help somehow has an aneurism and you must supervise. The fork goes on what side?"

"The left,"

"What side should the bread and butter plate be on?"

"The bread and butter go to your left and the drinks go to the right," Harry recited.

"Good. Now when eating which utensils do you start with?"

"You go from the outside in, unless offered a chilled fork for salads,"

"How do you eat soup?"

"Hold the spoon in the right hand and scoop away from yourself,"

"Harry we are cutting the manners short for today: Narcissa announced. This was rather strange seeing as how Narcissa usually went longer than the time the had scheduled. "The wedding is now one week away and I have decided to talk about this because the last week is always hectic. We shall have tea in the garden,"

"Yes Narcissa," Harry said offering his arm out to Narcissa as they walked out toward the gardens.

"Harry, it is a week until you and Draco are to be married, I wish for you to call me mother unless that is too uncomfortable for you?" She asked patting his arm.

"No Nar- mother, It is an honour to do so," The word felt foreign on his tounge. He had never had anyone to call mother before. Even though Narcissa was all about the correct mannerisms he had come to enjoy her company quite a bit. He had even picked up on some of her silly mannerisms, with out realizing it until Draco pointed them out later.

They arrived at the garden and Harry let go of the arm he had been escorting Narcissa with and pulled out the chair for her. Once she was seated he took his seat.

"Now Harry, this may seem like quite uncomfortable conversation for us to have. I am Draco's mother but all of those who have married into the Malfoy's have had the mother's chat about this to whomever their child is marrying," Narcissa stated simply

Harry poured her tea watching her intently. "Any milk or honey today in your tea mother?"

"No thank you," Harry passed her the cup of tea. Than poured himself one.

"Harry, you have a job in this family too, something that I have not told you yet,"

"May I be so bold to inquire as to what that job is mother?"

"You must produce an heir. Within the first three years of marriage, that is the actually conceiving part. If the child is born in the fourth year that's all right. That's when I had Draco"

Harry forgot about all his proper etiquette training for a moment and just let "What?!" escape from his lips.

"Manner's first Harry," Narcissa reminded him.

"You are the bottom in this relationship so you must assume the role of childbirth. Since you and Draco are soul mates it shan't be that hard for you two, to conceive an heir within a year or two. This book it for you," Narcissa said passing and old leather bound book to Harry. "Feel free to flip though the pages,"

Harry stared opened the book to the table of contents and it indicated the book went from having sex in the best positions for the choice of gender for your child to how to raise a royal child, so they weren't to spoiled.

"Lucius' mother gave that to me a week before our wedding , it has been passed down for generations. To be perfectly honest I was repulsed by the whole book, but Lucius and I went over it the night she gave it to me and it helped, discussing it with him.

I also got these for you and Draco. Wait to open the box until your with him," Narcissa said passing a plain white box with an emerald green ribbon.

"Now if you'll excuse me I shall retire to my rooms" Narcissa said standing up. Harry stood as well.

"Would you like me to escort you to the foyer mother?" Harry asked holding out his arm.

"That would be lovely, thank you," Narcissa replied and once they reached the foyer Narcissa went to the direction of her and Lucius' rooms and Harry went off to his and Draco's.

He opened the door quietly and there was Draco facing the center of the room waiting for him. He was on one of the couches reading a book. Harry smiled and quietly walked behind Draco and slid his arms around him.

"Hey, love" He whispered into his ear.

"Oh gracious Harry you startled me! Come sit with me on the sofa," Draco said patting the space next to him.

"Is that an order your highness?" Harry asked with a grin.

"It is,"

"Well your going to have to make me," Harry said running to his bedroom.

"Get back here Potter!" Draco said growling, running after Harry and than tackling Harry from behind.

"Ohph!" was the only reply Draco heard as they landed on the squishy mattress. Draco hovered over Harry enough so he could roll over. Once he had Draco was on Harry like a cheap business man is on a two dollar whore.

"I've missed you," Draco said while kissing Harry on the neck.

"Well you didn't show up for breakfast," Harry pointed out. He took his hand and used them to pull Draco's face to his into a rough kiss. Draco was only to happy to return the offer to Harry.

After a good amount of kissing had passed Harry broke the kiss. "I have some things to go over with you,"

"I didn't see you bring anything in," Draco said confused.

"That would be because I shrunk them down," Harry said matte-of- factly.

"That would make sense," Draco replied as Harry brought out a miniature leather bound book and a small white box with a green ribbon.

"I had the most unusual chat with your mother today, who by the way insisted I call her mother from now on,"

"She must like you, but that's not too weird,"

"No the next bit is. She gave me this box and the book," Harry said muttering spell that put the book back to its normal size.

"What is it?"

"Just open it,"

"Alright…" Draco said uneasy, and flipped the book open to the table of contents. "oh my word,"

"Yeah, than she told me that we should go over it together," Harry said lying down on his stomach. Draco followed suit and they looked onto the first chapter.

"Chapter One, Getting to know your new spouse's body." Draco read aloud the title.

The book actually was quite informative. It even had bits on wizard to wizard sex. Than it went on to display several, rather graphic positions.

"So how do you reckon he got his foot up there," Harry asked pointing to a rather odd position.

"Maybe he fell and the other man burst out in passion and had to have him right then and there,"

"Hey, Draco," Harry said suddenly remembering something.

"Yes, Love?" Draco asked as he flipped to the next page. Honestly as you went further into the book the positions got more and more, creative.

"When were you going to tell me, that I have to produce a bloody heir within four years!" Harry said reaching a near by pillow and smacking Draco up side the head.

"Ahhh. Mother went over that did she?"

"Yes, she did and I lost all sense of manners. Your mother has a very odd love for those things,"

"Yes she does. Mother even had to kick out the first Miss Manners, because she not buttering bread correctly.. My mother took it as a personal offence, " Draco finished with a grin.

"As your mothers mannerisms are quite the most interesting topic of conversation,"

"That they are," Draco replied.

"I would like to know how in the world I am supposed to have a baby! I'm a bloke Draco! In case you haven't noticed,"

"I've noticed," Draco said with a wicked grin on his face, leading Harry to believe that the book might have been a bad influence on Draco.

"So how can I have a baby?"

"Well see when two soul mates, eventually mate, children will show up,"

"You mean will be doing the uhh and a baby will pop up out of nowhere" Harry asked with a blush.

"No, after we have sex," Draco said (blushing a bit himself, and than blushing more because he was embarrassed that he was embarrassed mentioning sex with Harry, oh my sex …with Harry..

"Draco are you all right your face is beet red?"

"I am quite alright it's just hot in here," Draco said taking a breath to compose himself. "What happens when we have sex" Draco said trying not to imagine the actual act so he would not blush again " magic will come into play and you will somehow acquire a uterus and than we'll rip you open and pop that baby right out of you,"


"Yes, Harry?"

"That is the… most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!"

"Well yes male pregnancy in it of itself it a rather silly idea. However it has worked in the past so I try not to question it." Draco paused eyeing the white box "What's in the box?"

"No idea. Shall we open it?"

"Let's shall," Draco said passing the box to Harry who undid the ribbon and pulled the top of the box off. Which revealed a piece of parchment folded with the Malfoy crest stamped with wax. "What does it say?"

"Let me open it first" Harry unfolded the paper and cleared his throat than began

My dearest son and his husband to be,

Your honeymoon should be filled with lots of procreation and in case it gets, well boring doing the same thing all the time; though I highly doubt it will. Here are some outfits to help you have some fun.



Harry passed the letter to Draco and than pulled something out of the box that turned out to be..

"Is that a school girl uniform?" Draco asked shocked.

"Well I do believe it is, Draco. Your mother has some kinky ideas doesn't she?" Harry asked a bit amused, but also embarrassed that his mother in law to be was giving him role- playing gear.



Narcissa had been right on one thing, the week before the wedding was hectic. People began arriving to the castle. The tailors had to make sure everyone in the wedding party had their outfits exactly right, and before either of them knew it, it was the wedding day.

Harry got up that morning to find Hermione and Sirius waiting in the sitting rooms that joined his and Draco's.

"Aww if it isn't the little blushing bride himself,' Sirius said walking over to Harry and tousling his hair.

"Siriussssss," Harry whined. Just having woken up and still was a bit tired.

"I'm only kidding Harry,"

"Where's Drac- ooohh" Harry asked with a yawn. Covering his mouth while he did so of course.

"Harry you know you don't get to see Draco until the ceremony," Hermione said standing up and walking over to them. "It's bad luck. Now lets get you ready. Go off and take your bath." Hermione said pushing back into the direction of his rooms

"Hermione what time is it?"

"It's ten and the ceremony is at one, go take your bath!"

"If cousin Cissy finds out you aren't even 'presentable' yet she'll have my head,"

"She'll have your head if she hears you call her that in public," Harry shot back over his shoulder as he headed to the bathroom.

The rest of the morning flew by for our poor bride to be and suddenly it ten minutes before the ceremony and he was in a room off of the ballroom where almost half the kingdom had come to watch him get married.

"Hermione I can't do this," Harry said looking over at Hermione, with a very worried look on his face. "Half the kingdom is out there,"

"Harry your just getting cold feet, its normal,"

"Is it?" Harry asked fear clearly written all over his face.

"Yes, I thought I could never see myself yelling at Ron for the rest of my life, but that someone helped me remember, I love him,"

"Draco loves you Harry, you'll be ok," Hermione said squeezing his hand.

"But what if he changes his mind,"

"He won't,"

"How do you know?"

"Because everyone sees it when he looks at you his face softens and there is an obvious look in his eye, that is held special just for you. Honestly those glasses must be clouding your vision." Hermione than let out a gasp. "Harry I just got a wonderful idea!"


"Does Draco like you without your glasses?"

"Err well yeah," Harry said with a tinge of pink on his cheeks.

Hermione than went up to Harry, took off his glasses and muttered a charm.

"I can see perfectly fine!" Harry said shocked

"Well it will only last for four hours. It should give Draco a nice surprise,"

"It should," Harry said with a small smile.

Draco was standing at the center of the room where soon he and Harry would be married. He hadn't realized how many people were invited to the wedding. He just hoped Harry wouldn't be as nervous as Draco was.

The string quartet mother hired began playing softly, Draco looked up and there was Harry being escorted in by Sirius and he could see his eyes and they were nervous but Harry looked so, beautiful Draco's forgot to Breath for a second. Harry's black was unruly as always but it was framed around his face wonderfully. Harry's emerald green robes brought out his eyes.

"Hey," Harry said softly with a smile once he and Draco were standing side by side.

"H-hi," Draco managed to let out smiling back and they both turned to face Lucius.

"We are gathered here today," Lucius began "to join these two magically, in matrimony. Are the guardians so willing to let their children be wed today?"

"Yes we so choose for them to be wed," Narcissa and Sirius replied.

"Would the two who choose to be wed step into the circle." Lucius said motioning to the five foot circle for them to stand in.

"Draco Malfoy, do you solemnly swear to take Harry James Potter, to be your magically bound husband, in sickness and health, for better or worse?"

"I so swear," Draco said taking Harry's hand's in his own.

"Harry Potter, do you solemnly swear to take Draco Malfoy, to be your magically bound husband, in sickness and health, for better or worse?"

"I so swear," Harry said smiling and looking into Draco's eyes. He couldn't help but smile he felt like the happiest man in the world.

"Than by the power vested in me "I shall pronounce you man and Husband," he said waving his wand over them and Harry could feel the magic flow through him and Draco.

"You may kiss your husband," Lucius said with a small smile, though he would deny it later. He was happy his son did find true love. It would make his job of ruling as King easier when his time came, if had someone like Harry by his side.

Harry and Draco kissed and it was the start of a beautiful life together. They would later be blessed with twins. A girl and a boy named, Heather and Damian.

The End



"Daddy didn't they live happily ever after?" A little girl of about eight years old with blonde hair with green eyes asked her father.

"Well, so far they have Heather," Harry chuckled.

"Well of course they did dummy, it is about out our dads," A little boy entered the room and went up to his dad. He had black hair with light blue eyes.

"I'm not a dummy!" Heather said sticking her tongue out at her brother.

"You two know to not bicker, well at least here in the library, grandma might hear you," Harry said eyeing the two.

"WHAT! Grandma's around is she hiding," the boy whispered narrowing his eyes at his father. But, Harry noticed both children straitened their postures considerably.

"Grandma's not around, your dad's just being mean to you," Draco said entering the room. "What are you reading?" Draco asked.

"A real life fairy tale," Harry said passing a book to Draco.

"Well mister Potter you do know how to keep a promise. Draco said opening the book to the first page. Where the dedication was located and he read it aloud.

Dedicated to my two wonderful children and Michael, I told you I would write a book about it," Draco said with a smile.

"Whose Michael father?" The boy asked.

"An old friend Damien, an old friend,"


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