Hearts Do Change

Chapter 11: Hearts Change

Snow fell softly outside as dawn broke on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All over the school the few students left awoke to piles of presents at the foot of their beds. In the Gryfindor Dormitories, Harry Potter awoke with a strange sense of joy that hadn't been there before, in fact, the rest of the residents soon noticed.

The grounds were lit up as the snow stopped falling and the sun peeked out over the dissipating clouds. A lawn of nothing but silver or so it seemed, the lake shining in it's frozen state like a large slab of crystal.

It was Christmas Morning.

It was warmer than it had ever been before in the Hospital Wing. The sleeping forms of Anya Lorien and Severus Snape, with his arms tightly wrapped around her was a peaceful, welcome scene to any creature to glance that way.

This was comforting, loving warmth.

Severus awoke before Anya, peering out the window and the snowy scene made him smile slightly. Why had he never appreciated it before now? He had family, sure, family he hadn't seen in ages. He'd been at Hogwarts for years and never appreciated the utter stillness, the peacefulness that the snowfall on a golden morning held. He looked down at Anya who was smiling in her sleep, snuggled up against his chest. He watched her chest rise and fall with each, quiet, passing breath underneath the think silk of the nightgown.

He would be appreciating these golden mornings for the rest of his life.

Orange-brown eyes fluttered open, a tiny sigh of contentment escapes warm lips. A smile then graces these lips to mirror the pale pair on the face housing the deep, dark eyes staring down through a curtain of long black hair.

She would be appreciating these golden mornings for the rest of her life.

"Morning Severus." The voice is still meek, but quiet now only because of the peacefulness of the morning it's owner does not wish to break.

"Morning Anya." The darker, lower equivalent responds in the same fashion, not wanting to even risk it by going up even one decibel.

There is a shared smile.

A shared glance outside into the seemingly pure wintry world.

Another kiss, this time not chaste but passionate and warm. Lips crushed together, breath knocked away by the sheer force. Not lust, nothing close to lust can produce the sheer ecstasy, the sheer emotion and bliss of such a kiss. If the need for air had not become so great they might have never parted.

"Merry Christmas love." Severus all but purred out as they both stared out the window now at the dawning day.

"Merry Christmas love." Anya repeated back to him.

It felt good to call someone love. Anyone else would have known exactly what those two were really saying.

After all, what better for a miracle at Christmas, then the changing of hearts?


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