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In the beginning of the story will not be Kai/Hilary, it'll be Mariah/Kai, because Kai hasn't developed feelings for Hilary. He doesn't really have feelings for Mariah, but you'll see how this goes when you read. I just don't want anyone getting mad at me saying 'you said this was a Kai/Hilary fic not Mariah/Kai fic!' I've warned you and so I want no one getting angry with me.

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Dream Cascade.





Water fell somewhere in the distance, the sound nibbled at his ears.

There was a fire lit below the ice. He could feel it melting beneath his feet as he ran. Every few seconds he looked down at the ice wondering when it would break, and he would drown in its icy depths. Just like the last time. A rivulet of sweat glossed his forehead, outlining his nose as it fell to the ice. He had to run. He couldn't stop. He didn't know why, nor where he was going, all he knew was that he had to keep dashing forward. Something was waiting, he could feel its energy pulling him: a dark, sinful, malevolent power, one he could not deny. It wouldn't allow it, no matter how hard he tried to tear away. Its presence had a strange hold over him, one that was unbreakable.

Something glistened over the horizon. If he squinted hard enough, he could see an aura of red, yellow, and blue: vibrant wispy flames, dancing violently. There was something else to, but he couldn't discern its form well enough to know what it was.

Adrenalin pumped in his veins. Excitement, and curiosity tore through his heart. He wanted to know what was yonder over the dim horizon, and wouldn't quit running until he got an answer. The energy given off from that direction allured a strange sensation over him, it made him feel things he had no idea how to describe.


The ice, it was starting to break up. Beneath him the smooth structure was beginning to rive apart. His old fear of drowning—due to his childhood—clouded his heart. His breathing escalated. He picked up the pace, running faster than he had ever thought he could.

A cold rush strummed up his leg, he tried to take one more step only to trip face first into what was left of the icy foundation. Panic drove his heart as it pounded violently. Inches of water slowly consumed his lunges. He coughed, but willed himself not to a second time, realizing that he was only paving the way for more water to devour his lungs.

He shut his eyes, knowing that it was impossible—he was going to die. He sunk into the bed of water, his soon-to-be icy grave, feeling it beginning to refreeze around him. From living in Russia he had learn a thing or two about the ice, and having a near death experience with it a few years back, he knew that it froze quicker than it came.

It didn't help matters that he was claustrophobic, which was also due to childhood traumas. His heart was pumping viciously, threatening to breakout of his chest. His scalp tightened, and a short rapping pain rocked through it. His mouth was closed, but he couldn't seal up his nose, and so the sinister water found a new way to take his life.

A few more seconds passed, and a last bubble of life escaped his lips, and the water cradled him to the bottom.


Sucked back, he coughed up water, and then gasped, rolling onto his back. His chest pumping wildly, he tried to catch his breath. What happened? He could've sworn that was his end. He saw the ethereal light, felt his last breath escape his lips, but he here he was, alive.

How long had he been sleeping here, he wondered? It was dark now, they sky was a purplish black, there were no clouds. It wasn't particularly light before he had almost drowned, but it wasn't this dark out. They way the environment looked, it just didn't seem natural.

The dark energy. He could feel it pulsing; it was in his heart, coursing through his veins. He stood feebly from the ground, and took a few steps forwards in the direction the pulse felt the strongest. He regretted taking those few steps.

His chest burned, and his stomach churned. A fear that was new to him clutched his heart squeezing it. His eyes widened. The form above the flame he had seen earlier, he could see it with more clarity now.


She was strung from a high tree branch, her hands tied together with a rope made of finely woven horsehair. The flames of Hell burning below and around her, inches away from devouring her body, and stealing her life.

Their eyes met. He could see the tears shedding from her eyes, they were like ice crystals compared to the flames. He wondered briefly what was in his eyes, what emotions clouded his features, but quickly brushed the thought aside, as if it were nothing but a stray strand of hair.

"Kai, please help me!" Hilary screamed. Her tone was effusive with fret and many horrified emotions.


"Hillary!" Kai cried, and then sprung up from his bed, throwing the sheets from his body. His shattered leg strained—even with the cast on—causing him to wince, cutting his scream short.

"Kai, what's the matter? Are you okay?"

It was all a blur now, just like all the other times, except this time he had finally gotten passed the drowning section of the dream. He remembered Hilary and the vast fear in her eyes, and the emotions obtained during his drowning, but everything else was hazy.

He looked from his leg to the door seeing Mariah in the doorway gradually entering his room. Her once pleasant atmosphere had been tainted by the worry overwhelming her. Her magenta eyes were now a dark fuchsia, and the tendons in her neck were as white as snow. Just looking at her pale white coloring brought pieces of the dream back into his minds eye. After a few seconds he found himself no longer able to look at her as he stared back at his broken leg.

"I am fine, it's nothing," he lied in a deep but quiet tone

Mariah didn't believe a word. He had learned that when she took a seat next to him, placing a hand upon his shoulder. "Come on Kai you can tell me, I heard your scream, it was full of fret, and that can't mean nothing, also you look very pale. I've known you for a few years, and with everyday I come to learn more, and I know that you would never scream that way unless something terrible happened. So what's wrong Kai, and I want the truth? You can trust me you know."

They had known each other for a long time, and now she was his girlfriend, but he was sure she wouldn't understand his dream. He barely even understood it himself. He shook his head. "I just was having a bad dream about the past is all, no big deal," he glance at her with a forced disheartened smile, "I think I am going to go walk around for awhile to clear my head."

Inadvertently he tried to stand from his bed, forgetting that he could no longer walk without the aid of crutches or his wheelchair, and once his broken leg touched the ground he collapsed, smacking his face against the tile. Mariah had tried to stop him, but to no avail. He could hear her warnings but paid them no heed. He was too busy scouring through his thoughts to listen.

"Kai are you all right! You know you can walk without your crutches or wheelchair, what are you thinking?" she cried falling to her knees beside him.

A scissoring pain tore up his leg, pulling on every nerve. He forced himself not wince or writhe from the intense pain. All the emotional strains he had to deal with when learning he could never walk properly again—or at least for awhile—that the bone in his right leg had shattered came rushing back to him like a faucet: anger, frustration, helplessness, and shame rung through Kai's heart shredding what was left where only small fragments stood. He had been going through physical therapy for almost two months and there had been little change, he didn't even know why he still bothered going. It was Mariah—he told himself—she forced him.

Mariah went for him, but Kai immediately pushed her away, propping himself up against the bed frame. "I am okay, I don't need your help." Kai protested. "I am not a baby needing your protection, and 24 hour care, I am twenty years old, and can take care of myself." he hissed.

"I am sorry, Kai. I didn't mean to make you feel that way, I only wanted to help," she whispered in dejection.

Seeing the hurt in her eyes made Kai feel a little bad about what he had said. She had been nothing but good towards him, and he had been nothing but pain towards her. It really surprised him that she was still here. The Mariah he use to know wouldn't of put up with his attitude, and would've long since left. He couldn't help but wonder what happened to her, what changed?

Kai threw his head back over the bed cushion, and sighed. "Don't apologize, you've nothing to be sorry for, I am just really tired, and I hate not being able to walk… to do things for myself, and I am taking it out on you." It was the simple truth, and although he hated admitting it, she needed to hear it. He didn't want her thinking she did anything wrong, when it was him who was all-wrong inside.

"Kai," she whispered, wrapping an arm around him, holding his close to her heart, "I didn't mean to make you feel weak, or useless. I know you can care for yourself, but I just wanted to be your support—you know—make sure nothing happens to you… because I care deeply for you."

She was so warm; it melted the ice that confined him in the dream. The cold feeling had stayed with him even though he wasn't in the dream anymore, but now it was gone, and he couldn't help but feel glad for it. He owed Mariah his life, and he planned to pay her back in anyway he could.

Kai pulled away from her. "Can you get me my wheelchair, I would like to go outside?" he said monotonously.

Mariah nodded, standing from him. "Yes, I'll just get my coat—"

"No, I would like to go alone, please?"

"Oh," she was hurt, he could tell from her tone, but she immediately put on a cheerful façade, "All right, I'll help you out, and then I am going to go run some errands, and then I'll come find you, okay?"

He was hoping she would yell at him or something, show some sense of how she was feeling, but she didn't. She was changing, and not for the better. He was beginning to miss the arrogant other side of her, which is something he normally hated, but anything was better than how she was acting at this moment. Rei would probably kill him, because somehow he felt this change was his fault, but what he did was unclear.

Seconds later Mariah returned with a stained black wheelchair, and cautiously helped him into it, never saying a word. Her features were as empty as the unsoundly night. It unnerved him. He was one for peace and quiet, but when someone who is normally outspoken is not, made him feel bashful, and he disliked that feeling.

Checking him out, making sure everything was in order, Mariah began to prompt his chair towards the door, still never uttering word.

The long white indifferent halls of the hospital made Kai feel trapped, it was terrifying. Visions of the dream flashed through his mind: drowning, the ice refreezing around his body, trapping him, it felt like a never-ending nightmare. The dream had been reoccurring for weeks now, and he slowly was moving further along in it, but every time he awoke he wished he hadn't seen more. Every scene he was in within the dream, worsened the longer he stayed captive in its depths. He craved insomnia over sleep more and more as time drifted along.

Mariah guided his chair to the right threw double doors, passing doctors, and sick patients, and families eagerly waiting for news about their loved ones, until finally they came to the end, entering the outside. She stopped pushing him when they came upon the beginning of the sidewalk, and he awaited for her to check him again, which she did a couple seconds later: smoothing and wiping down his clothes, then she checked his leg, and made sure his wheelchair was okay for him to move himself.

"Okay, you are set," she informed. "So I am going to go do my errands, and should be back to take you back to your room in an hour, all right?"

"Goodbye Mariah."

She leaned over his chair and kissed him lightly on the cheek, and he flinched slightly. Kai still wasn't used to her affections, in fact he wasn't use to anyone acting that way towards him. Mariah didn't seem to notice this, as she smiled, bowing, and then walked away from him. He sighed. She was turning into one of those whipped housewives with no thoughts to call their own. It was really aggravating.


Birds chirped, and cooed within the trees, and sometimes he would see them passing through the air. The sun sat brightly in the blue cloudless sky, often it would blind him, and he would have to wait several seconds to see straight again. He was getting weak; not being able to train was making him brittle.

Kai pushed the wheels of his chair, moving him forward over the sidewalk. It was an empty day, leaving nothing to think about, except his dream. He tried to force it away, but knew it was inevitable, he would have to confront it sometime, and it was better to get it over with now than later. Was it real? Is it a premonition of what is to come, he wondered? He didn't believe that a dream could reveal the future, but for some reason his felt so real, and he couldn't help but wonder.

"Kai is that you, dear?" An old feeble voice asked. It was a voice he could easily recognize.

Belle Pierce.

Wildly he looked over his chair to see the old woman walking towards him, using her cane to guide her. Slightly he curved the corner of his lip. "Hello Belle, how are you?" Kai inquired, needing a change, he couldn't take thinking about his dream any longer.

Belle inclined her head, with a smile. "Do you want the truth, or the façade of a truth?" she asked with a laughed.

Kai shook his head. "Whatever one you feel like sharing, I just need to think about something else?" he mumbled the last part, not particularly keen on her hearing it.

She took a seat on the bench nearby where Kai sat, and he maneuvered himself closer to her. "Well, truthfully I am a little aggravate with the help around here, I mean I am not too old that I can't take care of myself, I am not broken, or fragile. Not as most anyway." Belle cooed.

"I know how you feel."

"But what about you Kai, you look awfully pale, is something the matter?" she asked in concern, "you know you can tell me anything. I am not like most people around here, I can see everything at face value, and can tell you the truth, instead of the dishonest truth that everyone is keen on handing out. So what's on your mind?"

Kai snuffed the air, laughing slightly. Belle was just what he needed; she always knew what to do, and when something was wrong. He frowned, she reminded him of his mother, how she used to be with him. The tender care, and love was there, even though they had only known each other for a month at least. "I was just thinking about something," he explained in as little detail as possible.

"About what, may I ask? You seem so troubled; it's not good to have a troubled mind. When a problem sits it starts to destroy its surroundings, and so you don't want you mind turning to mush do you?"

"I suppose I wouldn't," he muttered, "but I don't think anyone could understand my problem, I don't even understand it myself." Kai said, lowering his head to the ground.

Belle lightly smacked him on the back, startling him up from the ground. "Try me my boy. I am old. I've seen a lot in my days, and know more than you whippersnappers. It can't hurt trying, who knows, you might be surprised." Belle said with a gossamer smile.

Kai took a brief moment to listen in on his surroundings, he didn't want anyone hearing his dream and thinking he needed mental help. Kai had all the help he needed right now. Birds were still singing, and people were talking loudly around him, it was the perfect time to talk openly about it. A calm sibilant breeze forced itself from the west, heading east clean over Kai, and Belle rustling their hair, and hospital clothes.

It was well known to everyone that Kai didn't talk much about himself to anyone, or talk in general. He didn't trust people enough, he had had to many bad experiences in his childhood to give it away with such ease, but for some reason he found Belle was different. Her kind, and gentle sometimes-humorous behavior reminded him of his mother, and he felt a connection with her that he had thought he'd lost long ago. That is why, he felt he could trust her with his dream, and she would be honest with her answer, and thoughts on it, instead of most people, who would come up with something to make him feel better than telling the truth.

Kai wiped the small amount of spittle from the bottom of his chin, and said, "I had a terrible dream, and I don't know what to think of it," he explained, "I don't know if I should take it as something that's to come, or a stupid nightmare. I don't really think the second one is a possibility though. The left lob of your brain is what contrives your dreams from your self-conscious, and your self-conscious holds all your desires, fears, and memories, but what I dreamt about, had nothing to do with any of those."

Belle hmm'd a few seconds, and then made a hard sound in her throat. "I am not an very numinous person, and so I don't believe that a dream can be a gateway to the future, maybe if you told me what your dream is about, I could have an opener mind to the possibility?"

He nodded. "It's strange. I start off running through an endless terrain of ice, I can hear water falling in the distance, and I feel as I run along the ice like it's melting, as if there was a fire lit beneath it. After awhile of running the ice starts cracking, and soon I am drowning. I can remember the tight feeling in my gut, pain, and confinement that seized me in that moment," he took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. "It was horrible. I thought it was my end, but minutes later I awoke, and time seemed to have slipped away. There was a dark energy pulling me, it was so intoxicating, and I followed it further, and— " he stopped, gripping the tops of his pants.

It was like she could feel the distress steaming from Kai's body, as she placed her hand upon his shoulder to give him comfort. "Ssh, it's okay, take it slowly. So, what happened next?" Belle asked, her voice was soothing, and he soon found himself calming down.

He sniffed the air, it smelled stale, and of rubbing alcohol, and disinfectant. It wasn't a pleasant mix. "Well, the next part is pretty hazy, but I saw an old friend—"

"What's so terrible about that?"

"—She was strung up, being burned alive." Kai said in a low despairing voice, inclining his head towards the ground.


Nimbly, Kai shot up in his chair hearing his name being called, and identified the voice as Mariah. He looked around in all directions, searching her out. He hadn't paid much attention to where the voice was coming from; he was too busy musing over his dream. It made him angry; he was losing his touch, his attentiveness to detail.

A pair of warm lively hands clutched his shoulders. Mariah. He looked up to see sleek pink locks bouncing around an oval face—her hair was no longer up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a slinky pink dress. It was completely un-Mariah-like and that bothered him, she was changing faster as the days rode by. He wished she would just be herself, the real Mariah—he never thought he would, but he did.

"Hey Kai, I've come to pick you up, were going to go out for dinner tonight, okay?" she looked up from me realizing I wasn't alone, and then blushed in embarrassment. "Oh, I am sorry, I didn't see you there Belle, how are you?"

Smiling, Belle stood from the bench. "I am fine dear," she bowed, and the looked down at Kai with an attentive half-smile. "A Kai don't worry about it, I am sure it is nothing, if it bothers you anymore, you know you can come to me."


Narrowing her eyes suspiciously, Mariah asked, "What's wrong Kai, what is bothering you, what were you two talking about?"

Belle bowed her head in a gesture of apology. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you. Kai was just worried about me is all, I am going in for surgery on my heart, and he was just wondering if everything was okay. I just wanted to assure him that everything was going to be fine."

"Oh I am sorry, I didn't mean to be uptight, and suspicious, I hope your surgery goes well."

"I am sure everything will be fine, dear."

When was she planning to tell him that she was going in for surgery? When he asked her how everything was going, why didn't she tell him? Kai's heart sank into his stomach. Belle told Mariah that everything was going to be fine. Was that the truth, or only a façade to stave off worry? Kai knew how much Belle hated people tending, or worrying about her—acting as though she would break at any moment. A little bit of worry wouldn't hurt; he wished she would realize that.

Again, she was well aware of how he was feeling, and thinking, as she said, "Kai, they're going to open me up and take a look around my heart is all, nothing too drastic or life threatening. Don't worry about me; just concentrate on yourself, and this lovely young lady, okay? Promise me."

"How can you make promise something like that?" he cried, "I'll be thinking about you the whole entire time, and I won't stop until I know you're all right."

Belle shook her head, laughing. "You are so stubborn, what happened to that cold, stoic, antisocial boy I had met a few years back—I remember, you would barely give me the time of day—"

"Yeah, that was then, this is now."

"I know Kai, but I don't want you worrying about me, you know how I hate that! The best thing you can do is go out with Mariah, and have a good time. I'll be happy if your happy, and I promise I'll be back safe, but you have to keep my promise."

"Fine I won't think about the surgery, but I will call to check on you the moment I get back."

She smiled. "Deal, and I'll be waiting to hear from you." she then shooed Kai, and Mariah away from her, "now go have fun you two, the day is young."


The dark energy sat in his stomach like a rock. It tickled up his spine like a bad omen.

Water swooshed out from his mouth, he coughed repeatedly. He was choking. Hocking out the rest of the water, he took a deep breath, and exhaled in short puffs, slowly trying to catch his breath. Moist, mushy sand hugged his body, and irritated the cuts—he'd acquired from the sharp jagged ice partials he had fallen through—on his legs, and arms.

Finally catching his breath, he weakly stood from the ground, moaning from the pain. Unconsciously, he took a few steps forward over the dim horizon. He wanted to come further towards the dark energy, he wanted to embrace it, but instead he was met with a whole other surprise. He regretted taking the steps. His stomach rumbled, as a dark hollow pit formed.


The leaves of the tree were dead, and from a branch she was strung up by rope, he could smell it burning into her wrists. Below, flames had ignited surrounding her, coming forth to take her body, and her life, and turn her to ash.

"Kai, help me!" she cried.

So much pain in her voice, so much horror. He found himself slowly running towards her. The more he ran, the less likely it became that he would get to her in time. The path he walked, was longer than it seemed. His scalp tightened. He tried to call out to her, but his throat had closed, and his voice was hoarse.

He tripped over a large boulder; he wasn't looking where he was going. It felt like the wind had been knock out of him. His elbows burned, as did his knees, and his neck felt taut. His body was completely sore. Weakly, he used his elbows to prop himself up.

His eyes widened in horror, and surprise. What stood before him was the unthinkable.


Kai gasped, awakening from his sleep. "Hilary!" he cried, clutching the sheets tightly; Kai could feel the bluntness of his nail penetrating through the sheet into his palm. "Not again," he groaned.

Thinking for a moment, while trying to compose himself, Kai came to a quick decision. "That's it I am going to Japan. I have to see this for myself. I don't know how they'll all react, seeing me again after all these years, but I have to know that my dream is nothing more than a stupid dream."

The plan was set. He would soon learn that it was just a dream that Hilary was okay, and nothing was the matter. He didn't want this to be a big deal. He would just take a sneak peek at them all, see that they are all right, and then leave. Kai didn't want anyone knowing he had come, it would only lead to moronic questions, and jeers from Tyson, and the other, and he didn't want to deal with it. Besides, they all think he is dead anyways, might as well as just let them think it.

Sighing he sat up in his bed cautiously, not wanting to upset his leg. There would be no going back to sleep tonight.


"Kanna hurry up, and get over here, are we going to battle or not!" shouted Karin.

"Yeah, what's up?" Gerry asked.

Kanna sighed. Her friends were very impatient; she wondered how they could live without having a heart attack. They were completely aggravating at times. "I'll be there in a second! My Beyblade flew over here, and I am looking for it," she informed.

"All right, but hurry up, I have to go home and do my homework in a hour." Karin yelled.

Green grass blades swayed within the force of the wind, and that was when she spied it. Her Beyblade. Kanna laughed excitedly as she made her way toward it. Quickly, she swiped it up. Her eyes narrowed, as she saw something else within the grass. She smiled. "Oh wow, it's a Beyblade part, cool," she laughed. "Guys I'll be there in a second I got my Beyblade," she yelled, and then mumbled, "and perhaps a new way to beat you."


Author notes: This is not an OC story; you'll see soon what her character plays in this story…I hope you all enjoyed, if you got any helpful criticism to better the story, I am open for it. However, I am not sure if I will stick with this story, it's kind of a trial basis; if I like writing it I will keep with it, but if I don't I'll just delete it off.