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Chapter Two.

Unwanted Reunion.


It wouldn't come off no matter how hard Tyson scrubbed. For ten minutes (not including the hours he had spent trying to wash) Tyson had been sitting, in his bathroom staring listlessly into the mirror. He looked like a complete clown with the facial makeover he had been given over night, he reminded himself of that psychopath Pogo the Clown, who stalked young children, would capture them, kill them, and then afterwards would eat their flesh. Luckily he was safely locked up in a corrections facility, where he could no longer do any harm.

Kailey would pay for what she had done, Tyson would see to that -- but knowing who her mom was, he might never get around to it. Emily was not one you wanted to cross, unless you like the idea of never breathing again, which he didn't.

Tyson sighed, leaving the bathroom. The sun beat down on him as he entered the outside, but it held no warmth, and his nose was tickled by strong scent of pollen, forcing him to sneeze.

"Darn allergies!" He snuffed. "Go away, won't ya."

Composing himself with a deep breath, Tyson continued down the pathway towards the dojo, where he planned to get in some practice before meeting Hilary and Max at the BTA, to test out her latest project. If he didn't need the money, he would have slept all day, but since his grandfather's accident, he's had to fend for himself, which he never had thought he would need to.

Back then, he was so naïve, if only he would have found a job before his grandfather's accident, and then it probably would have never happened. It was all his fault, and there was no denying it. If only he hadn't of been so foolish. But then being foolish was all he could ever be, and growing up just never seemed appealing to him. Perhaps he was afraid, afraid that if he grew up, and was forced to fend for himself than nothing would ever be the same, and he would forever remain alone. That fear seemed to grow with every passing second. All his life he had been on and off abandoned by those close to him.

Tyson's parents, which he could hardly remember, were the first to go, leaving him with is brother Hiro, who he deeply loved and admired. Hiro who few years later abandoned him without a word, passing him over to his grandfather the only constant presence, and influential parent in his life.

Grandfather had never left him, until Tyson foolishly drove him away. He put pressure on his grandfather until he finally snapped, and now there was nothing left, no one left to love or care about. Of course he had his friends, which he cared deeply for, but it wasn't the same as the feeling of unconditional love towards a family member. The feeling of warmth you get from being held and told everything would be all right by your mother, or the joyfulness you acquire from playing a game of football with your father. Tyson never had any of those moments. His grandfather was his mother and father, and although it wasn't the same, Tyson knew he would have never traded the moments he shared with his grandfather for anything in the world. Although the experiences with his grandfather were different than the ones he would have had with is real parents, they were still just as special. Still, Tyson couldn't deny that it would have been nice to have them around.

The funny thing about it all -- one he would never say aloud -- was how much he had in common with a certain icy blader, and seemingly unwilling friend. Kai had no parents to speak of, and a grandfather as his only parent, his only teacher in the philosophies of life -- probably why Kai was so screwed up. The only difference was that Kai's grandfather was a madman. It dampened things, knowing that the only person Tyson could relate with was dead, and that the only person he could get answers from about how to deal was gone. Sometimes he hated Kai for dying because of those reasons, although he knew it was selfish, and sometimes he would take it back, but it was rarely. His hate for Kai dying grew everyday with new reasons, and Tyson wished he could punch the blue haired jerk in the face.

Kai had caused so much pain for all of them when he died that it often amazed him. Tyson never would have guessed how much Kai affected their lives with his unstable presence. Kai was truly one his best friends.

Tyson stopped at the doorway of the dojo, letting out a sigh. "I hate you." He whispered.

"What!" He heard a shocked voice, it startled Tyson from his dejected thoughts. "What did I do to you, I haven't even yelled at you yet?"

It was Hilary, the voice was unmistakable. He gazed over to her, not knowing if he had wiped his face clean of the sadness he was only minutes ago drowning in. This moment right here was another reason he had begun to hate, and even resent Kai. The seemingly coldhearted blader was able to shut off his emotions, and was able to walk around a crowd not caring what they thought of him, but Tyson couldn't. Tyson couldn't bear being sad around others. He didn't want them to know he was in pain because he didn't like the sympathetic pity looks they gave him, and he didn't want to be a burden, which is why he often fooled around like idiot, making dumb jokes, and just being plain stupid when he was dejected.

"Oh hi Hilary," he said weakly, and he despised himself for it. "I am sorry, I wasn't talking about you, someone else." He still sounded rather upset, he shook his head. "What're you still doing here anyway, this isn't a all night all day hotel you know? The sleepover ended four hours ago." He smiled feeling his voice strengthen.

Looking rather ireful, and determined, Hilary crossed her arms, and leaned in to him as though she was given him a thorough inspection out of suspicion -- it made Tyson rather uncomfortable. "There is something different about you, are you okay?" She waited for an answer, but when it became apparent to her that Tyson wasn't planning to give her one, she immediately shrugged it off. "Whatever. I just stopped by again to remind you that you have a job to do today, and remember what I told you yesterday about being late, and about Jamie…you remember don't you?"

"Yes, I remember." Tyson groaned, rolling his eyes. "Restraining order, and be punctual, am I right?" He said with as much sarcasm he could muster.

At the narrowing of Hilary's eyes, Tyson knew he was in for it -- he should've lightened up on the sarcasm. Tyson felt his heart skip a beat, as Hilary smiled patting him on the shoulder. "Good job," she spoke to him as if he were a mere child. Tyson had thought for sure he was in for a beating, which in his current state of mind, he could have used one. "One more thing."

Oh man here it comes, Tyson closed his eyes. It looked like he wasn't out of the danger area yet, he should have known better than that. Hilary always made him pay for being a jerk. After seconds and no beating Tyson began to get worried, as he cracked open an eye, and saw her no longer in front of him.

"What the?" Tyson turned around, seeing her walking towards the dojo entrance, where he was previously heading before she had interrupted him. "What're you doing?"

"I forgot my purse, and coat! I will just be a second."

"Hey wait!" He called after her. "What did I just say about this being an all night all day hotel? The least you could do is ask before entering!"


Why did he have to take that nap? Kai had slept too long. About halfway to Tyson's dojo, his body had grow swore to the point that he could hardly move, and so he had to take a break, but he had not planned it to be a long one. No, Kai had planned to get there while everyone was sleeping.

From what Mariah had told him from calls she had received from the others, sometimes Hilary would stay the night at Tyson's due to some emotional trouble with her family, although she had told him that two years ago, Kai still hoped it was the same. He had no idea where Hilary lived, and the only way to get that information would be to let on he was still alive by telling someone, or to ask Mariah and risk her following him.

Kai had not told Mariah where he was going, and in fact she didn't even know he was gone. It would have been unfair to leave her in worry, after everything Mariah had done for him, and so Kai left her letter saying he had gone to Japan on business, and would be back soon -- to wait for him. Kai had no plans of ever leaving Mariah, although he knew she feared he would, which is one reason he wrote the letter. Kai had given himself to her, and his soul would forever remain hers. It was the least he could do for her. It hurt though, it always did, because he knew he could never love her like she needed to be. Kai didn't even know how to love.

The temple was getting closer, he could see the deary structure, and atmosphere of the temple from where he walked. He picked up the pace with crutches, feeling a bit anxious to know that everything was all right, and although he had been warned by many doctors not run with his crutches, he didn't care.

Kai wondered how they were all doing, what they were up to, did they still beyblade, so many questions bombarded his mind, but he knew he wouldn't get an answer for every single one. To receive an answer for most of the deeper questions, he would have to tell them he was alive, and he couldn't do that. They were all better off without them, since the first time he had met them, Kai had only caused them trouble, and pain. Now it was clear to Kai that they were his friends, and he didn't want to burden them any longer, and besides he still hadn't finished what he had set out to do, they day he supposedly died.

After he knew everything would be okay, Kai would return. Something in the dream made Kai feel that it was his fault she was being burned, and he didn't want her to die because of him. What really concerned Kai, was why Hilary was being strung up and burned alive in the first place, what was the reason? What had she done to warrant such a death? Whatever it was, Kai would find the answers, clear his conscience, and leave as quickly as possible.

The shoji screen -- Kai could tell from where he stood -- had be opened, and as Kai cautiously came up to the door, he quickly pressed his back to the wall, hearing a loud scream.

"Hilary stop it that hurts!" Tyson squealed.

"Yeah well you deserve it you jerk!" Hilary retorted.

Arching a brow, Kai curiously turned his head to the side, and looked in on them through the opening. Inside Hilary was pulling on Tyson's ear, ripping it to the side, leaving poor Tyson immobilized as he tried to bear the pain.

From this one sight, Kai began to feel at ease, from this one sight he knew everything was okay. He pulled away, fixating himself onto his crutches, which had become estranged from under armpits.

"Now I don't want to fight with you anymore Tyson, it's just childish. You just make sure you're not late again Tyson. I don't know how many time I will have to stretch that to make a point, but I will until you get it." Hilary said, Kai could hear her feet connecting with the ground, and could discern she was heading out the door adjacent to the one he was standing near; thankfully she wouldn't see him.

"Whatever Hilary…but I am not taking back what I said…you're a control freak, and just plain a man wonder you can't keep a boyfriend." Tyson said, being rather brave. "I can't wait till Kenny is back home from the USA so he can keep you in place."

Kai had spent too much time there, he had received his answers, and it was time to go. He placed his full weight onto the left side of the crutch, and as he took another step he swapped his weight onto the right.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that." That was the last word he heard from them, as Kai drowned himself in his own thoughts.

The dream didn't matter anymore, it was foolish of him to ever think it did. It wasn't like they were living in the medieval times, and Hilary was being burned for being a witch. All Kai's dream was, was a silly nightmare, and nothing more. The reason he considered it at all a possibility was due to something he was once told by his mother when he was younger, about gateways, and dreams, how one can connect to the future while being in a unconscious state -- especially when the future is connected to oneself. She had called it depth perception, and she had once said that in her family, they were able to see what others could only dream of. That was the only reason he considered it. Because it was possible that he had that depth perception.

Suddenly, without warning, Kai felt himself falling forward, as his left crutch pulled him down. Kai winced as his face met with the dirt, his chin being roughly jammed inward, and the rocks imbruing themselves into his skin. The muscles and nerves in his broken leg, strained, and he wanted to cry out in pain -- whoever said breaking a bone doesn't hurt was a complete moron. Kai forced himself to brave, and bear the agony; making pained noises wouldn't be smart at a time like this, especially with them right inside. He just hoped that they hadn't heard his clashing with the ground, but it was a possibility, and in that case he had get out of there quickly.

Placing his hands out in front of him, Kai tried to roll himself over without straining his broken leg too much, but it didn't work. Cursed leg, why did you have to break on me, why do you constantly betray me? I hate this…

"Hey are you all right?"

Kai felt his heart come to a dead halt, as he saw a hand extended out to him. The voice was easily recognized, and just hearing the words directed towards him made Kai's stomach hollow -- it was all over now, everything he was trying to accomplish had been ruined, because of his weakness. Kai looked up from the ground, using his hands to prop himself up, not looking into his eyes, and reluctantly took the hand, grabbing a crutch in the process, but when he came to a stand, he turned away from him. Away from Tyson. Blast it, Kai cursed in his head, using the bottom of his crutch to fish the other one from the ground, and the fixed himself onto both of them.

When he heard the stunned gasp resound behind him, Kai gritted his teeth bitterly.

"K-Kai…is that really you?" Tyson stammered in shock. "It is you right? Hiro said he saw you in a dinner, but we told him he must've been mistaken, because if you were alive, you would've come and told us. I wanted to believe him, but how could I, when I didn't want to believe you would have let think you were dead."

It was all over now. Kai gripped his fists tightly.

"So what really happened…where have you been all this time?"

Kai gave no answer, and let the silence speak for itself. At this moment, all Kai wanted to do was disappear. Coming back here was a big mistake, but the dream had possessed him, and he couldn't relieve his mind of the absurd guilt he felt, when there was no reason to experience it, and the only way to free himself was to find some answers. Now, however, Kai would have lived with the guilt for eternity if it meant not living out this moment. No one was to know he was alive, only Mariah, but now Tyson knew, which would be the end of everything. The kid had the biggest mouth of anyone he knew, and by nightfall all would be aware of him not being among the deiced.

"Well are you going to answer me Kai?" Tyson growled. There was some much anger, and contempt in his voice that it confused Kai.

"Damn it…Tyson." Kai hissed, turning to face him, and as he did he could see the astonishment glowing on Tyson's features. "I don't suppose you could forget you saw me?" He asked wistfully.

A uncharacteristic glower on his face, forced Kai to rethink his words, but it was too late, he had set fire to a thousand flares, which were about to go off in seconds.

"What!" The tension radiating from Tyson was one that signified to Kai that Tyson wished to punch him, but was viciously restraining himself. "No. Do you realize how worried we were for you, not knowing if you were alive or dead." Tyson took in a shuttering breath, clutching his fists, as he closed his eyes tight, bowing his head. In a rush of pent up anger that seemed to be stewing for years, Tyson shouted: "Do you know how badly I wanted to believe my brother Kai, to believe you were alive! Do you know how many days we spent searching for you! All of us, me, Max, Tala, Rei, Emily, Kenny, Hilary, all of us, we spent hours searching for you, days, months, even years…we still haven't given up hope that you would return to us!" He took in another shuttering breath, and in a more subdued tone: "Do you have any idea what it was like to hear Hilary cry her eyes out to sleep every night because of the horror of your sudden demise? Or how many nights we spent awake worrying about you, wondering if you were in a jam and in need of your friends help. And now here you are Kai, after so many years alive and well."

A brief silence formed, but Tyson quickly broke it. "All I want to know is…what took so long Kai…what took so long?"

For the first time in years Kai found himself utterly nonplussed. Words wouldn't come from himself mouth when he tried to speak, and in his head laid a void -- Kai didn't know what to think. He had not expected this of anyone of them. He thought that he could just disappear from their lives, and they would move on, and he would too, and it would be like none of them ever met. Now, however, from what Tyson says it seemed as though he had caused them more pain than he intended. Kai shook his head, no Tyson exaggerating again…my choices weren't a mistake…they were for the good of us all.

"So I guess I'll take that as a no." Kai said inanely.

Tyson nodded. "Indefinitely." Tyson replied. "Now are you going to answer me? Where have you been all these years Kai?"

Kai shook his head. "Lets not head down the road Tyson, when you couldn't possibly understand. You can't understand what was going through my head that day, when I hardly do. So just back off that subject." He was harsh, and unfair, but Kai didn't care because this was not a subject he wanted to venture into.

For a brief moment, Tyson had a strange dark look to him, one that Kai had only seen him wear a few minutes ago for the first time. He looked as though he wanted to sock him in the face for reasons unknown, but this time unlike the last Tyson seemed to struggle with it more. In the end with a defeated sigh, Tyson placed his hands on Kai's shoulders, but Kai did not move or flinch. "Whatever." He didn't really seem all too happy, but that feeling was betrayed, when Tyson then replied in a more jovial tone. "Whelp I am glad you're back, what have you been doing all these years. Do you have a girlfriend?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, and smirked. "I bet you do!"

It was strange, Kai had thought that he would be angrier than this, and would fight with him until he came clean with the truth, but he didn't. Relief warmed his icy veins at the prospect of not having to explain why he had left, and where he had been, because he didn't want to think about himself. Still he sort of wished Tyson would have fought with him because Kai felt like getting into a fight no matter how lame it was. Tyson letting him have space and time just proved how limitless their friendship was -- although Kai hated to admit it -- it was a bond he had found in all five of them, and he would never want to loss that regardless of what he told himself.

Kai shook his head, and scoffed. "Same old Tyson, you were always too forgiving."

Tyson shrugged uncaringly. "Hey I am not too proud to forgive an forget."

Since his cover had been blown with no chance of recovery, it was then confirmed that Kai could receive better reassurance for his reasons of returning from Tyson. Nothing seemed amiss, but now that he thought about it, maybe he wasn't being smart giving up looking for answers from witnessing one normal moment between Hilary and Tyson.

"So…you mind if I ask you something important?" Kai asked eyeing Tyson closely.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well," Kai began searching for the right words. "Has anything strange or bad happened lately while I was gone…it is very important that I know?"

A flash of sorrow lit up Tyson's countenance, but it quickly faded, and then he looked away from Kai as though it pained him to look at him.

"What is it Tyson? Tell me?"

Tyson shook his head. "It's nothing…I was just thinking." He sighed, and then smiled looking back at him. "Nope…nothing really…we actually have been living a boring average lifestyle for awhile now."

"Well what about Hilary…how is she doing…anything strange happening with her?"

"No…" He said oddly, eyeing Kai as if he had said the unspeakable. "Are you all right Kai…you seem a little on edge…and abnormally too concerned. It's freaking me out. As far as I know everything is all right with her, although I am not sure about you. She has been sad a lot lately, but she is still Hilary most of the time." He then smiled, coming to a realization. "Hold on a minute," He said gesturing for Kai to stay put as he turned away from him. "I think Hilary is still here…I am going to go get her, she needs to see this!"

It was just as he feared, Tyson had a big mouth, and it was about to go off. Stealthily, Kai grabbed his arm, yanking him back. "No." He said firmly. "Don't."

"What! Why?" Tyson asked, arching a brow.

"No one can know I am alive…you have to keep this all a secret." Kai growled.

He shook his head, pulling away from Kai. "That's stupid, what about the others? Their all still grieving for you, and if they knew you were alive than maybe they could start to move forward in life again."

"Tyson," He said passively. "Either keep this a secret or I will have to do what is necessary to shut you up."

"But…why Kai?"

There was no shutting him up, no changing his mind, and if Kai let him go he would wreck any chance he had at rectifying his mistake. He shut his eyes, pondering his options, and only one seemed effective enough. "Tyson, come over here a second." He said gesturing with his pointer finger for him to come next to him.

With curious expressions, Tyson innocently scampered over to him. "Yea, what is it?"

Kai sighed, opening his eyes, dropping his right crutch into his left hand, to free his other hand as he slammed the side of his hand into the pressure point on the back of Tyson's neck. Tyson gasped, his eyes widening, as he collapsed forward onto Kai. Kai quickly resituated himself on his right crutch, holding Tyson against his chest.

"I am sorry…but I can't risk you giving me away." Kai said aloud, looking down at Tyson's unconscious form. Tyson said everything is fine, but that sadness I saw on his face when I asked the question in beginning still concerns me…and no matter how hard I try to tell myself nothing is going to happen, that everything is all right -- my gut tells me otherwise. What do I do?

"Hey Tyson where are you?" Hilary called from within the dojo. "I forgot to ask you about something."

Oh great that was all he needed. Kai felt himself stiffen. Hilary just had return at this opportune moment, when he had just knocked Tyson out, with no way to get rid of his body due to his weakness of broken leg.

"Why do you constantly betray me?" Kai growled at his leg.

"Tyson is that you outside?"

There was no getting out of this one, but Kai still had to try. He wasn't about to be caught by her yet, he still hadn't gotten a complete answer. All he knew was that things appeared to be normal, but what about behind the scenes. Bravado and unbidden facades, what about them?

Quickly, without a second thought, Kai dropped his crutches and began too drag Tyson off towards a nearby thicket. Nerves in his leg pulled slightly with ever step, and he let out a small cry. Tears gathered around his eyes from the pain, but luckily it was nothing compared to the pain he had experienced all through his childhood. The beatings, the death, the feelings of loneliness, and claustrophobia, all of it…nothing could compare to it, and so fortunately he was able to endure the pain of his leg.

"Man, Tyson you really need to really go on a diet." Kai complained, it was like pulling a thousand pound boulder, but Kai knew he could possibly weigh more than 180 pounds -- hopefully. Kai was going to say more, but caught himself when he heard Hilary's footfalls enter the outside. Thankfully, he had entered the thicket safely, and unseen by her. Dropping Tyson, Kai collapsed to the ground as well. He rolled over and laid on his back, trying to catch his breath while containing himself in silence.

"Tyson?" She called out. "Where is he…did he leave already?" Hillary sighed. "Yeah right, knowing him he is hiding somewhere, trying to get out of his job today…why do I even bother."

Kai began to relax hearing her footfalls recessing back into the dojo, but almost felt his heart jump up into his throat, when Hilary abruptly said: "What the heck is that over there?"

Forcing himself from the ground, propping his body up against the trunk of the tree, he pulled Tyson's unconscious form closer to him, as to prevent her from finding them. He could see her through the bushes, and thankfully she had not spied them, but rather his crutches, and Kai didn't know if he should be thankful for that. Hilary kneeled down to the strewn out crutches, and lightly touched them with the tips of her fingers.

"What're these doing here…they weren't here a few minutes ago…I am sure of it." She gazed at them thoughtfully, and then shook her head with a laugh. "Tyson if you think you can get out of your job today pretending to be wounded your dead wrong, because I am not going to fall for it." She then stood up in walked back into the dojo.

Kai took a deep relaxing breath looking up through the canopy of trees. "That was close." He would wait a few more minutes before making his next move, he didn't want to risk her coming back out, while he was in the midst of somehow getting his crutches back, and figuring out what to do with Tyson. He couldn't let him go knowing he would blow his cover.


Kai gazed into the mirror staring reluctantly at his own reflection, and studied it thoroughly. Long blue hair with gray streaks framed a oval face, which bore two auburn eyes, and sported two blue streaks of paint on both cheek sides. Five scars, two of them angry ones, each from the accident consumed his young features: one slashed through vertically over a blue mark on his right cheek, and one came from the corner of his right eye, ending at his lip, there were a few others but they were faint enough not to matter at this point.

He touched the blue streaks on his cheek, which sat on top of each other in a parallel position. If his plan -- this crazy impulse he had received the moment he dragged Tyson down into the basement underneath the temple -- were to work, it would mean breaking a vow that was of the utmost important to him. Could he actually do that? Could erase the memory without a second thought? Kai's hand fisted against the marks. The easy answer was that he couldn't, but did he really have a choice in the matter. This could be his only chance to get close enough to Hilary and the others to figure out his dream.

The rag was ice cold on his fingertips, as Kai touched them to the soaked cloth in the sink, silently debating with himself if his idea was indeed a smart one, and worth a try. One thing was for sure, if he did this, and was figured out he would never be able to live it down. They would torture him about it for life.

"What choice do I have? Seriously?"

Against the wall, Tyson laid unconscious, his hands handcuffed above his head to the stair railing. It was all a precaution, for what was about to take place. Kai looked at him indecisively. The young blader was wearing long tight blue pants with the bottoms rolled up to the ankles, a black baggy shirt, a short blue jacket, and the same baseball cap he had been constantly wearing since the day they met. Definitely not Kai's style, definitely something he would never consider wearing. Never would have considered, until now. As now he would have to force himself to.

Kai took his crutches from the wall, at the right of the mirror, and paced himself towards the chair he had placed in front of Tyson for his own benefit. Slow, and cautiously lowering himself into the chair, not to upset his leg, Kai dropped his crutches to the ground right next to his chair. The loud sound made Tyson stir as he began to moan and groan from the pain of the inflicted injury to his neck Kai had given him. Kai gritted his teeth, don't wake up yet…just wait a little longer please.

After a few seconds Tyson calmed back down, becoming silent once more, but he was definitely beginning to wake. Kai quickly took off Tyson baseball cap, jacket, black shirt, and unzipped his pants taking them off as well -- thank God he was wearing boxers. Kai was so uncomfortable in this moment that he felt himself sick, and his stomach hollow. Never had he prepared himself for this moment -- he never thought in a million years that he would actually do something as whacked as this -- and if he hadn't been trained in the art of being emotionless, he might have blushed from embarrassment. This had been the most embarrassing moment of his life. Kai just consoled himself in the fact that Tyson was unconscious and wasn't witnessing what he was doing.

First Kai sat back in the chair, and inhaled as he took up his crutches from the ground leaning them up against the chair. Holding all the clothes in one hand, Kai used his other to grip the side bar of the chair, resting all his weight onto his unbroken leg, coming to a full stand. Kai took off his long white scarf, and long black trench coat, and laid them over the back of the chair. With a relaxing exhale, Kai took his crutches, and paced himself over to an large alcove near the mirror, and then slid off his blue tank top. No way was he going to change with Tyson right there, when he could possibly wake up at any moment -- how indecent that would be.

Kai put on the long baggy black shirt -- at least his color choices had gotten better, but that said nothing for his clothing taste. The hardest part was the pants, with his broken leg it would take some extra patients and maneuverability. Kai leaned back against the walls, as he took off his belt, dropping it to the ground, and unzipped his pants allowing them to fall as well. First he got out his unbroken leg, and then he stepped it onto the other pant leg, stabbing his toes onto the cuffs around his ankle. Pushing down and then, Kai dragged the pants over his foot and kicked them away, placing all his weight onto the wall to keep himself from falling. This was so much easier when Mariah was there helping him, but he had gotten it, and it made him proud that he wasn't completely helpless as he once had speculated.

Back onto his crutches, Kai left the alcove over to the mirror, gazed deeply into it, and situated the hat onto his skull in the backwards manner that Tyson wore it. Besides the scares, blue marks, hairstyle, and eyes Kai looked just like Tyson. He might have been a little taller than Tyson, but from the last time he had seen Tyson, he had grown a lot. Tyson was now almost as tall as he was, and Kai was sure no one would be able to see the difference. In height maybe not, but Kai still had a lot of work to do if he was going to make this work.

Kai picked up the wet rag, and scrubbed off the blue paint, the blue water fell in diluted drops from the cloth spilling into the sink, and in an angry line, headed for the drain. As Kai watched the marks he swore to never remove again began to fade, he gripped the cloth tightly, his hands becoming drenched in the blue paint as the colored water rained harshly down into the sink -- even more so than before.

Why did he have to care, why did he have to be concerned? Not being able to train, being locked up in the hospital, getting to know Belle Pierce, had made him become weak, and feeble minded. He hated himself for caring, he hated himself for what he was about to do, and most of all he hated that Tyson knew he was alive…no one was suppose to know. That would eat at him forever.

He dropped the rag into the sink at a sudden scream, and looked over his shoulder. Tyson had woken up, and had seen himself stripped of his clothing, and was looking up at his hands seeing them cuffed. Now Kai had some explaining to do. Tyson then looked into Kai's eyes, and screamed even louder than before.

"Ah, what the heck!" He cried. "Kai! What're you doing?"

Kai gave no answer, not knowing what to say.

"Well are you going to answer me or not!" Tyson shouted, wrenching forward, but being pulled back by the handcuffs. "First I find out your not dead, which should be a happy moment, and then you knock me out for no apparent reason…and then…and then…you stole my clothes! What is wrong with you, have you had your brain checked lately, because I think you've got a few screws loose in there? Now, give me back my clothes this instant, and untie me!"

"Tyson?" Kai sighed, closing his eyes. His head was beginning to throb from Tyson's constant yelling, and it needed to stop.

"Yes?" He sounded hopeful.

"Will you just shut up for moment?" He said, taking his crutches, and once again sitting in the chair, he had placed in front of Tyson, leaning his crutches up against the back of the seat.

Tyson glared at him undecided. "Only if you tell me what hell is going on!"

"Okay, it's like this…I am stealing your identity." Kai said bluntly, and from the astounded look on Tyson's face it might have been too blunt.

"What?" Tyson started to struggle to get free of the handcuffs, probably wanting to throttle him. "I knew it, you have completely lost your mind. Whatever has happened to you over the years has definitely made you crazy. That is never going to work…don't you think people will be able to see the difference, mister antisocial?"

It was true, he probably couldn't pull of Tyson's mannerisms, because he wouldn't know where to start -- they were such unique mannerisms. However, that didn't mean he couldn't pull off a half decent Tyson., and he would definitely try it. Kai would do anything to figure out his dream, and get the guilt, and concern off his chest. "Maybe not…but I can still try."

Tyson rolled his eyes, and made tutting noise. "Yeah right. You and I are like total opposites Kai -- in the personality area at least…there is no way you'll pull it off, so how about you give me back my clothes, and stop trying to be me. I promise I won't tell another soul about you being alive if you give me back my clothes now." He assured, and then complained. "I am cold!"

Now there was a thought, if he gave him back his clothes they could pretend this never happened, and as much as he would have liked to accept it, Kai couldn't. He knew now that he couldn't leave until he received answers, and closure on his dream, and besides how could he be so sure Tyson would keep his promise. He had the biggest mouth Kai had ever seen.

"No deal. I am only going to borrow it for a little while, and then I will return it, but until then you better make yourself comfortable. If you scream or let anyone know your down here and blow my cover, I will have to make you pay." Kai bent forward, studying his eyes. "Our eyes color sort of matches…awe what the heck, I'll just wear sunglasses…I'll be better off."

"Yeah right…I have never worn sunglasses in years, they're totally going to think something's up."

"Tyson the ex World Champion Beyblader has a big head…they won't think anything of it." Kai assured.

"What about our voices, we don't even sound alike? You don't think they'll notice that, huh?"

It was true, they didn't even come close to sounding alike, and there was no way he could even make himself come close. Still, he had to try, he had find away to make this work. Kai wasn't a fool, he could see all the holes in his plan, but it was the only way he could get some real answers. He was desperate. "I will only talk when it is necessary, and if it comes up that I sound different…well…I'll figure something out."

Tyson wasn't satisfied, Kai could tell. "Well what about our build, we don't even have the same build--"

"Tyson will you be quiet, I am trying to think!"

The handcuffs rattled against the railing, as Tyson sat back, slowly beginning to relax. He wore a scowl on his face, with narrowed eyes, as he pouted his lips. "Whatever…one question though, why are you doing this anyway?"

"It's none of your business." Kai said, contemplating his next move. He had heard Tyson and Hilary talking earlier about work and not being late…that was the perfect place to start, he could go to work with her, and receive his answers there. Kai just hoped work wasn't something that took a lot of leg power, because his was throbbing.

"That is always what you say." Tyson sighed. "Well you can at least get me something to eat, I am starving."

Ignoring him, Kai said: "Tyson where does Hilary live, and what work do you have to do with her today?"

From those words Kai watched as Tyson's features turned a pale white. His lip quivered as he tried to get the words out, failing for a couple of seconds, until finally he forced them out. "Holy crap Kai! I am going to be late and it is all your fault! Let me go, and give back my clothes now!" He whined.

Kai took a deep breath -- Tyson was beginning to get on his nerves. He slapped him across the face earning a stunned look from him. "Damn it Tyson shut up. I am not going to give your clothes back now just deal, and answer me now."

Tyson frowned, looking away from him off to the side. "Fine…but this plan of yours -- whatever it is -- is stupid….we don't even have the same hair, and you don't look like me and never will."


Cupping her hands into the water filled sink, Hilary scooped up some water, splashed it into her face, and dried herself off with a hand towel hanging on a towel bar over the toilet. There was so much to be done today, her schedule was completely booked for the week with meetings, showcases, and galas, there was so much to be done, and she had so little time. Life for her had become hectic since she chose to be President of BTA a year after Kai died. Her whole life had changed the day he died, just as everyone else's had. It was funny how much he had affected their lives in one way or another. Who would have guessed how much they needed him? She surely hadn't.

Hilary laid down on her stomach on her bed, gazing at several photo's on her nightstand. They were such happy days, with her, Tyson, Max, Rei, and Kai.

Most of the pictures she had were of her, Tyson, and Kai because the others had left the country on several occasions when she was in a picture taking mood. The one that caught her eye the most was a more recent, and yet not one of her, Tyson, and Kai at a festival. It was the last picture she had taken before the world tournament, before the accident. They basically had to drag Kai down there kicking and screaming, but the funny thing was in the picture he was actually smiling, not wearing some sort of scowl as he usually did. Tyson was standing in between them, and he had his arms around both their necks, dragging them forward. He had the biggest dopey grin on his face. A tear slipped out of her eye, as she took the photo from the nightstand and hugged it close.

How badly, she wanted to go back to those days, but she knew it was impossible. Soon though she would understand, Hilary would understand why this all happened. If it took a hundred years, she would find away to understand.

She placed the photo back onto the nightstand, and stood from her bed, picking up her jacket, slipping it over her shoulders, and blue blouse, and grabbed her purse from the couch next to the television. But first she had to go to work for it was a major step in learning to understand.

Everything she did in life was.


After a nice long hot shower, and some impermanent hair dye, Kai had restyled his hair to match Tyson's perfectly. Placed a splint onto his leg to replace the use of crutches, to seem less suspicious, and put coverup over the scars. Now, the only problem he had to face with this plan, was dealing with his voice -- he sounded nothing like Tyson, but he would find someway to mask that as well. He wore some dark sunglasses to conceal his eyes color and shape, and kept his long trench coat to cover the slight differences in their build. He prayed this would work. In the back of his head, he knew he was losing it coming up with such a insane plot to get close enough to Hilary to assure himself that his stupid dream was just that. A stupid, stupid dream.

If wasn't for his mother, it would have stayed that way, but due to the depth perception she claimed their family to possess, he was forced to believe otherwise. There were several key points that trigger the perceptible dreams, but he couldn't remember them. If he returned to his original home in Russia, he could read up on it in a book his mother had written for future generations, just in case they were to experience the change. If he wasn't so stubborn and afraid, he would have returned for it, but he couldn't seem to push himself enough to go back to that place. It was a time better left in the past.

Tyson had reluctantly told him that due to some family troubles, Hilary had moved into a apartment on Cream Ave. She was surviving on her own money, and had been totally cut off from her family (it was worse then Mariah had told him) but Tyson wouldn't tell him what happened for it wasn't his place to distribute that information -- it was Hilary's. Kai could hardly argue with that, but it was surprising. It surprised Kai that Tyson would be so considerate of Hilary's feelings given their strange unexplainable history, but then again it was obvious that Tyson cared for the girl.

The hotel wasn't a ritzy, fancy one, but it was rather large, and the architecture was quite fascinating. The building was old and seemed to date back to the 1860's Meji Era of Japan's history. Being born in a snooty rich family himself, Kai had acquired a taste for all sorts of art -- it actually pleasured him to think up all he could about famous pieces of land, paintings, buildings, anything doing with the historical nature.

Kai slid his hand up the banister and a slowly ascended up the steps, being mindful of his broken leg. When he moved his broken leg, he placed all the weight on the banister, which helped ease the pain, and kept him from falling. Obviously the banister and steps were newly added to the foundation, he could tell by the English design, which completely was a contradiction to the Japanese floral design, but he had to admit it was a nice adage. It was almost symbolic. One could move into the future without losing the past. It was nice.

A few children laughed behind him, bouncing a basketball on their way to the park. Kai regarded them with a small short-lived smile. Kai walked, limping, into the apartments, moving down the porch into a long hallway. The walls were lined with shoji doors, each leading to a different apartment complex. Back in the 1860's these rooms probably were used as secret rendezvous for politicians, and anyone of the higher ranks of that time. Probably thousands of scandals have happened here in these rooms, and a thousand planned deaths. So much history. Now, anyone could live there. Times certainly had changed.

Tyson had also said that her room number, was apartment number 205. Kai was currently passing by 203. Coming closer to his targeted goal, his stomach began to uncharacteristically hollow, and he felt a little nervous. It must have been due to the stress of worrying that he would be immediately found out and labeled a liar, and Tyson wannabe. He definitely wasn't going to be labeled a Tyson wannabe, when he constantly dreaded the day ahead, when he would have to pretend to the best of his abilities to be obnoxious, self-righteous, and pigheaded, all of which were the major unattractive qualities of Tyson. If he weren't able to demonstrate each personality trait at least once during the timeframe he was with them, they would be suspicious. They would think something was up.

Room number 205. A sense of relentless urgency plagued him, as he felt his answers drawing closer.Kai came to a dead motionless halt in front of the door. Listening. Waiting. Unsure of what to do next.

What was he thinking coming here? He felt like a lurking predator, waiting for the perfect moment to smash through the shoji screens, and destroy Hilary's life forever, and possibly his own. Who knew what answer laid ahead of him. If depth perception was really able to be done, and he had somehow accessed the future, then Hilary's life truly was at stake, and didn't he owe her to try and stop the looming catastrophe? If he didn't, her death would surely be own his shoulders, and Kai didn't want any guilt trips. If anyone found out that he knew about this beforehand, they would hate him with everlasting contempt.

A loud squeaking sound. It sounded like springs being bounced on by small children, but it happened only once. Kai peered into her room through a small crack in the jamb of the door -- she had foolishly left the door halfway open, allowing anyone access. No wonder she was going to die, anyone who was this foolish deserved it. Anyone could walk right in and kill her.

Kai calmed himself.

The was room was lit up by a soft-rose color light radiating from a small lamp with a floral shade, sitting on a nightstand next to a bed. On the bed, on her belly, Hilary lied holding tightly something in her arms. Curious, Kai locked his gaze on whatever it was, trying to decipher it. It was a wooden picture frame. Not wanting to pry on her little intimate moment with the photo, as it would be a violation, Kai dropped his gaze from her, but at the same time realized there nothing to gaze at. Hilary was no longer on her bed. No longer in sight.

Kai's heart began to pump wildly in his chest, as he saw the front shoji door begin to slide open. With uneasy haste, Kai turned away from the door, and began to walk down the hall. His broken leg hurt with each step taken -- the splint wasn't doing it's job, and suddenly Kai wished he hadn't decided to go through with this plan. As much as he hated admitting it, he needed his crutches.

"Tyson is that you?"

For some reason Kai found himself stopping, and turning to face her. Hilary stood, her long brown locks framing a face of wonder, and astonishment.

"Is that really you Tyson? What're you doing here, and what's up with the glasses? You don't usually wear glasses, and that coat…what are you going for some bad-boy look." She laughed. "What are you hoping that once you come to work today you can flatter Jamie with your new looks and she'll drop the restraining order, leap into your arms, and proclaim her undying love for you? Because if you think that, I'll tell you now no matter how much changing you do to your looks, your personality will always remain the same…and she'll--"

"Actually Hilary, I am wearing the coat because my other one wasn't cutting it for this sudden draft of cold weather, and the sunglasses, are because I felt like it." Kai said, sick of her constant ramblings. It wasn't a lie though, the once warm weather had eerily change into freezing breezes. He tried his best, to make his voice sound high-pitched, and honey-like as Tyson's voice usually was. "And for you information I came down here to ask if you wanted to go to work together…because," he couldn't believe he was actually going to say this. "Because I forgot where work is."

From the suspicious, and concerned look in her face, he wasn't doing so good.

"Are you all right Tyson…your voice sounds funny."

Kai fake a cough. "I have a cold…which is why I am wearing a jacket. My nose is stuffed."

"You didn't have a cold before I left you?"

"I just got it, it came rather suddenly."

"But still something about you is a little off." She studied him closely, and Kai greatly feared she would figure him out. "I don't know what it is, but whatever." She paused, taking a deep breath. "I can't believe you forgot where I work again! This is the sixteenth time!"

Sixteenth time? Kai thought in awe -- so his choice words were the correct ones to pull off a Tyson. If he could keep acting like Tyson, there was a possibility he could create an illusionary effect that would block them from seeing the truth, and differences between him and the real Tyson -- if there were still any. Kai feigned a embarrassed blush. "I know, I know."

She sighed. "Fine lets go."

It was so hard to stay next to her when she was practically running. Kai slowly limped a long behind her, feeling the strain of his leg, and trying to balance most of his weight onto the uninjured leg.

Coming to the steps, Kai gradually walked down them, using the banister as he would his crutches, but unfortunately it didn't work to well. His injured leg gave out as did his other leg, and Kai stumbled forward into Hilary who almost on instinct, turned around and caught him.

Kai's sunglasses slid slightly from his face, almost revealing him, but Kai quickly slid them back on. It was close one. Hilary helped him to his feet, her face willed with bewilderment. He had just begun the fallacy plan of being Tyson, and already he had almost blown it -- or maybe he had blown it.

"What is wrong with you?" Hilary inquired. "You almost ran me down in your tripping fit."

He tried to suppress it, but he could manage it, and winced from the pain, bending down to look at his leg, resituating the splint, but pretending to be, fixing his slightly lifted pant leg. He had come up with something quick, something that could excuses his limping, and sudden uncontrollable pains before he was found out. Without warning or thought, the words just came out, and Kai wasn't sure if he regretted them or not. "I sprang my ankle okay, on the way here…is that all right with you?"

She looked stunned, but immediately scowled. "Oh I see how it is? I knew it!" She turned away from him. "Don't even try pulling one over my head Tyson Granger."

"What did I do now?" Kai groaned.

"I saw the crutches at your house…don't even try that underhanded handicap excuse."


"You're planning to act like you have sprained your leg so you can get out of doing work today!" She turned to face him, with tears of frustration. "You promised me, you would test out my latest product…do you how hard it is to find skilled enough people to test them…I need to know it's durability level, how far I can push it…I need you! But now your trying to back out aren't you. Aren't you!"

Never before had he seen this side of her: vulnerable, immensely frustrated, and heart broken for some unknown reason, and Kai couldn't help but feel sympathy for her, although he didn't know why.

"No…I am not backing out of anything…I need the money too badly." Of course he didn't know what she was talking about. Tyson and him never discussed what the job would entail, although he had asked him. However, Tyson wouldn't quit ranting about how much he needed the money.

She seemed skeptical. "Yeah right, like I can actually take you at your word." She said. "I know you all too well Tyson…your trying to pull a wall over my head, and I am not going to fall for it. If you want to back out just say so."

"For the last time!" Kai said getting frustrated, grasping both of her shoulders in his hands, holding her firm. She seemed somewhat stunned by his sudden gesture. "I am not backing out, but if you keep bickering I might change my mind. Now lets just go already." That sounded pretty Tysonish. It was sort of exciting, he was actually doing pretty well at this hole role-playing cover thing. All except the falling part.

"Fine." She looked away from him towards the ground, and then pulled away as well. "Lets go…we'll take my car, instead of walking. I wouldn't want you to further sprain your leg."

He would have said something, but Kai didn't want to risk it. He had changed his voice into a throatier version of Tyson, which quite literally could pass off as a sick version of him, but still, he could at some point screw up the voice change, and sound more like himself.

Kai limped along behind her, following her around the back of the apartment complex. She was so aggravating, and quickly got under his skin. If he wanted to he could have back out, because he didn't really want to deal with her, and could just let whatever was about to happen, take it's natural course instead of interfering with it, but something inside wouldn't allow it. Kai wanted to turn away and leave, but he couldn't. Something was going to happen to her, and he couldn't stand by knowing what he knew, and let her be burned…or whatever it was that was going to happen.

I will protect you, don't worry, but anymore bickering from you, and I might run for the hills. He was joking of course, which was uncharacteristic, but then everything he was doing since the dream was uncharacteristic.

As Kai headed for her car. He saw in the infinite sky, an a long never ending day ahead of him, with danger lurking around every corner. Kai just hoped he could keep his sanity long enough to stop what loomed dangerously over the horizon. God knew that even a few hours of pretending to be Tyson, would make anyone lose a little of their sanity, although he had to admit it would be interesting.


Chapter three: completed.

To be continued.

Date: 10/11/04

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