Part 1

Nighttime in the Payonese forests can only be described, as some would say as cold, damp and dark only lit by rays from the moon passing between the branches of the trees.

An indistinct figure whisks behind the trees it glances back and the moonlight illuminates her face revealing her as a beautiful dancer. Her short shoulder length light brown-hair flowing behind her from the speed of her running and her lemon yellow eyes clouded with fear.

She keeps glancing behind her, fear definitely seen upon her face. One cannot help but ask "Why?" since she is more than capable of handling all the monsters in this forest. The answer is that she is not running from any monster but from something far more dangerous-Her guild.

Her repetitive panting echoes through the humid forest air. She is running out of energy and one of her guild mates is slowly catching up.

In a last attempt to survive she reaches to her waist then pulls out a rapture rose (her personal favorite). With a flick of her wrist the thorn encrusted whip swishes up a tree branch and wraps around it. Kicking herself up with her right foot she rises a good five feet above the ground and gracefully lands on the tree branch.

Her chaser finally arrives skidding to a halt then standing in the middle of the trees, eyes darting in all directions in search for the dancer. A breeze of wind blows some branches apart allowing the moonlight to reveal that the chaser is a female black smith. She wore her midnight-blue-colored hair in a low hanging ponytail and on her left arm a burning skull tattoo proved that she was Lucia former third in command now second-in-command of the "Malacca Guild".

"Come out Persha!" she called out into the forest. Persha hid herself even more to avoid being seen. Lucia gave a sigh then leaned on the tree where Persha was hiding. Persha clasped her hands over her mouth to stop herself from making any noise that would reveal her. Lucia returned her two handed axe back to its belt loop then pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. After lighting the cigarette then putting it in her mouth she puffed a few times before speaking again, cigarette still in mouth "Last chance Persha, Come out!" the dancer didn't answer. Lucia took the cigarette from her mouth then threw it above her.

"!" Persha fell from the tree then landed on her butt right in front of Lucia.

"Well," said Lucia "What do I owe the pleasure?"

Persha quickly stood up and lashed her whip at the blacksmith. Lucia threw her lighter at the whip, thus igniting it.

Persha spun her whip over her head in an attempt to douse the flames but Lucia ran up to her and kicked the whip out of the dancer's hands. She raked the whip near her using her two handed axe, which at some point had been retrieved from her belt loop.

Persha sat down on the ground "Why are you doing this to me Lucia?" she asked

Lucia didn't answer but simply brought out a parchment and read aloud. "You have committed betrayal against your guild and are hereby accountable for the grave loses including the death of Abenander Sutorin our former guild master. You shall await the decision of your guild for your punishment." Lucia put the parchment back into her backpack then looked down on her former guild mate and friend with the mix of hate and affection, a very curios combination.

She heard a voice in her head and wasn't alarmed, since she was used to it. It was their guild's telepathic connection, a connection that emerged once they had created the guild from the emperium.

"Have you found her already Lucia?" asked her wizard-guild mate Rhozen through the telepathic connection.

"Yup, I'm looking at her as we speak" Lucia answered

"Okay then gives us your coordinates so we can warp to you"

"90 degrees north, 30 degrees east"

The telepathic communication stopped and behind the dancer and the black smith a portal opened.

Seven people stepped out of the portal in this order First, Paris a Hunter Second, Sonon an assassin, Third Rhozen a wizard, Fourth Maharet Rhozen's fiancé a sage Fifth, Corvus a Knight Sixth, Victor a crusader Followed lastly, by Adella the priestess guild mistress. She was the younger sister of Abenander the former guild master, who was a priest as well.

One cannot imagine the pain she felt looking at the one responsible for her brother's death, the one that she had trusted so much before.

"I'm sorry for your brother's death. And I know my apologies wont bring him back" said Persha keeping her eyes on the ground.

"Why did you do that Persha? What wrong did he do to you?" asked Adella tears falling down her cheek.

"I did it the same reason you are chasing me Adella-for love," said Persha "I loved Jared; you out of all people should understand why I did what I did, since you loved your brother."

"My brother was a good man! Your Lover was only fooling you into betraying Malacca!"

Persha was silent, all that Adella said was true but she couldn't help herself from saving the man she loved.

"I'm sorry Adella," said Persha finally looking up at the face of the priestess.

"Your apologies do not bring back the dead," answered Adella her knuckles turning white as she gripped her skirts in anger.

"I wasn't apologizing for Abenander"

"Then what are you apologizing for then?" asked the priestess

"For this," Persha did a scorpion kick and hit Adella on the head. The priestess fell on the ground. Lucia raised her axe over her head and began to shout her skill "Hammer Fa..." her skill was interrupted as Persha's heel slammed into her jaw. She fell on the ground as well. Persha hooked her whip with her foot, kicked it up in the air then caught it with no effort at all. She whipped Adella up to her, pulled out a dagger and placed it threateningly near the priestess' neck

"Everybody, throw your weapons away" called Persha

"Do what she says," commanded Adella keeping her face as calm as she could muster. Everybody threw their weapons at the sides. Persha stared at all of them looking for someone who was about to pull a trick on her. "You, Rhozen, Maharet put your hands over your head where I can see them" The two magic users did as they were told

When Persha was sure she could get away she threw Adella on the ground and threw the knife which landed on the priestess' sleeve thus pinning her down and ran away from her guild

"Get her!" ordered Adella

Everybody went to the sides to look for their weapons

"Quickly she's getting away!"

Rhozen didn't bother to get his arc wand; he pointed at Persha a tear slid down his cheak before he shouted "FROST DRIVER!" huge spikes of ice whisked past Adella narrowly missing her face. The icicles chased Persha who ran as fast as she could. She attempted to whip up a tree again. She put her hand near her chest then flung it up again but it was too late. She was standing there, arms outstretched, whip limping from her hand, her feet weren't moving and a shocked look was on her face. A bloody spike of ice protruded from her stomach. She fell on the floor and started to recall everything that had happened.