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Chapter Three

The locks of hair moved across her torso, unfastening the shirt and sliding it open, the fabric tugging gently at the rigid peaks of her breasts as as it passed them. Her eyes fell shut and her head leaned back against his shoulder, mouth open in a moan.

A loud banging come from above Seras. Someone... knocking? Surprise warred with the state her body was in leaving her in a muddled heap, staring blankly upward with her mouth still open.

"Alucard! Are you in there?" There was a very proper, upper-crust accent to the yelled words. It was like being interrupted by the BBC!

The vampire in question hadn't stopped what he was doing to Seras with his hands and hair, but he did pull his face back from the nape of her neck to loudly threaten, ."You know how little I like to be disturbed Walter. Do you remember Prague? Do you remember how many people died? I shall be along presently." His lips wandered back to her neck. There really must be something that she was supposed to be doing right now. She couldn't throw on clothes because her wardrobe currently consisted of a shirt in the firm grasp of hair with a mind of it own. A tentative tug showed that her garment wouldn't be released without a crowbar or a barber's shears. What if whoever was interrupting them looked in instead of just knocking? It had sounded only a meter or so above them, so they must be in some sort of... box? There was certainly nothing to hide behind except her new Master, but she doubted he'd help with that, since he was doing everything he could to give anyone who peeped in a complete show.

"I'm much afraid Sir Integra was most insistent that you attend her now. She said she's been summoning you since sundown and has had no answer."

"I occasionally have other things to do then keep her entertained, " his words were half muffled in her hair and it tickled. Why did he keep touching her? It was all she could do not to moan again.

There was a brief snort, an unusually plebeian sound from such a cultured voice. "Yes, I'm sure you do, but there are some facts of unlife I am NOT going to be the one to explain to her. It's your turn now. I had to do the 'facts of life' when she was fourteen. She said for you to 'put away your toys and earn your keep."

Alucard stilled and a deep sigh came from his body and mind. "You're right, she does need some things explained to her." Hands and hair withdrew, and he murmured in her mind, "I'll kill whatever is bothering the child, tell her some more things she doesn't know about true vampires and return. You can trust Walter. And don't go far!" The last was an order, and it locked in, leaving it like constant background noise in her head.

Instead of moving her to the side and getting out of the box, his body sank rapidly under her until she made solid contact with a heavily padded mattress-like surface. "Oomph!" It took her a stunned moment to recover.

"Miss Victoria? Do you require assistance?" Oh, great! Now he was talking to her, in all her mostly naked glory.

She managed to find the button bands on both sides of the shirt and was trying to quickly fasten it. "Ummm. No, I'm fine." Looking down at the dim whiteness of the the cloth, embarrassment warred with practicality. And her new Master had told her to trust this man. "Well, no, I could really use some clothes... and is there a way out of here?"

She thought she heard a bit of a chuckle, but there was no sign of it in the tone. "Yes, of course. Shall I help you out of it now, or will you need the clothes first?"

Oh. He thought she might be undressed in here! Well, she sort of had been a few minutes ago. She assessed the garment, and realized that it covered her almost to her knees. Tugging it into place as far as it would go, she told him, "No, right now, please."

There was a soft creak, and bright light flooded in, leaving her half blind and blinking. "There we go. Now, if you'll just take my hand, we'll get you out of there."

She sat up and grasped the hand she could vaguely see. It was very warm and engulfed hers completely. With a firm grip, he helped her get to the edge to swing her legs over and sit on the rim. After she tried for a few minutes to figure out how to jump down without the shirt sliding up, he put his arm around her middle, and with a murmur of, "If you don't mind..." swung her down to the stone floor. It was amazing how strong he was for his apparent age, now that she could see him more clearly. He was tall, nearly as tall as her master, with long, steel gray hair caught in a low ponytail in back, immaculate trousers and vest with a white shirt with sleeve garters. He was peering at her through a monocle, a slightly amused but sympathetic look on his face. "At least he found you something to wear... I wasn't sure if he even knew where his closet was," he said with a slight bit of sarcasm.

The stone should have been cold to her feet, but she only noticed that it was polished smooth, as if many feet had been over it again and again. "But it's not very... is there something else I could wear? What happened to my uniform?"

One of his eyebrows quirked up and he looked slightly uncomfortable. "Alucard left it outside his door this morning, but I'm afraid it wasn't salvageable."

No wonder he thought she might be naked.

"Does he... does he do this sort of thing often?" Somehow she couldn't stand the thought of being one of a horde.

"You're the first he's ever brought back in all the time I've known him. He's not usually interested in mere humans, even enough to make them into something else." His smile was gentle, but filled with other things unsaid that seemed to amuse and sadden him at the same time.

"You seem to know him well," Seras asked curiously.

Now he did actually chuckle. "I've known him most of my life."

"He said your name was... Walter?"

"Yes. I'm the butler for Sir Integral Hellsing. You can ask me for whatever you're in need of or any questions, unless it's something you'll need to talk to Alucard for. I did take the liberty of obtaining some clothes in the same size as your old uniform until your new ones have been made."

"New uniforms?" By now Seras was completely bemused by it all. She felt brain dead, what with repeating things back to Walter.

"Alucard has insisted that you're joining Hellsing as a new operative. You really can't go back to your old life and you've been listed as dead along with the rest of your team."

Seras knew very little of Hellsing, just that it took the calls that Division 11 was pulled out of as being too much for them to handle. And she was supposed to be joining them? Her last team had never even been convinced to stop calling her Kitten!

Walter read the conflicting emotions that ran across her face with unnerving accuracy. "I think you will do fine. You will be much more powerful now then as a human." Maybe she could just run away? Walter saw that fleeting thought too. "Sir Integral won't allow a vampire that isn't under her command to exist."

"And my Master wouldn't..."

"No, he wouldn't. I am sorry, Seras. I know you likely had no true idea of what you were in for when you agreed."

"If I had, would have been harder to choose this?"

His eyes seemed to look at something far back in time. "Oh, yes. Much." He smiled at her, truly this time. "But it isn't all bad and will sort itself out. I'll help you as much as I may." His eyebrow went up again. "And I wouldn't have been able to meet you if you hadn't chosen this, would I? Now shall we get clothes sorted out?"

She was aware, even in her confusion, that Walter was being extra friendly and babying her along, but he seemed genuinely nice and she felt in dire need of it right now. "Please." She held up an arm and the shirt cuff fell well past her hand, drooping from her fingertips. Sharing a laugh with him, Seras realized she liked him quite a lot after only knowing him for under an hour.

The autocratic vampire, on the other hand, she wasn't entirely sure what she felt about. The very thought of him, midnight hair, long-fingered hands and voice of sweet, smokey liquor caressing inside and out, made her flush from top to toe and start tingling again. Blushing seemed to still be possible, however much it was unwanted right now. Her heart might well be beating, but so slowly and faintly that it was hard to pin it down, like catching a shadow out of the corner of your eye. Her new Master had taken charge of her bloodflow earlier, among other things, but she couldn't seem to even keep her pale skin from coloring from visions of him.

If Walter noticed, he was too polite to mention it. British reticence at its best, she thought with relief.

Seras turned around to look at the rest of the room after he went out. He came running back at her loud wail.

"Miss Victoria, what..."