Summary: She never thought it would come, that day, the day when evil triumphed over good, dark over light . . . how wrong she had been. And him. . . he was the reason for her pain, the reason she was here. . . and she could never forgive him for it. Draco/Hermione

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Chapter One: Remembering

Hermione sniffed. The air around her smelled of blood . . . What else was new? She stared blankly around her cell, rusty iron bars down to the freezing stone floor. It was hard to believe that not a year ago she was laying in a nice warm bed at about this time. But that was before . . . Hermione shook her head to relieve herself of the tears welling in her eyes. It was too painful to remember, she couldn't remember, wouldn't remember. She was brought back to earth by a familiar voice.

"Mione?" The voice was hesitant. She looked into the brown eyes of Fred Weasley, good old Fred, never let her down, one of the only familiar faces here in this wretched place. Gratitude flooded her as she looked into the eyes of one she had come to acknowledge as a brother. Her cellmate, the only one she could truly trust, besides Ron, and Harry, but who knew if they were even alive? She certainly didn't.

Hermione leaned back against the stone wall, closing her eyes slightly, and let the memories flood her senses. She never thought it would come, that day, the day when evil triumphed over good, dark over light . . . how wrong she had been.


Hermione gazed around, smelling the willow that she sat under. She giggled a bit as Ron made a comment about Harry's hair. It had felt so right, sitting there with her two best friends in the world, not knowing how wrong things were about to come.

It started with yells, yells that evolved into screams of terror as multiple people fled the castle, a group of people in hooded cloaks following in their wake. Death Eaters. Hermione was not stupid, she had known what was going to happen, she knew that she was setting her eyes on the final battle, the battle where light prevailed, or was supposed to. They had failed, Hermione was torn from Ron and Harry, thrown into battle; tripping over people alive, and not alike.

Hermione believed she was doing fine, until she witnessed the death Dean Thomas; that had been her undoing, the reason she was here, that, and a smirking prat were the reasons she was here. Stunned to see the death of a fellow Gryffindor and friend she stood for moments, standing there, staring at the lifeless body that used to be Dean. . . then strong arms had wrenched her from her spot and, looking up into the smirking face of Draco Malfoy, she fainted.

End Flashback

When she had awoken, she had found herself here, in this cell, with no one. Days had dragged on before Fred was added to the cell.

Hermione opened her eyes and looked up at Fred. "I miss them." She told him, voice full of pain. She had not seen nor heard from Harry, Ron or any of the others since that day, she had no clue as to what was going on in the outside world, all she was aware of were these rotting cells filled with people who had fallen to evil.

"I know Mione, I know." Fred sighed, pulling her into an embrace. Her heart swelled with gratitude towards this flaming red head.

"How touching." A voice sneered at the cell door. Hermione whipped around, and wished she hadn't. Smirk in place, cold gray eyes leering, Draco Malfoy stood. Those eyes . . . she hadn't seen them since that day. . . Anger flooded every sense she had. That sniveling ferret was the reason she was here, HE had taken her to this place, the place she currently inhabited, receiving barely two meager meals a day.

All thoughts of exhaustion vanished as Hermione emitted a growl. She marched towards the open cell door that Draco was currently leaning against and raised her hand to his face, the sound of her hand making sharp contact with the pale flesh of his cheek filling the air.

Her anger flared even more when he didn't seem fazed a bit, though anger seemed to edge its way into those gray eyes.

"You'd do best to respect me, Mudblood." He drawled. Hermione was livid.

"You? You! Me respect a sniveling evil little ferret like yourself? Oh no, Malfoy, you don't even deserve Mudbloods bowing down to you, you—" She was cut short when she found herself thrown into the stone wall. She stared up at Malfoy and saw pure evil shining out of his cold eyes. A wide smirk found its way onto his face.

"Not a bad idea, this bowing down." He remarked, drawing his wand. In a flash Hermione found herself on the ground in front of him.

At the mercy of her worst enemy.

'Isn't life great?' She thought.

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