Title: You have got to be kidding Status 2?
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Madam Pomfrey in took a deep breath, and lets it out slowly. Then looked Mr. Malfoy straight in the eye and said " Your son is pregnant."

Lucius Malfoy looked at the med-witch for a few moment and then looked back down at Draco, he moved quickly over to feel his son's stomach, so he could confirm for himself what she had just told him.

"I am telling you the truth, Mr. Malfoy," Pomfrey stated irritatedly, as she watched the wizard run his hands over his son's stomach.

"I know that, madam, but as his father, I feel that I must check for myself, reguardless," Lucius informs her. ' Oh, what trouble have you gotten yourself into, Draco' he sighs inwardly has he feels something inside of Draco

"I see. I want to keep him here for a few weeks so that I can monitor his progress. I don't know how being in the Forbitten Forest has effected him, and I want to confirm the time he became pregnant. I might be able to get that information from Master Potter, if your son doesn't wake up soon," the med-witch replied.

"Surely you are not suggesting that Harry had something to do with that?" Sirius growled out as he stomped towards Draco and pointed his finger at him. The

"Do not point your finger at my son, Black. Since my son and him were together in the woods, and there was no one, to our knowlege around, it is very likely that he is indeed the father," Lucius snarled out as he stood between Draco and Sirius.

"When he put a spell on Harry, and Harry will have nothing to do with him or whatever that thing is inside of him," Sirius announced then walked back over to were his god-son was sleeping.

Lucius decided no to argue with Sirus anymore and turned his attention towards the med-witch. " I thank you for your consern, madam, but I am taking Draco back home, and he will be looked at by our family med-wizard. If he says it is alright for Draco to return and study here, then I will bring him back." he informs her before picking Draco up and heading out the door.

Madam Pomfrey doesn't think Draco should be moved around thusly and begins to go after him, when she notices that Harry is about to wake up, and heads towards him.

Several Weeks Later ( Gryffindor common room)

Ron looks over Harry and mentally wills him to start talking as is this will make him. Harry turns towards the red-headed wizard and smiles. ' If he only knew how dumb he looked right now' he thought as he watched Ron's facial exprections.

"Ugh! Why won't you say anything, Harry? Madam Pomfrey said you should be able to talk," Ron growled out then stood up and began to pace around.

It has been weeks, weeks sense Harry had come back, and been allowed to come back to the tower, and he still hadn't said a word. This fact was really starting to bother Ron as well as several other members of their house.

Harry let out a long breath then shrugged before picking up a book and reading it. He didn't feel like paying any more attention to Ron, infact the re-headed wizard was starting to irritate him. He just didn't see why it was any of Ron's business if he talked to him or anyone else, for that matter.

"You know what they are saying. They are saying you are the father. That you had sex with that thing," Ron stated heatedly

Harry stood up and slammed the book down on the table. ' He is not a thing, Ron!' he yelled mentally as he glared daggers at his friend, before storming out of the room.

Ron stood stunned for a few moments before heading after him. ' Harry couldn't be the father could he? Of course not that is impossible, unless he was and is under a spell that Madam Pomfrey doesn't know about. Wait that is it, Harry is under a spell. Damn Malfoys they should all be in prison' he thought to himself as he ran after Harry.

Harry turned around and glared at him, as if to say he didn't want him to fall, then turned back around had ran away.

A few hours later ( Hogwarts)

Harry walked into Honeydukes and looked around. He smiled when he noticed Draco sitting over in a corner practically attacking his icecream treat. He walked over and stood next Draco and began to ruffle the wizards white-blond hair.

"Harry, quit doing that and sit down" Draco growled out as he swatted Harry's hands away from his hair.

"You seem to have a healthy appitite, Draco," Harry laughed out as he sat across from him. Not sounding at all like someone who hadn't spoken a word for months. For Harry had spoken several times, just not to anyone but the Malfoys.

" I am eating for 3 you know" Draco replied then laughed and tapped lightly on his stomach, as if he was trying to get the two inside of himself to wake up and kick .

"So, you did conform that it was twins?" Harry asked excitedly. Has he moved over to sit next to Draco, so he could feel his stomach also. He grinned ever more when he felt something move inside.

"Yes, our med-wizard conformed it just this morning. Father is very excited," Draco replied happily then became rather sad and looked down at his food.

"Every thing will work out Drac, " Harry said trying to incourage Draco to feel better about things.

"I know that Harry. Father saidthey can stay at the manor of course. He is very excited about having grandchildren," Draco inform him.

" I am sure he is. I am very glare he got over being shocked about this whole thing, and has excepted everything," Harry sighed on

Ron sat near by and watch the two wizards interacting. He was becoming angrier every passing moment. He had secretly followe Harry, so he could make sure he wasn't going to get into trouble. How dare Harry not talk to anyone at Hogwarts and come here and chitchat with Draco as if they were best friends. He began to think that maybe Harry wasn't under any spell, and that he and Draco were together, and the babies were planned.

Ron decided to forget his plan to get Draco for hurting his Harry, and decided he would now get them both for deceaving him and everyone else.