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Chapter 1 2nd grade class

A seven-year-old Harry sat inhis small desk, listening closely to the teacher. She was finishing up a book called Wiz Kids, which Harry found interesting. It was about a wizard-boy who attended a school for wizards. The teacher finished the book and put it down witha sigh a content.

Miss.Bell took out the note pad with homework written onit and scribbled away furiously. Harry peered around at his fellow students, and saw he was the only one who had listened. His older cousin Dudley had fallen asleep, his head lolling around his too small desk. Many other children had fallen asleep or were whispering to each other quietly.

"Your homework for tonight", said Miss. Bell, her voice puncturing the drowsy silence and waking the sleepy children up."Is to find out about your family history and write 1 paragraph. Make sure you c-"

"Harry hasn't got a family!" Dudley interuppted , slapping hands with his scrawny friend Pier.

"No one wants him!" A student called out from the back.

Harry lay his head on his desk because his eyes were leaking with tears and threatening to fall out.

"He's weird!"


"He has no one to love him!"

"None of that children!" Miss. Bell said dangerously.All the children immediatly sat up. Miss.Bell started to pass out paper. She paused at Harry's desk.

"See me after school."she whispered, before placing a piece of lined paper on the desk. the last bell rang. Dudley and his gang stuck teir tongues out at Harry and ran out following the rest.

Harry gulped. He catiously approached the teacher. His eyes were still blotchy from crying. Theteacher pulled out a chair and beckoned for him to sit down.

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