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Chapter ( Forgot)

Almost There

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"Voldemort coming's after us, he's gonna get us!" Lily muttered, walking to class, Harry in tow. It was the last day of classes. Tomorrow, Lily, James and Harry were heading to the Potter mansion, where they would spend the holidays. James came running, a worried look on his face.

"Lil, something's wrong."

She turned quickly.

"What?" she asked urgently. James' frown turned into a smile.

" Sirius might have to come with us!"

Lily scowled. She walked along, Harry following, looking curiously at her.

'This is my mom' he thought. He had found out, been shocked about it, gotten over it. You live, you learn.

A group of Hufflepuffs walked by, all staring at Lily, James and Harry. No one had ever seen a child as young as Harry. As one jealous Hufflepuff walked by, not looking where she was going, Flitwick's door burst open and hit her smack in the face. Harry giggled. Lily covered her mouth, hiding a smirk. James walked away. The pressure was overwhelming. The girl gave a rude stare to the trio and hurried off.

The bell rang. Lily's eyes widened and she ran into her next class which happened to be Transfiguration. She sighed as she saw that she was not the last one. Lily took a seat and pulled Harry onto her lap. James took a seat next to her. The other 7th years around them stared dumbfoundly at Harry, who's attention was all on Professer McGonagall(sp?)

The large desk in front, usually oak, was now bright pink. Suddenly, it let out a squeal. Harry jumped back, surprised. It had turned out to be a pig.

The professer started the lesson, talking about the types of transfiguration and blah'blah'blah. Harry climbed over to James' lap. For once, Lily was not listening. Until a piece of parchment hit her in the head. She turned around and saw Sirius grinning at her. She opened the note.

(Lily regular, Sirius bold)

Hey Evans!

What do you want Black?

Just wanted to say hi! Can't a guy get a little respect?

Not in your case.

Do you know what Minnie's talking about?


I see you're eyeing my bud over there

What? Who?

The one who you grow up with and marry and have a kid

Shut up, Black!

Well you see, I can't shut up, we are merely writing on paper.

Go back where you came from Black!

Another thing, that's kind of hard.....


When a mom loves a dad...

Don't finish that!

Aww! It was getting good! I was just about to tell you about..

The bell rang and the class scurried to the door. Before Lily, James, and Harry could escape. Prof. called them back.

"Mr. Potter, Miss. Evans, a word please." They hung back from the rest of the class, including Sirius wiping away mock tears.

"Dumbledore has told me about this issue with young Potter," Prof. Minnie (A/N I'm lazy!) Before the could protest or say anything, she hurried on.

"Well, Happy Holidays...and Congratulations..." she trailed off and shooed them out the door.

------------King's Cross--------------------------

After stepping off the platform from 9 3/4, Lily looked around.

"Um..James who's picking us up?"

"My dad dropped my car off," James replied. Lily raised her eyebrows.

"You know how to drive?" Lily asked. James nodded. He led the way over to a red Ferrari (Sp?)

"This is your car?" Lily asked incredously. He winked. After getting buckled in and helping Harry in, they took off.

The ride was uneventful. Harry was very quiet, not making a peep. Lily got a conversation going and soon Harry was bouncing up and down. James put a CD in his player. The music started up, playing an old song.....A Beatle Song.....Just as "Can't Buy Me Love" started up, James pulled into a front of it was a house 3 times as big as Lily's parents house. At the end of the driveway was a gate, that James stopped at. He pushed the buzzer.

"James Potter," he said smartly. The intercom buzzed.

"Incorrect," said a wheezy voice. James tried his parents names, no luck.

"Lily Evans?" Lily asked. The intercom wheezed once again.

"Harry Potter!" called Harry from the backseat and miraculously, the gate opened. Lily and James turned to Harry. He smiled and shrugged.

They got out and Harry stood near them. James inhaled and rang the doorbell.....

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