Hp and the secret of Malfoy.

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Summary : Harry proview-What is happening with me? Why am I have this strange tatoo? But it's not the most incredible like why am I in Malfoy manner right now.( Hoping that I will have better summary in chaptor 1.)

" " means speaking.

' ' means thinking.

Hp and the secret of malfoy.




Malfoy has always known to be the pure powerful blood wizard and the one of the oldest family that existence until now. The oldest family of wizard has also known to have a lot of secrets that no one knows except the leader of the clan.

Thousand years ago,there was a massive war going on between the light and the dark.(I mean evil too not just dark.)

"My lord,our situation isn't good,the enemy is coming near the gate now. Sir,please leave this instant. I will escort you to the saved place." One of the counsellor said urgently.

"No,I can't go.I will fight with them. They are my people.And if the situation becomes the worst I will be the only one who can end this war." The king said sharply.

"No, you can't. You can't sacrifice yourself to this."

"Yes,I can because it's my resiponsible to protect the light soul and our blood."

"If you said so,I will stand by your side until the end, my friend"

The king and the counsellor stare at each orther in some pregnant silent. Then the king sighed softly,

"No,you are not in this fight. I have another task for you. I.."

"I won't leave you fight this war alone." The counsellor said fiercely.

"My friend, I want you to take the prince to the draconistland and protect him." The king siad in a calm but firm voice.

Before the counsellor had more protest,the king continued to talk.

"I know it's my selfish to ask you this but I can't let my bloodline end in my hand. It is also my last wish. Will you do it for me,my friend?"

"Of course,I will. I will take him to the draconistland and take care of him,even if it means my life."

"Thank you,my friend." The king slowly walked to the front gate but before the king opened the gate, the counsellor said "I want you to do it. Only it is the last choice left.Be safe, Arther."

Merlin bowled respectfully to his king(his friend) until the gate close before went into the seperate way.

That is the last tale of Atlantise that people know before it dissappear from this world. Many people have questions that where did Merlin and the prince go? Where is the draconistland?

Is the royal blood continue to exist? Why is the royal blood is so speacial? However no one can find out the answers but some believe that the leader of the oldest clan know.

30 July (I'm not sure about the year.)

23.40 P.M.

'Just only 20 minutes more and it will be my 16thbirthday,I hope everything going to be alright not like last year.' Harry slowly closed his eyes and let his tired mind wondering freely but suddenly something interrupted his small peachful nap.

Pop! 'Um...what is that noise?' Harry slowly opened his longed eyeslash and turn around to look at his empty room.' Nothing, may be my mind playing a trick on myself.'

"I assure,you are Harry Potter." Harry was startled by the sudden voice and try to find the source of the tiny high pitch voice.

"I'm here Mister Potter." The voice sound annoying and more lower than usual. Harry was quickly looking down serching for the sourse of that voice,finally he found a small goblin stood 3 feets next to him."Who are you?" Harry asked suspicianly at the small being thing.

"Not important,I'm just one of a goblin but I have some date and specificed time letter for you,Mister Potter." Then the goblin handed him the red letter that crast in gold. Afterwards the goblin has gone. 'Why is the letter is send by the goblin? Isn't it an owl duty? Um..strange' Harry looked closely at his name on the letter. Then casted some checking spell on it.' No dark spell.' For sure,he casted another more advance checking spell. After this,he searched for the signal to try to find out who has sent him this letter. 'Oh my god,it's mom and dad.' His hands trembled slightly when he carefully opened and read the letter.

Dear son,

If you receive this letter,that mean your mom and I didn't have a chance to see you grow up to be a young fine man.

Harry,when wizards are 16 years old,they will receive all of their heritage;money, power, business etc. But only the leader of the clan will know the secret and I think in 10 minutes you will be the leader of Potter,Harry James Potter.

However,I can't tell you much in this letter because when we are born,the older will cast us some protection spell that we can not spill the bean until the time come. But don't you worry,Harry. I left you someone who can help you with another letter of this.

Son,I want to tell you many things and want you to remember it closely,first whatever you have done or going to do your mom and I will be and always pround of you. Second,the one who I left with my letter is the one I trust and respect the most; more than my blood brother. Yes,Harry you still have your uncle but I must warn you "Don't go near him,Harry. He is the most dangerous one especially for you,Harry." Lastly and the most important is "Don't believe what your eyes saw but believe what your heart told."

Always love you,

James and Lily Potter.

p.s. Oop! I almost forget to tell you that when you finish this letter it will change into portkey to take you to the one I trust the most.Good luck, my son.

It will be a long time when you will see the dark hair boy in 4 Privet Drive again.

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