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Hp and the secret of Malfoy




After knocking on the door,Draco rudely opened it despite the good manner which he learnt that he should wait for the invitation.

"Potter,it's lunch time,I think we should…" Draco couldn't finish his sentence when he clearly saw another figure who shouldn't be here instead of his Harry on the bed.

"Who are you? Where is my Harry?" Draco questioned the person in a cold yet dangerous voice.

"You are so rude,you shouldn't open the door without my invitation." Said a girl (In Draco opinion.) in a drawling voice.

Draco pointed his wand at this unknown girl in a treatening way and asked in a freezing voice."Where is my Harry?"

Harry drop his many trouble thought and slowly stood up from the bed, crossed his arms and looked at Draco in a calculating way.

'Well,he doesn't recognize me.If I play a card right,I will have a little bit fun to see his reaction when he is recognizing me. Maybe his dumpstruck face.' Harry sniggered inwardly and let the smirking showed outwardly.

For Draco,the girl just appeared to be smirking and looked pretending to be sympathy at him,then the girl looked at her fingernails like it is the most important thing on the earth which anoy him to no end and answer in a nonchalant voice."I don't.." but before she finished her offensive answer,her eye suddenly went wide and she turned sharply to look at him. Then her eyes narrow and look angryly stright at his eyes.After this she said in a rage fill voice." I . Your. What?"

If you could see through the perfect emotionless mask of Malfoy, now you could see a confuse and concern Draco.'Where is my Harry? How is this girl be in my house?' However outside Draco just appear to be frown and look questioning at the girl. He judging the girl in front of him and thought that this girl didn't look to be dangerous enough and look like she didn't have a wand,too because of her fitting white dress which expose her delicate creamy neck,arms and legs so he didn't think that she can hide her wand anywhere. After this judgement,he decide to be a little bit polite to this lovely girl. So he lower his wand a little,ignore a not comprehend answer of the girl and asked in a polite but still in a cold voice.

"Miss, what are you doing here? And where is the boy who should be in here?"

Harry didn't care or notice a more polite question. He just so furious and want his previous question to be answer.

"Since when I am yours?" Asked the furious girl.

This question make Draco mask sliped and now he showed his confuse emotion on his face,then something strucked Draco hard when he studied at the girl more carefully.'Same emeral orbs, same high,same creamy soft skin, and same lightening bolt scare. Merlin's beard.' Draco's wand drop to the floor and he squeak one word out in his shocking and surprising state."Ha…Harry."

Harry didn't care that now Draco could recognize him or he can see the dumpstruck face of the other boy which he want to see and made fun of it because he just so furious with one word which left Draco's mouth and make his blood boil. So Harry asked his question again in the same furious tone." Since when I am yours?" Draco just stare blankly at Harry and then without expecting he burst out laughing so hard that will cause his reputation of the ice prince of slytherins been destroy completely if anyone (except Harry.) see him now. " You…you look like a girl in that dress and that hot pink hair." Said Draco while he is laughing hard at Harry. Harry forgot his previous furious when he saw Malfoy in this state. He appear to be confuse with this new laughing Malfoy at first. And because of those sentence it made his eye twitch. ' I didn't know that Malfoy could laughing like this?' But after saw Malfoy didn't stop laughing this long which make him began to get angry again."Would you stop that already?" Asked Harry angryly. Draco just raise his eyes to look at Harry and then laughing harder than before. ' He is look so cute in this dress this hair and his emeral orb which look brighter and burning with his anger or maybe an embarrassing making him look cuter.' Harry glare harder when he met the amusing silver eyes again. Draco slowly stop his crazy laugh when he saw this treatening glare which he could read the hidden message that if he doesn't stop laughing now,Harry will bite his head off. Of course, he didn't feel a little bit afriad of this treat but he didn't want to make his chosen one more discomfort so he did what his chosen one told.

" O.k. o.k. I will stop if you can explain to me why are you looking like this?" Draco slowly gain his cool composure back and kept his wand in his pocket sleeve.

"Why would I explian it to you?" Harry answer in a flatter tone.

" Oh! I see. You love to looking like this. I mean um…the saviour of the wizarding world love to look like a girl. So silly of me that want to help you to try to find a way to change you back then, princess Harriet." Draco teasingly said and mockingly bowl to Harry.

" You…You ."Harry grit his teetch and glare hateful at Draco.

"What,Dear Harriet? Don't look at me like that. I know you can't resist to look at me because of my charming. However it is not the proper way of Lady to glare at the gentleman like me." Draco's silver eyes sparkling with amusement.

Harry snear at this and then argue back."Don't be so full of yourself, Malfoy. You are just an arrogant bastard."

"Oh, if that so,dear Harriet." Draco slowly stride towards Harry and gave Harry a look which make Harry take a step back unconciously.

"What are you doing?" Asked Harry uncertainly.

Draco just smirking at Harry and still slowly but surely walking towards his prey.(a.k.a. Harry.)

'Shit! I can't walk backwards anymore or else I will fall on a bed which will make my situation worse. Where is my wand when I need it? Of course,it is now in Malfoy senior possesion.' With Harry hesitation, Draco take this chance.He caught Harry's wrist and then pull Harry into his embrace.

"Now, what should we do with your disregarding manner,Lady Harriet?" Harry didn't answer,he just struggle hard to escape the iron grip of the other boy on his waist.

'Um…I like to have Harry in my arm but how could I make him stop struggle against me?' Draco look at the bed in front of him and then some idea suddenly pop in his head.

"Are you afriad of Bed,Harry?" Draco whisper in harry's ear. This sentence make Harry stiff as a board in Draco's arms. After a moment of silent came the quiet answer.

"No." Harry said firmly. Then Harry raise his head to look at Draco with blank face. However Draco could see a glance of fearfulness past through Harry's emeral orb which make Draco release Harry out of his arms immediately but still he gently caught Harry's wrist in his hand.

" I think we should go to lunch now." Said Draco with guilt expression and voice. 'Oh!Merlin what have I done? Now he doesn't only not trust me but he also fear me,too. I just want to tease him a little because his reaction is so cute. So really silly me then.'Draco sighed and then lead Harry to the dinner room.


Harry didn't protess when Draco lead him to the dinner room. He look at Draco's back weirdly.

' Is Malfoy look guilty in a second? What with this new character of Malfoy here? He isn't only show his feeling on his face but of all the weird thing he is laughing and in that moment is he friendly joking with me?Is the world come to an end? What will happen to my life now? Isn't it not enough abnormal?' Harry sighed loudly.

' Is he angry with me? Or is he still afraid of me? Hoping he just angry with me not scare. True,I don't like when he is angry with me but I can't bare it if he is scare of me.I am his protecter ,his Guardian not his fear. Didn't he see I just teasing him but still it is my fault after all. Should I apologise to him? But we Malfoy never apologise but… but Harry is my chosen one. He is now the most important person in my life.'

Draco stop when they reach the large door but he didn't open it. He slowly turn his head to look at Harry and met with a blank face of the other boy.

'Is he nervous?' Thought Harry when he look into silver eyes.

" I ur…I." 'Shit Malfoy never ever stutter.'

Harry look surprise.Then he lift an eyebrow to look questioning at Draco. Draco turn his face away from the emeral questioning gaze. " I'm sorry." Came the quiet word.

" What for?" Draco turn his eye to look at Harry in surprise. He didn't expect this question.No, he didn't expect Harry to answer it at all.

"Ur.. for ur.. the earlier joking ur..I mean I.." 'Damn my answer sound stupid.' His cheek began to raise in pink colour.

' Um…I think this new character of Malfoy is acceptable. Ur… maybe more than acceptable. He looks sincere when he is apologise and if Dad said was true, it means that now I already bond with him so at lease we should try to get along together,right? Maybe I should try to be friendier to him because he act friendly towards me since I wake up this morning.' After Harry made up his mind,then he said. "I know. And apology accept." Harry smile slighly to Draco.

'Wow! Is he smiling at me? He is look so angelic with the smile and the light outside which seep through the window.' Draco stare at Harry dreamingly.

"Are you o.k. Malfoy?"

Draco come back to himself when he heard Harry soft tone.

" Um.. o.k. I'm good. And um..thanks." Draco said while blushing slightly. Then he hurry turn his face away and open the door of dinner room.

When they reach the table,the lunch already prepare. However it is appear to be only for two person not three. So Draco ring a bell which is on the table.(After he slide a chair for Harry.) Then the house elf appear from nowhere.

"Where is my father,Twinkle?"

"Sir,Master said he want to eat in his office,Sir. And Master also order me to tell young master that after young master and his charge finish their lunch, they are need at master's office,Sir."

Draco noded at this and the little house elf vanish.

Draco sat in the opposite place of Harry and they begin to eat.

After finish their lunch,Draco didn't hurry to lead Harry to his father room but he decide to ask something because Harry held a questioning gaze on him all of the time when they eat and he think Draco didn't see him.

"What do you want to ask,just shoot o.k.,dear Harriet?" Draco siad playfully.

"Don't you ever dare to call me with that name again or else.." Harry siad treateningly.

"Or else what,dear Harriet?" Harry just smirking at Draco but somehow it make Draco's spin shiver.

"O.k. o.k.,Harry. So what do you want to know?"

"Ur..Since when we are on the first name term?"

"I don't think that is what is you want to know but I will answer it. Since forever ,Harry. Isn't Harry your name?" Draco said teasingly. And his silver eyes dance with playfulness which make Harry blush slightly.

"Yes,it is my name but Malfoy we…"

"No.Draco" Draco said sternly.

"Ur…what?" Harry confusely asked.

"I said you need to call me Draco from now on or else I won't answer to you at all. Isn't you have some question,Harry?"

"Why should I listen to you,Malfoy?" Harry said in a chalenge tone but when he receive no reaction from the other boy at all he began to feel nervous with the silent and Draco's eyes just look past through him like he is a thin air.

"Ur…Mal..Draco." For Harry,He feel a little akward to call Malfoy like this but he hate it when people look at him like he is nothing like Dursleys did.

"Yes,Harry." Draco answer sweetly and his silver twinkle eyes focus on his Harry again.

"Why is your mother not here and you didn't asked of her once?" Harry blure out suddenly but when he saw the other boy face fell and ship into an emotionless mask once again,he think he make a big mistake and feel a little guilty.Then in a flash of time he feel some strongly sad emotion attack at his heart,and he is absolutely sure that it is not his own feeling. 'What is that? Why am I suddenly feel so sad in a second and then it vanish like it is nothing?' Then Draco's answer interrupted Harry's chain of though. " She is not here anymore. Father divorce from her because she betray him." Stated Draco fiercely.

" I'm sorry." Harry guilty said.

"Don't be, Harry. It's o.k. " Draco said and smile softly at Harry.

"I think we should go to my father office now,If we wait longer, he will be anoy at us because we Malfoy never wait for long." Draco joking the last past in an arrogant voice which make the intense air around them slowly disappear.