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Harry Potter and His Gundam

Summary: Harry Potter is tired of everything and the loss of his godfather was the last straw. Now he wants vengeance but he is unable to get it since he is powerless to save himself. After watching a TV anime show with Dudley, he got a bright idea considering that he has a lot of asset ready to be spent.

Chapter 1

It is the summer after Harry's godfather Sirius Black died from Bellatrix Lestrange's curse at the Department of Mysteries. Harry hated her. No, he hated Voldemort.

Voldemort was the cause of his destruction and killed him for no reason at all. He took everything Harry had, from his parents to his godfather. If Voldemort didn't conquer Azkaban, his godfather would have lived. Harry hated Kreacher, the house elf for tricking him and betraying Black. House elves could be really loyal or not because they could see and hear things. They could collect information and use information eventually against their masters. He also hated Rita Skeeter for spreading lies about him. He hated his defense teacher Dolores Umbridge for many reasons including torture with quills which left scars on his hands. There is much hate in the world now.

Even the word hate has no magic in it.

He started to think that everybody was a Death Eater and were somehow against him including the headmaster Dumbledore. Dumbledore withheld lots of information from Harry such as the Prophecy. Now Harry did not know whom to trust since he is now just a pawn. He had seen the true colors of his friends for the past few years. There were his supposed friends, Ronald Weasely and Hermione Granger. Ron's jealousy and her attitude of following logic only are their downfalls. One cannot just follow emotion or logic alone. People said it was bad to kill but who was it who said that Harry Potter was bad? He killed at age one without even knowing it! He drew blood first time when he killed a basilisk and just because he could speak parseltongue didn't mean he was evil. Heck, the Secret Chamber could be a last stand in the event of an attack on the students by Muggles, and the Basilisk was intended as its guard. It was in the past in which Muggles would kill anybody who had done magic. He sighed inwardly. Some people just never learn. Hell, he could be charged with the murder of Cedric Diggory. He chided himself as he remembered certain people.

Colin Creevy was the one was taking pictures of him at every possible opportunity but he can become against him for some little stupid reason. Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown both were in Divination with Trelawney. He suspected that both were somehow corrupted since they wanted foresight like Trelawney would seemly have. Padma Patil's twin, Parvati Patil, was in Ravenclaw for some reason. There had to be something that made Ron to forgive him easily. It was not Ron's style at all. Fred & George, while they were nice, had a joke shop. Somehow those pranks were dead useful but it was hard to say about Fred & George. They could change anytime just to get their pranks to work.

Percy Weasely is no doubt corrupted. He wants power and he seems to be spoiled. Cornelius Fudge seems to be an idiot since he didn't believe in anything. Harry suspected that Fudge is a Death Eater. That would explain the slow process in the ministry and that the ministry was against Potter. Fudge could be just setting him up as the next Dark Lord if Voldemort went down.

There had to be something that made Ron to forgive him easily at the TriWizard Tournament. It was not Ron's style at all. It seems that Ron just wanted to claim

the title of being the "Best Friend" of The-Boy-Who-Lived. He knew that Ron would dance at least on the inside at the thought of having a chance at the spotlight. It was shown at his third year. Harry never asked for anything such as fame or trouble. Fame has a high price which leads many of his family members to death.

He needed to learn Occulemency in order to defend himself against Legilmency, a.k.a. mind raping. Lord Voldemort would just insert fake memories or visions which cost people's welfares. But it was not easy considering that there was so much on his mind. He loathed the others. They had an easy life. They worried about petty things such as money, work, and family. They didn't have to worry about some insane psycho-obsessed homicidal killer who was after them. Azkaban was not a loony bin fit for the nut case, Moldywarts.

Harry didn't have to worry about money since he had life-savings inherited from the Potters and the Blacks. Potter didn't have to worry about a family since he has none. He doesn't need work since he can live on his money pretty much forever and there were properties hidden away by the Black family. While it was a blessing it was really not. Harry would rather trade all his money for his family to be back. Love is something not brought at all. Ronald Weasely didn't understand family value even though Ron had plenty of siblings.

The invisibility cloak Harry had could be useful but he suspected there was some detection charm on it. How else was Dumbledore able to find him easily? Sure people would say that Harry is just a kid and such. That was damn wrong. He had seen too many deaths and went through too many agonies from curses to physical pain. Malfoy's idiot bodyguards Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were no doubt Death Eaters. The Malfoy families were Death Eaters anyways. They were dumb to do almost anything. Neither houses such as Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins in Hogwarts were better. All of them could turn dark even though Slytherins turned dark more frequently than the others.

There was one thing. People can wield both the light and the dark. But people would just focus merely on one type neglecting the others. Harry suspected that he could get rid of his eye problems with healing magic. But some were considered dark arts since it would put doctors out of business if people could heal themselves. So either side could become good or bad depending on how much power they had. People say power corrupts but knowledge is power. So there was one thing that Harry thought on his mind using phrases that people always used.

If Knowledge is power, power corrupts, corruption is a crime, and crime never pays... does knowledge, in the end, leave you broke?

People always say something against themselves and they even try to deny it, too, contradicting themselves.

"Damn, life is complex; I need a plan, Hedwig," he said to his owl who hooted sitting on the windowsill.

He began to pace. Harry paced back and forth several times across his room. He kept shaking his head every few minutes as a strategy came to mind and he dismissed it. When he felt thirsty, he decided to go downstairs to get a glass of water. He now knew that he should never say such important matters in public. That is how his friends go hurt and might reveal his plans. When he got downstairs, he saw Dudley in the kitchen and he heard his aunt yelling.

"Dudley! You're anime of the month is here!" yelled Aunt Petunia as the mail came into the door slot.

"Wow, Gundam Wing! I'm going to watch the series," exclaimed Dudley who looked at the package that his mother gave him.

"Say, can I watch too?" asked Harry wanting to take time off for a while. Entertainment is always a good idea.

Dudley Dursley normally wouldn't let Harry watch but considering the warning he had gotten from a bunch of freaks, he agreed.

At first Harry didn't realize this was an anime that involved a giant mecha or in this case gundams. They spent the entire day watching the entire series of Gundam Wing and when they reached the OAV version of Endless Waltz, Harry's eyes grew as wide as he saw one thing that caught his eye.

Harry pointed to the Gundam Wing Zero Custom the one that was blue and white with angel wings and was flying onscreen.

"What, the Wing Zero?" asked Dudley.

"Dudley what are you talking about? It's Gundam Wing Zero CUSTOM! I got to get that," said Harry.

"Yeah right. We don't even have the technology to make one like that at all. I don't even know if you have the magical ability to make one since you freaks use those wands all the time."

"I have to have one! I must obtain that type!" argued Harry.

"Ah, in your dreams. You freaks have no technological advances like we have. Now scram since you've seen the series," scoffed Dudley.

"Fine," grumbled Harry as he went into his room.

"OK, if I can't build that Gundam then I'll have to hire somebody…" he thought.

Then he struck an inspiration.

"Yeah! I'll do that!" he exclaimed.

Harry got a piece of parchment and started to write:

Build giant machine, contact owner of this owl via teleport if you can.

After writing that, Harry rolled up the parchment and tied it to Hedwig's leg.

"Hedwig, I want you to give the letter to somebody who can do what the letter says. If they don't understand or cannot keep going until you find one. Got it?" ordered Harry.

Hedwig hooted and flew away into the sky. The reason Harry wrote such little information was that if his letter was intercepted like last year and so, he would be in big trouble with either sides. The light would scold him and the dark would steal his ingenious master plan.

Now, time to figure out what I want for my Gundam thought Harry gleefully as he started to brainstorm for his customize Gundam.