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Harry Potter and His Gundam

Summary: Harry Potter is tired of everything and the loss of his godfather was the last straw. Now he wants vengeance but he is unable to get it since he is powerless to save himself. After watching a TV anime show with Dudley, he got a bright idea considering that he has a lot of asset ready to be spent.

Chapter 3

"Well that could be a problem. Then we're going have to do something then," said Tinker.

"Do what?" asked Harry.

"Take a trip to the Gringotts bank," said Tinker as he grabbed onto Harry's elbow and teleported out to the bank.

That course of action surprised Harry. Somehow he knew he was being teleported to the bank because of the fuzzy vision he saw and the tingly body he felt. But it was better than using the portkey. It gave him nausea anyways.

Then the teleportation stop. Harry looked around and saw a goblin that he was familiar with.

"Hello, Griphook. It's nice to see you again!"

Griphook looked at the wizard as if he was supposed to be in some asylum. He was not surprise about the teleportation since the gnomes were regular customers. Gnomes have a special place where they come in and out unlike wizards who had to walk in the bank. Normally Griphook would be at the teller helping wizards but jobs between goblins are rotated as a way for goblins not forgetting there were others besides wizards. It was also a way not to forget their manners to the others as well, business relation in some sort. But usually wizards were plain rude and demanding.

Griphook clearing his throat asked, "Excuse me wizard, but how are you familiar with my name?"

Harry inwardly was startled but said, "You were the same goblin that I met in my first year!"

Griphook nodded as if Harry clarified any mystification he had. "Mostwizards don't remember our names or even if they do, they just don't care. To most people, a goblin is simply a goblin."

Tinker looked solemn as the words came out of Griphook's mouth and sighed. "Has the wizards' relationship with goblins gone that bad as the giants that they treat your kind lower than dirt?"

Griphook did not reply that question but instead change the subject. "So what can I do today?"

"We need to look at Harry's financial status," said Tinker.

"Alright hold on a minute," said Griphook.

"Wait," said Tinker.

"Yes?" asked Griphook who stopped.

"I haven't given you Harry's last name yet, how would you know where to look for?" asked Tinker.

"It is simple. There was no wizard named Harry for the past fifteen years. Nobody would dare to name their baby after a hero. If you did not know, Harry is known as the boy who lived. Not only that he is mentioned plenty of time on various magazines and the newspaper. At least that is my knowledge on how the wizard world thinks. Please wait until I get the information. Oh by the way if you did not know, Harry has a scar on his forehead," replied Griphook

Tinker stared at the lighting bolt scar of Harry's head while Griphook left.

"Let me guess, the scar made you famous," said Tinker.

"Indeed, but at a terrible price," said Harry who nodded.

"Then I will not ask no more," said Tinker respecting him by not staring at Harry's scar.

"Thank you, not many people do that," said the boy who lived.

Then the globlin came to announce about a couple will which prompted Harry to ask.

"A will? I thought the word 'will' was a verb," said Harry being confused.

"Hum, I'm not surprise after all the wizard school doesn't teach spelling or vocabulary mechanics to ones who lived in the muggle world. You are correct in one way but wrong in the other. It was like the word can. It can be used as a verb that you can cast spell or as a noun for a tin can. But again it can be said for the word watch," said Tinker.

"That is correct. A will is something a person leaves after he or she dies. The will is some sort like a wish, a legal declaration, regarding the disposal of his or her property or estate after death. Now since you know what is a will, we have to take care of these wills first," said Griphook

"There is more than one?" asked Harry.

"Yes but we will go in the most important first which is the passing of Sirius Black," said Griphook.

"Wait how do you know if Black is dead considering that his body was never found?" asked Harry.

"Simple each person's signature is tied to a life force. When anybody signed a will, their signature is in a brownish color, a sign of life. If the person dies, the signature's color fades into black. Hence this is how we know that the person is dead. Now for your inheritance, the Black family is one of the richest pureblood families. You will be receiving like other wills but much more than that.

"Wait how do we know that is really Sirius's will?" asked Tinker.

"All people leaving a will are tested for all types of mind altering potions and curses. That way there can be an error in Sirius's will and plus there is no way we goblins can be faulted for the wizard's stupidity," replied Griphook.

"That is clever," said Tinker.

"Indeed if you did not know many wizards posses logic. Now Harry before I start, I will only estimate in galleons only. This is what you inherited:

- a couple ore mines

-a couple of gem mines

- three refineries to extract raw materials from the mines

-shares of various companies such as Daily Prophet, a large casino,

- 15 ownership of AMEC Giant

- various bonds of the ministry

-various properties such as a holiday house in France, Spain, and Italy,

-Number Twelve Grimmauld Place

-a piece of undeveloped property in Hogsmead that was owned by the Blacks

-a pub outside Hogsmeade.

-the Black fortress which is impossible to locate

-a house elf named Kreacher

-a flying motorbike

- 2 million galleons in a life insurance policy

- around 70,000,000 Galleons in accumulation interest

-a bird named Buckbeak

-a letter"

"Letter?" asked Harry.

"Yes, here you go," said Griphook as he passed the letter to Harry.

"Thanks, I'll read it later. But what about the others such as Narcissa and Bellatrix?" asked Harry.

"Both Mrs. Malfoy and Mrs. Lestrange were married therefore the dowry they received was their share of the inheritance. There are also some other odd traditions and laws concerning the ancient pureblood families, but they are not our concern. What is important is that Mr. Black has left you with a sizable portion of the Black Family fortune," said Griphook.

"You mention about other wills. Where did they come from?" asked Harry.

"You have wills that came from Nicholas Flammel since you saved the stone from falling into Voldemort's hands, from Crouch family since Barty Crouch, Jr. had wrong you and the Pettigrew family since people thought Peter died," said Griphook.

"But Peter is still alive," cried out Harry.

"It does not make a difference. Even though he is still alive, his mother put you to inherit her stuff since she thought you would have no money to go to school when you were at age, plus some extra for housing and food. Now I will tell you what you got.

This is what you inherited from Nicholas Flammel

-shares of various companies in potion development and production,

- 36 ownership of AMEC Giant as well

-a small Cottage near the English Channel

-a House in Wales

-a small house in France

-gold refinery and manufacturing

-an accumulation of wisdom of various books

-around 90,000,000 Galleons in accumulation interest

This is what you inherited from the Crouch family

-leftover Surplus of Auror's supplies such as dark detectors, wand holsters, etc

-various potion supplies such as golden gold cauldrons, potions books and other rare ingredients that is not available in the general public

-various shares in armory and weaponry corporations

-a house elf named Winky

-a mansion in Scotland

-a residence near the ministry

-a hut near the prison of Azkaban

-around 1,000,000 Galleons in accumulation interest

This is what you inherited from the Pettigrew family

-a house in Diagon Alley

-old outdated school books

-586,000 galleons in accumulation interest

"So I guess Crouch's invisible cloak was taken by the order and the trunk as well.

But still I don't know. I feel terrible of profiting off of Sirius's death which I caused," said Harry.

"Tell us about it. We have all day anyways," said Griphook in which Harry did for fifteen minutes. After all customer satisfaction was number one priority.

"Harry do you blame Sirius of your parents' death?" asked Tinker.

"No," said Harry

"Then you cannot blame yourself then. It would be the same as blaming Sirius for the death of your parents. Sirius did not know he would be betrayed as you did not know it was a trap," said Tinker.

"Logically I see your point but I still don't think so. What about my vault?" Harry asked so suddenly since he did not want to think about his godfather's death.

"Uh which ones? You have three in total," said Griphook

"I do? Who is in control of my vaults? Why wasn't I aware about it?" asked Harry.

"The vault you always used is a trust fund meant only for your schooling. It has around 35,000 Galleons in total. Since Sirius was in prison and you were too young and living with Muggles, there was an accounting family called the Mason that was supposed to look over your account. But for some reason the Mason were fired from looking over your account by your magical guardian Albus Dumbledore. It doesn't really make sense considering that the Mason were your distance relatives…" said Griphook.

"I have other relatives? Why wasn't I aware about that?" asked Harry really surprised.

"I don't know. Dumbledore should have sent you to the Mason considering they are muggle version of the Potter, as you wizards say squibs. Well they do business in the muggle world but they do have knowledge of the wizard world. Dumbledore should have sent you there instead of the Dursleys," said Griphook.

"So Dumbledore lied to me all these years," said Harry with bitterness.

"Well, if you put in that way…"said Griphook.

"What are my other vaults?" demanded Harry.

"The other vault that Dumbledore has in control contains a lot of money before the Mason was fired. But fortunately Dumbledore was not able to get anything concerning about the muggle world. The Mason had not much of a chance in stopping Dumbledore from taking over your account since Dumbledore was well like in the wizard world. The Mason took all the papers concerning about shares and bonds so that Dumbledore would not sell them. The family vault is the thing that Dumbledore cannot touch since he has no Potter blood," said Griphook.

"Wait couldn't have the Mason transferred the money to the Potter family vault?" asked Tinker who was astonished that he had a client who owned shares to his company. Not only that, Harry knew Nicholas Flammel. Flammel was a regular client of AMEC Giant until he passed away.

"No the Mason couldn't since Dumbledore put a lockdown onto the account saying no monetary money of coins could leave the vault. But he did not say anything about paper, so the Mason could take the papers away when they realized it was not a habit of a Potter. The Mason were lucky to take as much as they could before they got fired," said Griphook

"Why couldn't you simply deny the lockdown?" asked Tinker.

"The reason is that some of the money was given to fund that Dumbledore's order. Even if that order is private, it still made a lot more impact than the ministry," said Griphook

"So how much is in the vault that Dumbledore controls?" asked Harry deterring the situation.

"The total amount that the vault has is around 3,686,000 galleons but that is nothing compare to the real Potter family Vault," said Griphook

"Real? What do you mean?" asked Potter.

"Well you see the Potter were rich but did not like people to know how really rich they were. So they made a vault in which people like Dumbledore foolishly fell believing that he had the Potter's family vault. We knew your family well Harry but we did not show our true faces because it might stir some suspicions among the wizard world. Wizards and goblins don't get along consider the rebellion we had and that the wizard lost. I'll just give you a brief summery about your family. You see the Potters were originally farmers. When there was a world wide famine, the Potters treated us goblins with the most respect ever seen from the wizard world by treating us the same as anybody else. Even though we had plenty of money, we did not really want to part our money away since the food price was so ridiculously high. The strangest thing that your family did was to give food away for free. It was consider somehow crazy to many but at the end it saved the world including others such as goblins from dying of famine. Because we were so grateful of your generosity, we decided to open a special hidden vault which is your true family vault. Not only that, any bank transactions are only half the cost if a wizard had ordered one," said Griphook.

"So what are you trying to say?" asked Harry.

"I'm saying that your vault is out of the reach of most wizards. Only goblins such as I can access it. The total amount your vault has is 235,257 Plats.

"Plats?" asked Harry.


Yeah I know it's like the most boring thing that most authors do. So I'm doing a few twist and such. Ideas about plats, inheritance of Pettigrew family and Crouch family are mine. Not sure about Nicholas Flammel since he's well respected unlike the others.

I want to skip the boring parts but I don't know how. Any body knows?

Oh yeah the goblin story was weird, I know. But it's a draft for now. Oh well see you all later thanks readers.