Dear Munkustrap,

I can't imagine anything that would make me scared of you. I would never and could never leave you. I love you. I don't care who your siblings are. You didn't have the choice. It was a bit shocking. How could a great tom like you have a brother like that? It doesn't really matter though. Taking your words, I love you for you. Each day I seem to be getting better and better and not feeling so bad about what happened. Jemima really is a blessing. We've been brought closer to each other because of this too.

Love you always,


A/N: The end. Aww, so sweet. Hmm, next we've got Bombi and Tugger! Those two are weird though. Don't expect anything too good from them.

Krissy4: Well, I'll (try to) post lots so you'll have something to do in the hospital. Have as much fun as possible.

Etcy: Drown yourself in crap. And he didn't come! Hooray! Friday (-shivers at that word-) is once again safe!